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Asked: 3 years ago

Were is the Sage's elixir?

I need to find it to make a prayer ring i already have one but it dont tell me were i got it frm and i need 2. I need this rayer ring to see make the life ring.
So were can i find a Sage's elixir?

Additional details - 3 years ago

Thank you that helped ALOT

Accepted Answer

From: Drakalu 3 years ago

Sage's Elixir is alchemized. It is an ingredient in a LOT of recipes so you will end up making a LOT of them during the course of the game.

Magic Water - alchemized or purchased in Gleeba\Batsurung/etc
Royal Soil - found north or Porth Llaffen or NW of Batsurung
Nectar - south of Dourbridge, NE of Batsurung, or east of Sweedimples.

You can also check the Item Locations FAQ posted in game FAQs or google "DQ IX resource map." There are a few good ones out there that show the world map and locations of resource spawns.

I hope this helps.

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