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Asked: 4 years ago

Where is the Trauminator?

I know hes in a grotto, I just cant remember which. Well the level I mean. I think its lv 45ish, but all I get is bloody Elusid.

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From: baratron 4 years ago

I just had the Trauminator in the Copper Crypt of Woe, level 43.

The Trauminator is boss number 4, so he may show up in Grottos with the following names:
Doubt, Woe, Dolour:Bosses #1-#6
Regret, Bane, Fear: Bosses #4-#9

Elusid is boss number 5 :)

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Try a differently named grotto

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I'll also add that each time you try a grotto with one of those names, it should be a different grotto: repeating the same grotto always results in the same boss.

Also, my grottoes with the Trauminator at the bottom that I've tried out are levels 28 and 35, so they don't need to be that high level.

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