Game Script by PatrickSim

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                Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
                                In-Game Script
                            Written By: PatrickSim
                                 Version 0.50
                        Number of Hours Ingame: 87:18:30
                           Copyright 2008 Patrick L.

Table of Contents

0. Version History........................................................(vh0)
1. Introduction............................................................(i1)
2. Main Story.............................................................(ms2)
3. Side Quests............................................................(sq3)
4. Notices.................................................................(n4)
5. Rumors..................................................................(r5)
6. Thanks, Contact, Legal................................................(tcl6)

= VERSION HISTORY                                                       (vh0) =

-150/301 total quests completed

-Main storymode completed
-Main story's script completed
-129/301 total quests completed
-Document formatted, prettied up, and submitted

= INTRODUCTION                                                           (i1) =

Hello and thank you for reading. I enjoyed this game and if you are reading
this, it can safely be assumed that you do/did too. However, one thing I notice
is that this game gets a bad rap when it comes to story. Yes, the main story is
about a boy getting sucked into a book, but I think there is more to it than
that. He meets lots of people and does many things, experiencing little many
other little stories that make up the bigger picture.

It is easy to get lost in this game with 301 missions available. This script
was written in order to give you a precise look at the dialogue and the story.
Most importantly, it will be organized in such a manner as to link the
different quests together; many side quests contain their own stories and it is
easy to forget them when you finish one and start another and another and so
on. Many of the side quests' stories and characters are interesting enough on
their own to stand alone, and this document will allow you to revist them.

Story is important to me, and a game with "Final Fantasy" in its title is
expected to deliver. I thoroughly enjoyed all the different characters and
their shenanigans, and for your viewing pleasure, I present to you the script
of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Any side quest which is left
blank has not been completed yet; it will be added in as I progress to %100
compeletion of this game.

Lastly, I would not recommend reading this document until you have completed at
least the main story. There will be spoilers in the text.

= MAIN STORY                                                            (ms2) =

Luso - Summer vacation's so close I can taste it. I'm out the door as soon as
the teacher stops talking. Summer homework: keep a journal. That's not too bad.
Better write my name on my notebook before I forget. Don't get me wrong, I'm
not crazy about homework. Just, it could be worse. And I can already guess what
my first entry's going to be: "Summer Vacation, Day 1: Aunt chewed me out.
Grounded for a week."

Maybe this jornal thing's not such a great idea after all. Oh, we got another
assignment, due today: "My Summer Vacation." We're supposed to write our goals
for the summer. Well, here goes...

(I promise not to misbehave in class... Or at least not to get caught, hehe.)
(I promise not to oversleep in the morning... So I'll just sleep in till the
(I promise not to let the dog eat my homework... Maybe I can find a cat.)

Heh, that all sounds pretty convincing. Summer vacation, here I come!

... Not that I have any idea what I'm doing this summer. But, I guess not
having any expectations isn't all bad. I mean, whatever ends up happening,
it'll be a surprise!

*school bell*

There's the bell.

Teacher - Have a good summer. Class dismissed!

Not you, Luso Clemens! Sorry, but your vacation doesn't start quite yet. Your
friends are going home, but you're going straight to the library, young man.

Luso - Aw, c'mon, Mr. Blair! Why?

Mr. Blair - Think about it.

Luso - Mmmmm... Done. I got nothing.

Mr. Blair - Let's take a trip down memory lane... to this morning! When you
were late to my class for the - how many times is it now?

Luso - That would be... I don't know.

Mr. Blair - Enough times that you've forgotten, apparently! Luso... You're not
a bad student by any means. But, occaisonally, you require a little...
correction, shall we say.

Which is why, I have decided to put you in charge of cleaning up the library.
Maybe a little straightening up there will striaghten you out, too.

Luso - Look, I see what you're trying to do here. But the last day of school?
You gotta be kidding! I mean, it's summer vacation!

Mr. Blair - Vacations are to be earned. And you've got a lot of earning to do,
my boy. Mr. Randell's down in the library. Don't keep him waiting.

Luso - ...

Mr. Blair - And don't even think about loafing off or sneaking out. Not unless
you want me to pay a visit to your house.

Luso - ... Yes, Mr. Blair. Well, see ya! Oh, and I hope you have a really,
really great summer vacation.

*in the library*

Huh? I thought Mr. Randell was supposed to be here.

*looks around library and opens a music box; it plays a familiar themesong*

Check out that book! It looks older than Mr. Blair!

*opens book*

Wonder what it's about? The pictures are pretty cool. Swords... wizards... Huh?
That's funny. The book just stops halfway through. The pages are all blank!
Let's see what the last page with writing on it says... "One is fated to fill
these barren pages. Know you his name?"

"Know you his name"...? What's with all the backwards words? Well, I never pass
up a chance to write in a library book! I'll tell you his name! "His name is...
Luso Clemens!"

*Strange light, book teleports Luso*

*In the middle of a jungle, three figures enter*

Stranger - Oi, oi. What have we here?

*Notices giant bird*

Giant Bird -

Stranger - Why is it always the vicious ones that pay the worst? 250 gil is
barely enough to pay for our time sweeping up the feathers when we're done.

Giant Bird - *

Stranger - What, you hungry? Sorry, but I've got higher aspirations than
becoming chicken feed. Hop to it then!

*ready for battle, strange light appears and Luso appears out of nowhere in
front of Giant Bird*

Luso - M-Mr. Randell!?

Giant Bird - *Bird noise*

Luso - *turns around* Not Mr. Randell!!!

Stranger - You there!

Luso - Ack! Who are you!? You're n-not even human!

Stranger - Calm yourself, stranger. We'll protect you, if you'll let us. Join
our clan now if you care to live. I hardly need to spell out the alternative.

Luso - Join your what!?

Stranger - Our clan. You may be injured, but if you are in our clan, you will
not die.

Luso - Why should I trust you?

Giant Bird - *bird noise*

Luso - Yikes!

Stranger - Because I can guarantee you'll get no such offer from him!

Luso - O-Okay, what do I do?

Stranger - Swear your oath to the Judge. Say you'll join the clan!

*Stranger summons a Judge*

Luso - That's... a judge?

Stranger - Quickly, before the beast has time to act!

Luso - Hey, um, Judge! I swear the oath! Let me in the clan!

*Judge and Luso lights up, Luso is in new clothes and Judge disappears*

Luso - Woah, check it out!

*two little birds enter*

Stranger - Ah, he's brought the little ones along to feed. Stand back,
stranger, we'll handle this lot. Ready yourselves!

Luso - You're going to fight them?

Stranger - Once you stand back as I've told you, yes.

Luso - Hey, let me take a swing at them! I swore my oath. That means I can't
die, right?

Stranger - Harrumph! Spoken like a true greenhorn! No, you will not die, but
get a beak in your eye and you might wish you had.

Luso - Well, I didn't mean I'd go in first or anything. And I'm no fan of
getting beaked... But I won't just stand here while you do all the hard work.
C'mon, let me fight!

Stranger - Hrm... I did not intend to make you fight when I invited you to join
us, however... You promise to do exactly as I say?

Luso - Promise!

Stranger - Then you may fight. I am Cid. And you are?

Luso - Luso.

Cid - Very well, Luso. We begin!

White Mage Viera - If you are to fight with us it is best that I first explain
to you your role. In combat, speed is essential. The swift move first.
The sluggish, never. You will find, while my words may come slow, my feet move
quick. Know this: in battle, we fight not only our foes, but the terrain as
well. Master it, and move well... or your sword will eat only air.

When it comes time to move, move swiftly, but do not rush to strike. Sometimes
holding your ground is the prudent course... and your next action will come all
the sooner. There is another thing you should know. Those of different blood
and different calling move differently as well. Some are swift, some not so.

Black Mage Nu Mou - Allow me to explain "Actions". There are many actions one
might take on the field of battle. Whether it be the simple thrust of a blade,
or an ability learned through one's job. As a black mage, I use black magick. I
will show you one such magick called "fire".

*casts fire on Klesta, the Giant Bird*

Would that I could use magick whenever it pleased me. Alas, all things have a
cost. Magick is no exception. Thankfully, the energies spent in casting are
renewed over time.

Cid - Oh, and Luso - Just so you know, - I'm the one who decides what I do.
Think of me as a "guest" in your midst. I might not take orders, but we're on
the same side. Try not to forget that in the heat of battle!

*group battles Klesta; after it is weakened, it flies away*

Luso - Yeah! That wasn't so bad!

Cid - A job well done. Clan, back to town!

Luso - Um, Cid? Do you think you could, erm...

Cid - Do not worry. I didn't invite you to join our clan just to abandon you in
the wild.

Luso - You mean you'll take me with you? Thanks! I got so caught up in the
fight, I kind of forgot... But now that I think of it, I don't have any idea
where I am.

Cid - And I have questions to ask of you. Beginning with how you managed to
appear from the empty skies.

*Luso's stomach growls*

Luso - Ah... I kind of skipped lunch today...

Cid - Ha ha ha! Very well. First order of business is to go home and eat. Then,
we talk.



*Luso and Cid are eating at a table*

Cid - ... So you wrote your name in the old book, there was a flash of light,
and you dropped in on our fight.

Luso - Hey, I was more surprised than you were. Finding myself in the middle of
the woods with that chicken thing and you, Cid... I mean, you're not human! Or
a "hume", was it? Here I thought I was off to clean a library.

Cid - Ah, but you adapated quick... or perhaps it's just that you lack a
healthy sense of danger. I've never seen someone eat so well after battle!

Luso - Hey, what can I say? When you gotta eat, you gotta eat!

Cid - Apparently so. But I've changed the subject. You... came here, to our
world of Ivalice from somewhere not of Ivalice. Through that book of yours.

Luso - Um, yeah, that's about the size of it... So... how do I get back? My
aunt worries if I'm half an hour late home from school. I have to find a way

Cid - I took you in, I'll help you find a way back. Back to your world.

Luso - You will?

Cid - I will, lad. I expected as much when we took you into the clan.

Luso - Well, thanks, Cid! I guess I'll do what I can to help the clan out until
we find a way back. You got to admit, I pulled my weight back there in the
woods, huh? If I'm stuck here for a while, I might as well enjoy it. I wouldn't
mind seeing a bit of this Ivalice place.

Cid - As I said, utterly heedless of danger.

Luso - Heh. I try. So, all the people here are in the clan?

*looks around pub, and approaches group from earlier battle*

Hey, I'm Luso. Thanks for letting me join you... Um, Cid... does this clan have
a name? It must. C'mon, tell me!

Cid - We're Clan Gully. Not that it's a name many know.

Luso - Right, well... I'm Luso Clemens. A, uh, proud member of Clan Gully!
Thanks for taking me. I hope I don't slow you down too much.

*group cheers and welcomes Luso*

So, do clans do much else other than fight monsters? You'll find that most work
falls along those lines... but there are other things. Available jobs, which we
call "quests", are posted at the local pub. There'll be time enough to show you
this later.

Luso - You mean we're done for the day?

Cid - That's right. There's your welcoming party to attend to, after all.

Luso - Huh?

Cid - Barman! Refreshments for all!



*After the party*

Luso - So you really do find work in pubs... I always pictured a pub as
someplace to kick back and grab a snack.

Cid - What better place? People gather to share a meal, and where there are
people, there's talk. Clans pay good money for the sort of talk that leads to
work - the quests I mentioned before.

Luso - So if we need to make money or find something to do, the pub is the
place to go.

Cid - Exactly.

Barman - Ah, Cid. Looking for work?

Cid - That's right. We have a new member in need of training. Talk to the
barman, Luso. Find us a good quest. The best way to learn is to do, lad.

Luso - Okay, leave it to me.

Barman - So you're Cid's new recruit? Well, if you're looking for a quest, the
first thing you'll want to do is ask to see the quest roster. The roster lists
all the quests on record at the pub. Once you've found a quest that catches
your eye, simply pay the finder's fee and you're done. It's not enough to read
the quest and go running off. If you haven't paid the fee, you'll be on a
fool's errand. Now some quests you can take as long as you please to finish.
Others you'll have a set number of days to do it in. It's all there on the
quest roster, so just pay close attention and you'll avoid any unpleasant
surprises. That's all there is to it. Ready to have a go?

A Paw Full of Feathers

"What's in the woods? Wolves, that's what! And my chocobos are so put out,
they're molting early. Somebody, rid us of these horrible howlers!"
-Chocobo Corral "Sasasha"

*Luso accepts the quest*

Luso - I got us a quest. "A Paw Full of Feathers". They want us to chase off
some wolves.

Cid - Let's see... That ranch isn't far from the village. No hurry, though.
There's no deadline written on the bill.

Luso - Sounds like they're in a tight spot. I don't wanna keep 'em waiting.
I'll go get the others!

Cid - See that you're ready before you go running off!

That boy needs to get his priorities straight. At this rate he's like to stay
here forever.

*heading out*

Cid - You may want to pay a visit to a shop before we leave, Luso.

*enters shop*


*sends items to bazaar*

Shopkeeper - I've a new item in stock now. Next time you feel like making a
purchase, take a look! We carry all manner of weapons and armor. You seem
rather new to all this, so perhaps I should tell you a little about the
equipment we sell.

Some pieces of equipment bestow new abilities on their wearer. With these
pieces equipped, you can use the abilities, whether you've seen them before
or not. There's no better way to give a new ability a try before deciding
whether to learn it. Of course, you'll need a variety of equipment, and that's
where we come in. *chuckle*

I'll tell you what I'll do. I'm going to write up a summary of our discussion
about the bazaar and equipment. I'll post it on the pub's rumor board so you
can read it whenever you like. Not much of a rumor, really, but it maybe
helpful. I hope we'll see you again soon!

*Clan Gully heads out to a field with Chocobo*

Luso - Whoa, so this is a chocobo, huh? It's way bigger than I imagined! Cool!
Hey, they're kinda cute.

Cid - Step too close and he'll peck your eye out.

Luso - Oh, I already knew all about that.

*something catches all the Chocobos' attention*

What is it?

*Wolf howl*

Cid - Company.

Luso - Um... Here, chocobos! Stay in the hutch while we deal with these wolves.

*Chocobos leave the area as wolves enter*

Luso - Don't even think about touching those chocobos!

Judge -

Luso - Hey, Cid. What was that Judge saying about some law just now? What do
laws have to do with fighting?

Cid - Ah, I was remiss in my explanations. Laws are like the rules of
engagement: guidelines you must follow in combat. When an adjudged clan - that
is, a clan watched over by a Judge - fights, it abides by laws. It is not
enough to do battle. We must do battle with care to not break any law.

Luso - You serious? That sounds like a pain.

Cid - Yes, but not without gain. Only by keeping the letter of the law may a
clan enjoy its full privileges. Not to mention the reward offered those who
heed the Judge's word. Why don't you try picking the clan privilege this time
round, Luso? Don't fret over your choice. Consider it to be a gift. First
choose which clan members will participate in battle, then choose the privilege
you will use.

Listen, Luso. Always obey the law when you can. But know that all is not lost
when you can't. The penalties for breaking the law are not so severe. You will
merely lose your clan privilege, and fallen comrades will remain so until the
battle ends.

Luso - That's the last we'll see of those mangy mutts!

Today is a good day to be a chocobo! Heh heh.

Cid - And a good day to quest. All we need to do now is collect our pay. So I
think you understand well enough what it is we do. You might keep an eye out
for quests that promise to lead you toward home.

Luso - Home... Right. It's all tied up in that book with the blank pages...
Figure that book out, and I'll find my way back.

Cid - The magick book, yes.

Luso - I just wish I'd been paying more attention to the thing. I remember it
was old, real old. The cover was all faded. I didn't even see what it was

Cid - The question is, who wrote it, where, and for what reason? ... Three
questions, actually. Hrm? Don't tell me you carry a journal around, Luso.

Luso - Huh? A journal? *checks pocket* Hey, it's a journal. I assumed it was
some kind of belt, or tool pouch.

Cid - You mean... that's not yours?

Luso - Do I look like the type to keep a journal to you?

Cid - That you do not.

*Luso flips through the pages*

Luso - ...?

Cid - What is it? Has it been written in?

Luso - Look at this, Cid! This journal talks about me in the library and coming
to Ivalice, and getting rescued... Everything I've done is in here!

Cid - Ah, so you do keep a journal!

*journal glows and one of the pages writes itself*

Luso - I think it keeps itself! Look, words are appearing in it right now!

Cid - Ah, it's recording the fight with the wolves just now.

Luso - A magick journal?

Cid - Yet another surprise. You're full of them, aren't you?

Luso - You think this magick journal's got something to do with that book?

Cid - Possibly... No, it's certain. You've found your first clue.

Luso - That wasn't so hard. So, who would know something about a magick
journal? Maybe a wizard? What if I can find a quest that'd take me to one?
That's it! Cid! Let's get back to town and check out the lists at the pub!
Blue Mage - My route is blocked? Whatever do you mean?

Hunter - Bandits on the highroad. Several merchant caravans reported attacks
between here and Camoa.

Illusionist - Purely profit seekers, I hear. They let those who offer up goods
and gil they want go free. Little good it does us without two coins to rub

Hunter - And that's the only highroad out of this place.

Cid - Bandits, hrrah? Their timing couldn't be worse.

Luso - Why's that?

Cid - I had a mind to take that highroad to Camoa. I'm tired of scratching
around in the dirt here for scraps of information.

Luso - If there are bandits on the road, why not bring 'em in? We can teach
them a lesson and open the road... Two birds with one stone.

Cid - It'll take more than a stone to put that lot in their place, but I don't
see as we have a choice.

Luso - Hey, maybe someone's posted a reward for getting rid of them in the pub,
too! Better get there quick before someone else has the same idea!

Cid - I'll have a loook into this journal of yours on my own. While I'm away,
you'll have to quest without me... but I'm sure it's nothing you can't handle.
Don't worry, I'll come back if you need me for anything particularly important.
Be safe.

The Yellow Wings

"Drive off those brigands, the Yellow Wings, before I lose what little business
I got left! They've been squatting the highroad, demanding gil from all what
pass by.

If I can't use that highroad, I can't get to Camoa; and if I can't get to
Camoa, I'm finished!"
-Kagran, Merchant
Yellow Wings Thief - Hail travelers! Passing this way? You're prepared to pay,
I trust.

Luso - Pay? But we're just walking. When people pay, they usually get something
in return.

Thief - How about your lives? Don't tell me you've not heard of our band, the
Yellow Wings!

Luso - Ring any bells, Cid?

Cid - Not a one.

Thief - Fools! Hand over the coin, or we'll exact a higher price... in blood!
Not that you look like you've more than a pint in you, runt.

Luso - I like my gil and my blood right where they are, thanks. What do you say
we show those guys just who rules the roads, huh, Cid?

*Clan Gully fights Clan Yellow Wings*

Luso - Don't judge an enemy by his size!

Cid - Well, now that the bandits are taken care of, we're free to make for

Luso - This will be my first big town in Ivalice... I can't wait!

Cid - Stay close once we arrive. I don't want to spend all day looking for a
lost lamb.

Luso - No problem! I'm good at remembering streets. I'll just take a quick

Cid - A tour? Have you forgotten why we go to Camoa in the first place?

Luso - To find out more about the journal! You didn't think I'd forget that!

*Lus walks off*

Cid - *scratches head* Sometimes, I wonder
*Luso and Cid arrive in Camoa*

Luso - Wow! Just look at this place! The shops... the people... I expected it
to be different, but this is something else!

Cid - Camoa is an old town. Her shops are full of relics and her streets full
of adventurers. It's an easy place for us clanners to make a decent living.

Luso - I bet.

Cid - This way, Luso. A streetear acquaintance of mine works up the hill.

*they appraoch a Seeq*

Lo, Ribs.

Ribs - Ah, if it isn't Master Cid! *snort* Been a long time.

Cid - Aye, you'd be surprised. I'm almost respectable these days. Haven't had
reason of late to visit my shady past.

Ribs - Hra hra! *snort* You're too kind. So, Cid, what morsel have you come
fishing for today?

Cid - Know any wizards, Ribs? I don't mean the street conjurors or their kind.
I'm talking about upper-crust. Someone at the akademy, or even a Kiltias... a

Ribs - An odd request coming from you, that... Aught t'do with the boy,
perhaps? *snort*

Luso - ...

Cid - I'll take that as a "no" then. So long, Ribs.

Ribs - Wait, wait. Just so happens I do know someone. A very, very special
someone, as it turns out. Hra hra hra! *snorts*

Cid - How special? Name your price.

Ribs - Oh no, no, no. I wouldn't dream of asking for your gil. Though, there is
one thing you could help me obtain.

Cid - One thing...?

Ribs - A tomato stalk. Been a shortage lately, you know. Hard to come by.

Cid - So you want us to hunt tomatoes and fetch you a stalk?

Ribs - Hunt tomatoes? ... Now that you mention it, I seem to recall seeing a
bill at the pub...

Luso - Well why didn't you say so in the first place? Fine, we'll get you your
stalk. Let's go, Cid. We'll pick those tomatoes and be back in no time.

Cid - You do realize we're not talking about garden-variety tomatoes, here?

Luso - I don't care what garden they're from. Let's go get 'em.

*Luso heads to pub*

Cid - *sigh* I don't know what you're up to, but I'll play along for now.

Ribs - Hra hra! *snort* Always a pleasure, Master Cid.
Cid - Luso! Haven't you mastered all there is to know about yer current job
yet? Try a new job for a change. Who knows, you might even learn somethin'!

You Say Tomato

"You say tomato, I say kill them all!

Why kill vegetables, you ask? Har!

Did I mention quivering stalks, or slavering fangs? I was out for a stroll the
other day and one bit clean through me britches! I doubt me or me britches are
the only victims here. Help!"
-Gusah, Greengrocer

Luso - Wow, you weren't kidding about these tomatoes... It's a shame, really. I
kind of like tomatoes. That is, I used to. I don't think I'll ever be able to
eat a tomato again.

Cid - One of the many hazards of our occupation.

Luso - Wait... Hey, Cid. Look at that one over there, with the funny head. That
a tomato, too?

Cid - Why, that's an alraune! Hrrah! Our luck is strong! The drill off the
alraune's head fetches a pretty price. Finally, some good news!

??? - Hello there, hunters! Say, you weren't going to kill all those poor
tomatoes, were you?

*a purple hair girl enters*

Luso - Who are you? Don't even think about poaching our kill. These tomatoes
are ours!

Girl - Poach? Me? Never! I'll just lend you a hand, for which I expect a
reasonable cut, of course. Money's tight these days! Why, I was just wondering
where tonight's supper was going to come from. Is there anything more piteous
than a growing girl driven to the brink of starvation? Think of it as, I don't
know, a good deed?

Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with suga-

Luso - Um, okay... What do we do about her, Cid?

Cid - We don't trust her, for starters. Still if we can get that alraune, we
could afford to make a small donation to her cause. We'll split the reward four
parts to one. No more.

Girl - Four to one? Why, how generous! Let's teach these vegetables some table
manners, shall we?
Girl - It's been a while since I had a good fight... but it's worth it for a
three to two split!

Luso - Wait a second! That's not what we said!

Girl - Oh right, four to one was it? And I'll take the four, of course. Why,
that's even more for me!

Luso - Eh!? Four!? You're the one!
Luso - Ugh. That's it. As of today, I'm swearing off tomatoes.
Cid - Heh heh heh. Alraune... sweet alraune. I can practically taste the
behemoth steak I'm going to buy with my cut.

Luso - Cid, I got that stalk.

Cid - And the alraune drill? You have it?

Luso - Oh... Huh, funny. I didn't see one out there.

Cid - Didn't see - !? Well look again! I'm not leaving without that drill!

Girl - Ah, there you are. I wanted to thank you for the help. Many hands make
light work!

Cid - Look, we're busy here. Give us a moment?

Girl - Take your time. I was just coming to say good-bye, anyway.

Luso - Huh? What about your cut?

Girl - Oh, don't worry about that.

*takes out drill*

This alraune drill will do me just fine. They're quite rare, you know.

Luso - Hey!

Cid - Whaaat!?

Girl - You'd be surprised how much these little things sell for! I'll have more
than enough for dinner. Not to mention those Brint Mea shoes I saw the other
day... and maybe a Galmia Pepe bag - they're to die for! Oh, I don't know how
to thank you enough! So I'll just say "thanks"! Well, time for me to be off! So

*girl teleports away*

Luso - Hey wai- Where'd she go!? I don't believe it!!! She ran off with our
drill! Man, I bet she was after that drill from the start... What a fraud! We
were had, Cid!

Cid - ...

Luso - Cid?

Cid - ...

Luso - Um, w-well, at least we got the stalk we needed, right? Let's gotrade it
for some information! That's worth more than some silly old drill, right?

Cid - I...

I'll kill her! You hear me!? Kill!!!
Ribs - Ah, my tomato stalk, yes! *snort* Pleasure doing business with you.

Cid - ...

Ribs - Not very talkative today, are you? Ah, do I detect a foul - or perhaps I
should I say "fouler" mood?

Cid - I'm fine, Ribs. Fine. Just tell us what you know.

