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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I solve (quest 39 )?

I did just beat the game and i have no idea what to do now

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From: annihilator127 3 years ago

Quest 39: Follow That Fish
Jona offered me this quest when I talked to her in Porth Llaffan after beating the main story. I found out that there was once a woman known as Lleviathan's serenader who knew the trick to summoning him. After searching the area and finding nothing relevant, I decided to come back in the evening.
When you return to Porth Llaffan in the evening, you will need to talk to the ghost woman who wasn't there before. She will say there is no point in talking to her... right? Answer 'no'. She will tell you that she was Lleviathan's serenader and that you need to call for Lleviathan with three items equipped: a flowing dress, a silver shield and a watermaul wand. Go and tell Jona, then acquire these items. (You can buy a silver shield in Stornway.)
Go to Cuddledig Cliff (the scene of the first Lleviathan battle). Jona will be waiting there. She will tell you that you need to equip the necessary items if you haven't done so already. (Anyone in your team who can use a wand should equip them.) Then she will call Lleviathan, and shortly after, a battle will ensue. The person who is holding the watermaul wand may switch weapons at this point.
Lleviathan is stronger this time but he has the same abilities as in the first battle. If your team falls, return again when you are ready to replay the battle.

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Use alchemy. It's the only way to get most of the required items. Bring lots of items with you to Cuddlieg Cliff, as the attire isn't as resilient as you're used to.

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dark robe: upover
Water maul wand: Bloomingdale
silver shiel: no clue, maybe new shop in stornway

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