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Asked: 3 years ago

What's so great about the Uber Falcon Blade?

I know it makes you hit an enemy with it two times per attack, but it only has 26 attack power, yet I hear people saying it's basically the best sword in the game. So what I don't get is, even though it hits twice, with such low attack power, mathematically speaking, how could it be so powerful?

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So it only really shines when your really high leveled?

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Ok, could anyone give me a level range for when I should be using the Uber Falcon Blade? At the moment, my sword user is a level 40 paladin with a lot of strength training with warrior and gladiator. When should I give it to him to start to see how good the UFB is?

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I just defeated Baramos, and the Uber Falcon Blade did serious damage the whole battle, the way I did this was by using oomph. If you want to use the blade to AMAZING effectiveness, up your sword guys attack, and then start attacking with Falcon Slash.

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From: yak_breeder 3 years ago

Your strength makes up for it. If you have 400 strength use a sword with 100 attack power, that's one attack at 500.
If you have 400 strength and use a ufb with 26 strength, that's two attacks at 426x75% = 319.
If the enemy's defense is low enough that will definitely do more damage.
But it's not that great on high defense enemies.

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Correct, it does shine best at higher strength stats at higher levels. Some people also like using a falcon blade with falcon slash when trying to kill metal enemies, as it will attack 4 times on a single target. But as yab said, if an enemy's defense is too high (especially on later grotto and legacy bosses), you won't see the benefit.

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