Ribs - Master Cid... your clan is adjudged, yes?

Cid - What of it?

Ribs - *snort* Judges and laws. Manifestations of a powerful, unique sort of
magick that appeared in our lands centuries ago. At the time, it was suggested
that the lord of this territory, the Archduke Beaudonis, was responsible...
That he had made his *snort* court magicker weave the first spells.

Cid - Devised as a way to avoid profitless battles and preserve the peace, I
know. I didn't fetch you that stalk to learn something any schoolchild could
tell me!

Ribs - Ah, but would a schoolchild know that the very same court magicker is
still alive?

Cid - Faerie tales!

Ribs - Oh, I assure you that high mage Lezaford is no faerie tale. Though to
hear the chroniclers tell it, he's dead - and they've the grave and bones to
prove it. *snort* So why now, hundreds of years later, would there be whispers
'neath every eave of Lezaford's return?

Cid - Hrrm? Tell me more.

Luso - Yeah. Where do we go to meet this mage guy?

Ribs - Two whispers speak of a northern wood, others of a swamp, and ruins,

Luso - Whoa, whoa, whoa! I was hoping for a lead... not a list!

Cid - You know how much trouble we went through to get this stalk!?

*girl from earlier walks by*

Luso - Hey, it's her!

Cid - The thief! What's she doing here?

Luso - Hey, you haven't heard anything about a freelance headhunter around - a
girl? Wears this ribbon in her hair with little cat ears? Oh, and she's a total
poacher. No sense of fair play at all.

Ribs - Ah, hra hra. *snort* You must mean Adelle. She gets around, that one.
Got a finger in every pie. They call her the Cat...

Luso - You know anything else? Like where she's going?

Ribs - Hrmm... I did hear of a rather large sum being offered for a particular
beastie down at the pub... Perhaps she's gone off to take care of that?

Luso - Change of plans, Cid. Let's hit the pub! I'm sure those rumors about the
mage guy are just that: rumors. They can wait, can't they? But if we let her go
now, we might never catch up to her!

*Luso runs off to the pub*

Ribs - Master Cid... Sorry about the mage, but you must admit, I came through
with knowledge of Adelle!

Cid - If any of what you said turns out to be true, maybe.

Wanted: Ugohr

"- WANTED! -

Wanted: Ugohr, a greencolored shelling, last spotted on Baptiste Hill.

One reported case of injury arising from contact with said beast. Payment to be
made by injured party."
-Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Luso - I don't see our friend anywhere.

Cid - Aye... I daresay she's heard our foe isn't to be trifled with. She'll
show herself once we've done all the hard work though, you mark my words.

Luso - Whatever, let's do what we came to do!
Luso - You think she's watching us from somewhere?
Luso - Well, the hunt is done. Want to head back?

Cid - Aye. Though I wish we'd found something of more substantial worth.

Luso - And our friend never showed up, did she.

*Luso and Cid exit*

*Adelle enters*

Adelle - Ha ha! The real treasure was right under their noses all along!

*Adelle walks towards Ugohr, and steps into a trap*

Adelle - Urk!? Wh-What's going on!? I can't move my legs!

Cid - Hrmm, that rat trap works better than I'd have thought. Might even serve
against monsters.

Luso - I dunno. I think I'd rather save it for rats. I mean, we have living
proof it can catch them, right?

Adelle - Just what is the meaning of this!?

Cid - It means I didn't want you stealing off with what's ours again.

Luso - Speaking of which... We'll be taking that alraune drill back now!

Adelle - Ha! That old thing? Long since pawned for gil, my friend.

Luso - Not a problem. We'll just take the gil and pretend we never met.

Adelle - Nothing would make me happier. But I'm afraid I've already spent the

Luso - You spent it!? All of it!?

Cid - What's that? Already? How could you spend so much so quickly!?

Adelle - It's policy. Why save for tomorrow what I can spend today? You're free
to have a look at my purse if you like!

Luso - ...

Adelle - Now that we all understand each other, mind removing this... this
-thing- from my boots?

Cid - We leave, Luso. I cannot begin to fathom this woman's prattling.

Luso - Yeah, me neither.

*Luso and Cid exit... again*

Adelle - H-Hey! I'm still stuck in this- Hey!!! Great. What am I supposed to do
now? Come back, please!!!
*Luso and Cid enter pub, they do not notice Adelle in the background*

Luso - Wow, I'm beat. Hey Cid, you mind if we rest up a bit before getting back
to our wild mage hunt?

Cid - It makes no difference to me. But... I suspect we'll hear little more of
value from the streetears in this burg. Even Ribs was offering me chocobo feed.

Luso - So, what now? We quest until we find someone who knows more?

Cid - That's one possibility. Unless...

Luso - You have an idea?

Cid - There's someone in Graszton - an old friend. She might know something
others do not. Maybe.

Luso - You... don't sound all that confident, Cid.

Cid - Confidence's got nothing to do with it.

Adelle - Graszton! Now we're talking!

Luso - You! What are you doing here!?

Adelle - Awh, Luso! Don't look so sad. I'm here because we're friends! Isn't it

Luso - Did you just call me Luso?

Cid - Since when have we been "friends" and how soon can we stop?

Adelle - Cid, please. You know, in my own way, I'm much more valuable than that
silly drill.

Luso - Maybe she's planning on working to pay us back for the drill?

Adelle - Barman! One fresh Starfruit Surprise, if you'd be so kind. Oh, and put
it on their tab.

Luso - ... I guess not.

Cid - Come to see what else she can wring out of us, more like.

Adelle - You know, Graszton has the best confectionary... the cakes there are
simply divine! I'm so glad I'll be joining you!

Cid and Luso - (-_-)
*Cid is in Graszton, talking to someone behind a door*

Cid - Thanks for the information. This is worth more than I dared hope.

??? - ???

Cid - Ha ha. Worry not. I sleep with one eye open... And thanks again. I know
the danger I put you in by being here.

*Cid beings to leave, a Hume Ninja intercepts him*

Cid - Ah... So soon? Glad I left the little ones behind on this trip.

*Ninja takes out a gun and shoot Cid, Cid falls to the ground*

Ninja - You've a lot of nerve showing up here, Cid.

*Ninja leaves*
*Cid wakes up in a bed with Luso beside him*

Cid - Unnh...

Luso - I knew I should have gone with him! Grr... who could've done this!?

*Enter Adelle*

Adelle - How is he? He sleeping well?

Luso - Yeah, I guess. Seems like he's still in some pain though.

Adelle - I certainly didn't expect to lose our leader so soon after joining the
clan! I'm glad he's on the mend, of course, but it was quite a shock.

Luso - ...

Cid - Unh...

Luso - Cid?



Cid - Luso...

Luso - Cid! I'm sorry! This is all my fault! You never would have gone if-

Cid - Heh... Sorry, but this had naught to do with you. E-Except, I did learn
his whereabouts... the mage.

Luso - What?

Cid - The mage you seek makes his home in the Aldanna Range. Go... find him.

Luso - The Aldanna Range?

Cid - I'm... sorry I can't join you. I'll need to rest more...

Adelle - He's sleeping again. So, off to the Aldanna Range then, is it?

Luso - I can't go now! Not when Cid's like this!

Adelle - Really? I'd think you'd want to leave as soon as you can. There's no
guarantee that the mage won't pack up and move while you waste your time here.

Luso - Yeah, but... I can't!

Adelle - Cid found this information for you and now you're just going to sit on

Luso - ...

Adelle - Huh, suit yourself. I suppose I'll go and hunt something while you
cool your heels. Which reminds me! There was a bill posted for some trouble out
Aldanna way. Something about monsters in the foothills, barring passage into
the mountains. Not that I care about some dusty old mage. And if there's money
to be made, it matters little to me whether the road's open or not. There isn't
much I can do just hanging around here, anyway, is there.

*exit Adelle*

Luso - Hmm... Maybe she has a point. It's not like I can do much for Cid by
waiting around here, either. The Aldanna Range, huh? Okay, let's go find this
mage! But first, a little monster cleanup.

Wanted: Gilmunto

"- WANTED! -

Wanted: Gilmunto, possibly a variant strain of nidhogg, known to lurk in the
foothills of the Aldanna Range.

Vicious and violent, should be considered dangerous in the extreme!

Those without faith in their sword arm, give this one wide berth."
-Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Luso - Wow, check out the fog.

Adelle - Not fog... Mist. Pretty strong, too. Ach... Makes my stomach roil.

Luso - Why do I get the feeling that when you say "Mist", you aren't talking
about "mist".

Adelle - What, don't tell me you haven't heard of - *sigh* Mist is the root of
all magick. It suffuses every person, creature, and object in the world. Even
the sky above us. Normally it is too thin to be seen with the naked eye, but in
some places...

Luso - You feeling sick or something?

Adelle - I-I'm surprised you aren't! I'm not particularly sensitive to Mist,
mind you, but when it's as thick as this...

Luso - Shh! Something's up there!

*Gilmunto growls*

What's up with those monsters? They look totally different from the ones we've
seen so far.

Adelle - It's the Mist. At these concentrations, it affects creatures in
unpredictable ways.

Luso - Like making them incredibly tough and nasty looking?

Adelle - If you want to go back, the path's right over there.

Luso - Wh-Who said anything about running away!? I admit, I'd rather have Cid
here with us, though. Guess there's nothing to do but fight!
Luso - We did it, didn't we. Whew... what a fight!
Adelle - Wouldn't it be nice if the Mist made creatures more valuable? In fact,
maybe it -

??? - Do not approach that monster! The Mist bound about it will soon release!

*Gilmunto dissolves*

Luso - Whoa... close one!

Adelle - Thank you for the timely advice, stranger.

??? - No, no, it is I who should thank you, lass. Since the monsters arrived,
well, the Mist on the mountain has been most thick and vile.

Luso - You live in these parts? You wouldn't happen to know a mage... a great
wizard by the name of Lezaford? I'm looking for him... That's why we're here.

??? - Mage Lezaford... It has been some time since I heard that name. Many,
many years. Surprising, indeed, that I should hear it from one so young, yes?

Luso - You mean you know him? Can you tell us where he is?

??? - Can I tell you? ... Yes. Yes, I should think so. The one you seek is
presently standing directly in front of you.

Luso - Huh!?

Lezaford - I am Lezaford.
*in Lezaford's home*

Lezaford - And your name is Luso, is it? Your story is of much interest to me.
Here, your journal. First, let me say that I believe it possible for you to
return to your own world. And, as you yourself have suspected... that journal
in your hands is the key. That which is written within its covers is of utmost
importance. Doubt this not!

Luso - But all that's written in there is stuff that's happened to me already!

Lezaford - Yes, and this is precisely why it is so vital! It is a living record
of who you are. It is proof of your very existence. What is a life without
words to tell its story? There is great power in words. The more words your
story commands, the greater its power.

Luso - So, when I go out and do things, the journal's power grows?

Lezaford - Precisely, yes. Fill all the plain pages and the dormant magicks
within will waken and spill forth! Harness that power, and you will surely find
your way home.

Luso - Wait, so you mean I have to go see things, and do things to fill the
journal - that's all?

Lezaford - Simply put, yes.

Luso - Well, great! That suits me just fine. I mean, I want to find my way
home, sure... It's just, the more I see of this place, the more I want to see.
I was starting to get a little confused, to be honest. But, if adventuring
around Ivalice is my ticket home, I'm all set. I can just keep on doing what
I've been doing! I'll enjoy myself until this book's all full, then see what
happens. Thank you, Lezaford. You were just the guy I needed to see.

Lezaford - Know that the words within give strength not only to the book, but
to you as well. And good travels.

Luso - Thanks again. Well, I'm off! So long!

*exit Luso*

Adelle - So, he's from another world? Guess there's no judging from
appearances, is there?

Luso - And how fare you, gifted one?

Adelle - Gifted? Me? Hmm. I admit, I'm not your average girl.

Luso - What are you doing, Adelle? Let's get back to Graszton, Cid's waiting
for us!

Adelle - Coming! Great, he's in a good mood. Look what I have to deal with!
Well, I suppose that's that. So long, great mage.

*exit Adelle*
Cid - I see... So, fill those pages, and you can return home. The more I think
on it... The more I realize how right I was to invite you into our clan.

Luso - Heh, you think? Well, what to do next? There're still plenty of places
I've never been to yet. And more than a few quests I wouldn't mind taking a
shot at.

Adelle - What about bidding in an auction? It helps with quests and makes it
easier to get around. Control of an area pays off in unexpected ways.

Luso - Um, an auction?

Cid - Ah, right. An auction is, well, where clans go to vie for rights to a
particular region.

Adelle - When you have those rights, you pay less for word of quests at the
pub. And it's easier to come by local wares. Believe me, it's worth your time.

Luso - Huh, sounds like I can't go wrong then. A little clan-to-clan
competition sounds like fun, too.

Cid - Then stop yammerin' about it and give it a go. It's not to my taste, but
it might not be bad for the clan.

Adelle - Then it's settled! You should know, it's not gil that wins an auction,
it's clan points. That measure of the recognition you earn for completing
quests. Which reminds me... There's a quest up now that might well earn us some
points. A bit of a woodland bomb removal. Well? Snap to it!

*exit Adelle, with haste*

Cid - Can't fault her for lack of enthusiasm. You get going after her, now.
I'll be resting for some time still. You just do what you need to, and don't
worry about me, y'hear?

Luso - Cid... Why are you helping me?

Cid - What's gotten into you?

Luso - Er, nothing, it's just...

Cid - I needed you, that's why.

Luso - Huh?

Cid - You're my kind of kid. Thought so since the day we met. And, well, you
asked for my help. So I thought that's what I'd do. Nothing strange in that.

Luso - You're a good person, you know that, Cid?

Cid - Away with you, 'fore I change my mind.

Luso - Heh. Thanks, Cid.

Cid - Stop thanking me and get going! She'll be the one jabbering your ear off
if you don't hurry.

Luso - Right, I'm off!

Now That's a Fire!

"Zedlei Forest has been bombed!

Looking for a clan to rid our woods of an infestation of bombs!

With auction season upon us, who doesn't want a few more clan points in the
-Society for Woodland Preservation

Adelle - Wow, look at all of them!

Luso - Better clean this up quick or we'll have a forest fire on our hands!
Luso - Whew... Any later and it would have been too late!
Luso - Once we report this we're done... and the clan points are ours!

Adelle - Let's make for the auction house then, shall we? If I'm not mistaken,
the auction's starting any time now! Miss it and we'll have to wait until they
hold the enxt one...

Luso - Are there auctions in every town?

Adelle - The larger ones, sure.

Luso - Any difference depending on where you go?

Adelle - The areas up for bidding vary from place to place... but don't worry
too much. It's your first time, after all. How about picking Camoa or Graszton?

Luso - Right, sounds good. Let's see what these auctions are all about!
Luso - Right, let's give this auction a go!

Auctioneer - Good day, sir! It's a pleasure to have you with us. Pardon me for
saying so, sir, but you look a mite nervous. First time at the auction house,
is it? Well, there's no hurry. I'll be happy to explain the house rules to you.

Luso - I don't need to hear the rules.

Auctioneer - Enough talk, then. One never knows until one tries, as they say.
Luso - We did it! I gotta admit, this auction stuff is pretty fun!

Adelle - Not half as fun as getting my hands on the spoils is going to be. Heh

Luso - Did you say something?

Adelle - Who, me? Not a word. So what do you say we find ourselves another
auction, or even a quest?

Luso - Yeah, sure. But there wwas something I wanted to go looking for first.

Adelle - Oh?

Luso - Lavenicalia flowers. I don't really know where to start looking for
them, though. See, if you grind up the leaves and the petals, it's supposed to
make a good medicine. Thought I'd make some for Cid.

Adelle - Lacenicalia flowers? Doesn't sound familiar. But I know how to make
another medicine that might do the trick. If only we had some pearl moss...
What day is it?

Luso - Huh?

Adelle - If they auctions were open today, that quest should be up by now.

Luso - What are you talking about?

Adelle - Here's what we'll do, Luso. I'll help you make that medicine, but you
have to find me some pearls.

Luso - I don't believe this! Your friend needs your help, and all you can think
about is jewelry. If that's how you're going to be, I don't even -want- your

Adelle - Would you stop talking for a minute and listen? The pearl moss and the
pearls are in the same place. No sense mucking around for moss and passing up

Luso - I guess if they're right there, it can't hurt. But still...

Adelle - That wasn't so hard, was it? Now, the pearl - and the moss - are in
the Galerria Deep. Oh, and we can't just go picking up the pearls - they'll
lock us away for poaching. So we need to accept a pearl hunting quest before we
go. Got it?

Luso - *nods*

Pearls in the Deep

"Tis the season: zingu pearl season in the Galerria Deep!

All those who wish to go pearl hunting must register by accepting this quest.

Unregistered pearl hunters will be caught and tried as poachers."
-Galerria Jewelers

Luso - Ack! Look at the size of that thing!

Adelle - Pearls come from shellfish, you know. Hmm... I wonder how he'd taste

Luso - If you've gone completely crazy, let me know now while there's still
time to run.

Adelle - In any case, the pearls... and the moss we need are down inside. Let's
clean these out and get spelunking!
Luso - Did I mention I can't stand dark, damp, places? Let's just get that moss
and go.
Luso - You're sure it's down here?

Adelle - See those glowing bulbs deep inside? That's what we're going to make
our tonic from. Go a little farther in, and there's a small pool. That's where
the oysters are with our pearls! Good luck!

Luso - Wait, you're not coming!?

Adelle - Of course not! It's dark and damp in there.

Luso - You'd think I know better by now.

*Luso heads in*

Yeeargh! My feet are sticking to the - Oh, wow... that stench! Let's see...
glowing moss... glowing moss... Okay... That should be enough. Moss, check. Now
for the oysters. Here, oysters... Yeeeeaaaargh! I just t-t-touched something!
Eurgh, it was slimy! My hand's all gunked up!

Adelle - Do you have to squeal like that?

Luso - I'll fight monsters over that any day.

*Luso hands Adelle a pearl*

Adelle - Ooh! Thanks! You even took the shell off for me... so sweet! So this
is a zingu pearl. It's gorgeous. I've wanted one of these for a long time.
Thanks... really.

Luso - Um, yeah, sure.

Adelle - Oh, and Luso? You reek. Try not to get too close, hmm? Let's get back
to Cid's and make him that tonic!

Luso - Hey, Adelle... You know, I wasn't going to tell you this... but I found
another pearl. It's twice as big.

Adelle - Really!? Ewwww! That's a b-ball of mud! What's the big - Hey! It's on
my hand! Eeeeew! Stinky!
Cid - Urk... Bitter.

Luso - Heh. The best medicine's like that.

Cid - Aye, it certainly -tastes- good for me. Adelle made this, did she? I can
see why she was able to go solo for so long.

Luso - ... You think she has a family and stuff?

Cid - Why do you want to know?

Luso - It's just, she was all on her own as a headhunter for so long. Kinda
makes you wonder why.

Cid - Well, if yer wondering, you could always ask her.

Luso - I'm not -that- interested. Just... I know I wouldn't be able to go it
along like that.

Cid - Some stick together, others walk alone. Besides... Everyone has a

Luso - What do you mean?

Cid - Just that everyone has their own life to lead, their own way to lead it.
Speaking of which, where does yours lead next?

Luso - Hmm... Well, I was thinking of
going someplace I haven't been yet. Maybe some famous spot... A landmark or
something... Got any suggestions?

Cid - The Rupie Mountains are close by, and the view's said to be spectacular.

Luso - Pretty sunsets, that sort of thing?

Cid - Something like that.

Luso - Well, I'm there, then! I grew up in the city, so I'll take whatever
scenery I can find. Maybe there's a quest I could dust off along the way. If
the mountains are anything like the one's I've seen, they'll have their share
of monsters. Oh, and if I see any good medicinal herbs up there, I'll be sure
to pick some for you.

Cid - Aye... no bitter ones, now.

Luso - Heh. Will do!

Mountain Watch

"Kuknir Travel is looking for guards to escort touring groups headed for the
Rupie Mountains.

The Marsa Warfarers Association has been gaining on them of late. Kuknir want
safety as a selling point, most like."
-Shink, Pub Patron

Luso - Whew! How did it get so late? ... Who's there?

*Enter Ninja*

Ninja - You. You travel with a judge?

Luso - What's it to you?

Ninja - I want your judge. Give him to me. I'll pay you... one million gil.

Luso - No way. *backs up*

Ninja - You think the price unfair? Fine, two million.

Luso - I don't care how much you're offering. I'm not giving you our judge! I
mean, you can't just give someone your judge anyway! ... Can you?

Ninja - Hmm. You're not like the others... cowards clinging to a magister's

Luso - Huh?

Ninja - Very well. I had hoped to resolve this peacefully, but since
negotiation is clearly out of the question... *enter group of ninjas and
Ewen - I'll give you one last chance. Will you see reason?

Luso - You can ask as many times as you like. My answer'll never change. Never!

Ewen - Then you are a fool.

*casts magic disabling Clan Gully's judge*

Luso - What was that!? What did you just do?

Ewen - Your judge has been temporarily barred from battle. If you want to leave
this mountain alive, surrender him to me.

Luso - Gimme a break! You expect me to just leave?

Ewen - No, I expect you to die.
Ewen - I underestimated you...

*teleports away*

Luso - H-Hey, wait!
Luso - Huh? Looks like whoever that was dropped something. I wonder what it is?
Some kind of jewel? Guess I'll bring it back and show it to Cid. What was that
guy going on about anyway... wanting our judge? Judge... *gasp* The judge! I
can't believe I forgot! I hope he's okay! Y-Your honor? You out there? Er...
What am I doing? You need a law card to summon a judge. Okay, take a deep
breath. Now, where'd I put that one Cid gave me...?

*searches while Judge appears*

You're there! Boy is it good to see you! So... you're back in action.

*Judge nods*

Luso - ... Well, no good sitting here worrying about it. Time to go back.
Luso - So what do you think it is?

Cid - It's been worked too finely to be common ore... Yet it's no gemstone
either. It could be magicite... but I don't know. You need to take this and
have it appraised. Considering the suspicious character who dropped it... it
could be something stolen, or something dangerous.

Luso - Yeah, you're right.

Cid - Moorabella. That's where you'll want to have it looked at. You've yet to
ride an airship, yes? This might be the perfect oppurtunity. There's an
aerodome just outside Moorabella, see.

Luso - An airship! Flying high... Looking down at the world going by... Could
be cool!

Cid - Aye, it's sometimes a bit chilly, but the view is... exhilarating!

Luso - Er... right. So, I'll go get this rock looked at, then go for a ride!
Oh, and it's good to see you're feeling better... I was worried.
*at Moorabella*

Luso - Hey! Sorry I'm late!

Adelle - You're sorry!? I'm sorry I had to drink two glasses of limoberry tea
on your tab while I waited. Furthermore, I'm sorry I didn't go ahead and order
that honepia pie and blackmele tart I was eyeing.

Luso - Glad I wasn't any later.

Adelle - So, what did the appraiser have to say?

Luso - "I've never seen its like", or something like that. It'll take some
time. I asked him to leave word at the pub when he knows.

Adelle - Hmm... Something to look forward to, then.

Luso - Hey, don't go selling it on me! I don't care how much it's worth!

Adelle - Who? Me? I'd never do such a thing! ... Do you think it's worth
something then? Er, I mean, what are your plans now?

Luso - I'm going for an airship ride! Never been on one before. The aerodome
place is outside town, right? Let's go!

Blue Mage - The airship's out of order? I've never heard of such a thing!

Illusionist - They're saying they had some trouble with the engine, or maybe it
was the propeller. The aerodome's closed while they inspect the craft.

Hunter - I heard it was a prank! No one knows who did it, though.

Blue Mage - A prankster? Well, at least no sky pirates were involved. You've
all heard the rumors, I'm guessing.

Illusionist - Ah, yes, the ones come drifting in from the east. They're quite
the professionals, I hear.

Blue Mage - Well, maybe they'll come here and get our airship working again!

Adelle - Out of order? That's a shame.

Luso - And no one's caught the prankster who did it! Maybe there's a bill up in
the pub already?

Adelle - I'm more curious about these drifting sky pirates...

Luso - To the pub!


"Airship malfunction due to mechanical sabotage and inspections resulting from
same have grounded our regular flight Flugoris.

The party or parties responsible have yet to be apprehended. Calling all clans
to aid us!"
-Moorabella Aerodrome Security

Sage - Nyuh huh huh. Time to make some engine modifications... If I just link
that over there to this, I can up propulsion by a factor of 13.7! Nya ha ha!
Genius! Unexpurgated genius!

*enter Luso*

Luso - Ah ha! Caught you red-handed!

Sage - Eh? Who're you, kid? Get in my way and I promise you'll regret it.

Luso - Oh, I'm scared now! I'm taking you in before you do another thing to
this airship!

*enter ???*

??? - Too bad you're not the only one after him! Don't even think you're
getting the treasure hidden on this ship!

Luso - Treasure?

??? - Ah, playing dumb, are we? You've natural talent in that area, I'm sure,
but it won't work on me.

