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Asked: 1 year ago

Blight knights?!

I've been looking for these for a couple days now with no luck I know here S rank ice grotto monster and all. I read that if you get as deep as 13 lvls you should see them but today I got 2 ice grotto maps one with 14 floors another with 16 and yet im not even seeing s rank all I don't understand.. any advice????

Accepted Answer

From: MonoBlade 1 year ago

Just keep trying to get higher level ice grottoes.
If a map is on of these:
Ruby............Monster Rank 7-9
Emerald......Monster Rank 7-9
Sapphire.....Monster Rank 7-9
Diamond.....Monster Rank 7-9

You will more likely find S rank monsters. And it also seems more likely when its a rank 8 environment.

Rank 8 Environs (14-16 Floors): Abyss (cave), Maze (ruins), Glacier (ice), Chasm (water), Void (fire)

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