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Asked: 5 years ago

Please help me?

I m in the second town (the castle) and now I don t know where to go

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From: AxelStrife 5 years ago

Well the first thing you should do is go to the in.(You will see a quick scene)

Then you need to go look at the bulletin board.

After that go to the castle and talk to the guards.

They will bring you to the kind and he will ask you to fight the Black Knight

Then go to the lake and that is where you can find him.(It's a REALLY good idea to get some party members first).

Good luck.

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Once you've seen the scene in the Inn, go read the bulletin board and then talk to the guards in front of the castle (day Time). You'll get taken to the King and he tells you to go defeat the Black Knight, so go get some party members from the lady behind the counter at the inn and head out of town and north to the lake to fight him.

If you look around you can find plenty of small guides explaining where to go, hope that helps!

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