Luso - Huh!? Whatever! Look, this guy's my mark. Back off!

??? - And when I take him from you, he'll be mine.

Luso - You can't just steal him!

??? - Oh? That is what we sky pirates do, you know.

Luso - Sky pirates!?

Sky Pirate - In the flesh. So, ready to surrender?

Luso - Not a chance!

Sage - Nyeeeeee! Y-You're both ignoring me! What's more, you look like you're
enjoying it! I can't stand it when people ignore me and enjoy it! Oooh, I'm
mad. Mad, I say! I'll smash you both to bits, you brigands!

Sky Pirate - Technically speaking, I'm the only brigand. He's a law-abiding
clanner who's about to go home.

Luso - That's my line! Uh, except the part about who's going home!
Sky Pirate - I suppose it's time to catch our friend here... And find out where
that treasure's hidden.

Luso - What's all this about a treasure!? The guy's just some prankster. You do
know that, don't you?

Sky Pirate - Still playing dumb? Careful, you might get stuck that way.

Luso - Thanks for the advice, genius, but it's -you- who's got this all wrong -
not me!
Luso - Well, the fight's over... So why do I feel like I haven't accomplished
Genius Ed - Mmrph...

Sky Pirate - Well, what happens next?

Luso - Next? Next I -

*enter girl sky pirate*

Girl Pirate - Vaan! Vaan, what are you doing out here?

Vaan - Isn't it obvious? I'm after the treasure! Where have you been this whole
time, Penelo? I was starting to worry.

Penelo - I knew it! How could you mess this up!?

Vaan - Uh... Huh?

Penelo - I said meet up at Dock One! This is Dock Two!

Vaan - Well, yeah, but what about this mechanic!? I bet he knows about the

Penelo - He's not a mechanic! He's just some airship prankster! The news was
all over the pub!

Luso - I tried to tell him.

Penelo - You came here after the prankster? Wait, Vaan didn't do anything to
you, did he?

Vaan - Hey! What do I look like? I didn't lay a finger on you, did I?

Luso - No, but you tried to steal my mark!

Vaan - Yeah, but I didn't in the end, right? I'm glad we got that all cleared
up. Guess it's about time we were moving on...

Penelo - Not so fast! You're not going anywhere until you apologize to him!

Vaan - Oh hey, Penelo. Remember those rumors abnout treasure in Tramdine Fens?
I've decided not to go for it. Not enough of a challenge, really.

*exit Vaan*

Penelo - You could have just told him... *sigh*

Luso - Huh?

Penelo - It looks like Vaan was a little more upset about all this than he let
on. I think he's trying to make it up to you. He's giving you first crack at
that treasure in the fens. Go take a look if you're interested.

Luso - Um, okay. Guess I'm off on a treasure hunt then.

Penelo - The fens are just across the sea by airship. Good luck!

*exit Penelo*

Luso - Sky pirates, huh?

Genius Ed - Merph.

Luso - Ack, I totally forgot about this guy. Better turn him in before he wakes
up. Hopefully, this will get the aerodrome up and running again. Open skies,
here I come!
Moorabella Aerodrome Attendant - Welcome to the Moorabella aerodrome. We're
pleased to offer skyferry service to the city of Flugoris. Passage to Flugoris
for you and your companions will be 300 gil - return fare not included. Would
you like to purchase a ticket?

Luso - Yes.

Attendant - Thank you, sir. Please take your ticket to the gate. The skyferry
will be leaving soon.

Luso - So that's all there is to it, huh? I had myself all worked up for...
well, more.

Adelle - The skyferry between Moorabella and Flugoris is just that: a ferry,
not much else. The cities aren't all that far apart - hundreds of people travel
between them every day. Booking a longer trip takes much more work - not to
mention money.

Luso - Guess ya learn something every day.

*enter Cid*

Cid - Looks like I got here just in time.

Luso - Cid!

Adelle - Are you sure you should be up and about so soon?

Cid - I'm fit as I've ever been, thanks to the two of you. The doctor's even
given me a clean bill of health.

Adelle - "Given", you say?

Cid - I was afraid you'd already left for Flugoris. But then I heard about this
business with the airships and thought I might find you here. So here I am.
Even if I'd missed you, Moorabella's a good a place to wait as any.

Luso - Well, your guess sure paid off! This is great! With all of us here
this'll be twice the fun! C'mon, let's go!

*exit Luso, with haste*
*Flugoris Aerodrome*

Cid - Well, let's hear it. What did you think of the airship?

Luso - It was incredible! Feeling the wind on your face, seeing the ocean way
down below... It's the best time I've ever had!

Adelle - You're certainly easy to please.

Cid - I suppose we head for the fens next. That's where these sky pirates said
to go, yes?

Luso - Yeah. Tramdine Fens. They said we'd find some sort of treasure there.

Adelle - -If- they can be trusted. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if all
we come back with is muddy boots.

Luso - I don't know why, but I believe 'em. Either way, we'll find out soon
enough. But first I wanna take a look around town and get ready before we head

Adelle - Now, what is there to see in Flugoris...? I know! We should have some
roasted zignuts and a cup of nua tea - it's supposed to be great here. Oh, and
I want to stop by the Anne Salier store. It's affiliated with Galmia Pepe, you
know. Don't worry, I only want a little peek.

*exit Adelle*

Luso - She sure didn't waste any time.

Cid - She'll waste plenty of outs before this is over, you mark my words.

Rumors Abound

"Rumors whisper of an unimaginable treasure sleeping deep within Tramdine Fens.

Some say it is the Dozen-and-One Knights of Aisen hoard, others that it is a
cache of Rozarrian wealth... Whets the palate, does it not?

Well? In the mood for a treasure hunt?"
-Kanaq, Pub Regular

*No evidence has been found to support above rumors.
-The Management

*in a swamp*

Adelle - Well, this place is dreary enough. Who'd leave treasure here?

Luso - Hrm...

Adelle - Doesn't the air feel... charged, somehow? They say ghosts lurk in
places like this.

Luso - *jumps* H-Hey, what? I'm fine! Really!

Adelle - Ah ha! So Luso's afraid of ghosts!

Luso - Th-That's ridiculous!

Adelle - So, if I told you there was a ghost right behind you -

Luso - *hides under cap* Eaaaaaahhhhhh!

Adelle - Kidding, kidding! There's nothing.

Luso - I-I knew that.

Adelle - Hmm... I never would have picked you for the easily scared type.

Luso - Hey, we all have our weaknesses, right? What about you?

Adelle - I suppose it's only our nature to be scared of at least one thing...
And ghosts are so very scary, aren't they? Hee hee hee.

Cid - Jest with him like that and he'll get you back one of these days.

Adelle - Oh, I just wanted to get him ready... to face them.

*enter ghosts and zombie*

Luso - Them...!? *hides behind Cid*

Cid - And right on cue, here come the ghastly things themselves. You all right,

Luso - Hardly!

Cid - Harumph. Let's hope they're friendly haunts then, shall we? I'm still on
the mend.
Luso - Gone... at last. I'm going to have nightmares for weeks.
Adelle - Well, shall we get on with our treasure hunt? There's no telling what
else might pop up should we linger... *chuckle*

Luso - Adelle! Enough with the ghosts, okay?

*orb of light appears and goes down Luso's mouth*

Luso - *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* I think I... swallowed *cough* some -

Adelle - What is it now? Ghosts give you a cold?

Luso - Sh-Shut u -

*Luso faints*

Adelle - Wh-What are you doing!?

Cid - Luso! Can you hear me!?
Luso's Aunt - %^$&#*@!

Luso - C'mon, I wasn't -that- late!

Aunt -  &#^@&*!

Luso - I'm not being bad, honest! I was playing at school! I'll come home on
time tomorrow, promise. Okay, Aunt May?

Aunt May - ...

Luso - I wasn't trying to - I mean, I'm sorry I made you worry. I won't do it

Aunt May - ...

Luso - Yeah. I'm sorry.
Luso - Unh...

Adelle - Ah, you finally decided to wake up!

Luso - What happened...? What is this place?

Adelle - A hut Cid found. We carried you here after you fainted.

Luso - Oh... Where's Cid?

Adelle - Resting outside. You want me to call him?

Luso - No, that's fine. He should rest. So, what about the treasure?

Adelle - Well, it's not in this hut, I can tell you that.

Luso - I... I'm sorry. I guess I threw the whole expedition off course.

Adelle - Dont' worry about it. You did give us a bit of a scare, though.
Anyway, we can always come back and hunt for that treasure.

Luso - Back home, in my world, my aunt would always chew me out. She'd say I'd
"give her a heart attack form worrying so much". Oh yeah, I suppose I should
tell you, my parents are gone. They both died. That's why I was living with my

Adelle - ...

Luso - My aunt... Bet she'll be having that heart attack any time now.

Adelle - You know, you - Actually, never mind. We'll be here another two or
three hours. You should rest. If you're hungry, I could rustle something up...?

Luso - ... I guess, something hot, if you can make it.

Adelle - No problem. You know, ever since you came here, you've been going
without a pause. You're tired. You've been doing too much too fast. Next time
we're in town, you should take a break. It never does to overdo it!

Luso - Yeah... thanks.
*at the inn*

Luso - Unnh...

*dream about the beginning of the story in the classroom*

*dream about finding the music box and book in the library*

*dream about finding grimoire journal*

*dream about meeting Lezaford*

*dream about fighting Ewen*

*Luso is in a place filled with mist. A rift opens up a dimension and engulfs

??? - Oi! Luso!

Cid - You all right?

Luso - Cid? I...

Cid - You were moaning, lad.

Luso - I... had a strange dream. I've been having them ever since the fens.
Maybe I'm more tired than I thought... Or just not as tough.

Cid - That, or... Perhaps you've brought something unpleasant back from the
fens with you.

Luso - ... What kind of something?

Cid - Most monsters like to sink their claws into your flesh, but some prefer
to do it to your dreams. Which reminds me, there's a bill posted in the pub.
Someone with a similar problem.

Luso - That's... interesting. I'll go check it out once the pub opens.

Cid - Can you sleep til then?

Luso - Yeah, I think so. Thanks, Cid.

Sleepless Nights

"My dreams have been troubled of late.

It started the night after my visit to Nazan Mines. I cannot sleep, my arms and
legs are leaden, and even plump Bisga game-hen tastes like ask.

They say a creature within the mines weaves ill-omened dreams. I fear... I fear
I may be a victim. Please, stop it before I go mad."
-Dabool, Geologist

Cid - Oi, Luso!

Luso - ... I'm fine. Just, I suddenly have this terrible headache.

*Oversoul appears*

There he is. That's the source of the nightmares. My head's buzzing like a
hornet's nest! Time to take him out and clean the air!
Luso - Did we do it?
*Oversoul explodes into light, orb of light leaves Luso*

Adelle - Look, Luso! Something just left your body!

*giant light explodes, Adelle's flashback*

??? - You possess a special power. You must live the life your parents could

Adelle - ???

??? - It is not so hard. Simply be yourself. You understand, Adelle?

Adelle - *shakes head*

*Cid's flashback*

??? - ... You really think you'll have a life once you leave?

Cid - I know I'll have none should I stay.

*??? shoots Cid*

*Lezaford flashback*

Lezaford - Unto you I bequeath both sword and armor, lest the power of the pact
be misused.

*Luso flashback to when he firsts meets Cid, then Adelle*

*Luso, Cid, and Adelle are all in the place Luso dreamt before*

Luso - What is this place...?

*bright light transports them back to Nazan Mines*

Cid - ...

Adelle - What was that!?

Luso - I've seen that place before, in a dream... Those barren stones... And
something odd about it, almost as if... You saw it too, didn't you, Cid? Where
was that?

Cid - I cannot say. Perhaps it was merely a vision?

Luso - Well, it still bothers me. Like I should know where it is. I don't think
it was just a dream. Look, this may sound crazy, but I feel like I have to go
there. I... I'm going to go find it.

Cid - ... For now, we need to return to town. I must rest.

Luso - Right.

Cid - Adelle? Have you heard a word we've said?

Adelle - Oh... huh? O-Of course! Back to town, right? Well, what are we doing
standing around? Let's be off!
Luso - Hmm? What's going on over there?

*a Moogle is performing on stage at the pub*

Cid - Probably a bard, come drifting in from somewhere.

Luso - That music... it's really not bad at all. Kind of soothing after having
my head put through the ringer back there.

*Bard finishes performance, applause from crowd*

Bard - Thank you, kupo. Thank you!

Barman - A splendid performance, as always. I saw many a smile in the audience.

Bard - Just what someone in my profession wants to hear, kupo! Well, barman, if
you could post that bill for me, I'll be off, kupo!

Barman - Aye, you're in good hands. I'll send word as soon as your request's
been accepted.

Bard - Thanks, kupo! I'll be off then.

Barman - Come back any time, friend!

*exit Bard*

Luso - Hey, barman. I couldn't help overhearing something about a "request"?

Barman - Ah, yes, the moogle that just left's a traveling musician. And a bit
of a collector of instruments on the side. Seems he's searching for materials
to make a new instrument. I've just posted the bill. Have a look, if you're

Luso - Hey, if that bard's been around, maybe he'll know the place I'm looking

Cid - Bards are well-versed in lore and the lay of the land... Aye, can't hurt
to ask him.

Luso - Great! I'll go get that stuff he wants and have a little chat with him!

Making Music

"The timber of the strawood trees growing near Fluorgis makes the best
instruments, kupo!

You'll get some for me, won't you, kupo? Oh, thank you! Thank you!"
-Hurdy, Itinerant Bard

*Oh, if you find some flutegrass too, that'd be awful nitty, kupo!

*At Sant D'alsa Bluff*

Luso - There's no getting that flutegrass without taking care of these monsters
Luso - Phew! Collecting all this stuff is more work than I thought it'd be.
Luso - Well, that takes care of the flutegrass. Now I just need to find some
*at Aisenfield*

Luso - So, these must be the stra trees. Huh?

*notices Alchemist with two golems*

Alchemist - Nyurk nyurk... My golems! You've come so far... Now to test you in
battle! Ah ha! What do we have here? A perfect test subject! Mark 8, Mark 9!
Destroy this interloper!

Luso - Yikes!
Alchemist - Mmnnrgha! How could my golems lose!? That was... unexpected.

Luso - Back to the drawing board, buddy!
Luso - Strawood and flutegrass, check! Time to turn these in. Hope that moogle
guy'll be happy with these!
Hurdy - You brought the strawood, kupo! Many thanks, kupo! Erm... the thing is,
kupo, there was something else I was hoping you could do for me. If you could
turn that wood in at a shop as treasure...?

Luso - And make an instrument, right. Sure thing. Leave it to me!

Hurdy - Thanks so much, kupo! Here, let me give you this. You need two
treasures to make the instrument. And use that gil there to buy the beauty once
it's made! Thanks again, kupo!
Hurdy - Kupo! You have the instrument I wanted! Thank you!

Luso - No problem! Just seeing how happy you are is thanks enough for me.
Actually, there was one thing I wanted to ask you - if you don't mind. You've
seen a lot of people... been to a lot of places, right? Well, there's this
place I'm trying to find. It's covered in a really thick fog - Mist, I guess.
It's all rock - nothing living. It feels like it's underground, but you can't
see the ceiling. For some reason, it makes me think of a graveyard. You ever
heard of any place like that?

Hurdy - You seem to know a lot about it! Are you sure don't know where it is?

Luso - No, well - the thing is, I saw it in a dream. For all I know it doesn't
even exist. But it was so real.

Hurdy - I've never been anywhere like that before. Sorry I can't help, kupo.

Luso - Nah, it's okay. I'm sorry for asking such a stupid question. Anyway, I
can't wait to hear you play again. That last thing you played for us was great!

Hurdy - It would be my pleasure, kupo! It's not every day you meet someone
looking for a place from their dreams, kupo. I bet you have all sorts of
interesting stories just waiting to be told! As it happens, I don't just sing
songs. I write them, too! There's nothing like hearing about exciting
adventures to set the quill scribbling, kupo!

Adelle - You came to the right person, that's for sure. I don't know anyone
else who came to Ivalice from another world through a magick book.

Hurdy - Did that really happen, kupo!?

Luso - Yeah... That's why I'm doing quests and looking for adventure. To get
back to my own world.

Hurdy - That's amazing, kupo!


Do you suppose I might ask you a favor? Could I travel with you? Kupo? I've
decided I want -you- to be the subject of my next song!

Luso - Me? What!?

Hurdy - I'm small, I won't get in the way! And you may not know it to look at
me, but I'm not a half-bad fighter, kupo!

Cid - We've never been a clan to turn people away.

Hurdy - Thank you, kupo! You won't regret it! My name's Hurdy.

Luso - I'm Luso. And this is Cid, and Adelle.

Hurdy - Kupo! The pleasure is mine!

Cid - Oh, there's word from the appraiser about the stone, Luso.

Luso - I was wondering when they'd be done. Guess we're off to Moorabella to
pick it up then.

*Luso runs off*

Adelle - He's always running off somewhere. You get used to it, though.

Hurdy - That's perfect! Just what I need! Something tells me this song is going
to be epic! Kupo-po!
*enter Adelle at Moorabella Pub*

Adelle - Any lemonade, barman?

Barman - Ah, I'm afraid I'm short on lemons. Got someone buying some now.

Adelle - That's a shame. But I'll wait. I've time to kill anyway.

Barman - Eh? Not here to check on the quests?

Adelle - *shakes head* No. Luso and the rest will be back soon.

??? - You are... a hunter, if I'm not mistaken?

Adelle - I am, and you're not. If you've some tasty titbits, you're talking to
the right gal. You see, I'm much more than just another pretty face.

??? - Yes... Better than the average hume in almost every respect.

Adelle - *steps back* What did you say?

??? - Come work for me.

Adelle - Huh? I... what? I-I'm with a clan, you know. The top-earning ace
hunter, as it happens. Hard to just up and leave, see?

??? - That is... unfortunate. Thanks for the drink, barman. I would talk with
you at greater length, but... work beckons. Fare well, hunter.

*exit ???*

Adelle - Why...? Who was that?

*enter Luso, Cid*

Luso - Hey, Adelle! Remember that magicite...? Turns out it's pretty rare
stuff. The appraiser wasn't 100% sure, of course...

Cid - Aye, but it's stolen, as we suspected. The appraiser'd heard of it. Word
is the rightful owner's put up a bill requesting its return.

Luso - Yeah. We're gonna pick up the quest and bring the stone to him.

Adelle - Ah. Great.

Luso - "Great"? What's with you? Something wrong?

Adelle - Nothing. Just, giving away treasure isn't exactly my style.

Luso - Hey, we're just bringing it back where - Hey, you didn't sell it, did

Adelle - Would I do such a thing? If you're so concerned, why not go get your
quest and bring it back now?

Luso - Good idea. I'm gonna go have a chat with the barman!

Adelle - *shakes head*

Seeking the Stone

"I search for a piece of magicite the color of silver. I'm sure it was in my
laboratory just the other day...

Please, if you know something - anything at all - let me know. My laboratory is
in the Bisga Grasslands."
-Narph, Magick Akademy Scholar

Narph - ...It's the genuine article, all right.

Luso - Whew. That magicite's pretty rare, isn't it.

Narph - So it is. You have done me a great service.

Luso - Don't mention it.

*a clan appears*


Narph - Now that I have the stone, I have no further need of you.

*enter Ewen*

Luso - Hey, it's him! The one from Rupie!

*Narph hands over the magicite to Ewen*

Ewen - Good work. I must away to Baron Beltorey. I leave this rubbish in your
capable hands.

Cid - So you were behind this!

Ewen - Ah, I see you have failed to die yet again. How many times must we kill

*exit Ewen*

Narph - Now that our little chat is finished, it's time for you to leave.
Luso - They took the magicite! This was all a setup!

Cid - Relax, you couldn't have known. The petitioner's credentials were
flawless. We've no time to investigate every nu mou claiming to be an Akademy
scholar. For now, all we can do is wait... and watch. We can't move until we
know what it is they're up to.

Luso - Cid... The way that guy talked to you before the battle... You know

Cid - ...You could say that. They're part of Khamja... an organization working
out of Graszton. Officially they wright sea-vessels and airships. Unofficially,
they smuggle outlawed goods, and trade on the black market.

Luso - So... they're a crime syndicate? In Graszton? Wait a second... Cid! They
weren't the ones who shot you in Graszton!?

Cid - I failed to die, it's true... but he certainly didn't fail to make living

Luso - And they went through all that trouble to get the magicite...

Cid - Aye. Which means it's not just any rare rock. As I said, best to wait,
see how they move. Jump too soon, and you'll land in a pit of vipers. To town,
Luso. Kicking at the dirt here will only scuff our boots.

Luso - ...You're right.
Blue Mage - Say, did you hear about Baron Beltorey?

Illusionist - The attempt on his life? Who hasn't? I hear his wounds may yet do
for him.

Luso - Beltorey... That Khamja guy was talking about him! He was attacked?

Blue Mage - His house had a price on a certain criminal's head.

Hunter - They know who did it?

Illusionist - Them sky pirates are the streetears' favorites. You know, the
ones come in from the east.

Luso - Sky pirates from the east... He doesn't mean those two!? I'm not buying
it. I met them... They really didn't seem the types to attack anyone.

Cid - Baron Beltorey is the most powerful man in Graszton. The roots of his
house run deep. Meaning he'd have more than enough to tempt a sky pirate fallen
on hard times. Still... with Khamja on their way to meet him, and now this
story... It's suspicious, to say the least.

Luso - Let's check it out!

Wanted: Sky Pirate Vaan

"Apprehend the sky pirates Vaan and Penelo!

Those scurvy scum of the skies infiltrated the Beltorey Manse and made an
attempt on the baron's life. A commensurate reward is promised the one who can
bring them in."
-House Beltorey

Aren - Hra hra hra. Vaan and Penelo! *snort* Found you at last!

Vaan - You want a medal?

Aren - Hra! Nay, I want yer head, lad. That business with the Baron's made your
bounty all the more beautiful!

Vaan - I'd say we didn't do it, but something tells me you and reason aren't on
speaking terms.

Luso - You really didn't do it?

Penelo - You again?

Aren - If yer a headhunter, hunt elsewhere. These heads're mine. Dead or alive,
they're leaving with me!

Luso - Oh, I'm not here to get in your way. But listen to what they're saying
for a second. What if they really didn't do it?

Aren - Erh? I don't care if they killed a hundred souls or none. 'Tis not my
concern! I'll have that head-price!

Luso - Cid, let's help those two out or we'll never get to hear their story.

Cid - My thoughts exactly. And if it turns out they're assassins after all,
well, we'll turn 'em in ourselves.

Aren - You hear that, boys? They're in cahoots! Take 'em all down!

Vaan - You sure? I thought you headhunters stuck together?

Luso - He's really not my type. But, hey, if you want to go with old pigsnout,
be my guest.

Vaan - He'll not find us such easy prey. Right, Penelo?

Penelo - Famous last words, Vaan. Here they come!
Vaan - Man, steal a few trinkets and they call you a murderer.

Luso - So, you didn't do it? I can trust you?

Penelo - All I can say is, we didn't do it. Trusting Vaan or not is an entirely
different matter.

Vaan - Right... Hey!

Luso - Well, you sure don't act like assassins.

Vaan - You think?
Luso - You two all right?

Penelo - We're fine, thanks to your help.

Vaan - Yeah, thanks. They were tougher than they looked.
Vaan - Hey, thanks again.

Cid - It's nice to know you're grateful, but I'd rather know what happened to
the Baron. Assuming, of course, you truly were not involved.

Vaan - Oh, we were involved. 'Cept, we weren't trying to kill him. We were
trying to save him.

Penelo - By the time we arrived at the manse, the attack had already taken
place. He'd been cut, and poisoned, too, from the looks of it. The baron's
nails were blue.

Cid - Blue nails... You don't say.

Penelo - We did what we could for him and tried to get out of there beefore
anyone caught ut. No such luck.

Vaan - They take our treasure, and call us assassins to boot. A simple shiv in
the ribs'd be kinder.

Luso - What are you going to do now?

Vaan - Well, not much else to do but lay low for a while, I suppose.

Penelo - Once the baron's mended, it will be clear that it wasn't us.

Luso - That's right. I hope they find the onces who did it soon.

Vaan - That makes two of us.

Penelo - Well, Vaan, time to leave?

Vaan - Hey, we owe you one. We sky pirates may steal, but we pay our debts.

Luso - Thanks. I'll remember that.

*exit Vaan and Penelo*

Luso - You know, I believe them. I really don't think they did it. Of course,
that doesn't tell us whether Khamja was behind it or not.

Cid - Nay, the stench of Khamja is all over it.

Luso - Huh?

Cid - I'm going to Graszton.

Luso - Huh, Cid, what do you -

*exit Cid*

Cid! Gah! I hate it when he does that.
Luso - Will you just tell me what's going on with Khamja and this baron guy?

Cid - There is something I need to make sure of first.

Luso - Where're you going now?

Cid - What does it matter?

