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Asked: 3 years ago

Can someone please tell me what dragon q. IX side quests are available before beating the game?

Havent finished game yet, looking for quests to do in meantime.

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You can do quests 1 through 38, any of the weapon and class quests from 63 through 120 once you meet the requirements, and pretty much any of the DLC quests from 121 through 184 if you can access DQVC and meet the requirements. Quests 39 through 62 can only be accessed post-game after beating the main story. Below is a link to the quest guide if you're interested (copy & paste).

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There is a quest FAQ elsewhere on this site, you can find all the different quests there and whether or not you need to beat the game first.

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Technically all but the story related quets (it actually says story next to it)

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