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Asked: 6 years ago

What clan trials give what privileges?

Does anyone have a list of what privileges can be obtained through clan trials? and, by extension, which trial gives which privilege?

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From: Rybal 6 years ago

Actually, check out this faq:

It has every one listed (with the only mistake being luck^ 6 instead of 5).

Just make sure that you get 4 before 5 (though you can get 4 even if you don't have 2 or 3)

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I think all of the trials give you privilege. You can check one of the faq here. The clan trial list is complete.

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There is a trick to this one.
When you do a clan trial, ALWAYS choose the 1st, 3rd or the 5th. These will almost automatically give a privilege. (2nd and 4th don't give privilege)

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Pop, 2 and 4 do give privileges in every trail, if you did one and didn't get privilege its because you got it from a higher trail. (that is, if a low trail give a up1 and you do a higher that normally gives up2 you get up1 instead, so to get up2 you have to do that trail twice.)
This is all the abilities in a nice chart. The link is from a sticky on the board.

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No, you get the reward from the first, third, and fifth level of each trial. Ideally, you should do them in order of one, three, then five and remember which ones you've done because you keep the reward (clan stat-wise) of the highest one you've completed for every trial, though the title only shows for your most recent trial. The reason I suggest doing it in order of one, three, then five is because you only keep the clan stats of the latest one you do, and you have to do each one individually for the privilege, you don't just do the hardest one then get that privilege and every one lower than that difficulty for that trial.

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Sections 3.01, 3.03, 3.04.
Between those three sections, you get all of the information you need.
and as noname said in January, make sure you get Power/Agility/Luck/Speed/Debuff Resistance rank 4 before you do rank 5's mission (and likewise, rank 3 before rank 4's, 2 before 3's, and 1 before 2's.

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