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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I solve (quest 180?

Thanks Akiraita but that is not the problem. I was a sage at level 77 and I have been up to that bookshelf to talk to the supreme sage a dozen times in and out of the room. There must be something else I have missed but I still can't get him to give me quest 180. All he does is sleep and tells me to take care of things.

Accepted Answer

From: Leo909864 3 years ago

I don't quite understand exactly what is happening but several ideas to try.
1. You can only have 10 or so quests at once. Complete or abandon one and talk to the book. (This may be it since you said the book told you to take care of things)
2. Make sure one of your active party members is the sage while talking to the book.
3. If you are having trouble with the quest itself, kill Tyrannosaurus Wrecks in a mid-high end grotto.

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