Question from AlphaBlaze12

Asked: 4 years ago

How do i become a gladiator?

I want my main character to become a gladiator

Accepted Answer

From: icedragonr 4 years ago

1. Save Abbot Jack.
2. Go to the TOWN Alltrades Abbey
3. In the town Alltrades Abbey go downstairs
4. Talk to the PURPLE priest near the INN
5. Do the quest given
6. Pass in quest after finishing to get your vocation.

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1.Go to the Tower of Trades,2.fight Master of Nu'un,3.go to Alltrades, to the priest on the bottom floor,5.Do the quest(Egg on a party member until 100 use Dragon slash on a slime by Angel Falls 3 times),6.then talk to the priest on the bottom floor after you beat the quest,7.then talk to the Jack of Alltrades and pick Gladiator.

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