Question from DarkWolfX8777

Asked: 4 years ago

I need help finding and beating (specifically) the other vocations that i cant find and dont have?

I have the first set they give you and a paliden, gladiater, ranger, and sage. what are the rest, where are they, and how do i beat them. help, and thanks!

Accepted Answer

From: VulpesMundi 4 years ago

You're missing Armamentalist (it's in Alltrades Abbey) and Luminary (it's in the dance hall in Gleeba). For Armamentalist, you have to use Wizard Ward before killing two Metal Slimes, which can be found in the Quarantomb, Pluvi Isle, and Slime Hill. The character who used Wizard Ward must be the character that kills the Metal Slimes. For Luminary you have to use the Hot Lick skill to defeat a single Moai Minstrel, which are only found in moderately high leveled water and cave grottoes.

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