Question from little_Assassin

Asked: 4 years ago

How to make Hephaestus' flame?

How do you make Hephaestus' flame? What is the ingredients for the alchemy? plz tell me im desprate

Accepted Answer

From: Cleveland 4 years ago

There are several FAQs on the site that already answer this question.

In any case it takes:
1 Lava lump
1 Royal soil
1 Toad oil

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Royal soil is hard to find earlier in the game, but once you get to Wormwood you can stop by the gorge near there and farm it from the Drackels...the dark green ones (Dire Drackels? something like that). Bring a thief, use half-inch, and pray.
And, indeed, read the faq for questions like this.

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