Question from Evilsephiroth23

Asked: 2 years ago

How do I enrage a monster?

Like I have to enrage 20 monsters and then calm them down but i can't get them enraged so what do I do.

Accepted Answer

From: epb45 2 years ago

there are other enraging abbliities, like the luminarys eyes on me, but unless you are in the postgame, whistles the best option. what id do is this:

Have warrior whistle,
everyone else defend

Have warrior whistle
have ranger soothe the monster, (cant remember the name of abbility)

Repeat 19 more times

The warrior is likely to be slower than the ranger, so itl work out perfectly, with the ranger soothing and the warrior whistling on the same turn

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The ability "Whistle," if I remember correctly, enrages monsters. You can get it by putting 28 skill points into Courage (the warrior's skill set).

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