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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I beat Gadrongo?

I need some info for wat lvl I should be 4 Gadrongo. I wanted to know what lvl I should be and wat team I should have I hav unlocked gladiator paladin and armamentalist. Plz help as soon as possible. Thanks

Accepted Answer

From: cheesepuff121 2 years ago

Well, cor4life, advanced vocations certainly help, but the thing that makes the biggest difference is levels. I would recomend this team-

Gladiator lvl 40+
Paladin lvl 40+
Priest lvl 45+
Mage lvl 40+

If you are not a fan of grinding levels slowly, you may have noticed that earlier on in the Bowhole there are rare (and brilliant!) monsters known as liquid metal slimes. These, though hard to catch, drop an obscene amount of XP. The way I usually kill them is by doing the move 'Hatchet Man' with my axe. This has a high chance to miss, but when it does hit it is a garuanteed critical hit. Critical hits are the fastest way to get past the liquid metal slime's amazing defense.

I really hope my answer helped, and I'm always open for moer questions.:)

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What Does he look like?? so ican help u out

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