Question from firestarter16

Asked: 4 years ago

Been looking for weeks?

I cant find any orichalcum and i need like 6 of them and looked in grottoes up to lv 78 does anybody know where to find it. And also how do i get monk or cleric class cause ive never even heard of it plz help me?

Additional details - 4 years ago

I already have sage but that isnt it. people keep talking about monks or whatever else there is and im very confused is it wwhen you revocate?

Accepted Answer

From: Luiman04 4 years ago

There's no classes called monk nor cleric. You must be referring to sage right?, to get it go to the castle in the gittish empire(forgot name sorry, it's the one in the center) and go to the room with the six treasure chests, go up the stairs and look at the bookshelf. The book will give you the quest.

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