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I did the firs task but now i dont know what to do pls help!

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First task as in defeating the wieght knight

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Ok, so, after defeating the Wight Knight, report back to king Schott. Then follow what everything says.
If you want the full guide, look in the FAQs

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After you defeat the wight knight talk to the princess again and she will tell you about a song she was told.
Then head to zere and talk to the people there until you have two elders sing the song for you. When they have try to leave town again and the wight knight will show up. Once he leaves head for the dungeon on the north-west map. Once you clear that dungeon head back to stornwall and speak with the king. Upon leaving the castle you will be told to try and start the train again. You will know for sure that you are done in stornwall when patty grants the use of the alchemy pot.

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What excatly do you need help with Stornway?

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Please explain further for a better answer

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