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Asked: 3 years ago

Monster's first strike?

You know, monsters sometimes get the first strike while we are preparing. My question is, can we get one?
And how can you alter the chances of an enemy's (Or ours, if possible) first strike?

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The only way to really alter the odds of a First Strike is to control how you run into an enemy on the World Map to initiate a battle. If you can run into an enemy from behind, it increases your odds of getting a First Strike. If an enemy runs into you from behind, they are more likely of getting a First Strike on you. If you run into each other head-on, it's most likely that neither side will get a First Strike (although there is still a tiny chance that it can happen, but it is far from common).

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If you manage to initiate a battle and have the enemy too frightened to move, or completely fail to notice you, you have a preemptive turn:
* The enemy doesn't/don't notice the party's/[your] presence!
* The enemy is/are too stunned to move!

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