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Item Location Help Answers
2 Questions?. 3
4 Questions? 2
A few questions ? 4
Anyone have a list of items found in shops? 2
Are there any alternative ways to get orbs besides legacy boss rare drop or dlc quests? 2
Are there any Items that can only be found before completing a quest and do not reappear after completing the quest? 4
Best Thief Equipment? 4
Bookshelf containing recipes for Silver Cuirass? 3
Can anyone make an ar code for me? 2
Can thiefs get better abilities? 5
Does anybody know...? 2
Does anyone know where to get a bronze knife? 6
Grotto Treasures? 2
Grottos? 1
How can I get these? 5
How do i get a good hammer? 7
How do I get a Nemean grotto at Lv99? 2
How do I get as much orbs as possible? 4
How do I get Legacy Boss Drops? 2
How do i get lucky pendants easily? 1
How do I start getting Recipe's? 4
How do you get the past character's items? 1
How long do you have to wait for items to spawn again? 2
How to get 4/5* weapons? 1
How to set up an auction to sell some of my items with sellma - wifi (possible?) 1
Item farming? 2
King Schott's Treasure Map? 1
Martial Artisit Help? 5
Mini medal code? 2
Need help with that last few alchemy recipe in each catorgory e.g gringham whip, season hats, etc? 3
Odin's bow or Pentarang on my Sage? 1
Orgodemir Map? 1
Rank S treasure chests...? 1
Rusty Helm? 5
Scroll/Scripture Help? 2
Sterlings whistle? 3
Vocation Armor? 7
What are the paladin gloves? 2
What difficulty grottos do the rare amor and weapons start appearing? 4
What is a alchemiracle? 2
What's the best place to find a crown jewel? 2
Where all can I locate Sacred Armour? 2
Where are all the places to get saints ashs? 1
Where are the recipes located? 3
Where can I find ( Training top)? 1
Where can I find (a sorceress top )? 2
Where can I find (agility ring)? 2
Where can I find (Eldrick Equipments)? 3
Where can I find (falcon blade)? 4
Where can I find (fresh water)? 2
Where can I find (ingredients for Gracos's Trident)? 1
Where can I find (Mini Medal)? 2
Where can I find (orchicalcum)? 4
Where can I find (Rouge's Robes)? 2
Where can I find (rusty helm)? 1
Where can I find (seeds)? 1
Where can I find (stolos staff)? 2
Where can I find (venus tear)? 1
Where can I find a birthday cake? 3
Where can I find a few ingredients? 2
Where can I find a Golden Axe? 2
Where can I find a sorcerer stone? 1
Where can I find a Yggdrasil Bud? 2
Where can I find Blighten Rock? 1
Where can I find Fencing Armor? 4
Where can I find firestones? 2
Where can I find garish garb? 2
Where can I find hela's hammer? 2
Where can I find Muscle Belt? 1
Where can I find saint's ashes? 1
Where can i find seeds? 1
Where can I find Sorcerer's stones? 5
Where can I find the "A DREAM" treasure map? 5
Where can I find the (liquid metal spear)? 4
Where can I find the basic gladiator gear? 2
Where can I find the Mercury Prize accessory? 1
Where can I find the rusty gauntlets? 3
Where can I find the rusty weapons? 3
Where can I find the skeleton suit? 2
Where can I find the torso part of the thug outfit? 2
Where can I find the warrior armour? 4
Where can I get a stardust sword? 1
Where can i make (liquid metal slime armour)? 1
Which equipement (or set) has the highest Style? 3
Which is better for a gladiator ? 3
Why is Sellma no longer updating her merchandise? 2
Wigs and Silly Items? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Advice fightings legacy's? 1
Any advantage to using the (oh no bow)? 1
Archer or Paladin For Solo? 5
Armamentalist to Glad or Warrior? 4
Calculating Revocation Stats? 3
Can a martial artist become a ranger? 6
Do you have any suggestions for my team? 3
Does buffing do anything after seed farming? 1
Does Deftness increase chances of Hachet Man??? 1
Does Magical Might effect Fource? 2
Easy Skill Point Question? 2
Good secondary skills for an Armamentalist? 2
Good Team? 2
Help me i need help? 2
Help with my team? Thanks In advance 2
How do tanks handle high level legacies? 1
How do you play this game? 1
How does the Homi Table method work? 1
How should I set up my MC and my party? 1
I am going with mage and was wandering? 2
I need help with my team!? 2
Is a Minstrel a good Vocation? 8
Is it possible to completely max out all your stats in this game? 1
Is it worth it to revocate??????? 3
Is there any point to having more than 3 followers? 2
Is this a good team? 7
