Question from banene25

Asked: 4 years ago

Any Missable Missions?

I'm playing it now, but I'm worried that i might miss a mission because i'm not using a walkthrough now. help?

Additional details - 4 years ago

What if i failed a mission?can i still get it?

Accepted Answer

From: Lordlyhour 4 years ago

No , as far as i know you are unable to miss missions. If you fail a mission you can also redo them however you must go to ceratin cities to unlock certain quests (or at least i think, ive beaten the story but i havent gotten all the quests but i havent been to a couple of the cities for a while

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Unlike the first one u cant miss a mission.

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You can miss a mission without worring because it will appear after few days and you can try again :)

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