Luso - Back to that streetear? I could join you...

Cid - Don't. Where I go and what I do are my business, boy. I see little need
to clear my comings goings with you.

Luso - Hey, don't forget, last time you were here you almost died! You left
without saying anything that time, too. You really think I'm going to let you
do that again!?

Cid - I said leave me be, boy!

Luso - Hey, why am I suddenly some "boy" when it's convenient for you!?
Something's been eating you lately, and I wanna know what it is!

Adelle - Friends shouldn't keep too many secrets. Clanners less.

Cid - You're one to talk.

Adelle - ...Quite.

Cid - I'm sorry... That was wrong of me.

Hurdy - Kupo! The barman's got something for us! Says there's a bill up that
specifically requests our clan, kupo! Also, this came along with the request...

Luso - Hey! This looks just like that magicite! The color's a bit faded... but
it has to be the same!

Adelle - So the stolen magicite has come back into our possession? And right
now, of all times? Pretty suspicious, if you ask me.

Cid - ...

Luso - Cid!

Cid - I'm going out for some fresh air. The cooler head prevails, they say.

*exit Cid*

Adelle - Argh! How annoying can that guy get? Have a little patience, now.
Sometimes, the best way through a fortress isn't the front gate.

Luso - What's that supposed to mean?

Adelle - I mean, not everyone is as... open as you are. Think on it a moment,
Cid is powerful, yes? Yet he employs a judge! Don't you think there might be a

Luso - What kind of reason?

Adelle - I know it's not easy, but try using your head. By pledging to uphold a
judge's laws, you avoid true death in battle. But if you're strong enough to
win anyway, the merit of having a judge is lessened.

Hurdy - That's right! With a judge around, you have to follow all those laws,
kupo! Most hunters, well, they're too busy holding up each other to uphold the

Adelle - Some are of a mind that those with judges are mere cowards, afraid to
fight. Does this strike you as a fitting description of our Cid? Hardly. He's
not the type to want anything to do with the judges, normally.

Luso - Normally? So Cid has some special reasons, then...

Adelle - Oh, at least one. Probably several. No simple man, that one. Not that
I'm losing any sleep over it, mind you.

Luso - ...

Hurdy - Well, I'll put aside that bill for the clan, kupo! There was no date
they wanted it done by, kupo, so you can pick it up whenever you fancy.

Luso - *shakes head*

I'm Back, Kupo!

Luso - I wonder if Hurdy's already here...

*two Bangaas bump into Luso*

Luso - Ack, sorry!

White Monk - Watch where yer goin', hume-boy.

*Luso steps aside and the two walk by*

Hold there, hume-boy!

Luso - Huh? What? ...I'm on my way to meet someone

White Monk - Not afore ye return what ye took from me pouch, y'aren't!

Luso - What I took...? You mean steal? I didn't steal anything!

White Monk - Perhaps ye'd like to tell me just where my magick medallion is?

Luso - How should I know? You probably just dropped it somewhere.

White Monk - Think I'm clumsy, do ya, hume-boy? Yer a thief an' a liar!

Luso - Look, I'm not lying and I didn't take anything you big fat liz-

??? - Kupo! I finally found you!

White Monk - Hrah? A moogle? This boy with you, moogle?

??? - Oh yes. Did he run into you? I'm sorry, kupo! He's always dashing here
and there. Must've been taken for a thief a hundred times, kupo!

Luso - I said I'm not a thief!

White Monk - What if I say y'are, an' that this moogle there's yer accomplice!?

??? - Kupo-po! Why don't you look down there first?

*notices something shiny on the ground*

White Monk - Err? My medallion!

??? - You must've dropped it when he ran into you, kupo! You see? He's no

White Monk - Hrrah... Yer lucky yer friend showed up when he did, hume-boy.

*exit two bangaas*

Luso - Um... thanks for helping me out there.

??? - I had to, kupo! If you'd said "lizard" like you were going to, we'd have
had a fight on our hands! No matter what they might call you, -never- call a
bangaa a lizard, kupo! Got it?

Luso - Yeah, okay.

??? - Well, I'm off, kupo. Bye for now!

*exit ???*

*enter Hurdy*

Hurdy - Kupo... Luso! Sorry I'm late, kupo!

Luso - You're sorry? I almost had two bangaas beat my head in! Who knows what
would have happened if that moogle hadn't come along...

Hurdy - A moogle broke up a fight with some bangaa? That took nerve, kupo!
Sounds like something my brother would do, kupo. He could never stand by and
watch a bully. He's a nice guy, my brother. You should meet him sometime.

Luso - I'd like that.

Hurdy - Anyway, enough about him. Sorry I'm so late! I'll treat you to some
roasted zignuts, kupo. Consider it my apology!

Luso - All right! I know just the place! There's a guy who sells great zignuts
in the square over that-a-way.

Hurdy - Kupo!

A Request

"For Clan Gully, a request.

I must speak with you.
I await in the Ruins of Delgantua.

I trust you enjoyed my gift?"

??? - Not running away today, are we, Cid?

Adelle - It's her!

Cid - Sad to see your memory fail at such a youthful age. I've never run in my
life, Illua.

Luso - Cid, is she...?

Cid - Khamja, yes. One of their number. Illua. I've two questions in need of

Illua - Do tell.

Cid - You did for Baron Beltorey.

Illua - Whatever makes you think that?

Cid - Well, I was pondering the baron's peculiar fondness for painting his
nails blue... when I recalled a curious side effect of that poison of yours...

Illua - ...And your next accusation? Excuse me, "question"?

Cid - The whitesilver magicite. What is it?

Illua - A catalyst I needed to work certain magicks. The palings protecting the
baron were not easily broken, you see. Had those sky pirates not arrived on the
scene... The lucky old coot. Yet, I believe his grace understood our message. I
fain think he'll move against Khamja without second thoughts. The baron is an
intelligent man. Would I could say the same for you.

Cid - Hmph, I'm afraid the only cure for my brand of idiocy is steel, my dear.

Illua - Then I suppose I'll have to kill you. Again. Oh, and lady hunter...
Don't expect any favors once the fight begins.

Adelle - ...!

Cid - Leave now, and she'll let you go.

Luso - What, you want me to leave you here!? Not a chance! This is my fight,

Cid - Then you're an idiot as well.

Luso - So, either we win here, or I'm cured, right?

Cid - Ha ha ha! ...Just be careful. Good?

Luso - I'll be fine.

Illua - A fight with no stakes is hardly worth fighting, don't you agree?

*casts dark magic; Clan Gully's judge disappears*

Let us begin.
Illua - Nnk...! Hmm... I thought your fangs chipped and dull... I thought
wrong. You and I are of a kind, Cid. Feral creatures that live by the blade

Cid - I was never as hungry for power as you, Illua.

Illua - Me, hungry for power? You miss the point. The world needs people with
power... be they many or few.

Cid - So, you're saying the world "needs" you?

Illua - Of course. I am powerful, after all. And something else, Cid. You see,
I understand the power I possess. I was chosen. The power could not deny me.

*Illua activates dark magic; Luso's journal reacts*

Luso - !? Hey, what's going on!? The words on the page... they're glowing!

Illua - It can't be... a grimoire!?

*Illua strikes the journal but it repels her*

Luso - My journal... What the-!?

*the journal teleports them back to the mist place*

This... This is the place from my dream!

Cid - And Illua is nowhere to be seen. Quite a run-in she had with your book.

Adelle - Speaking of which, Luso... You don't happen to have your journal... do

Luso - No. When she hit it with her sword, I let go... It's gone.

Adelle - Well, that's just great. What are we supposed to do now!? We don't
even know where we are! If I'd known this was going to be this kind of quest,
I'd have stayed in Graszton. One of those chiffon cakes down at the Gateau
Kaldi cafe sounds good about now...

Cid - Quit your grousing. You're making me hungry.

Adelle - Forgive a girl for needing a distraction... this Mist ties my stomach
in knots.

Cid - Ah, my apologies.

Luso - I do sort of wonder what we're supposed to do now. Somehow, this doesn't
seem like the kind of place you can just walk home from.

??? - You there... Is that you, Luso?

Luso - Huh!?

*Lezaford hologram appears*


Lezaford - Luso... You must leave at once. This place is dangerous. Follow the
path I shall make plain for you... Come back...

*Lezaford disappears*

Luso - Lezaford...? Lezaford!!!

*a dimensional rift opens; a giant demon's hand appears*

Cid - Wha-!?

Luso - What the heck is that!?

Lezaford - The demon... you must not let it through!

Luso - What? How!? Lezaford!?

Demon - *ROAR*

Adelle - Eeek! Why do these things always happen to me!?

Cid - Ha! You're not the only one here, princess.

Lezaford - Stop it... Bind it...

Luso - Bind it? You mean we have to defeat this thing!? Us!?

Adelle - You see anyone else around?

Luso - ... When you put it that way... Waaaaaaaugh!

Cid - Luso!?

Luso - That's right, Luso Clemens is the name! And fighting impossibly huge
demonic hands is my game... *gulp*

Demon - *growl*

Luso - Huh? What are those weird purple glowing things? Is this... some kind of
weapon? Hey! Maybe something like this could put that demon back in its place
and keep it there!

*mage cannon fires*

It went out once, but now it's glowing again. So, what, we give it a little
power when it's glowing like that... and it blasts away for us!
*demon hand is sucked back into the rift*

*Lezaford appears*

Lezaford - Ahh, you're all right! I am relieved.

Adelle - If you call battered, bruised, and scarred for life "all right", then,

Luso - So... what is this place? I've seen it before, but only in my dreams.
Oh, and you remember that magick journal of mine...?

Lezaford - There will be time for talk later. First, you must leave this place.

Luso - How do we do that?

Lezaford - To the east you will find a large crystal... A gate crystal. Touch
it, and you will come back. As I'm sure you are aware, this place is unnatural.
It will not do to linger. I will be waiting beyond the gate.

Adelle - You don't have to tell me to get our of here twice!

Cid - We move.
Luso - This must be it. I'm going for it. Okay?

*Cid and Adelle nods; Luso touches the crystal and they are teleported to

Lezaford - You've been through much. More than I could have imagined.

Luso - Yeah...
Cid - So... this stone created the judges? That's some powerful magick in

Lezaford - Yes, but magick so powerful is not lightly used. In order to use a
stone of such power, one must pay a commensurate price. And this stone, this
has been forcefully reduced to its original state. If whoever did this released
all the energies within... It must have drained them terribly. They wouldn't be
able to cast for days.

Cid - Apparently, a risk worth taking to send Baron Beltorey a message. Makes
you wonder what the baron did to deserve such attention? ...Never mind.
Unraveling the mystery of that stone is enough for now. I've said my piece. Now
tell us about that place we were sent.

Lezaford - Yes, yes... Where to begin? The name I suppose. You were in Jagd
Zellea. One of many jagds in this world - places where the Mist is unstable

Adelle - Jagd Zellea? Where have I heard that? Wait, I know! The Forbidden
Keep! Quite a famous place in pirating circles... Something about a treasure
there that, when held, would let one rule the world.

Lezaford - ...Quite. A power of immense proportions sleeps in that land. You
saw it, did you not? The rift, and the demon that emerged from it?

Luso - ...

Lezaford - Jagd is known for rifts of this nature - gateways to other worlds.
They open now and then, sometimes letting in great evils. It was the power of
the rifts that cast Zellea off on its own, a barren waste. No rift has been
known to open full-way, yet if one did, the effects would be catastrophic. The
mages who knew of the rifts were wary of their power. They created magicks to
bind the rifts closed. Your magick tome is one such book.

*Lezaford takes out Luso's journal*

Luso - You mean... my journal? But Illua, she cut it in two...

Lezaford - The Grimoire of the Rift. So is your book named.

Cid - Well that clears up a great many things... including what Illua's been
after. She wants to use the power that flows in through the rifts, I'd wager.
And Baron Beltorey must have known something about it. That's why he was
attacked. She called us out because of the whitesilver magicite... But when she
realized what Luso was holding, she tried to destroy it. After all, that book
has the power to seal the rifts.

Lezaford - This may be true. Yet, that book is not something to be ruined by
brand or blade. It is protected by a magick most potent. And the source of that
magick's power... is you, Luso.

Luso - Huh? Me?

Lezaford - Yes. The words written upon its pages - the telling of your life.
That proof of your being protects the grimoire. The power you and that book
generate is far greater than you imagine.

Luso - So this book, this Grimoire of the Rift thing... What am I supposed to
do with it? What if I don't do the right thing, and that rift opens? What will
happen to this world? I mean, if this were just about me not being able to go
home, that's one thing. But you're talking about a whole world!

Lezaford - Think naught of these things. Continue filling in the pages as you
have thus far. Worry not, for you have that of which the grimoire has need. Did
you not protect the book from Illua's blade?

Luso - I guess...

Lezaford - Do as you will. Meet those you will. Live life, for life lived is
the source of the book's power.

Luso - Okay... I just, I'm just not sure I have what it takes to finish the

Lezaford - When the times comes, you will write the final words. And so will
end your story in this world. I believe you know why. Another world, still
beyond your sight, awaits you.

Luso - The world I came from...

Lezaford - The grimoire chose your life to be its wellspring. Live your life as
you would. The book wants nothing more than this.

Luso - ...Okay. Let's go back to town. I've got to check the bills up in the
pub. And I don't know all I'd like to know about Khamja yet, either. Thank you
for everything, Lezaford.

*exit Luso, Cid, and Adelle; but Adelle comes back in herself*

Adelle - Um, I was wondering if I could ask you something...
*at the pub*

Hurdy - Kupo...kupo!

*enter Luso*

Luso - Hurdy? What's up?

Hurdy - Luso! Erm, nothing, I... Kupo-po... Actually, there was this quest I
found a bit intriguing, kupo.

Luso - What kind of quest?

Hurdy - A salvage run in thw town of Goug!

Luso - A salvage run?

Hurdy - I should explain, kupo. This sort of salvaging's got nothing to do with
ships. They're looking for old machineries in the depths of the Goug undertown.
Really old! Goug's a moogle town. Mooglecraft's quite popular there, kupo!
Moogle machinists as far as the eye can see! Lots of quirky old machineries,
too. And the weirdest onces, they've been dumped beneath the town for
centuries! Some of them use technology long since lost, kupo! That's why, every
so often, they do a survey, kupo. See what they can dig up.

Luso - Huh, sounds like fun!

Hurdy - Of course, I'd be going to look for instruments, kupo. Something I
could use in a song for you, Luso! Just think, maybe I'll find an old
instrument no one's ever seen before!

Luso - Well, what are we waiting for? I'm sure a moogle town's got lots to see
you can't find anywhere else. That's not something I'm likely to pass up! I'll
go run it by Cid. If there's nothing else that needs doing, let's go salvaging!

Hurdy - Kupo!

The Dig

"It's the 410th Goug Mines Salvage Run!

Ancient machineries lie in the dark depths below Goug, and we're going to dig
'em up, kupo!

You never know what you might find, kupo!"
-Goug Machinists Alliance

*in a mine underneath Goug*

Luso - Whoa! Look at this place!

Adelle - It's crawling with moogles!

Hurdy - Let's go and find the queue to get into a survey team, kupo!


Hurdy - Kupo!? What's wrong?

Tinker - Mooglebanes! Mooglebanes in the site!

Fusiler - Kupo!?

*all the moogle panic*

Luso - What are they talking about?

Hurdy - Mooglebanes, kupo! Oh, they're very, very horrible. And they love to
eat our *gulp* pom-poms.

Adelle - You mean that thing on your head!? They eat those!?

Hurdy - Kupo-po! Speak of it no more, I beg you! It's too frightening, kupo!

Tinker - You up there! You tell the next shaft over about the mooglebane, kupo!
You, kupo. Get the moogletron ready!

*thief brings out the moogletron*

Luso - Hey! Look at that! Cool, it's a robot!!!

*moogletron asplodes, breaks down, and sputters*

Um... what happened!?

Thief - Kupo-po! The moogletron's overheating!

Tinker - Kupo!!!

Adelle - ...Any longer down here and I'll be saying "kupo" myself.

Luso - Are they really worried, or just hyper-active...?

Thief2 - Here they come, kupo!!!

*all the moogles run off*

Adelle - Quiet at last.

*Hurdy trembles; enter mooglebanes*

Luso - Guess it's up to us to clear these out.
Luso - Well, that was a close one. And I don't mean the battle. I was on the
verge of saying "kupo!" the whole time.
Luso - Look at all the strange things they're finding. I've never seen anything
like this! Huh? Check this out! Looks like a portable game machine! They have
those here, too? Hmm... not that I've seen anyone playing one. Maybe it's one
of those forgotten technologies.

Tinker - Kupo! A strange lump of metal was found in Shaft 57! It's awfully
heavy. The team's requesting assistance, kupo!

Thief - Kupo.

Tinker - Moogles! I need you to come with me!

Thief - Kupo!

Luso - I got to admit, all these wacky artifacts are pretty entertaining. I
could get to like this place! This is just like back home, sneaking into the
school lab... Or going through the closets looking for presents...

Adelle - ...

Luso - Adelle?

Adelle - Huh? Did you say something?

Luso - Nothing important. What's wrong? You hit your head during that battle?

Adelle - No, it's not that... I'm just... Maybe I'm just tired.

Luso - The constant kupos -can- get a little wearisome.

Adelle - Look, I'm going to head home. You stick here with Hurdy, Luso. Don't
worry about me. I'll be fine.

Hurdy - Luso!!! We found something down here. I think it's an instrument!

Adelle - Duty calls.

Luso - Y-Yeah. You be careful, okay?

Adelle - *nods*
Adelle - ...Hmm.


Adelle - Um, I was wondering if I could ask you something... You know about me,
don't you. You know... I'm not like other humes. Ever since I was little, I've
been good at everything I do. Reading, running, all of it. Even as a child, I
could watch a dance once and mimic it perfectly. Songs, too. The other kids
used to pick on me... but I paid them no mind. I didn't believe I was any
different from them. Not really. Not until my parents died...

Lezaford - ...

Adelle - It was a plague. It swept through the whole village. So many took ill,
and nothing could be done for them. They died, one after another. But... I
didn't die. I lived on. Alone. That was when I realized I'm not like the

Lezaford - Sometimes, the vagaries of lineage and location come together. And a
child is born. One with great powers. They are the "gifted ones". Within their
blood lies the seeds of an incredible, unknowable power. And with the prompting
of circumstance, wondrous talent can bloom.

Adelle - Wondrous talent? How do you mean? It's been nothing but misery for me.
If you know of someone who -wants- this, by all means, let me know! It's

Lezaford - Yet, this is a dream that cannot be. You are what you are, and none
of us may become that which we are not. Yet, you can accept what you are, and
in turn, be accepted.

Adelle - *shakes head* ...I'm sorry I brought it up. Sorry I thought you could
help. I'm leaving.

Lezaford - Should you ever have need of me, please come again.

Adelle - Not likely.

*back to present*

...Maybe it's time.
Hurdy - Calm down, kupo! You look scary enough to kill, Cid!

Cid - I always look like this!

Hurdy - Luso! Your timing's impeccable. Cid's in a bad way. K-Kupo!? What's
wrong, Luso? You look scarier than Cid!

Luso - I always look like this! So what's Cid's problem?

Cid - Problem? Catastrophe, more like. I'd been saving up to buy a new cloak,
and it's gone!

Hurdy - Kupo-po! Someone stole your nest egg!?

Luso - That would be Adelle. Look at this.

Cid - "Thank you for everything, but I'm striking out alone. Don't try to
follow me." ...What's this!?

Luso - She says all the stuff with Khamja and the grimoire was getting to be
too much...

Cid - "It's too hard to say goodbye in person, so with this letter I take my
leave." Her leave? More like my money, that thief!

Luso - Man, I knew she was bad, but I never thought she was capable of this!

Hurdy - Kupo...

Luso - C'mon, Cid, let's go do a quest. Something quick and dirty that pays.
Times like this, you just gotta fight the good fight, make some gil, and eat a

Cid - *nods*

Hurdy - You aren't going to go after Adelle, kupo?

Cid - Let the girl go, I say.

Luso - Yeah, who cares what she does?

Hurdy - Kupo...

Luso - Let's get questing!

Through Another's Eyes

"Monsters have settled in to the area around the ancient stone heads of Kthili

Not only are our surveys being delayed, I fear there may be nothing left to
survey if those monsters have their way with the ruins!

Please, somebody, rid us of them!"
-Rothwall, Archaeologikal Survey Team

Adelle - It's so nice to be on my own again. No worrying about anyone buy
myself... and no sharing treasure! I forgot how good a little solitude could
be. Solitude... I'm really alone now. And what's wrong with that? I'm a woman
of many gifts. There's nothing I can't handle!

??? - Indeed, you are most gifted. Gifts which have lain dormant for far too

*Enter Illua*

Adelle - You!
Luso - Hey...!

*notices Adelle*

Adelle - Grimoire... Where is that grimoire...?

Luso - Adelle?

Cid - Hold. Something's amiss with her.

Adelle - I came... I came for the grimoire. She... she wants it. You'll... give
it to me?

*enter monsters*

Luso - She wants it...? You don't mean -her-! The blue-haired Khamja chick!?

Cid - It's like that you're right. She's ensorcelled! Feh!

Luso - What do we do? I can't give her my journal, that's for sure. And we
can't let her wander around like this! We've got to find some way to bring
Adelle back to her senses.

Cid - You try talking to her. The first time might fail, but the second, or
third... Better than doing naught. If it doesn't work, we'll worry about that
then. I'll handle the rest of this lot.

Luso - Right. I'll do what I can.
Luso - Hey, Adelle! Snap out of it! Do you even have any idea what you're

Adelle - Yes... The grimoire. I'm trying to get the grimoire. I told you... She
wants it.

Luso - So what? Who cares what she wants? Just ignore her!

Adelle - ...

Luso - ...Bah! It's like talking to a rock!
Luso - Hey! Adelle! Wake up! Look, if you go back to normal, I'll get you
anything you want! S-Some cake, or...or Pepe clothes! Hey, how about a zingu
pearl! Anything, I mean it! Just stop this!

Adelle - No... I don't want those things. Just... Just the grimoire...

Luso - Ack! No good!
Adelle - There's nothing to talk about. The grimoire... give it to me.

Luso - Why are you all obsessed about that book, anyway!? She's just using you!
Don't you remember what Khamja did to us? Huh?

Adelle - I... Did I... forget something? No. There is nothing else. Nothing...

Luso - Wait, do you remember anything at all!? C'mon, anything!? All those
adventures... And how you ripped Cid and me off... You gotta remember that!

Adelle - I re...mem... Uh... Hnnn...urk! S-Stop that!

Luso - Um...stop what?

Adelle - Th-This... This is my body! I get t-to choose how... I t-told you...
I'm n-not helping Kh-Khamja!!! Now get out!!!

*dark magic dispelled*

Luso - Adelle!?

Adelle - You... Luso...? *faints*

Luso - Adelle!

Adelle - Zzz... Zzz...

Luso - She's sleeping. But I think she's back to her old self again.
*Cid and Luso talking, exit Cid*

Adelle - ...

Luso - ... When you leave a clan, you don't do it halfway, do you, Adelle? Nice
move, getting possessed by that Khamja chick.

Adelle - ...

Luso - Then again, you probably deserved it, after stealing Cid's money. But
you know Cid. He talks scary, but on the inside, he's all warm and fuzzy.

Adelle - ...

Luso - He'll take you back. We'll all take you back. C'mon, let's go.

Adelle - ...Are you out of your mind? Who said anything about going back with

Luso - You won't?

Adelle - I...I'm going to go it alone. I don't need friends, Luso. They're
just... baggage. They slow me down.

Luso - So why'd you join the clan in the first place? And why'd you stay?

Adelle - Well, I...

Luso - Admit it: you had fun! I don't see why you have to leave.

Adelle - Oh, you don't understand anything! You saw me in that battle just now?
You saw my power! ...Power enough to make Khamja want me. I'm not like you. I'm
not normal. I live in a different world from you and Cid. I can't be with you!
I just can't!

Luso - What are you talking about!? What, is this the reason for your big sulk?

Adelle - My big- See? You're clueless! Totally and utterly clueless!

Luso - Well, of course I'm clueless! Duh! For one thing, I'm new to this world,
and for another, I'm not you! So you're not normal, you're not like us. So
what!? Am I any different? I mean, I -am- from another world, y'know! And who
cares? Nobody! Not Cid, not Hurdy... You're just dreaming up these horrible
things in your head... What was that called again? You're
full of yourself!

Adelle - Why you- *slap*

Luso - Yow! What'd you do that for!? *slap*

Luso - Hitting a girl? Cretin! Hey, you hit me first! I was just getting you

Adelle - Hmph! This is why I don't consort with children!

Luso - Hey, who's acting like a spoiled brat here? You pretend to be all that,
but in the end you're just all talk. Hah!

Adelle - Why, I ought to... What? ...What should I do?

Luso - Look, figure it out for yourself. I'm out of here. And... you're not
coming with me, are you? Shame. It's... too quiet without you around. Make it
hard to concentrate.

