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Asked: 3 years ago

What's the deal with the Terrible Tattoo?

I equipped it and it said I was cursed, but I did manage to get it removed by talking to a priest and using benediction. I know in some RPG'S they have cursed items and there is certain things you have to do to

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Sorry, for some reason it didn't post all of my question. I was going to say, in some RPG's they have cursed items that you have to "uncurse". Is there any way of doing this, or is it just a useless accessory?

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From: jeronimo777 3 years ago

Most items that are cursed can be "uncursed" using saint's ashes. Just use alchemy, then select, 'try your luck.' Select the cursed item and add in one saint's ashes then alchemize. If this doesn't work, try adding in another saint's ashes. Still doesn't work, add one more. This should work. I'm not sure if terrible tattoos can be "uncursed." You can always check the alchemy FAQ.

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It's not useless but the curse will have some effect on you. I once found a cursed demon whip in a treasure chest in Dourbridge. It was more powerful than any of my other whips but occasionally I found myself unable to move (about once every 4 turns on average). My friend Marcus (who has experience as a priest) was able to get the whip, and the curse, off me using Benediction, but it seems the curse is still on the item, so watch out.

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The terrible tattoos are for alchemy, quite a useful ingredient.

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alchamise with saints ashes. it will become a tough guy tattoo. (With str bonus)

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