Question from Akane94

Asked: 4 years ago

How do i complete the "Great Land Festival" quest?

How do i complete the "Great Land Festival" quest, the "Wanted:Barmaid!" quest and the "Wanted Combatants" quest?? Pls help!!

Accepted Answer

From: QuackOutLoud 4 years ago

For this mission, it's a dispatch.
You can dispatch an Elementalist, that's what i used, but there could be other jobs you could use.
I'm sorry if Elementalist is incorrect though, l forget, but l am 98% sure you can dispatch an Elementalist.

If i am wrong, use this tip. They say barmaid, indicating maid. That means that it has to be a female job,
a Gria or Viera.

Hope this helps. Try Elementalist though.

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