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Asked: 6 years ago

Sequencer and Peytral?

I wanted to know if there is and if so what the cap for the stats on the sequencer and peytral are.

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From: _Gladius_ 6 years ago

Yes, you receive them from finishing the first two King of Cinquleur missions like Shintetsua said, but the stats don't increase every time you use the smash gauge; it's every time you use an Opportunity Command.

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Sequencer you get from one of the Cinquleur missions, and PeyTral you get from another one of those.

Every time you use a smash guage you increase Sequencer by 1 atk and Peytral by 1 def

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Yes, there is a cap for those.

The max cap is the base attack and defense of the weapon + 99.
So, if Sequencer has a base attack of 40, then the max cap are 40+99=139

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Max Attack for Sequencer - 131 (base Attack 32 + 99).
Max Defense for Peytral - 128 (base Defense 29 + 99).

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Peytral has base 28 Defense and a max of 127.

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Sequencer is from the Red King, Peytral from the Blue King.

Also, it's good to know where they cap...

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It's actually every time you get an opportunity turn. You don't have to use the opportunity command for it to count.

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Actually, I believe it rises in stats for each opportunity command until you get the Sequencer/Peytral. The reason I say this is my save has base power of about 130 whereas my friends save is only in double digits, while we are both finished with the game. He said he got those two much earlier than I did.

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