Question from DeaDnova

Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find fisticup?

I cant find any fisticups in any other place other than near Upover

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From: HylianAngel 3 years ago

There are three separate locations to find Fisticups on the world map.
1. Southeast of Stornway, as mentioned by BWB.
2. South of Batsureg.
3. South of Upover, like you mentioned.

Another method of obtaining Fisticups is to steal them from Morphean Mushrooms and Mushroom Mages.
Here is a world map of all the item spawn locations for future reference.

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I believe there are some fisticups near Stornway, just go southeast from Stornway until you see some sparkles on the ground.. I have found like 8 there. Hope this helps!

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