Is this team good enough for Legacy bosses? 2
Maximum Vocation Change? 3
Monster's first strike? 2
Multiheal spell? 1
My mage/spellcaster? 3
My party members are unbalanced? 3
provide me with OHKO skills? 3
Question about changing classes? 2
Question about skills? 3
Ranger or Armantilist? 3
Recommended Party? 1
Should i change vocations or restart the game? 2
Should I have a party of 4...of just the two of me and my gladiator? 1
Staff or Claw...? 2
Starting team; allocating skill points? 2
Status ailments on bosses? 2
Sureway to get? 4
Team building help / Armor help please? 1
Team building help?!!! 2
Team rating? 2
What classes should I choose? 2
What factors affect damage from spells? 1
What is the best item's for a Paladin for the final boss? 3
What is the best strategy for a party of 2? 4
What is the best strategy for beating the Dreadmaster? 3
What is the best strategy for Class grouping? 1
What is the best strategy for getting better grotto maps? 2
What is the best strategy for me to get good/mks maps post game? 1
What is the best strategy when going up against high level grotto bosses such as Greygnarl? 2
What is usually a good time to go searching for items? 1
What is your best damage output person? 1
What should I do next? 1
What should I do when I am confused? 2
What spells and skills are light elemental (affected by life fource)? 3
What team would be more effective vs legacies? 1
Where do you go after you defet the wight knight ? 4
Why doesn't my team split experience evenly? 3
Wich vocation is better to get the best out of an Armamentalist? 1

Other Help Answers
The DQVC: My Predicament... Which Action Replay for the 3DS XL would be compatible with this game? 0
Yet another question about the Hoimi table because why not? 0
2 Questions ? 4
2 Questions? 2
A few questions? 1
A Question about Atributes? 1
Accolades? or some thing 2
After finishing the game..? 2
Alchemiracle? 1
Am I ready for this? 7
Any ideas of how to get a decent boomerang? 2
Anyone near Elkton MD, interested in canvassing, or multiplaying? 2
AR code help? 1
Are there better AR codes out there? 1
Armamamentalist help? 3
Best Equipment? 2
Best items for Warrior? 2
Can I add more than 4 party members? 1
Can I change vocation in my friends game? 3
Can someone change this code for me? 1
Can someone tell me how...? 4
Can you Play Against a friend? 4
Can you recruit Stella and Pavo? 3
Canvassing question? 1
Class quests? 1
Confused about terms I've read, can I have some help? 1
Different grotto bosses? 2
Do i get the power to..? 2
Do I have good Vocations? 8
Do I need to change my team in secondary class? 1
Do monsters have elemental weaknesses and/or strengths? 1
Does Combat action medal and Dire critical fan stack? 1
Does dlc data carry on? 2
Downloadable quests? 2
Dragon quest 9 save editor error? 1
Fixing/setting back out on the Pride of Bloomingdale? 4
Game ID and Game Code? 2
Give weapon? 3
Graphite lair of woe level 13? 2
Grinding characters? 2
Hammer or Spear ? 4
Help with my team? 1
Hoimi table not working? 1
How am I doing so far? 2
How can i get more gold? 3
How can i get quest 177 and solve it? 1
How can i swap maps? 1
how can i tell if it's an "S" rank grotto? 1
How do defeat the king of gittishham palace second form? 2
How do I back up my DQ9 DS save game data? 4
How do i get into multi-player mode? 1
How do i get starflight express post game? 2
How do I get the pickaxe for the guy in the well? 1
How do I get to Alma tower? 2
How do I get unstuck? 2
How do I talk with animals? 3
How do i unlock the sap skill? 3
How do I use the Hoimi Table? 2
How do you anger a monster? 3
How do you cannvas guests? 2
How do you complete the Paladin quest? 1
How do you defeat the last boss? 1
How do you re-enter greygnarls laire alone? 3
How does one awaken the sleeping creature on top of the Tower of Nod? 2
How far into the game is the ranger and paladin quests? 7
How i get these guests for the inn? 2
How is my team? 1
How many HP does job changing old man have? 10
How many times can you get coup de grace per battle? 3
How to change job from minstreal to warrior? 2
How to do quest #125 and #139 to get Patty and Sellma? 3
How to find friend code? 1
How to find the equitment needed for jona's quest after completing the game? 2
How to get special items from DVQC? 1
How to get The Mage Knight Vocation? 3
How to leave my party behind? 4
