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Asked: 3 years ago

My party members are unbalanced?

My main character is level 23 and the rest of my party is at level 18-19. What are some of the ways to get my party re-balanced again?

Additional details - 3 years ago

Switch myself to a new class? I haven't saved the Abbot of Alltrades yet. Should my current levels though be good enough to beat the boss?

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Switch yourswelf to new class and fight metal slimes in quarentomb then when they rich the 20 switch back...but rly they sound balanced to me unbalanced would be lvl 30 and lvls 15-20 so do what you wish but that is my answer.

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Eh...really you should only start to worry when there's a ten-level gap or more between characters; that's when it really starts cutting heavily into the exp. gain of the others. And personally I would level a little higher to take him on, but you should be alright if you have a Priest and want to take him now.

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I have that issue too. It would be good if you could take the main character out of your team and train the others, like in Pokemon...
links74's tip may be good, expecially if you are considering changing vocation later anyway. But remember that your spells won't carry over into the new vocation.
If you have beaten The Bad Cave, you may be able to find a metal medley there. They give you triple the EXP that metal slimes do, and I think they're less likely to run away because they can attack for 10HP against my team (versus 1HP for the metal slimes) and they can cast Kerfrizz.

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