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What do you have to do to envomate Hocus Chimera's with toxic dagger?

I can't do the Ranger vocation quest

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It needs to be poisened and must die of a final blow of the poison.

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Quest #112 - Ranger Changer

Request: Defeat 3 Hocus Chimeras with the Knife Skill, Toxic Dagger. They must die from poison damage.
Solution: Poison the enemy as soon as you can. Attack with a weak character and do about 50 damage to them. They will use Midheal so you may have to wait until they run out of MP before they finally die from poison damage.

[Taken from Zaraf's Quest Guide]

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Just use Toxic dagger and hope it poisions it. The poisioning is conpletely random I'm afraid. To complete the quest, the poision must be the thing to finish it. Deal less than 60 points of damage to shorten the wait if you want, the less hp you leave them, the higher the chance it'll finish it before it heals.

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