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I don't want to set foot in another high level dungeon again! I've searched 14 dungeons over level 70 and I don't have a single piece of metal slime equipment! Isn't there another way to get it besides dungeons, Wi-Fi and AR? Please help!

Additional details - 3 years ago

Actually I do have access to AR now so I think I'll be able to just cheat thanks

Additional details - 3 years ago

I got the ar code for all armour

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From: KleinOfReading 3 years ago

Well, there are a couple of WiFi quests (I know, not ideal for your situation) that give pieces of equipment as rewards, but aside from that, your only chance is to get lucky with a high ranked grotto chest.

Oh, and this is a long shot: if you are lucky/devoted and have the Kawasaki Locker map, there's a website you can use to guarantee what you get from the chests in there. Basically all of the MS equipment is included.

The address is:, courtesy of Yab, but like I said if you don't have the Kawasaki Locker this will not help you :/

Otherwise sorry I can't be much help, but good luck anyway. Miracles happen.

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