*exit Luso*

Adelle - ...What am I doing?

Hey, I'm back.
Blue Mage - I hear the Crest of the Four was stolen from Viscount Minymum's

Illusionist - Sounds like the work of those folks from the east... The dread
sky pirates Vaan and Penelo!

Hunter - Aye, the very same. They laid low after the botched assassination...
Guess that didn't last long! They're stealing everything what's not nailed

Blue Mage - Fafnir's Tear, the Glimmering Wyrmstone, and now the Crest... Gems,
all of them. Guess they fancy that sort of thing?

Illusionists - Makes you wonder what they'll go for next.

Blue Mage - You don't know? It's the Black Cat, for sure. That thing's covered
in jewels! They even did the owner - one Lord Eden - the service of warning

Hunter - Which leads to that bill in the pub requesting the capture of them sky

Luso - Huh, sounds like those two are up to their old tricks. So that means, if
I were to take that quest... I'd be going up against them.

Adelle - And if I know you, you can't wait for the chance! You're so

Luso - Hey, so I want to see who're the better fighters? Is that so wrong?

Adelle - If you ask me, they're more trouble than they're worth.

Luso - Adelle... You met with that blue-haired chick from Khamja, right? She
tell you anything?

Adelle - Nothing. Or, I just forgot it. If you're curious, why not ask Cid? He
seems awfully well informed about them.

Luso - True, but...

Hurdy - Adelle! Thanks for waiting, kupo!

*enter Hurdy*

Luso - You going somewhere?

Adelle - Just a little shopping.

Hurdy - We're off to an outfitter of my acquaintance to look at a new cape!

Adelle - H-Hurdy!

Luso - A cape...? But you don't wear capes, do you, Adelle?

Adelle - G-Got to keep my finger on current trends! Look, Luso, why don't you
go and find out about those sky pirates, and leave us be?

Luso - Huh? Um... Okay. Sure.

Adelle - Shall we, Hurdy?

*exit Adelle and Hurdy, enter Cid*

Luso - What was that all about?

Cid - Those two, shopping?

Luso - Yeah. Hurdy said something about a cape...

Cid - Wh-What? What's this?

Luso - Ah ha, a cape! Heh heh heh... A cape!

Cid - If you mean some jest by this, I'll have you know I see no humor...

Luso - Cid, if I were you, I'd wait a while before buying yourself a new cape.

Cid - Hrah? What's this now?

Luso - Well then, maybe I'll see about these sky pirates. Catch you around!

Cid - *scratches head*

Pirate Problems

"'Lord Eden, was it?

Heard you're in possession of that rarest of treasures, the 'Black Cat', and
we're coming to Camoa for it! See you soon!
Swiftest of the Sky Pirates,
Vaan & Penelo'

Wanted: Someone to deal with sky pirates."
-Fohgginus Eden

Luso - Well, if they're true to their word, they'll be here soon.

*enter... Vaan and Penelo?*

Vaan? - Hark! What yon personage doth mine eyes see over yonder? Alas! I fear
'tis true! The questers have become the questees!

Penelo? - Verily and forsooth! Methinks our word-of-mouth hath grown wings!
Ooh, Vaan! Dost thou think that mayhaps, we art marked!?

Luso - Um... Why are you both talking like that?

Penelo? - Shew me an olde skye pirate that dost not talk so, and I'll shew
you... Wait-! We're not actually olde, mindeth you. That was just a figure of

Vaan? - Less pontifaction and more action, say I! Out of our ways!

Penelo? - Yay, mine nose doth wrinkle at their land-lubbing stench, o Vaan. Let
us do for them and be done with them at once, posthaste!

Luso - All right. Who are you guys?

Vaan? - No! The question is: who art you, ham-planks!? Shanks! I meant shanks!

Penelo? - Only artless swine such as thine... er, thee... wouldn'st know Vaan
and Penelo! Haven'st thou not seen our names writ large on... large pieces of

Luso - Vaan and Penelo? You're kidding me.
Vaan? - Nay, 'tis I, Vaan! Swiftest sky pirate in all Ivalice! 'Twere this a
play, I'd be leading man!

Luso - If this is a play, the acting's terrible.
Penelo? - Forsooth! I am forsaken! Naaaaaay!

Vaan? - B-But I'm the leading man!
Vaan? - Change of plans, babe. When the going gets rough, the rough get lost.

Penelo? - What!? You're just giving up on the jewels?

Vaan? - You want to go to the brig so sorely, be my guest.

Penelo? - Prison? You must have me mistaken for someone with her own interests
at heart.

*flee; flanked by the real Vaan and Penelo*

Luso - H-Hey, wait!

Vaan - Ah, "wait". As if that's ever stopped a fleeing pirate. Hmm?

Luso - Hey!

Penelo - Hmph. I have to admit, I like the way they're dressed. Wouldn't you
agree, Vaan?

Vaan? - Oh, lovely. It's the last people I wanted to see: us.

Vaan - The feeling's mutual.
Vaan - Imposters are thick on the ground these days. They give us a bad name.
The jewel thieves I can live with. It's the ones that steal from old ladies...

Penelo - It's all on account of that business with Baron Beltorey.

Vaan - And what's all this about the "swiftest sky pirate"? ...Swiftest sky
pirate, I wish.

Luso - You mean, you're not?

Vaan - Not yet. Oh, I'll get there soon enough, mind you.

Luso - Well, either way, it's gotta be nice being so popular you have

Penelo - I try not to worry too much about what others choose to do. But
impersonation has its risk. We're not entirely without enemies, after all.

Vaan - True, true. You can probably add one more to that list, too.

Luso - Huh?

Penelo - Vaan!

Luso - Wait... what do you mean?

Vaan - Er, it's nothing. Just sky pirate talk. Still, I'm glad these imposters
turned out to be small fry. And you being here helped, to be sure.

Luso - Actually, I came here because I thought I'd be going up against you.

Vaan - Well, we'll just have to take a rain check on that one. Busy schedule
and all. Pirating is a lot of work you know.

Penelo - I turst you'll turn those impostors in for us.

Vaan - Ah... Almost forgot. Since we've come all this way, we'll be taking the
Black Cat with us.

Luso - The Black Cat... The treasure!? Wait!

Vaan - I told you, "wait" never works.

*exit Vaan*

Penelo - I'm sure our paths will cross again. Soon. So long!

*exit Penelo*

Luso - Grr...! You bring that back! Hey!
Cid - You filled those pages yet?

Luso - Actually, I have done quite a lot, now that I think about it. Not like
I've gone out and defeated the Lord of Darkness or anything... But, it's been
pretty cool. Heh. I mean, this journal started off practically blank!

Cid - Your future was a blank slate, so to speak. Not that it's carven in
stone, now.

Luso - Yeah, but I know of like it that way. I'm looking forward to seeing how
it turns out. Seeing what happens.

Cid - It may yet be that you never return home, Luso... You know this?

Luso - Yeah... But I'm not really so worried after all. I guess I think it'll
all work itself out somehow. At least I don't have to go it alone, right?

Cid - And that fool confidence may well be your strength.

Luso - Heh heh.

*enter Adelle and Hurdy*

Adelle - What's up, boys? Barman! Some gedegg soup, if you don't mind. And
bread - the hard stuff.

Luso - Didn't you just take everyone out to lunch? You went to that favorite
restaurant of yours, right?

Hurdy - Ate a big, big lunch, too, kupo!

Adelle - We young lasses need our energy, you know. I'm not lazy like this old
fogy, yet.

Cid - Watch who you call lazy, lass. I wolfed through enough hearty meals in my
day. Illua kept me busy with Khamja work, after all.

Luso - Cid, can I ask why you left Khamja?

Cid - Organizations like that - they're not for me. It struck me one day. The
rules, the in-fighting - it's all rubbish.

Luso - That's it?

Cid - You expected something more inspiring? Romantic ideals, perhaps? I'm more
practical than that. I've simple needs, that simply weren't met. So I wheedled
my way out, and just when I thought I was free... bang. I would've been happy
to die there. It would have made little difference. But, as I lay there, dazed,
watering the dirt with my blood, along he came...

Luso - The judge!

Cid - It's queer, but when I saw the gleam off that silver helm, suddenly, I
wanted to live. My lips moved, and before I knew it, I was croaking for help.

Adelle - So you almost died, and were saved... And decided to devote your life
to a clan.

Luso - A classic story.

Cid - Yours is hardly different.

Hurdy - Guess what the barman just told me, kupo. Another bill's come in asking
for our clan! It's a request to take part in a ceremony, kupo... And it's from
you-know-who... Kupo-po!

Cid - ...Illua.

Hurdy - Kupo.

Luso - Let's check it out. I've been wanting to settle the score with her
anyway. And something tells me, I'll never get to the end of my story until I

Adelle - I've a score to settle with her myself.

Cid - That makes three of us.

An Elegant Encounter

"The time has come and gone, yet he remains... unseen."

*Luso and Adelle waiting at the aerodome, and bump into someone, knocking Luso

??? - *Ahem* Perhaps I might convince you to stop right there. You must forgive
me. It is not my custom to extend a hand to one so... unfeminine, but -

*helps Luso up*

Luso - Hey, -you- ran into me!

??? - A member of Clan Gully, are you not?

Adelle - And you are?

??? - Ah, forgive me once again. So bound was I by the enchantment your beauty
weaves, I neglected my introductions. Al-Cid Margrace, at your service. *bows*
The flower that blooms rich and full is stunning indeed. More enticing still is
the fragrant bud... and the sweet promise of unsavored delights. Ah...ambrosia!

Adelle - ...Margrace?

Luso - Huh? You know him?

Adelle - No... never mind. It seems you already know who we are, but I'll
introduce us all the same. I'm Adelle. And the one who ran into you and fell on
his behind is Luso.

Luso - Just my name would have been enough.

Adelle - So, you were looking for someone from our clan? Why?

Al-Cid - To tell the truth... though it gives me much pain to make such a
request to one I've only just met... I hoped you might be willing to deliver
this letter to a particular person.

Luso - A "particular" person? That's pretty vague. Nay, in fact it is a most
simple task. This person... is someone you know.

Luso - Someone we know? And how would you know that? I mean, we only just met!

Al-Cid - My little birds... they tell me many, many things.

Luso - I don't see any birds. Look, buddy...

Al-Cid - Ah, I was not aware the hour was... so late. Well? My proposal - do
you accept? You will be compensated for your time, of course.

Luso - This whole thing stinks of a set-up...

Adelle - Of course we'll do it!

Luso - We... huh? Adelle!?

Al-Cid - Then the fair maiden has my undying gratitude.

*hands over letter to Adelle*

Yes, it seems there is moer to this bloom than mere beauty.

Adelle - So... who are we supposed to give this to?

Al-Cid - A pirate of the skies... One who, I fear, is most unpunctual. His
companion, however, is an enchanting lady beyond compare... Present company
excluded, of course. The letter, see that it reaches him. My leave I take.

Luso - Man! Talk about an attitude! I can't stand guys like that.

Adelle - So it seems.

Luso - I can't believe you agreed to- Wait. He's not your type, is he?

Adelle - Oh, he certainly piqued my interest, if that's what you mean. House...
Margrace... Now that's a family I'd not mind having in my debt.

Luso - Huh?

Adelle - Anyway, what's this about an unpunctual sky pirate?

Luso - I thought he might mean Vaan. It's not like we know any other sky

*enter Penelo*

Penelo - Hey, it's the headhunter! You haven't seen Vaan around here, have you?

Luso - He's not with you? Actually, we were sort of looking for him, too.

Penelo - For Vaan? Why?

Luso - Some funky guy gave us this letter... I think it's for Vaan.

Penelo - A letter...? Do you mind if I take a look?

*Adelle hands over letter*

This seal... The one who gave you this... he wasn't tall, with sunglasses...
and a little bit of an attitude, was he?

Adelle - You're right about the glasses, but this guy's attitude was anything
but "little". What'd he say his name was? Al-Cid Margrace, or something?

Penelo - So it -was- Al-Cid... And he's left already. *hands letter back* Vaan
must have completely forgotten about their meeting. I wonder where he went...
the keep ruins, maybe?

Luso - The ruins? You mean the ones to the north of the aerodrome? Want us to
help look?

Penelo - What?

Luso - We did promise to deliver this letter. You'll help, right, Adelle?

Adelle - And I thought you were the one who didn't want to do this... Fine,
we're in. I've a feeling our patron's the type to skimp our reward if he heard
we didn't deliver in person.

Penelo - Then, thank you.

Luso - Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go find him!

Where Could He Be?

Black Mage - Letting this stray wander in on our counsel was a grave mistake.

Vaan - Of all the times to get caught.

Beserker - This runt? He won't give us no trouble! Just need me a minute or two
alone with him to... come to an understandin'.

Black Mage - A pity. I thought the terms of our agreement with your clan most
favorable, but now...

Berserker - W-Wait! Hear me out!

Black Mage - I've no intention of listening to your excuses. Farewell. *exit*

Berserker - Grah!

Vaan - I sure hope I didn't spoil your little get-together.

Berserker - Y-You! *strikes at Vaan but Vaan dodges*

Vaan - Not exactly light on your feet. I'd go easy on the fodder if I were you.

Berserker - Fodder is what you'll be, boy...

*enter Penelo, Luso, and Adelle*

Penelo - It's Vaan!

Berserker - Just the chance I was waiting for! *immobolizes Vaan*

Vaan - My... my leg...

Penelo - Vaan!

Berserker - Wake up, lazy mongrels! Got a new toy for you to chew on!

Berserker - Have a go at his friends while you're at it!

Penelo - Hold on, Vaan!
Penelo - You okay?

Vaan - Yeah, I'll be fine. What are you doing here, anyway? And you've even
brought Red Cap with you.

Penelo - I was looking for you. When you weren't where we were supposed to
meet, I got worried.

Vaan - I heard some choice morsels about that group we've been following. I
couldn't just sit back and let a chance like that slip by.

Penelo - You never learn, do you?

Vaan - I know, I know. Save the scolding for later, okay?
Luso - Phew. I was starting to think we'd never get 'em all.

Penelo - At least everybody's all right. It was touch and go for a minute

Vaan - It's a good thing you showed up when you did. Thanks.
Penelo - Every time I turn around you run off and get yourself into trouble!
The least you could do is tell me where you're going or leave a note or... or

Vaan - Penelo, when are you going to stop treating me like a kid?

Penelo - When you stop acting like one! You're being reckless, and if you keep
it up you're going to get hurt.

Vaan - The way I see it, you gotta be a little reckless if you wanna get the
job done. Who ever heard of a cautious pirate?

Penelo - There's a difference between cautious and... suicidal! You could've
been really hurt... or worse.

Vaan - I guess I did come out pretty lucky... Look, I'm sorry, okay?

Adelle - Are you two finished?

Penelo - Oh, right. You had something for Vaan.

Vaan - For me? What?

Adelle - A letter. It's from a man named Al-Cid Margrace.

Vaan - Al-Cid? What would he- I completely forgot! I was supposed to meet up
with him.

Penelo - *sigh* Vaan... That letter probably has the answer we've been waiting
for. I'd rather have heard it from him, but this's better than nothing.

Vaan - *reads letter* Hrm... Interesting. Looks like things are going to get
reckless again.

Penelo - Let's see... "If you wish to learn more about Khamja... you would do
well to seek out Clan Gully". Vaan, do you know what this means!?

Vaan - It means the Fates are at it again. Remember Baron Beltorey?

Luso - What's he got to do with this?

Vaan - We kept an ear to the ground for any word about the assassination
attempt. Well, it wasn't long after he recovered that they caught the assassin.
But something didn't seem quite right.

Penelo - So we did a little poking around to find out more about this assassin.
The more we looked, the less things made sense.

Vaan - We knew there was something going on behind the scenes. And guess who we
found waiting in the wings? Khamja.

Penelo - You've heard of them?

Luso - ...

Penelo - They keep to the shadows. We went to someone used to looking into
these things without raising suspicion.

Vaan - If we weren't on their blacklist before, I think it's safe to say we are

Luso - So they're your "one more" enemy for the list.

Vaan - Exactly.

Adelle - It's all starting to make sense. Let me guess what your
silver-tongued, bespectacled informant had to say. He told you that no one knew
Khamja better than Clan Gully.

Luso - Huh? Us?

Vaan - Not a bad guess.

Adelle - It's all pretty obvious, when you think about it.

Vaan - Then you shouldn't have any trouble figuring out what we're going to ask
you next.

Penelo - We want you to let us in to Clan Gully.

Luso - Huh!?

Vaan - Don't worry, you'll hardly notice we're there. None of us is exactly on
Khamja's good side, so we might as well stick together.

Adelle - What's the matter, Luso?

Luso - It's just a lot to take in all at once. Well, let's see what Cid has to
say. Something tells me he'll be happy to have you with us!

Penelo - I hope you're right! Y'know what, I don't think we've actually been
properly introduced. My name's Penelo.

Vaan - And I'm Vaan. Nice to meecha!

Adelle - I'm Adelle.

Luso - I'm Luso. Good to finally put names to the faces!

A Moment's Repise

*at the pub*

Penelo - Vaan! Over here!

Vaan - Whew. I'm beat.

Penelo - The kids let you go, did they? Looks like they kept you busy.

Vaan - Where do they get so much energy? They must be sipping potions when I'm
not looking. I think I've had enough of tag with that lot for a while.

Penelo - Hmph. You make out like it's a big hardship... but you've always had a
soft spot for the little ones, Vaan.

*Hurdy is performing on stage*

Vaan - That music... it's not bad. Kind of mellow. It reminds me of the old
days in Rabanastre. Running around with the old gang all the time... We had

Penelo - I was thinking the same thing.

*Hurdy finishes; applause*

Hurdy - Kupo? Vaan! Penelo! You... You weren't listening to my performance,
were you, kupo?

Vaan - Hurdy!

Penelo - So that was you playing up there. It was pretty good, Hurdy!

Hurdy - Kupo... Thanks! That means a lot to me. My reception wasn't always so
warm, you know. People used to throw tomatoes! And then you'd have to -fight-
the tomatoes... I guess my journey in search of musical inspiration has paid
off, kupo!

Vaan - Yeah, we'd heard about that, actually. I was pretty surprised to hear
you'd joined up with Clan Gully. Looks like they're treating you fine, at

Hurdy - Well, I'm just glad to see you two looking well, kupo. I'd hear about
your adventures now and then through the grapevine. Even before I joined up
with Luso and the others, kupo. In a few more years, you two will be some of
the top pirates in Ivalice, kupo!

Vaan - We have skills, it's true.

Hurdy - That reminds me! Are you two in touch with Nono at all, kupo? I got a
letter from him the other day. He really misses you two, kupo!

Vaan - Now that you mention it, we haven't seen Nono in a long time, huh.

Penelo - It's been a while since we parted ways in Lemures. Is he still chief
machinist on the Strahl?

Hurdy - No, kupo! He saved up the gil he made doing that and built an airship
of his own! He said she was ready for her maiden voyage, kupo!

Vaan - Whoa! He -built- his own ship!? How fast is it? Faster than the Strahl?
No way!

Hurdy - Well, I don't know all the details, kupo. You should really go and see
for yourselves, kupo!

Vaan - Right. Maybe we'll fly by there, sooner rather than later.

Penelo - You're such a little boy when it comes to airships, Vaan.

Vaan - Don't knock it. Flying airships is my job now, remember? And who doesn't
dream of building their own ship!? You know, Penelo, we should hire our own
machinist one of these days. I mean, we're sky pirates. We have our reputation
to think of, after all. Reputation... that's right! We need a full time
machinist! He could teach me stuff...

Penelo - Have you forgotten how hard it was just buying our ship? Now you want
to hire help!? If we had that much gil lying around, I can think of a few
things I'd want before that.

Hurdy - Well... if you can't afford a machinist, how about a bard, kupo? Act
now and I'll give you a special friend price!

Penelo - First a dancer, now a bard...? We're sky pirates, not a chorus line!

Penelo - Oh, you know you wouldn't have it any other way.

Vaan - *sigh* Guess there's nothing to do but put our noses to the grindstone
and make some gil.

Hurdy - No substitute for hard work, I say, kupo!

Penelo - Hear that, Vaan? Hard work!

Vaan - Who do you think you're talking to!?

The Ritual

"At last, the day when all my dreams shall know fruitionm is nigh! Just a few
finishing touches remain. I trust you'll be on hand to celebrate? I'll be
waiting at the ruins."

Cid - Rather gloomy place for a ceremony.

Illua - I knew you'd come, all the same.

Adelle - So, what are we celebrating?

Illua - A completion, lady hunter. The finishing of my story - the grimoire. I
thought long and hard on what was required to give my story a fitting
conclusion. Then I realized all that was needed was a foe - an archrival, if
you will - to vanquish. Standard heroic fare, don't you agree?

Cid - And then this triumphant hero would rule the land as emperor, I suppose?

Illua - And why not, when that is the path I must walk? My heart's true desire?
I -am- the hero of this tale, after all. A story needs only one.

Cid - *shake head*

Illua - are merely the chorus. Do not deceive yourselves into
believing you are anything more.

Luso - Funny, that's not what my story says. It's a pretty good read, too. Lots
of supporting characters. You could say we all kind of wrote it together. So
don't think I'm ready to toss it just because you like your story more!

Illua - ...The story is already in motion. Let us begin!
Illua - Ishmi iye yarm vil... Know my power, hear my command! Loose these
cursed constraints! *casts dark magic*

*Ezel's card negates it*

You stopped my magick...! How!?

Luso - Ezel's card! It worked! That should keep her sticky paws off our judge!
Illua - ...

Cid - ... *shakes head; turns to leave*

Illua - Not so fast, Cid.

Cid - Hrmm? It's over, Illua. Admit it.

Illua - Oh? Perhaps you've forgotten my...power! *casts dark magic*

Adelle - Huh!? What was that!?

Illua - Faros keos... Deh bhanda zorda... Lamd feorio... I have forged a pact
with Zomala, God of Time. I have compassed time and space, navigated
nothingness and every shade of reality... Zomala, open your gates unto me!

*everyone is teleported to Zellea*

Cid - Jagd... Zellea, the Forbidden Land, no less. Illua is going to use the
rift's power whether the rift wishes it or no.

Luso - Either way, we don't have time to hang out here!

*exit Luso and Cid*

Hurdy - Adelle? What's wrong, kupo?

Adelle - ...

Hurdy - Y-You're crying, kupo? Are you hurt!? Wait here, I'll call Cid and Luso

Adelle - No, wait. I...I'll be fine. Don't call them, please?

Hurdy - Kupo... You sure?

Adelle - I'm sure. It's nothing, really. I was just thinking, once this is
done, once we win...he's leaving. And, I don't know, I just felt like crying.
Hah! Stupid me...stupid!

Hurdy - Kupo...

Adelle - Really, just forget about it, please.

Luso - Hey! What's taking you so long?

Adelle - Coming!
Illua - You're late. *casts dark magic*

Adelle - ...You're opening the rift!

Illua - Alas, all is not yet ready. Not until the final battle is fought. Then,
only then, will the grimoire be complete.

Luso - And you expect us to go along with this!?

Illua - Oh, it matters not what you do, boy. The magick will work. Whether I
prevail or fail, the grimoire will record the truth of my life. It is not I,
but the book that will open the rift.

Luso - What!?

Cid - Calm yourself, Luso. If the rift opens, we'll just close it again.

Illua - Oh? Can you? *summons monsters*

Adelle - We've found it best not to underestimate Luso. Haven't we, Cid?

Cid - Wise words. You'd do well to heed them, Illua.

Luso - Um, guys...

Cid - Leave your doubt behind, Luso. We won't need it where we're going. You
know your power is the greater here. Maybe it is hard for you to see this
yourself... but you possess strengths beyond what you know. Strengths people
like me and Illua discarded long ago... To our loss. You future, too, is a
blank slate - like the remaining pages of your book. Have you ever feared, even
for a moment, what those pages might hold? No. You go on ahead, into the
unknown, never slowing. It is something we could never do.

Luso - But I... No. You're right. If that rift opens, I'll close it. We'll
close it!

Cid - Worried yet, Illua?

Illua - Why would I worry? In the end, I win.
Cid - You reap what you sow, Illua. To think, we were once comrades.

Illua - You must have known, Cid. You must have known I'd follow when you left
us.l.. Khamja.

Cid - Did I not invite you to join me?

Illua - And I refused, as you knew I would. We walk different paths. Mine leads
to the summit of power. It always has.

Cid - ...I know.

Illua - It was nice reminiscing, Cid, but the time for talk is past.

Cid - Agreed. Let's end this.
Illua - Nnngah...! Heh... Pity me, Cid... Power... Power is all I am. Power
shaped me. Power sought me, and I sought it... Always... I feel it coming...
Time... Time is over. *falls*

Cid - ...Farewell.

*Illua's body burns away in purple flames*

Luso - The grimoire!

Cid - It's up to you, now.

*grimoire opens itself, shines and opens the rift; giant monster appears*

Luso - Whoa... I'm not so sure about this! Well, when in doubt, fight, I guess!

