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Asked: 3 years ago

Where is Upover?

At Wormwood Creek,I went to the meeting at the church,and the Mayor(Doffish) said that I need to leave the Village ASAP and I need to go to Upover? Where is Upover? Please post a video showing your character(s) starting at Wormwood Creek and arriving at Upover!!?? Thank You for your time!

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Have you gone through the Bowhole yet? If not, you'll find where you are as per this video (your first step being a cave north of Wormwood Creek)... (Not my video.)

If you have gone through the Bowhole, then you'll have to cross the Wyrmlight Bridge SW of Wormwood Creek and just follow the landmass all over on the southern continent until you wind around to Upover. You can't really miss it, as it's by a big volcano. This video (starting at 5:42) plus the next one following will show you how to reach Upover if you really, really need it...

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