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Asked: 3 years ago

Help to beat goresby purrvis?

Minstrel lvl 41
Minstrel lvl 39
Martial artist lvl 39
Mage lvl 32

Additional details - 3 years ago

OK so I leveled up a bit but dont know if its good enough
Minstrel 42
Minstrel 40
Martial artist 40
Mage 34

Additional details - 3 years ago

Is armamentalist good?

Accepted Answer

From: rh3ia 3 years ago

I killed Gorsbey first time, and I know you need to do some thing about that mage.When you get to lvl 40 on mage, you learn kacrack, that is a great help.Plus, having two Minstrels isn't good.I advise you change to a warrior, and do a bit of levelling up.I killed him with a Paladin aka:minstrel, gladiator aka:warrior, Marshal artist and a mage. I also read on a FAQ that minstrels are the weakest people, that's why you started the game off as one.All you need to do is some sereous levelling upping, (also, marshal artists are VERY VERY strong with claws, so make sure you get some skill point on that. Also, SP's transfer through classes. ) So if you learn new spells and ability's, you'll defeat him in no time, and a surprise next scene is to follow......................

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You're mage, I suggest, should level up a bit more. Have your Martial artist melee attack only, one of your minstrels should heal only, while the other saves their mp in case the other dies. Try to avoid melee attacking with your mage, except when you REALLY need MP (if hes using a wand).

I hope this helps~! VC

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