Hurdy - K-Kupo! Is running for our lives sounding like a really good idea, or
is it just me? *gulp* Kupo... Don't worry, I won't run on you guys. Somebody
has to play the victory fanfare when we win, right, kupo?

Adelle - *giggles* What are you so scared of, Hurdy? You didn't think we'd
finish this without getting our hands dirty, did you?

Luso - Hey, go easy on him. I'm not doing so well myself.

Adelle - Awh, you've nothing to worry about! I'm here, aren't I? Let's just get
this done with, shall we?

Cid - Ready, Luso? Time to finish your story.

Luso - Okay. Here goes!!! If anyone's gonna give this story a happy ending, it
had better be me! All right... Now how the heck do I fight this thing?

*notices orb of light*

Guess I'll go for that white spot of light. It's right in the middle so it has
to be important!

Cid - Don't get so confident you run out ahead of your support, Luso.

Luso - Back at you, Cid!

Cid - Don't kid yourself. The vagaries of battle aren't novelties to me, boy.

Luso - What's that supposed to mean?

Cid - I've seen a lot in my days is what it means. Too much to make mistakes

*hits the white light; it teleports away*

Luso - What the - It got away?

*hits it again; it teleports again*

Luso - It moved again! Man, this is annoying.

*defeats the Neukhia Pod*

Right, now we can attack from both sides!

*defeats the orb of light*

Okay, the white light's out of commission!

Monster - *ROAR*

Luso - This thing's power is so far beyong anything I've seen here... It'll
make beating it that much more satisfying!

*final strike; monster roars and bright light engulfs all*
*everybody's back at Targ Wood*

Luso - I guess I owe you thanks for a lot, too, Your Honor. I'm ready.

*Judge transforms Luso back to his original school uniform*

Wow, these clothes seem strange. I kinda got used to the stuff you wear

Lezaford - You are...reluctant to leave?

Luso - Heh, yeah, a little. But I've made up my mind. I'm going home. Oh hey,
Cid. Just curious, but... have you heard anything about what's up with Khamja
now that Illua's gone?

Cid - I spoke with an old friend about just that the other day... They were
shaken, yes, but not broken. It has nothing to do with me now.

Luso - No... No it wouldn't. Well...I guess I'll be going.

Hurdy - Kupo!!! W-W-Wait! Don't leave yet, kupo!

Luso - Hurdy?

*enter Hurdy*

Hurdy - It's done! I finished it! I wrote a song for you, Luso. I just finished
it, kupo! I wanted you to hear it before you left...

Adelle - You have time enough for a song, don't you? It's not like anyone is
expecting you to show up.

Luso - Of course I'll listen!

*Hurdy plays Luso's main theme*

Cid - Not bad at all.

Adelle - A bit too good for the likes of Luso, if you ask me.

Luso - *opens grimoire*

Lezaford - Luso, you know the words that must end this?

Luso - Don't worry. There's only one way to end a story. *casts magic*

Lezaford - Luso Clemens. How did you find your adventures in Ivalice?

Luso - Fun... I can't believe how much fun I had. And meeting all of you...

Lezaford - Though you may not see it with your eyes, your time ehre has changed

Luso - I know. I think, even if I forget everything that happened here when I
go back home... my adventures here will always be a part of me.

Lezaford - No matter where your path may lead, heed your heart, be true of

Luso - Thanks, I will. Thank you, everyone. Thanks so much!

Adelle - ...I'm not saying Goodbye. Okay?

Luso - Okay.

Cid - Go. And don't give your aunt any more cause for concern.

Luso - *nods* So long, everyone!

*Luso teleports away*
*Luso is back in the library; with Luso's main theme playing from the music

*enter Mr. Randell*

Mr. Randell - Sorry, Luso. I found a few more papers to grade, and - Hmm?
What's this? *notices Luso sleeping* Up and at it, Luso! This is a library, not
a dormitory!

Luso - Huh? Mr. Randell? Mr. Randell! I...I just had the most amazing
adventure! I was in another world! I-Ivalice! It was called Ivalice!

Mr. Randell - Another world, you say?

Luso - I did so many things! Fighting monsters, riding airships...! Mr.
Randell...? I'm not making this up!

Mr. Randell - Oh, I know. You see, I've been there too. A world of swords...
and magick. It was a long time ago. You can go home now. Don't worry about
cleaning up today. You wouldn't want to waste your summer vacation in here.

*school bell rings*

Luso - Whoa...I didn't realize how late it was. My aunt's gonna kill me. Um,
guess I'll head home then. *heads out*

Mr. Randell - Luso! This notebook...doesn't it belong to you?

Luso - Hey, my journal!

*Mr. Randell hands over the journal to Luso*

Thanks, Mr. Randell. Um, see you later!

Mr. Randell - Goodbye. Enjoy the summer.

*exit Luso; Mr. Randell closes the music box*


*Luso is scolded by his aunt*
*Cid and Clan Gully hunt Hoppy bunnies and dreamhares; Cid and Adelle argue*
*Adelle goes shopping; Cid carries all the bags and shakes his head*
*Hurdy plays his harmonica in town; a crowd gathers and applauds*
*Vaan and Penelo find a treasure chest in a cave; they open it and a mimic
*Lezaford is in his study; enter Adelle and they chat*
*Luso doing his summer assignment*

Luso - August...something. It was sunny. There, that's good enough for
yesterday's entry. Wonder what today's got in store for me...

*exit Luso*


Game Complete

Luso - Lezaford...

Lezaford - I know why you have come. Luso. I will leave this gate crystal open.
You may use it to pass between here and the Forbidden Land as you wish.

Luso - Um, Cid...

Cid - Heh heh. What's the matter, remembered something else you should be
doing? Don't worry. You can keep Illua waiting as long as you like for all I

Luso - Right.

*all enter teleport*
*back in Aldanna*

Lezaford - Welcome back, Luso. I sensed the Mist grow denser... Someone's
attempting to use the rift's power.

Luso - *nod* Well, they're out of luck because I'm closing that rift. But,
before I do...

Lezaford - Have you forgotten what I told you? Do as you feel is best, and you
can do no wrong.

Luso - Right.

Lezaford - Should you wish to return to the Forbidden Land, all you need to do
is come here.

= SIDE QUESTS                                                           (sq3) =

"In the market for a quest, are you?" - Barman

Green Dominion

"There's talk of a strange group gathering in Targ Wood. They stand in a circle
chanting of a 'green dominion' and something they call a 'Njrg'. Look into
this, and see what they're about."
-Domis Streetears

Green Mage Viera - Nrjg, nrjg... Elom nrjg... Green Dominion...

Luso - Those have to be the ones we're after. Sounds like they're chanting a

Um, hey! What exactly are you doing over there?

Green Mage - Green Dominion, heed us. Nrjg, nrjg. Grant us your power.
... Nrjg?

Who can concentrate with this noise!? The incantation is ruined! How close we'd
come to divining a new magick... You will pay the price for disrupting these

Luso - What did you expect, chanting some creepy magick in the middle of the
Green Mage - I am beaten. Not yet has our power grown to maturity. Forgive us
our anger. Fully a day we'd spent preparing, only to have all come to naught. I
go contrite. Let me share the wisdom of the green mage with you. Each month we
come to this place to study the art of these magicks. Join us, should you like.

Luso - That's, uh... nice of you to offer, but I think I'll probably pass.

The First Step

"-Trade Requested-

I will trade my Ocktor Tome of Medicine for your cactus fruit! We will do the
deal in Targ Wood."
-Mack, White Mage

Mack - You have brought the cactus fruit? I will exchange it for this book of
medical knowledge.

Luso - That looks like a really nice book... Are you sure you want to trade it
for this? I'd think you'd be able to find another cactus fruit in the market or

Mack - No. I have committed to memory everything contained within this book,
you see. But the cactus fruit I require to treat a boy who lies seriously ill
as we speak. Please, the fruit.

*Cactus Fruit traded*

Thank you. I could not stray far from my clinic for long. With this, I will be
able to concoct a salve for the boy.

Reagent Run

"The muskmallow, favored herb for treatment of ague, is again in season.
Seeking herbalists to venture into Targ Wood and procure a supply. No previous
experience required."
-Jylland Apothecary's League

Baknamy - Rnak... Rnak...

Luso - Monsters... Why am I not surprised? Looks like this herb hunt won't be a
walk in the park.

Baknamy - Rnaaak!

Luso - Not gonna get any help from him. Better start looking. It's gotta be in
one of those clumps of grass... Only one way to find out!
Joff - This should keep those apothercaries happy. Sure looks unappetizing,
though. Not something I'd ever want to put in my mouth, kupo!

Kyrra, Dragoon

"There's trouble brewing in Targ Wood!

Came across a young bangaa run afoul of a band of ne'er-do-wells. Thinking I'd
be little good agaisnt so many, I ran, hoping to find some as might defend him
well and proper."
-Ksava, Woodcutter

Kyrra - ...

White Monk - Quite a spear you have there. You think to spit your enemies on
it? Hra hra hra! Small wonder you hide beneath a helm. I'd be ashamed to wield
that pig-sticker meself!

Luso - That must be the bangaa who's in trouble.

Kyrra - Spear and helm are part and parcel of the dragoon - a prouder group of
warriors ye'll nae find! Yammer on about me as ye like, but I'll not have ye
drag the name of dragoon through yer filth!

White Monk - Hear that, lads? A dragoon, he says. Hra! Let's show him what we
think of him and his dragoons!

Luso - We have to help him!
Luso - That's all of 'em! You okay?

Kyrra - Did I ask fer yer help? I'd have sent the lot of 'em packing, yer help
or nae!

Luso - Some gratitude! Would it kill you to say thanks!?

Kyrra - It's nae so simple as that... I-I've never been much good at the old
gratitude, see. What say I teach ye to fight like a dragoon? By way of thanks,
I mean. Ye have the look of a hunter. Our methods will serve yer kind well.

Beetle in a Haystack

"I was out walking my pet scarab beetle, Nero, and I lost him! I only took my
eyes off him for a second, but he managed to scamper off somewhere. A friend of
mine gave him to me before he moved away, and Nero's all I have to remember him
by now.

Please help me get him back! I polish him real good every day, so his shell
really shines. Just look for something shiny on the ground and you should find
him in no time!"

Wolf - Grrr...

Cid - That beetle should be around here somewhere...

Wolf - Garrrooo!

Cid - The quest said to look for something shiny. That should be easy enough.
It's the monsters that worry me...
Cid - This is it!

Foodstuffs: Texture

"Foodstuffs needed. You will be required to catch specific monsters at a
specific location. The details are as follows:
- Must have fluffy white fur.
- Enough to feed two.
- To be used as an appetizer, one per serving.
Too many is no good. Too few is also no good."
-Poison Tasters Guild "The Iron Stomach"

Frimelda - Those things all look kind of the same! Hmm... What was the request
again? "Must have fluffy white fur," "enough to feed two," and "one makes one
serving." So... are you from the Iron Stomach?

Bishop - ...Yes, I suppose. No, really I'm only an apprentice. I've not been
formally inducted. This here's simple though: you tell me when you think you've
bagged what you need. As an apprentice, I have to supervise procurement, and
then take the fresh ingredients straight to the kitchen.
Tromel - Can I help you?

Adelle - Here's what we caught!

Tromel - Oh? Got all you need?

Adelle - Sure have!

Tromel - All right. I'll be taking it, then. I'm interested in this particular
dish myself. Can't wait to taste it!

Adelle - I'm not sure I want to know what you're going to make with all this...

Foodstuffs: Aroma

"Foodstuffs needed. You will be required to catch specific monsters at a
specific location. The details are as follows:
-Green and uniquely aromatic.
-Enough to feed two.
-Boil down considerably, so two per serving.
Too many is no good. Too few is also no good."
-Poison Tasters Guild "The Iron Stomach"

Adelle - Erm... Which do we go for? What was that request...? "Green and
uniquely aromatic," "enough to feed two," and "two per serving." ...That's all,
I think.

Tromel - Aye, that's what's needed. I'll be here to observe as part of my
apprenticeship. You let me know when you think you've bagged enough monsters to
fill the order. As you know, I'll be in charge of transporting what you've
Tromel - Can I help you?

Adelle - Here's what we caught!

Tromel - Oh? Got all you need?

Adelle - Sure have!

Tromel - All right. I'll be taking it, then. I'm rather fond of smelly food,
don'tcha know! Can't wait to taste it!

Adelle - I'm not sure I want to know what you're going to make with all this...

Knowing the Beast

"Never become attached. The rules on this are clear. But it is not so easy to
leave one who has fought so long at your side. A dreamhare I had ensorceled
lame its leg and lies wounded in the mountains near Camoa. Will you help me
rescue the poor creature?"
-Ceva, Beastmaster

Ceva - There there, Cappy.

Cappy - ???

Ceva - Be not afraid, little one. We will protect you.

Wolf - *growl*

Luso - I don't like the way those monsters are eyeing that dreamhare.

Ceva - They mean her no good, to be sure. Hold them back while I tend to her

Wolf - *slaver*

Luso - Right. We'll keep you safe while you take care of Cappy. Those monsters
won't make it across if I have anything to say about it!
Luso - They just keep coming don't they?

Cappy - ?!?

Ceva - See? That wasn't so bad, was it? That should do it! I think Cappy can
walk again!

Luso - Great! Now let's get out of here! One thing's been bugging me, though.
How come you can understand what she says? I mean, you can't really talk to
her... can you?

Ceva - All beastmasters speak the language of the beasts. It's not a language
as you might know it, but it is there to be heard if you've ears to listen.

Cappy - !?!

Ceva - She wants me to tell you "thank you". Oh? I think she has something else
to say.

Cappy - !!!

Ceva - What a splendid idea! She thinks I should teach you the secrets of the

Cappy - !!!

Ceva - After all you've done for us, it's the least I can do. But know this...
The bond between beast and master lasts only till battle's end. You must always
be mindful of growing too attached. Of course, I've been fortunate enough to
win this wee one's heart. So I'm going to find a nice quiet place for the two
of us to call home. Come, Cappy!

Wanted: The Cyanwolf

"- WANTED! -

Wanted: The Cyanwolf, a new strain of wolf cited for 17 counts of pasture
damage and 24 counts of disturbing the peace.

Known to travel with a pack, though the mark may be distinguished by its
unusual coloration."
-Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Cyanwolf - Wuuuooooorrrgh!

Luso - I'm guessing that's our mark: the Cyanwolf.

Cyanwolf - Gwooorgh! Gwaaaawrgh! Arroooooooooo!

Luso - ... He doesn't look happy, does he? Let's take this one nice and slow.
Luso - All right!

Camoa Cup

"Clan Tourneys are Under Way!
The next tourney will be the Camoa Cup.
Rules are as follows:
-Maximum team size: 6
-Bouts to be won: 3"

Tourney Guild - Camoa Branch


- Clan Tourney -

The Camoa Cup - Entry bout vs. The Yellow Wings

Kidd, Black Mage - We're up against Clan Gully!? Bwah hah! What luck! Finally,
a chance to make them pay for every minute we were behind bars!

Frimelda - Hey, don't blame us! You weren't sent to prison for doing good
deeds, you know!
Frimelda - Hope they're all that easy!


The Camoa Cup - Elimination Bout vs. The Edge of Magick

Deckard, Black Mage - ... Heh... Heh heh heh!

Frimelda - I have a bad feeling about this... But this is not time to be
scared! Next bout is the finals!
Frimelda - All right! Finals, here we come!


The Camoa Cup - Final Bout vs. The Camoa Braves

Master Monk - Hah! This rabble in the finals? Sure you're strong enough to
carry those weapons?

Frimelda - I hope you're hungry, because you're gonna eat those words!
Frimelda - All right! Victory in the Camoa Cup is ours!

Graszton Cup

"Clan Tourneys are Under Way!
The next tourney will be the Graszton Cup.
Rules are as follows:
-Maximum team size: 4
-Bouts to be won: 3"

Tourney Guild - Graszton Branch


- Clan Tourney -

The Graszton Cup - Entry Bout vs. Humeism

Soldier - Let's get the bout started! We're eager to win!

Frimelda - Someone's confident! They must be good at this.
Frimelda - Good fight! Guess they weren't all bark and no bite.

The Graszton Cup - Elimination Bout vs. Houndforce

Hunter - Look! Our prey still wriggles! We must be swift to skewer it if we are
to savor its freshness!

Frimelda - Us, prey? Well I never!
Frimelda - We won! On to the final bout!

The Graszton Cup - Final Bout vs. The Veluga Pirates

Viking - Yar! Come to cross cutlasses with us, have ye!? Yer either passin'
brave, or itchin' for the grave! To them who loves life: walk on home, 'fore ye
walk the plank!

Frimelda - Not after we've made it this far!
Frimelda - I kinda got a little carried away there... Wouldn't have liked to be
in their shoes! Well, I guess that's life! The Graszton Cup is ours!

Moorabella Cup

"Clan Tourneys are Under Way!
The next tourney will be the Moorabella Cup.
Rules are as follows:
-Maximum participants: 6
-Bouts to be won: 3"

Tourney Guild - Moorabella Branch


- Clan Tourney -

The Moorabella Cup - Entry Bout vs. The Bangaa Brotherhood

Mocedad - If you were in any doubt over which clan's strongest, you won't be
after today! We're the Bangaa Brotherhood!

Frimelda - They sound ready to get it on... It'd be impolite to keep them
Frimelda - One bout cleared! I wonder who's up next?


The Moorabella Cup - Elimination Bout vs. The Nu Mou Nobles

Madreth - Be gentle with us. Our bones are not as hale as they once were.

Frimelda - I'm not buying the old guy line... They look tough for their years!
Frimelda - Oops! Maybe we went a little far!


The Moorabella Cup - Final Bout vs. Arbiters of Death

Illusionist - Now is the time for surrender. Unless you truly wish to be shamed
in front of so many watchful eyes?

Frimelda - Surrender? In the final bout? Now that's what I call shame!
Frimelda - Whoo hoo! The Moorabella Cup is ours!

Fluorgis Cup

"Clan Tourneys are Under Way!
The next tourney will be the Fluorgis Cup.
Rules are as follows:
-Maximum team size: 1
-Bouts to be won: 3"

Tourney Guild - Fluorgis Branch


- Clan Tourney -

Fluorgis Cup - Entry Bout vs. Copykat
*To be fought by champion.

Blue Mage - Be warned: I wield blue magick, which is to wield the powers of
every fiend I have defeated! Do you truly think you can stand against a
lifetime of conquests?

Frimelda - I'd say no...if it wasn't for the fact that I fought all those
monsters too, and won!
Frimelda - Right! Done with the first bout!


The Fluorgis Cup - Elimination Bout vs. The Doubler
*To be fought by champion.

Red Mage - Witness the true power of the red mage!

Frimelda - Great! Try to keep things interesting, hmm?
Frimelda - The second bout is ours! Onward to victory!


The Fluorgis Cup - Final Bout vs. Bedeviled
*To be fought by champion.

Master Monk - Come on now! I'm eager to fight!

Frimelda - Well, nothing to do then but rise to the challenge!
Frimelda - All right, I won! Whew... Being a champion isn't easy!

Goug Cup

"Clan Tourneys are Under Way!
The next tourney will be the Goug Cup.
Rules are as follows:
-Maximum team size: 6
-Bouts to be won: 3"

Tourney Guild - Goug Branch


- Clan Tourney -

Goug Cup - Entry Bout vs. Wild Kupoon

Chocobo Knight - Do you wish to know the secret of our strength, kupo? It is
our bond with our chocobos!

Frimelda - Eeek! Look at all the chocobos! Lose this one and they'll peck our
eyes out!
Frimelda - Heh, all done!


Goug Cup - Elimination Bout vs. Violene

Fencer - Know this: no matter who we face, we'll spare no effort to win!

Frimelda - Great, great. Now let's fight!
Frimelda - That wasn't easy... Still, on to the final bout!


Goug Cup - Final Bout vs. Prima Donna

Mayhew - How could you possibly prevail? I don't see any fans cheering -you-

Frimelda - We'll try to find a way all the same.
Frimelda - Sorry to do that in front of their fans... Thought it was a good
show. Maybe they left happy all the same.

Loar Cup

"Clan Tourneys are Under Way!
The next tourney will be the Loar Cup.
Rules are as follows:
-Maximum team size: 6
-Bouts to be won: 5"

Tourney Guild - Jylland Branch


- Clan Tourney -

Loar Cup - Entry Bout vs. The Camoa Braves

Master Monk - Oi, Clan Gully! Don't even dream this bout will go the way it did
in the Camoa Cup!

Frimelda - What, you again? Go ahead, fight us. I fear the result is gonna be
the same, though.
Frimelda - Hey, we won again! All right!


Loar Cup - Second Bout vs. The Veluga Pirates

Viking - Yar! Ye be wanting to tussle with the likes of us, do ye!? Go home
now, 'fore we cut yer feet and leave 'em to soak in the brine! Hrrm? Ye look...
familiar. Have we crossed blades before?

Frimelda - Um, we did beat you pretty soundly back in Graszton...
Frimelda - I have a feeling they'll forget this fight too...


Loar Cup - Third Bout vs. The 100 Geniuses

Sage - Who dares stand before the might of our chained magicks!?

Frimelda - A mage clan, huh? This could get messy...
Frimelda - I prefer a straight fight to all those magicks, but we did it!


Loar Cup - Elimination Bout vs. The Arbiters of Death

Illustionist - We've come to erase the stain left on our name in Moorabella!
Prepare yourselves!

Frimelda - Sure thing... Ready when you are!
Frimelda - Well fought!


Loar Cup - Final Bout vs. House Bowen

Bowen - The final bout... May the gods of battle smile upon us both!

Frimelda - Let's hope they do! I'm ready to go!
Frimelda - Now that was a fight worthy of the final bout. Happy we won!

Prepared with Love

"My husbad's forgotten his lunch again! After all the work I put into making
it... I need someone to take it to him while it's still fresh."

Chermie - Have you come to take my husband his lunch?

Luso - That's right! *sniff* Uh... what's that smell... if you don't mind me

Chermie - That must be his lunch. The sauce is a recipe all my own! My husband
never eats breakfast before leaving the house, so I'm worried he's not eating
enough. You should find him just outside Camoa. Do hurry!
Chermie's husband - You've come all this way to bring me my lunch? You
shouldn't have... Really.

Luso - I thought you'd be happy to have your lunch.

Husband - Are you hard of smelling!? The only thing worse than the smell is the
taste. *sigh* If I don't eat it, I'll upset my wife. If I -do- eat it, I'll
upset my stomach. She's the most wonderful wife a man could ask for, but she
can't cook to save her life. Well, it's here now. I'll think of something. I
know you meant well, but don't do me any more favors.

Veis, Assassin

"I am Veis, a warrior pilgrim traveling the world and taking such wisdom as she
will give.

I have come to Jylland to train for a time with House Bowen, a hunter clan of
some renown. I request a guide to show me to them."
-Seeker Veis, Assassin

Bowen - There's our mark. *grunt* We don't get paid enough by half for this
work. Watch yourselves!

Veis - House Bowen. At a glance they take the measure of their mark. Their
skill is plain. It is well that I chose them.

Luso - Glad to hear it! So whaddaya say? You guys gonna let her in your clan?

Bowen - She would join us, and you would have us take her. Not so simple, I'm
afraid. What need have we of them as are weak and unproven, eh? I've better
things to do than play at nursemaid.

Veis - As you say. Then I must prove my worth. I will fell this mark before
House Bowen. Perhaps then they will learn to measure friend with the same keen
eye they measure foe.

Luso - We've brought you this far. We won't leave you hanging now!
Luso - Ha! We did it! Give Veis a chance, will ya?

Bowen - Veis, was it? You fought well enough, now that we've had a look at you.
I think you can handle yourself without a nursemaid. Right, then. Welcome to
House Bowen!

Luso - Woohoo! Way to show 'em, Veis!

Veis - Thank you. But I could not have done this without your help. For you. A
gift to lend weight to my thanks. Go with my best wishes, Clan Gully.

Throw Down

"Clan Gully,

We are in pursuit of an infamous monster that promises to be quite a handful...
Would you aid us in driving this menace away?"
-Bowen of House Bowen

Klesta - *roar*

Bowen - I've found you at last, Klesta! Oh, you were sly, how you evaded me...
but no longer!

Lian, Templar - Klesta... So that's the creature House Bowen is after, hrmm?

Bowen - This is our quarry - we'll take the front lines. Clan Gully, you
support us from the rear!

Lian - Fine. But if things don't go to plan, we're moving up!

Bowen - Many thanks. Now, to battle!

Tweigel - ... Are... you all right, Bowen?

Bowen - What is it, Tweigel? I see no cause for you to be concerned. I... I am
in control here.
Klesta - Kweh! Kwe-kweeeeh! *flies away*

Lian - Grah! The beast flees! Quick!

Bowen - No, do not give chase. It is best to let that bird fly for now.

Lian - Hruh!? It only needed one more whack...

