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In what areas can I find all (liquid) metal slime (kings)?

I know that there is an FAQ,but it's just too long. I know, I know, I know, I'm lazy o.k. !!! :) :-) ;) ;-)

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Okay, by the way, thank you in advance.

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Also, can I have all of the Metal Slimes & Metal Medley's locations.

I heard there was some in Gleeba or something...

Accepted Answer

From: Immature_Sage 3 years ago

Liquid Metal Slime (worth 40,200 exp.) Locations:

The Bowhole. The dungeon to the north of Wormwood Creek. They only appear in the area that look like old ruins and the aqueduct area, both located near the end of the dungeon.

Slime Hill. Once you have the ability to fly through the sky (not the Zoom spell) there is an elevation of land to the east of Angel Falls. All matter of slimes appear there. In this place, the odds of fighting more than one of these slimes in one go is very high. Metal King Slimes appear here as well.

Grottoes... Looking for Liquid Metal Slimes in grottoes is unreliable since the monsters vary with the type of grotto and the grotto level.

Metal King Slimes (worth 120,040 exp.) Locations:

The Tower of Nod. Once you have the ability to fly (again, not Zoom) there is a piece of land to the north of Coffinwell that has a big tower on it. These are annoying to find because they only appear as companions to the monsters walking around. In other words, these royal blobs do not walk around the tower, they appear (if your lucky) as companions to the regular monsters you fight.

Slime Hill. See above, feeling lazy... =) You see them walking around here.

Grottoes ... Again, it is unreliable to look for these in grottoes because monsters vary due to type of grotto and the grottoes level. If you find one walking around mark that grotto because they appear in good numbers inside of grottoes.

BONUS! Platinum King Jewel Slime (Worth 240,000 experience points, WOW!) Locations:

At lower levels (10th floor down) of level 99 Ice and Ruin Grottoes. These guys are rare and I believe that it is the same as the Metal King Slimes in the Tower of Nod (sometimes). If you pass more than 20 minutes and you do not see one walking around, then these dudes will only appear as companions to the monsters walking around. Good luck killing these, they have 20 HP and 505 Speed.

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"They have 20 HP and 505 Speed"

Max Focus tree, Meteorite Bracer or Mercury Prize (or whatever its called), Hatchet Man or Thunder Thrust

Congratulations (Insert name here) you have been quoted and/or pwned.

I've never seen MKS's in Slime Hill, I don't think they are there, only normal king slimes

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