Question from StellaRella

Asked: 4 years ago

Any one completed quest 156 for Patty?

I must say it would be hard, I already have all the items but there's a catch that you have to have that slime monster to drop gleeban gold piece in order to complete the quest as people has stated, which means that the faqs are wrong- i already have 5 copies of gold and i can't use them. Though would it work if i have thief on my team and have it to use coup de grace? But the monsters often flee. Any strategies in completing this? I would want to complete this so i could have Erinn join my team (by completing the next quest - as it is locked until i complete this patty quest)

Accepted Answer

From: yak_breeder 4 years ago

It's brilliant biscuit you need, not gleeban gold piece. Check to see if you already have it.

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It's gleeban gold piece that it only drops and i must say it is like a brilliant biscuit

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I finally got the brilliant biscuit and defeated under 10 gem jamboree. Kinda lucky since some players say they couldn't get one despite defeating over 50 gem jamborees :(

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