Bowen - There is nothing in this world more perilous than a wounded beast.
That, and... No... It is nothing. I am weary from the day. I take my leave now.
Thank you, Clan Gully.

*teleports away*

Lian - What was that about?

Tweigel - I apologize if you are confused by this. The truth is, we have a long
history with that monster. Long, and troubled. We have fought it many times
before. Have you heard of the swordmaiden Friese? She was a famous headhunter
in Jylland. Though it is not widely known, she was a friend of ours. She was
there when we last fought Klesta - a bitter, hard fight. At the end of the
battle, Klesta fled, much as it did today. Bowen saw that Friese still had her
wind, so he sent her to chase it down and finish it. A while later, we heard
the beast's cry from a great distance. We ran in the direction of the cry as
fast as our tired limbs would carry us, eager to savor our victory... but it
was not victory that waited for us - it was the broken body of our comrade. The
wounded beast had slain her.


Friese... was Bowen's wife. Since then, Bowen has acted with more caution than
ever before. He bears the wounds from that time deep in his heart. We all know
caution now. Bowen stopped you... because he did not want you to suffer
Friese's fate... Please understand. Bowen's decision was the right one. This,
we believe.

I Got A Bad Feeling

*Clan Gully stumbles upon Klesta*

Klesta - *roar*

Luso - Whoa... Klesta!? Don't tell me it's come back for revenge!?

Klesta - *roar*

Luso - Man, that thing's something else! It barely has a scratch... after
everything we've thrown at it!

*enter Clan Bowen*

Bowen - Ah... Thank the gods, I made it in time.

Klesta - Kweh...? Kweeeeeeh!!!

Luso - House Bowen!? What're you doing here?

Bowen - Had a feeling in the gut Klesta'd be back. Your days of free ranging
are over! Prepare yourself, monster!

Tweigel - Bowen...

Luso - All right... We'll help House Bowen fight this thing - to the end!
Klesta - *roar* Kweh! Kwe-kweeeeh! *flies away*

Luso - What!? It ran away again!

Bowen - Aye, but with grave injuries, I'd wager. We won't be seeing that one
again for some time. Feh...

Luso - Thank you, Bowen.

Bowen - Ah... Ah ha. No need to thank me. I am only glad we all made it though
in one piece.


"Clan Gully,

I beg your assistance! No sooner had we succeeded in tracking down Klesta's
demesne than Bowen disappeared!

I fear he has gone to deal with the beast himself. We make haste to intercept
him before it is too late, but I would ask that you secure for us some cloudy
sap... it is a vital piece of our strategy for dealing with our flighty foe
once and for all."
-Tweigel of House Bowen

Klesta - *roar*

Bowen - What's wrong, fat fowl!? Surely a burly beast like you isn't afraid to
crush a little thing like me!? Like you... Like you crushed Friese! Do your
worst, feathered fiend!

Klesta - *roar*

Luso - Bowen! You can't go up against that monster alone!

Bowen - Clan Gully!? What are you doing here!? Flee! Flee at once!

Kleasta - *pecks Bowen*

Bowen - Grah... I've tracked you down... found your lair! Fowl fiend! I shall
crush you this day, in all your dire rotundity! For Friese... FOR MY WIFE!

Luso - Uh oh. He's blind with rage! Let's get in there and help him before it's
too late!

*enter Tweigel and rest of House Bowen*

Tweigel - I was not aware House Bowen's numbers had dwindled down to one.

Bowen - You have come, too!?

Loa - We are House Bowen! Whether we live or die, we do it with you.

Veis - I trusted you with my back... Who would there be to protect me were you
to fall out here?

Tweigel - We move together, strike together. Did we not swear that after what
happened to Friese?

Bowen - ... Yes. Yes, we did. Then you'll follow me? To the bottom of the
Underworld if you must?

Tweigel - Of course. Together with Clan Gully, we may just defeat Klesta this
time! To battle!
Klesta - Kweh! Kwe-kwe-kwwwwwork! *takes off*

Bowen - Ngah... So close... And again, it runs!?

Tweigel - No... Not this time! Now, Clan Gully! You know what to do!

Luso - Leave it to us!

*uses Cloudy Sap*

Klesta - ...? Kwork...? ...!!!

*falls back down*

Bowen - You've... stopped it from fleeing!? You've done it! Brilliant! Now
attack! Attack! Attack! ATTACK!!!
Luso - It's over. Finally.

Bowen - ... How long have I waited... And finally... Finally... Rest in peace,
Friese. We defeated it thanks to you, Clan Gully. Were Klesta to have escaped
once more, I know not if I would have had the strength to continue. Time for
us - for me - had stopped since that day. You freed me from the chains of my
past. You have my thanks.

Luso - I'm glad for you. Just take care of yourself better than you did today.
I am sure your wife... Friese... wouldn't want you to join her too soon.

Bowen - Wha-!? How do you know of this!? ... You, Tweigel! Your lips flap too

Tweigel - ... Maybe.

Bowen - ... No matter. I owe you much for coming after your wayward leader...
Rest assured, I plan on taking you with me next time!

Tweigel - You'd better. Allow me to offer my thanks as well, Clan Gully.

Bowen - Until next we meet! May it be as comrades on the field of battle!

The Star Seal

"Have you heard of the 'Stone with No Name'? Those philistines at the Akademy
won't hear a word of it, but I think the Stone bears a message from the distant
past. According to legend, holding the Star Seal to the Stone takes one to a
hidden land, protected by watchful guardians.

I ask you to find the truth."
-Mauri, No-name researcher

Mauri - Ah, thank you for coming! Will you press the Star Seal to the Stone
with No Name and discover its true nature? I'd go myself if only I were able...

Luso - Right, just give me the seal and I'll go check it out!
Baknamy - ...

Luso - There's an odd-looking stone by that monster... Maybe that's the Stone
with No Name and one of the guardians?

Baknamy - Stay... away...!

Luso - Kind of a strange choice for a guardian... Well, let's go try the Star
*examines stone*

Luso - The Stone's reacting to the Star Seal...!

*bright light teleports the party to a strange place*

Luso - Whoa! Where are we!? Maybe this is the hidden land with the guardians?

Baknamy - Leave...

Luso - Those must be the guardians. Something tells me we're not very welcome.

Baknamy - No forgiveness... none!

Luso - Let's deal with these monsters, then worry about where we are.
Luso - If the Stone with No Name is a message from the ancients, just what is
it trying to say?

The Moon Seal

"The Stone with No Name was no mere stone! What wisdom did the ancients leave
for us to find? I'll need to know more in order to decipher their message to
us. The legend tells of three seals. I want you to try the second, known as the
Moon Seal."
-Mauri, No-name researcher

Mauri - *cough* *cough* Pardon me... Thank you for coming! Will you press the
Moon Seal to the Stone with No Name and discover its true nature?

Luso - Sure, just give me the seal and I'll go check it out!
Baknamy - ...

Luso - There's an odd-looking stone by that monster... Maybe that's the Stone
with No Name and one of the guardians?

Baknamy - Leave... Out of our sight...

Luso - Kind of a strange choice for a guardian... Well, let's go try the Moon
*examines stone*

Luso - The Stone's reacting to the Moon Seal...!

*bright light teleports party to a strange place*

Luso - Looks like we've wound up in yet another place. Okay, so this is the
hidden land which the guardians watch over? Not a bad place, really.

Baknamy - Leave...

Luso - Those must be the guardians. Something tells me we're not very welcome.

Baknamy - You... kill... all of you.

Luso - Let's deal with these monsters, then worry about where we are.
Luso - We'll let Mauri do the rest of the investigating.

The Sun Seal

"I begin to grasp the message within the Stone, yet only dimly... Perhaps I
have erred, made some fundamental mistake in my research. I need you to try the
Sun Seal to know if I am right or wrong."
-Mauri, No-name researcher

Mauri - *cough**cough* Pardon *cough* me... Thank you... Please, press the Sun
Seal to the Stone with No Name... discover its true nature.

Luso - You don't seem too well... Maybe you should rest while I check out the
Baknamy - ...

Luso - There's an odd-looking stone by that monster... The Stone with No Name
and its guardian, as always.

Baknamy - Be gone...

Luso - Kind of a strange choice for a guardian... Well, let's go try the Sun


The Stone'is reacting to the Sun Seal...!

*bright light teleports the clan*
Luso - Carried away to yet another place. The hidden land watch over by the
guardians, most likely.

Baknamy - Leave...

Luso - Ah, the usual glare...

Baknamy - You will not leave this place alive...

Luso - Let's deal with these monsters, then worry about where we are.
Luso - We'll let Mauri do the rest of the investigating.

The Stone With No Name

"My teacher, Mauri discovered the message within the Stone with No Name, yet he
passed away before he could see his research through till the end. He once told
me that the "Stone with No Name is three stones in one, the magickal instrument
of antiquity that sealed off an Otherworld from our knowledge". He told me
never to go near the Stone, nor pry too deep into its secrets. But... I would
see his research completed."
-Taura, Favored pupil

Taura - Thank you so much for coming. Mauri warned me against delving too deep
into the Stone's secrets, but I cannot let his research die with him. You must
help me uncover the truth behind his work.

Luso - Something tells me he warned you for a reason... but I'm kinda curious
myself. All right, I'll do my best!
Luso - Look! The three stones!

Luchorpan - You are not welcome! Go back! Back!

Luso - The guardians are a bit different this time around... Whatever. Let's
try out the three seals!

Joff - The Stone's reacting to the Star Seal, kupo!

Karie - The Stone's reacting to the Sun Seal...!

Luso - The Stone's reacting to the Moon Seal...!

*light teleports the clan in front of a demon wall*

This doesn't look good... We must have done something to wake it. Guess that
makes it our job to finish it off!
Luso - We did it. We stopped it... "Three stones in one, the instrument that
sealed off an Otherworld from our Knowledge". We should have taken Mauri's
warning more seriously.

Cilawa the Gluttonous

"I've thought up a new formula I'm eager to put to the test. I'll need someone
to bring me a fresh rat tail for the mixture."
-Cilawa the Gluttonous

Cilawa - Hrm? Brought a rat tail for me, have you? It's for a potion. I am an
apothecary by trade, you see. Sadly, many of the ingredients we use are so
delicious, they never reach my mortar and pestle.

Luso - I... see.

Cilawa - That rat tail does set my stomach rumbling... Let me take it off your

Luso - Not so fast! I didn't go to all this trouble to bring you a snack! I'll
give it to you, but you have to promise to use it in your potion.

*delivered rat tail*

Cilawa - Oh, my new mixture! I'd completely forgotten! Of course, of course.
I'll just... Hmm... *crunch* *crunch* Ahhhh! I've done it again! Perhaps I'm
just not cut out to be an apothecary. I think I'll try a new line of work. A
clan like Culinary Crusade may be more to my, er... taste.

The Trappings of Failure

"In response to monster attacks in the regions outlying the city proper, we set
a number of traps to rid ourselves of the beasts once and for all. Alas, the
traps had no effect. Worse still, they now pose a danger to our citizenry.
Please destroy these traps before they can do any real harm."
-Camoa Ministry of Wildlife

*notices Banshee and Sprites*

Adelle - The monsters can fly! No wonder the traps didn't work. Now it's up to
us to spring them all.
Adelle - Let's hope they think a little harder before deciding on traps next

A Voice from the Well

Red King of Cinquleur

"We of Cinquleur seek battle with the strongest of warriors! Defeat me if you
can, and you shall be rewarded!"
-Red King Ruuj of Cinquleur

Ruuj - Ah, a challenger! I am Red King Ruuj... master of red magicks!

Luso - Red King of Cinquleur... A viera, and from the sound of it, one tough

Ruuj - The clan I last fought crumbled in moments... hardly sporting. I beg
you... at least give me some entertainment!

Luso - I don't get the feeling she's bluffing... Take care!
Ruuj - Nnk... Not bad... You might provide a suitable distraction for the Blue

Luso - The Red King was bad enough... And it sounds like she's not the last!

Blue King of Cinquleur

"We of Cinquleur seek battle with the strongest of warriors! Defeat me if you
can, and you shall be rewarded!"
-Blue King Bliu of Cinquleur

Bliu - Ah, I have been waiting for you to arrive ever since hearing from the
Red King... I am Blue King Bliu... weilder of blue magicks!

Luso - Seeing as he's next in line, I'm guessing he's even stronger than the
Red King.

Bliu - If you would know, then fight me. The truth reveals itself not in
chatter, but battle! We fight!

Luso - This one's gonna be tough. Strike fast and hard!
Bliu - Ah... A fine battle, do you not think? The Green King will know of this!
That is to be your next adversary.

Luso - Not another one... Why exactly are we fighting again?

Green King of Cinquleur

"We of Cinquleur seek battle with the strongest of warriors! Defeat me if you
can, and you shall be rewarded!"
-Green King Verre of Cinquleur

Verre - You are the ones the Blue King spoke of? I am Green King Verre, wielder
of green magicks!

Luso - The Green King... is a lady? These Cinquleur are a mixed bunch. I wonder
why they fight?

Verre - We of Cinquleur were drawn together by a shared love of victory and
strength in battle. Do you not know joy when victorious over your foe? This is
all we seek - not reward, not fame, but victory.

Luso - Sure, we fight to win... But that's not all we do!
Verre - A superb battle... save the fact that I lost. I will tell the Black
King of the value I have seen in you today.

Luso - Maybe now would be a good time for the Green King to rethink -her-

Black King of Cinquleur

"We of Cinquleur seek battle with the strongest of warriors, kupo! Defeat me if
you can, kupo, and you shall be rewarded!"
-Black King Nware of Cinquleur

Nware - I've heard good things about you from the Red King, kupo! I am Black
King Nware, master of Black Magicks! Kupo-po!

Luso - That's the Black King of Cinquleur, huh? Not as scary as I imagined.

Nware - Judge me by the size of my pom-pom, will you, kupo!? Ooh, I detest your
kind so! Expect no mercy from me, kupo! No mercy!

Luso - I guess I could be wrong... Let's fight!
Kupo-po! It's been a while since I last lost a fight! Next you face Cinquleur's
rearguard, the White King, kupo!

Luso - Rearguard? Let's hope that means he's the last!

White King of Cinquleur

"We of Cinquleur seek battle with the strongest of warriors! Defeat me if you
can, and you shall be rewarded!"
-White King Blanch of Cinquleur

Blanch - Welcome. I am the White King, wielder of white magicks.

Luso - The White you're the last.

Blanch - Yes. I am the pinnacle of the might tha is Cinquleur! I trust you will
make this last battle your best, Clan Gully!

Luso - This one looks and sounds toughest of all... But we've come too far to
Blanch - I am defeated... But it was a battle worth fighting!

Luso - That should be the end of them... Can't believe it's over.

The Five Kings

"We of Cinquleur seek battle with Clan Gully!"

Ruuj - We are Cinquleur... and we seek only power!

Luso - Whoa! That's the entire clan!

Bliu - We are Cinquleur!

Verre - Battle and victory! These we hold above all!

Nware - We've lost to you too many times, kupo!

Blanch - We shall lose no more! The final reckoning is nigh!

Ruuj - To battle, Cinquleur! And to victory!

Luso - Here they come! Let's give 'em all we got!

The Perfect Gift

"It's nearly my mother's birthday, and I want to give her some flowers as a
gift, kupo. I need someone to gather some pretty, pink flowers for the
-Genne, Devoted Son


It's the Thought

"I've been thinking of getting a gift for my employer. A little treat of sorts
- but something healthy. They say succulent fruit has a number of benefits. But
not too many, I hope. If he were any healthier, he would work me to death!"
-Tagore, Aspiring Apprentice

Tagore - Ah, you've brought the succulent fruit! My employer will be delighted,
I'm certain.

Luso - It's supposed to be good for you, right? What's it like?

Tagore - Aside from being succulent, you mean? It's actually quite a potent
magick restorative, and even serves as an antivenom. Few people realize it's
the skin that holds the greatest quantities of active ingredients. Most people
peel it off without a second thought. Still, word will get 'roun eventually.

Now that I think of it, I'm not sure my employer will get much benefit from it.
Well, he'll have to settle for enjoying the flavor, I suppose!

Wanted: Shiny Maces

"Ngaaa! I'm short-handed! Don't have anyone to polish up these maces! You
interested? If you can so much as hold a mace, you're the right one for the
job! Ten days or so ought to help me clear out the backlog."
-Chita, Chita's Weaponers

Chita - Ngah...! You young 'uns again? Oooh boy. I don't think you've got what
it takes, boy!

Luso - Oh, I'm not here to do it. One of my clanmates is going to.

Chita - Ha! Well, maybe this will work out yet. So, who will it be? Ten days in
the workshop with ol' Chita!

*sends Jerrog, Sage*

I can't say as this one will do any better than you, boy! Well, I'll see if I
can't whip 'em into shape. Hra ha!

Jerrog - Ten days... with him? Very well. I'll do my best. *sigh*

Komodo Departure

"I have to deliver some merchandise, and the road promises to be treacherous.
Guards needed!
Pay: 2,200 gil
The successful applicant will have confidence in their sword arm, be passionate
about their work, and love to quaff potions."
-Komodo Potions

Komodo Trader - Ahhh! Bandits! Robbers! Right before my eyes! Celestine!!!
Tell Mum I love her!!!

Graszton Seaways Warrior -Simmer down, simmer down. We're no bandits! We're
from Graszton Seaways. See, we've gone and used up every last potions we had...
You're from Komodo Potions, aren't you? Think you could spare us some potions?
We'd pay, of course.

Luso - So much for your bandits. Are you going to give them some potions?

Komodo Trader - Aaaaaugh! I-Is that what they want!? B-But I'm just a little
guy! Rank and file! I can't authorize that! A-And I just drank all our extra
potions. Aaaaah! If I'd only known this was going to happen...! I could've
studied harder, joined a bigger company, somewhere like House Prost!

Warrior - What's this guy's problem? Fine, if he won't sell us what we need,
we'll take it! Don't worry, we'll leave gil for what we take.

Luso - I see your point... but I can't let you do that.
Luso - There! That should keep them away for a while.

Trader - Th-Thank you! I owe you my gratitude... No! Komodo Potions owes you
its gratitude! You really do know how to fight, don't you! I didn't even see
you break a sweat! And not a potion was lost, either!

Luso - Good to hear. So, how much farther do you need to go?

Trader - Oh, it's still quite a way, but I'll be fine on my own! Why, just
seeing you in action makes me feel much braver! I'm ready for anything!

Wanted: Lang Bros.

"- WANTED! -

Wanted: The Lang Brothers, for the injury of 28 members of the Arbiters of
Death, a clan to which they formerly belonged.

The eldest is a fierce warrior; the second, a skilled knife-fighter; the third,
a famed archer; and the youngest brother, a wielder of magicks."
-Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Fighter - Keh! Look what the malboro dragged in.

Black Mage - The fat ol' merchant we just did for 'ad ten times the fight in
'im, I'd wager. Wouldn't you think so, brother?

Archer - Ah, not that 'e's got much fight left in 'im now. 'Tis all 'e can do
to sit up in 'is 'ospital bed... And why would that be, brother?

Thief - Why, because we beat 'im to within an inch of 'is life! ... On account
of 'ow 'is pudgy 'ands were slow to reach for 'is coin pouch. Ain't that right,

Fighter - Oh, quite, quite, my brother. We are nothin' if not thorough...
Perhaps our newest acquaintance needs things to be stated more... plainly? Give
us yer gil, or we'll smash yer 'ead in!!!

Luso - Sounds like the Arbiters of Death aren't the only ones you've messed up.

Fighter - The Arbiters of Death...?

Black Mage - Ahh... I have vague memories of that lot. One spilled his drink on
my brother's foot as I recall... Isn't that right, brother?

Archer - Piqued my wrath it did. A fact I let 'im know in no uncertain terms.
That's all. Weren't that the way of it, brother?

Thief - Ah, and then there were the ones what tried to stop the fight... Heh
heh! Right, brother?

Fighter - Yes, yes, 'tis all true. How proud I am of all of you, my brothers!
You see? Them Arbiters oafs 'ad it comin' to em.

Luso - You knifed nearly thirty guys over a spilled drink!? You're a threat to
Fighter - H-How could we fail, my brothers? Brothers...?

Luso - You'll have plenty of time to think it over in prison.

An Earnest Search

The Way of the Meek

It's a Trap!
Wanted: Sidekick
A Simple Question

Kids These Days

"Some of our younger clan members have been carrying on in the pub, disturbing
the peace, as it were. I reckon it's best to teach them a good lesson now, and
nip the problem at the bud. That's where you come in. Give 'em a good thrashing
for me!"
-Criek, Clan Criek leader

Hume Soldier - Ha! I didn't even think those -were- ears!

Hume Thief - That was nothing. You should've been there when he found that case
of rabbits.

Bangaa Warrior - That's not the half of it! The look one Criek's face when
he found out... priceless!

Bangaa White Monk - That it was, that it was. That's why I always say -

Hume Soldier- Hm?

*notices Clan Gully*

Look what the moogle dragged in. This here is by invitation, and I don't recall
sendin' one our to you. Get lost!

Luso - We're not going anywhere.

Soldier - Just who do ya think you're talkin' to? Let's get 'em, boys!

Luso - So much for talk. Looks as though a fight is the only thing that will
get through to them.
Luso - Maybe that will give them something to think about.

Mushroom Chef
Wayward Drake

"I awoke one morning to find my drake, Goud, missing without a trace. I haven't
the slightest notion where he might have gone.

Well, that's not entirely true. I've heard rumor that a drake was recently
sighted in the Aldanna Range. I need someone to venture there and discover
whether or not it is my dear Goud."
-Mr. Grann

Penelo - There's the drake we're looking for.

Goud - Hareeth!

Penelo - It looks a bit worked up. Better wear it down before we try to capture
it. Taking care of these other monsters first wouldn't hurt, either.
Penelo - There we are. Now let's get him home before something spooks him.

Shipping Out

"We're up to our ears in shipping orders. It's getting so bad, I've even
thought about taking on baknamy! As it is, the freight keeps piling up, and we
don't have enough hands to keep it moving. If you aren't afraid of a little
hard work, we've got a job for you."
-Noy, Long-ear Freight

Noy - Thanks for comin'. I want you to take this here parcel to Graszton. Don't
let its size fool ya. It's the heaviest of the lot.

Luso - Just my luck...

Noy - You say somethin'? There's plenty more where this come from, so hop to

*obtain spruce*

Make sure you don't knock it 'round none, neither. Any damages, -we- foot the
bill. Well, Graszton won't be comin' here, so best get goin' there!
Bangaa - Finally decide to show up, eh? You've got the last parcel I'm

Luso - This is hard stuff. Makes fighting monsters seem like a vacation.

Bangaa - Give it here, let me see that it's all in one piece.

*hands over Spruce*

Looks all right. Not a scratch on it. You're not half bad at this. Thanks
again, lad.

To Be a Fighter

"Who will you find at the front line of any army worth its salt? Fighters, and
plenty of 'em.

Prove yourself worthy. Best us in combat, and we'll teach you the ways of the
sword and fist."
-Jeorge, Mailed Fist Regular

Jeorge - What have we here? More challengers?

Luso - So these are fighters. Looks as though they've seen their share of
battle. This won't be easy.

Jeorge - Hope you put up a better fight than the last lot. Not lightly do we
share the secrets of our trade.

Luso - Then I hope we don't disappoint.
Jeorge - ... No slouch, you. Enough, I will show you our ways. A fighter relies
on his sword arm and his magick, but above all else his spirit. Blades may be
broken and spells turned aside, but while the spirit is strong, no battle is

Luso - So the spirit is a fighter's greatest weapojn. I won't forget.

The Goug Consortium

"Kupo! Some members of our department went to field-test our latest prototype,
but they haven't returned, kupo! We need someone to see if they're all right.
If that gun were to fall into the wrong hands... well, let's not think of
-Goug Consortium, Department of Ranged Mutilation


Gougmoog Worker - Kupo! You don't give up easy, do you, kupo. This is your last
warning! You're not getting our gun, and that's that. Kupo!

Luso - Last warning? What happened to the first?

Kupo-po! You can't fool me! I see which way your pom-pom leans. And I know the
stench of the Zedlei Consortium when I smell it, Kupo!

Luso - I've never even -heard- of the Zedlei Consortium. You've got the wrong
Gougmoog - Ku... kupo-po? We thought you were after our gun. What a terrible
mistake! Can you... can you ever forgive us, kupo? I know! What say we teach
you the art of gunmanship, and call it even.

Luso - Wow, thanks. Looks like the Goug Consortium is gonna have itself some
new customers!

Wanted: Sidekick

"By the archmage Lezaford and all those great men and women who followed him
into the annals of history was our world shaped.

Surely, such potential must exist today no less than it did in ages of old! Two
months is all I ask! Lend me your aid on my journey to find these great people
of our time!"
-Marcol, Researcher of Future History

Marcol - Ah? Ah! I've been waiting for you! I am Marcol, your, er, client, and
erstwhile student of history. Do you not agree that the great historical
figures were, well, great? Take the great mage Lezaford, for example. He -made-
the laws!!!