I bought the game used and somehow the hero was unable to gain exp but how did the previous owner do it? 1
I can't find Bow party trick? 1
I have 3 questions? 2
i need help finding MKS? 1
I'm a Not so novice but novice enough...metal slime hunter maybe somone can help? 1
I'm in wormwood creek and I don't know what to do next can u help? 5
I'm stuck in the observatory Any help? 2
If I delete my game, will I have to re-download all DLC quests, or will they stay unlocked? 1
If I delete my game, will my first completion records still be on there? 3
If I lose Serena the ghost's necklace, can I get it back? 1
If you answer the skeleton to get the Rapthorne map incorrectly - can you get a second chance at the map? 1
In Erinns inn...? 4
Is anyone working on putting up a guide for? 1
Is it possible to send multiple items? 1
Is it possible................? 4
Is quick save the only way you can save? 3
is the wand MP absorption % rate not being added? 3
Is there a DQ IX VC store merchandise generator? 1
Is there a DQM: Joker reference? 6
Is there a Way to Remove Revocations From Your Hero's Classes in DQIX without Cheating or Restarting the Game? 1
Is there any way to see Skills' descriptions before / after purchase? 3
Is this team alright for beating barbabus and corvus? 2
Knife and wand? 1
Liquid Metal Slimes help? 2
Look up monsters in the Alchemy Guide ? 1
Lvl 40 Minstrel Class Quest? 3
Magic Absorption Rate? 2
Map/Grotto Problem??? 2
Meaningful differences between weapon types and between status effect types? 3
Mini Medal reset code? 1
More Revocation Questions? 2
Multiplayer usage? 2
My mc is at least lvl 40 and up in all vocations but i still cant find any lvl 50 or higher treasure maps? 1
Online shop problems? 1
Play with other people? 1
Possible Glitch? 2
Priest/Mage or Sage? 3
Question about revocation? 3
Quick Question? 2
Rate team? 3
Re-posted~ Action Replay Code? 1
Restarting your vocation? 2
Revocation Questions I'm Confused?! 3
S rank grottos? 2
should I become an armamentalist when Im already a martial artist? 5
Should my paladin use a fan or a sword? 2
Somnia Clothes? 1
Spell resistance? 2
Stornway Inn cosplay costumes? 1
Story Progress? 2
Talking to animals? 1
Team help/rate my team? 3
The Hoimi Table? 1
Well...what now? 3
What do I do after I finish quest 39 follow that fish? 3
What do i do? 2
What do you have to do to envomate Hocus Chimera's with toxic dagger? 3
What does examine do? 3
What equipment should I have now? 1
What faqs are in prosess? 1
What is better a paladin or a gladiator? 3
What is better a sword or a hammer? 2
What is the best way to defeat King Godwyn? 1
What is the best way to defeat King Godwyn? 1
What is the cheat tem for dq9? 2
What is the fastest way to level up? 2
What is the full set of 5 star armor for all vocations? 1
What is the Guardian Spring and how do i get it? 2
What is the point of getting everything in the game when you can't use some things during storyline? 1
What item do I need to basically get all the characters from the other games to get them in the inn? 2
What just happened!? 2
What level should i be? 1
What manga/anime characters can be made? 6
What now...? 1
What to do? 3
Whats better, a Uber Falcon blade, or an Inferno Blade? 5
Whats the best weapon for Gladiator? 3
When do i get down loadable content? 1
When Patty, Erinn, and Aquilla join the party? 2
When will i be able to download quest on the DQVC? 5
Where can I find a Hephaestus flame? 3
Where can I find Borya? 1
Where can I find Great trolls? 6
Where can I find items related to DQ V? 4
Where can I find the lighthouse? 2
Where can i get better boots??? 1
Where can i meet the other dragon quest characters? 6
Where do I find hunters yurts? 2
Where do i find rapthornes map? 3
Where do I find the Basalt Tunnel of Dolour? 1
Where do you find finessence for a dragon dress? 2
Where is Mt. Ulzuun? 2
Where is the Oubliette? 4
Where to train? 2
Which is better a ranger or a paladin? 5
Which is better? 4
Which version of the game has the vocations Luminary/Armamentalist rather than Superstar/Mage Knight? 1
Why can't I learn alchemy recipes? 1
Why can't I name my character "Angelica"? 1
Why is there only 10 character slots? 2
Wifi Wondering? 1
Will the poison spots on the overworld kill you? 1
Will there be a 3ds dragon quest? 4
Wvat is the purpose of this book in swinedimples? 1
Zoma Legacy Boss Download Help ??? 3

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