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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I unlock the sage vocation?

I cant seem to complete the sage quest on dq9 could someone help me ?

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Have at least one character as a Mage and defeat Great Trolls in the Realm of the Mighty with Frizz.

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You have to have one Mage in your party then look for the book in Gittingham Palace, accept the quest then beat Great Trolls in the Realm Of The Mighty with Frizz

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You get the quest from the book in Gittingham Palace, and you actually need to get to the Realm of the Almighty (where you go to after finishing off the Goresby's and going through everything in the Observatory). Your second time there it will transform into an evil fortress, and inside you will find your Great Troll's, which are green and red. You want to get one or two solid attacks in before starting to use Frizz or you'll be there forever, and it is wise to keep everyone healed/defending after that, except of course for your mage, who will be using Frizz. It can be difficult, but the vocation is worth it.

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Level 50 Minstrel
2 attacks

level 1 mage
5 frizz attacks

3 times

mission done

took me about 12 minutes

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