Question from Dracei

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I make it so i can fight Nodoph?

Or at least do something then just sit there asleep. He is at the top of the tower of nod.

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From: Pokegirl 4 years ago

Nodoph is part of Wi-Fi quest #162, which won't be released in the US for another four weeks. If you absolutely must know what he does right now, you can: 1) multiplay with another save file from a save file repository that has the quests unlocked, 2) use an action replay or a similar device to unlock all the quests.

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Either wait for the wifi quests that involve him to be available (in 4 weeks) or use codes or the save editor to get the quests.

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The quest is out now, so go download it and close this question.

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