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Asked: 3 years ago

What is the fastest way to level up?

I need to level up for legacy bosses.

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Easily the fastest way to level up (without cheating) is killing either Metal King Slimes or Platinum King Jewels. MKS can be found rarely in the Tower of Nod. It's not a very convenient way to kill them. Both are found much more commonly in grottoes. MKS appear in mid- to high-ranged grottoes while PKJ appear only in high level grottoes with at least 13 floors. The absolute best way to go about this is using a map with MKS that are the only monster to appear on a certain floor (for example: the Masayuki map). You're not very likely to acquire one of these maps yourself, so your best bet is to find someone who has it and have them pass it over to you through a tag. Try posting on the forums (here and dedicated Dragon Quest/Warrior sites) with a request for one of these maps and where you live and hopefully someone will be kind enough to offer you a tag for the map.

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Kill any thing that has metal in the name

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