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Asked: 3 years ago

What is the best strategy for A Team?

Im just wondering, is it nessesary for a team to have 4 members? i want to have a team with 2 warriors. are there any advantages or disadvantages to having a team of 2?

Additional details - 3 years ago

I changed the plan to 4 gladiators,is that a good team?

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From: Immature_Sage 3 years ago

A team with just two warriors you say? Interesting, let me see... let us begin with the perks.

The HP is massive, the highest possible number is 810, which is huge. Beaten only by the Paladin. The Paladin receives up to 900 HP points, massive!

The Attack power is pretty good, the biggest value is 504. It gets beaten by the gladiator, yet it is the second greatest attack power in the game.

The greatest Resilience in the game belongs to the warrior, bask in the glory! Seek the ultimate armor!

For healing, I suggest using Miracle Slash with the greatest sword you have with a combination of the ability Right as Rain. Beware status effects, without a healer or the right preparation, it could spell the end to half of you money!

Against regular monsters and the grotto bosses (most not all) a pair of warriors would decimate all adversaries, however, some of the ultimate monsters lurking in super high level grottoes and the Legacy bosses would leave the team in defeat. That is because warriors:

Are really slow! They only receive, at the pinnacle of their power, 278 points... in a pinch they would face their end before they could even think of healing. Speed is the pedestal in which strategies are born in this game.

Have no healing! Even with Miracle Slash, the speed factor and lack of healing spells (and the rarity of quality healing items i.e. Yggdrasil Dew) will spell doom for all unprepared.

Have a limited move pool! Their Coup de Grace only deals a critical, good but not enough, not nearly enough. The abilities a character can learn do not fall into place (save the natural augmentations and the Fource Skills and few others).

Even though there are more pros than cons, the cons bear more weight than the pros in the more difficult parts of the game. Especially against the Legacy Bosses, the games most difficult challenge. However, if you only desire to have fun and complete quests, there is no problem. I would suggest making a team of two with a Gladiator and Paladin, the derivations of the Warrior, or a Paladin and a Priest, their Co-op de Grace grants immortality for a few valuable turns.

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Immature Sage is right, except immortality implies you can be hurt but never die, it should be invincibility ; )

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