Luso - Um, yeah, I know about Lezaford.

Marcol - Ah? Ah! Of course you do, of course. But you know what the problem
with historical figures is? They're dead! You can't meet them... so I thought
to travel Jylland and meet the people who will become famous! I'll need
protection, and assistance. I cannot gurantee dry lodgings every night, but
such is adventure!

*Luso sends Rodanu, Ranger*

Marcol - Ah... Ah! Does the heart not sing when you imagine the people we'll
meet? The places we'll go!? Incidentally, we won't be going anywhere thick in
Mist like the Aldanna Range, so have no fear!

Rodanu - Fifteen days with this old coot!? I'd sooner chew off my own leg...

The Forests of Loar

"-Annual Wayfarer's Expedition!-
Visit all the below areas within 6 days and receive a stamp in your wayfarer's
log to win valuable prizes!
-Marsa Wayfarers Association

List of Destinations:
-Targ Wood
-The Bisga Greenlands
-Zedlei Forest"

Luso - Let's see, where's that stamp...? There! Nice and neat.
Luso - There's supposed to be a stamp around here somewhere... Ah, there it is!
Luso - Let's see, where's that stamp...? There! Nice and neat. That's the last
of them!

For the Cause

"Salutations from Carm Mercantile.

We would like to share with you our experiences protecting endangered monsters.
While monsters can be dangerous in their own right, they can also be used for
food and the making of medicines. Please make a donation to help us prevent the
overhunting of mosnters, and ensure a prosperous future for all."
-"From Shipwrighting to Foodstuffs - We're Carm Mercantile"

White Mage - Thank you for supporting Carm Mercantiles's efforts to protect
endangered monsters! We ask for a minimum donation of 100 gil, but don't let
that stop you giving more if you're feeling generous!

Luso - Hmm... I suppose even monsters need a helping hand sometimes...


White Mage - Thank you for your support! Every donation, no matter how small,
helps the cause! On behalf of Carm Mercantile, thanks, and come back any time!

Luso - Heh, it was the least I could do.

The Genuine Article

Books of Magick

"I'm going to fail this year, I know it. I can't fail! Please, could someone
explain about grimores to me in really simple terms?

After that, if they could tell me about the Four Great Spirits, and the...
(amended for length)"
-Parore, Akademy Student

Lezaford - Welcome, welcome, Luso. How may I serve you?

Luso - I got this request from an Akademy student wanting to know about
grimoires. I thought you might be the one to ask, Lezaford.

Lezaford - Oh, any magickal tome can be called a grimoire - they're a large and
varied lot. I will write down a more detailed explanation for you to take with
you. You may show it to anyone you like... provided you keep its origin secret,
of course!

Komodo Search

Tree Hugging

The Nu Mou Nobles

"I am called Madreth, clan leader of the Nu Mou Nobles. I seek a kind soul to
fetch a phial of healing water and a sheaf of recall grass. We wait beneath the
lone tree on Baptiste Hill."
-Madreth, Nu Mou Nobles

Madreth - Ah! You've come about the quest, am I right?

Luso - Yup. I've got everything you asked for right here. Mind if I ask what
you're going to use it for?

Madreth - Reagents, my boy! These should make just the tonic I need. I'm an
arcanist, you see. I work arcane magicks. But I've had difficulty concentrating
of late. *sigh* And just before our battle with the Bangaa Brotherhood,
wouldn't you know.

Luso - I'm guessing not just anybody can cast arcane magick. You must be a
pretty sharp tack.

*hands over recall grass and healing water*

Madreth - A sharp tack! Ha ha! I daresay you're not so dull yourself! That
gives me an idea. I could teach you the ways of the arcanist, if you like. And
while I'm at it, I'll give you another pearl of wisdom: beware the Bangaa
Brotherhood. Their leader Mocedad is the worst. If muscles were brains, he'd be
a rare genius, that one!

The Bangaa Brotherhood

"Mocedad's the name, leader of the Bangaa Brotherhood. We're looking to get our
hands on a fire stone and a piece of zirconium.

If anyone happens on any they'd be willing to part with, they can find us
camped along the highroad in the Bisga Greenlands for a time."
-Mocedad, Bangaa Brotherhood

Mocedad - You the one come about the bill?

Luso - That's me. Got everything you asked for right here. But, uh... what are
you gonna use all this for?

Mocedad - Ha! Well y'see, my hand-cannon up and stopped working on me. I need
these parts to fix it. Wouldn't you know it had to break down just before our
battle with those Nu Mou Nobles. I'm what they call a cannoneer. And you can't
be much of a cannoneer without a cannon, eh?

Luso - A cannoneer, huh? Staying back... shooting things... Now you're talking!

*hands over fire stone and zirconium*

Mocedad - I like you, kid. You know a good job when you hear one. Tell you
what. Why don't I show you the ins and outs of cannoneering? While I'm at it,
I'll do you another favor and warn you off of those Nu Mou Nobles. That leader
of theirs Madreth is the worst. You don't want to get caught up with that ilk!

Instrument of Inspiration

"This is terrible! A tragedy! A travesty!

My concertina is nowhere to be found! How can I possibly perform without it? I

I need someone to help me find it! Come with all haste!"
-Mayhew, Prima Donna

Mayhew - You must be the clan that accepted my quest. I'm Mayhew of Prima
Donna. You're charmed, I'm sure.

Luso - Prima Donna, huh? Whaddaya know.

Mayhew - Our fame precedes me, I see. When we're not performing, we often
travel alone. Anyway, I called you here because I've lost my concertina. I'd
set out to spend a day shopping in town, but I must've dropped it on the way.
It must be around here somewhere, but the fresh snow is making it hard to find.
Not to mention the monsters...

Ice Drake - Grrrr...

Luso - Not exactly a good place to be alone, no matter how important this
concertina is.

Mayhew - How sweet of you to worry! But it's quite unnecessary, I assure you.
As you can see, my devotees are here helping me look. Sadly, they can't seem to
tell a concertina from a rock, so they've not been very helpful. Which is why
you're here!

Ice Drake - Grrrr...!

Luso - All right, let's find that concertina! Wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on
Mayhew while we're at it. The devotees have it this far on their own. They can
probably look after themselves.
Watz - That's a concertina and no mistake. We've found it!

Mayhew - My concertina! Well done! I can't compose my music on anything else.
Thank you so much!

Watz - No trouble, lass. Best of luck with the songwriting.

Mayhew - You've given quite a performance. I know just the proper reward! I'll
teach you how to become a raptor! Raptors are warriors to be feared. Our
devastation techniques live up to the name. Not much use when looking for
things in the snow, of course, but somehow we manage.

Kupoppy Flower

A Lady's Proposition

"I want to fight against a monster and know the thrill of battle for myself.
Father tells me to put such thoughts from my mind, but I will have none of it.
Will you fight alongside me? I wait in the Rupie Mountains."
-Syrenead Sie Hyskaris

Syrenead - Finally you've come. I have been waiting. The creature I mean to
battle is the wyrm above us.

Nagaraja - Ungrrr...

Cid - A wyrm... Isn't that a rash choice for your first battle?

Syrenead - The wyrm is fierce and bold. Why should my first adversary not be
one worthy of me?

Nagaraja - Kraa!

Cid - If she's nervous about her first battle, she's not showing it. Well,
let's be sure to keep her safe while we take care of the wyrm!
Cid - It's done, and she's safe.

Syrenead - So this is what it's like? I thank you.

Cid - You seem pleased. I suppose anyone would, after that.

Syrenead - When I tell my father I felled a wyrm in my first battle, he's sure
to be proud.

A Lady's Persistence

"Father didn't believe I defeated a wyrm in my first battle. Perhaps if I
capture it and show it to him he will not find it so easy a claim to dismiss.
Will you assist me? I wait in the Rupie Mountains."
-Syrenead Sie Hyskaris

Syrenead - You've finally arrived. Good. The wyrm I wish to capture is there.

Nagaraja - Sss...

Cid - You're sure you want to go through with this?

Syrenead - It is the same wyrm we defeated in our last battle. If I am to prove
to father that I defeated it, no other will do.

Nagaraja - Kraaa!

Cid - This wyrm's luck is no better than ours.
Cid - It should be safe for you to capture it now. Bringing it home is another

Syrenead - Even so, that is what I mean to do. Father cannot deny my claim in
the face of such proof. And who could ask for a more unique pet?

Cid - A wyrm for a pet... That sounds like trouble in the making.

Syrenead - You've earned my gratitude again. Well done!

A Lady's Insistence

"The wyrm I keep at our home is well-behaved and docile, but a group of our
neighbors have voiced complaint. Such ignorance...

To appease them, I've resolved to cut off my poor pet's horn - that should make
him appear less fearsome. This is easier said than done, however, and I shall
require help."
-Syrenead Sie Hyskaris

Syrenead - I was beginning to think you'd never arrive. My wyrm is there. Shall
we proceed?

Nagaraja - Hsssth.

Cid - Cutting off its horn seems rather a cruel way to deal with this. But if
there's no alternative...

Syrenead - We can't have you going into a rage while we trim the horn, Vasuki,
so we must weaken you first. This may hurt, but you're a wyrm - you'll survive.

Nagaraja - Grak!

Cid - Vasuki? Whatever its name, let's be careful not to hurt it too badly.
Cid - That should do it. But what if this isn't enough to quiet the complaints?

Syrenead - You must forgive his anger. There was no other way. If still they
will not accept him, I will hear no more of their petty complaints! I will not
let them separate us!

Cid - You're certainly devoted. I hope this is the end of your troubles.

Syrenead - I should not think to need your help again. Go, and know I am ever

Speed Battle, Kupo!

Of Kupos and Cannons

"Strange noises punctuate the night. There's naught but trees and the
occaisonal abandoned well for many leagues, yet the din of "kupo"s and firearms
is quite overwhelming.

I can scarcely focus, never mind study, and so I find myself turning to
frivolous fictions.

Predictably, my schoolwork has begun to suffer and my very future is now in
peril. Please find the cause of this nuisance and put a stop to it!"
-Orposi, Sophomore (again)

Luistorg - Kupo! A starry sky, a gentle breeze... A perfect night for firing
practice! Kupo!? Who's there? What do you want?

Luso - So you moogles are the ones making all that racket. You can't just make
noise at all hours of the night. Can you try and keep it down?

Luistorg - Kupo! What we do inside our homes is our business! C'mon up, boys!
Let's show 'em how noisy we can be, Kupo!!!

Luso - You mean there's even more down there? Guess it's time to knock some
sense into these moogles!
Luistorg - Enough, kupo! We can't take any more! We'll teach you how to be a
flintlock - anything, kupo! Just don't hurt us! And we'll be quiet, too.
Moogle's honor, kupo!

Luso - Thanks. I wasn't sure how long that was gonna take. Guess that Orposi is
gonna have to find some new excuse not to study now. Heh.

Wanted: The Mirage Bunny

"- WANTED! -

Wanted: The Mirage Bunny, for 1,268 counts of footpadery and 4,232 counts of
eating and running.

Small in size, adorable in aspect, and quick to flee the scene of the crime."
-Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Mirage Bunny - *sproing sproing* *jump for joy*

Luso - So that's the thief everyone's talking about. Hard to believe something
so little could cause so much trouble...

Mirage Bunny - ...Ook! *notices Clan Gully* ...Urp? Coo...? Coowee...? *wags
tail* Coowee! Coowee!

Luso - Oh yeah, real cute, thief! Give it up!
Luso - Right! Glad that's over with!

Bonga Bugle - Goldsun

"Greetings! Bonga Bugle Head Editor here! This month: the Field of Hidden
Treasures! A place where treasures are said to spring into being beneath the
ground... all by themselves!

Reporting assistants wanted."
-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

Head Editor - Hail, good friends! Bonga Bugle Head Editor here! This month: an
inquisitive inquiry into the Field of Hidden Treasure! Can we uncover the
mystery of this mysterious place!? How could treasures just appear within the
earth? What strange, unnatural laws govern this glittering generation? Some
legends say there's even more: a treasure that lies buried beneath the others!
...So, let's get on with the unearthing of mystery... and treasure, shall we?

Luso - So, this is a treasure hunt? Cool! Sounds like fun!

Head Editor - You can't find treasure using your nose alone.. which is why I'm
giving you this Treasure Detector! Oh, and do be sure to return it. The Owner
kindly lent it to me... and I'd rather he didn't find out. Ahem! Allow me to
quote the high informative instruction manual. Let's see...

"1. Walk all around!
2. You'll eventually get a reaction from the detector!
3. Dig! Did like your life depended on it! Dig for all you're worth!
4. Treasure shall be yours! Bwah ha ha ha!"

...Or some such. So, shall we? Let's try digging in... oh I don't know... three
places this time around. Dig much more than that, and there won't be anything
left for me - erm... it might damage the environment! Right then! Let's see
some treasure finding! Begin!

Luso - Okay! Look out treasure, here I come!
Luso - Whew! Finished.

Head Editor - Ho ho! The mystery unravels before our eyes! And treasure! Such
treasure! Muah hah hah... Not bad for a day's work, eh? And what a report I've
composed! One of my finest, I dare say.

Luso - Hey, that's great! I'm looking forward to the... Huh? Um, Head Editor...
what are you doing? Isn't this the part where you go back to the office and

Head Editor - Erm? Eh, well I was just going to dig a little... right. V-Very
well! Good day to you! And on behalf of the Bonga Bugle, I hope you'll be sure
to read more!

Bonga Bugle - Skyfrost

"Greetings from the Bonga Bugle! This month we'll be taking a look at special
places, traveling far and wide across Jylland to find the best and the most
beautiful! And I'll need assistants!"
-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

*Selection by interview. Cool and collected applicants preferred.
Head Editor - Greetings, greetings! Bonga Bugle Head Editor, here! And we're
looking at... that's right, famous places! Ahem! But before we get started...
I'd like to conduct a simple interview, if you would? All right, here goes!


"The Bugle Owner owes interest on a 60-year airship loan".

Luso - ... *smirk*

Head Editor - ... Oh ho! Yes! You're cool, you're very cool! Why, I feel a
slight chill! Congratulations. You're hired!

Luso - All right!

Head Editor - So, if I may begin... This time we'll be investigating the Ruins
of Delgantua! I'll be heading out now! See you there! And don't go forgetting!
Luso - Let's get to the Ruins of Delgantua and start reporting!
Head Editor - Hello, hello! Bonga Bugle Head Editor here! This month we're
taking a look at a place worth taking a look at! And photographing it! Our
vict-ahem- subject will be Delgantua, ruins of mystery! Ah, her crumbling
parapets! Ah, her darkened sconces! What a sight! What a ruin!

Luso - Not a very convincing pitch... If I didn't know any better, I'd say our
Head Editor's not all that into his subject.

Elementalist (Clan Violene) - Hey, you there! Think you could keep it down?

Head Editor - Aaaauuuuugh! It's a gh-ghost or something, isn't it? W-Well, I've
got photos to take, s-so I'll let my trusty assistants deal with the local
color! Time to report! Aiiiieeeee!!!

Elementalist - Who are you calling a ghost!? You're the pale one, spooky one!
Wait... what are you doing here? What wrong do you intend upon us!?

Luso - I kind of agree the Head Editor is the suspicious one here... Oh well.
Let's do this... and keep our favorite editor safe and sound!
Victory. They are gone.

Head Editor - Brilliant! Splendid! I've never taken so many photos of the
supernatural before! I needs must return to the bureau and make of this a

Lilian - They were no ghosts... but no matter. I eagerly await the paper.

Head Editor - Thank you, thank you. On behalf of the Bonga Bugle, I hope you'll
all read more.

Bonga Bugle - Bloodfire

"Greetings! Bonga Bugle Head Editor here!

This month's special: the Working People! We're taking a look at daily like in
a shop that's part of -our- daily life.

Reporting assistants wanted."
-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

Head Editor - Hello, hello, hello! Bonga Bugle Head Editor here! This month
we're taking a look at the working people. That's right, the ones that make it
all happen! I'd like to start by interviewing the employees right here, in this
Targ shop... How is everyone feeling? Ready to sell!?


Wait... Where is everybody!?

Luso - As far away from here as they could possibly get. After you tried to
take the dressing-room curtain home as a souvenir. Of course they refused to do
your interview!

Head Editor - Oh... Heh. Sorry? Thankfully, I have a backup plan! Har! I'm not
Head Editor for nothing!

Luso - And that would be...?

Head Editor - You'll pretend to be the shop clerk! If a customer comes, just
sell them something, all right? I'll be snapping away over here!

Luso - But that's so... fake!

Head Editor - So, what's your problem!? Look, this is a shop, right? And you'll
be selling stuff, right? Nothing fake about that! The customers will be happy,
the shopkeep will be happy. I'll be happy... The readers will be happy! Ergo,
everyone will be happy! ...Right!?

Luso - Erm... You play this reporter thing fast and loose, don't you.

*Enter Soldier*

Head Editor - Hey, wake up! You've got a customer! Let's get reporting!
Welcome! Welcome!

Soldier - Gosh. What cures Oil? 'Cause I really need some of it.

Luso - Handkerchief.

Head Editor - Listen closely to what the customer wants! If you can guess the
perfect item for them, they're sure to be happy!

*Enter Nu Mou Illustionist (purple outfit)*

Sage - I wanna learn Defense Up! Please, oh please!

Luso - Diamond Armor.

*Enter Viera Archer*

Archer - Hiya! Find me some armor that'll teach me how to Magick Counter!

Luso - Samite Coat.

*Enter Hume White Mage*

White Mage - I want something what packs a punch... and I mean the mostest
punch you got!

Luso - Rocket Punch.

*Enter Gria (Wears a helmet)*

Gria - Greetin's! I'd like a weapon what you can equip with a shield!

Luso - Murasame.

*Enter Nu Mou (wears a cross)*

Nu Mou - I'd like to learn how to Counter. Got any recommendations for a piece
of armor?

Luso - Chainmail.

*Enter Warrior*

Warrior - I'd like to learn how to Counter. Got any recommendations for a piece
of armor?

Luso - Chainmail.

*Enter Fencer*

Fencer - I'd like to learn how to Counter... What kind of armour should I

Luso - Headband.

Head Editor - Great show! I confess, I stand dumbfounded by your display of
business acumen!

*Enter Time Mage*

Time Mage - I'd like to learn how to Blur... but what armor should I buy?

Luso - Fortune Ring.

*Enter Black Mage*

Black Mage - Bonecrusher! Gotta learn it! Now!

Luso - Dragon Mail.

Whew... Looks like that was the last of the customers.

Head Editor - Well, well, that wraps that up. Let's see how you did, shall we?
The number of customers satisfied by your -ahem- efforts was... Ta da! 10 out
of 10! Ooooooooooh! It's a miracle! You have served the people here today...
literally! And now I have everything I need to write the perfect report on
commercial perfection! Let me give you this by way of thanks!

*receives Eureka Crystal*

Luso - Heh, I knew I had it in me. Looking forward to the article!

Head Editor - Thank you, thank you. And remember: the Bonga Bugle would like
you to read more!

Bonga Bugle - Rosefire

"Greetings! Bonga Bugle Head Editor here!

This month's special: The Master Potter. I'll be photographinh a pot on loan
from master potsmith Master LePot the 3rd!

Reporting assistants wanted."
-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

Head Editor - Why, hello, hello! Head Editor of the Bonga Bugle here. This
month, we'll be taking a look at the pots of a master potter... and lending a
hand! With your help, and with the expert tutelage of LePot the 3rd, I will
make a visual record of his works in clay! ... Okay, I'm recording, so you put
five of the master's pots on those stumps.

Lamia - Tee hee hee!

Luso - Great pots... But isn't it a little silly putting them out where those
monsters might get them?

Head Editor - Not to worry! No monster would so much as look twice at these
piles of... exquisite pots! All right. Best feet forward! Let's report!

Lamia - Ooh hoo hoo! Toys! Take them all!

Luso - Piles of... what, Head Editor? Whatever. Five pots on the stumps. Got
Luso - Whew. So much for the pots!

Head Editor - Woooo! Perfect! Almost as perfect as the photos I just took! I
now make straight for my desk to put pen to paper, and order to words!

Luso - Great. Looking forward to reading all about it.

Head Editor - Thank you, thank you. On behalf of the Bonga Bugle, I hope you'll
all read more.

Bonga Bugle - Greenfire

"Greetings from the Bonga Bugle!
This month we'll be looking at rare and unusual laws! All laws are equal, but
it turns out that some laws -are- more equal than others! I'll need assistants,
of course."
-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

*Selection by interview. The secret password is "simply lovely"!

Head Editor - Greetings, greetings! Bonga Bugle Head Editor, here! And we're
looking at... That's right, unusual laws! Ahem! But before we get started...
I'd like to conduct a simple interview, if you would? All right, here goes!


"I find the Head Editor to be..."

Luso - U-Um... Simply lovely.

Head Editor - ... Ah ha ha! You know me too well! It's... It's uncanny! You're

Luso - ... I suppose all's well that ends well.

Head Editor - So, if I may begin... This time we'll be looking at the law
against being robbed! Our chosen venue: the streets of Fluorgis! I'll be
heading out now! See you there! And don't go forgetting!
Luso - Let's get to Fluorgis and start reporting!
Head Editor - Greetings and salutations! Head Editor of the Bonga Bugle here!
This month's special: the rarest laws of the land! And we'll not only be
reporting on them - we'll be living by them! Well, you will, at least. The law
against "being robbed", specifically. All right! I'm going to start shooting,
so look serious!

Thief - Look serious...

Cid - Look serious...? You suggesting I look otherwise?

Head Editor - That's right, that's it! Oh, this is going to be a good one, I
can feel it! Right! Everyone, do your thing! Here we go!

Thief - Serious... Serious...

Cid - I'll fight and uphold the law, and that's it!
Cid - Hah! The law was upheld!

Head Editor - Yes, great! Perfect! Another fine piece of photo-journalism in
the proverbial bag! Now, I'm off to the desk! I can feel the words inside me,
screaming to be born upon the page!

Cid - Right. Maybe I'll even read the article this time.

Head Editor - Thank you, thank you. On behalf of the Bonga Bugle, I hope you'll
all read more.

Bonga Bugle - Silversun

"Greetings! Bonga Bugle Head Editor here!

This month, we're taking a look at haunted spots, starting with that most
forbidding of places, Shadeholme!

...Um, someone go with me, please!
Note: the actual location of our report will be top secret!"
-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

Head Editor - G-Greetings, there! S-So Shadeholme is just ahead! It's
h-haunted. Heh heh...
Head Editor-  Greetins and salutations! Bonga Bugle Head Editor here! S-So...
we're here reporting on haunts and their haunts, s-so to speak... A-And one
s-such haunt is h-here, the most forbidden of forbidden places, Shadowholme!
*gulp* N-Not that there's any such thing as ghosts, right? Right!? Ah ha ha! Of
course not! Which m-means... we're all done! Report finished! Good work

Deathscythe - Hyoooorrrn...

Luso - Um... try looking behind you.

Head Editor - *jumps out of his socks* A-Aaauuugh! A ghooost! A real ghooooost!
M-Must hold on t-t-to auntie's g-g-good luck charm! I-I'll be over here
ex-exorcising - I mean ph-photographing everything! You just c-carry on!

Deathscythe - Khraaaaaah!

Luso - You okay, Head Editor? Well, looks like we're fighting... and keeping
our shivering friend safe.
Luso - All right!

Head Editor - Ho ho! What's this!? Why, it seems my exorcism worked after all.
Thank you, Auntie! Hrmm? What? You mean, YOU drove the ghosts off? Ah ha ha ha
ha! What vivid imaginations you have! ...Regardless, you've helped me to craft
another masterpiece of fine reportage. I shall make for my desk at once, and
commit this tale of paranormal perturbation to paper!

Luso - ...Right. Whatever. Hey, looking forward to reading your paper!

Head Editor - Ah ha ha! Thank you, thank you. On behald of the Bonga Bugle, I
hope you'll all read more.

Bonga Bugle - Ashleaf

"Greetings! Bonga Bugle Head Editor here! This month, I'll be reporting on
Galmia Pepe, fashion mavens known for their novel designs and commitment to

We'll be conducting some stealth interviews to get to the bottom of their
unparalleled popularity!

Reporting assistants wanted."
-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

Head Editor - Greetings to you! Bonga Bugle Head Editor here! As part of our
special on Galmia Pepe this month, we'll be interviewing a representative from
Galmia P.R.! And... we're not alone! Reporters from sundry less prestigious
papers are here, and we can't let them beat us!

Reporter, Time Mage - What's this? Some rabble from the Bonga Bugle, eh? Hah!
their ragtag operation poses little threat to -us-!

Luso - I don't like the looks of that bunch.

Head Editor - Grah! Not -them-! One of these days, I'll bury them and their
paper... I swear it! Assistant! Do not let them beat you - no matter the cost!
You get that interview first! Okay, start reporting!!! Get going! Grow wings
and fly if you have to!

Time Mage - Ah ha ha! Good luck, Bonga Bugle! Or should I say... Big Ol'

Luso - I'm not so sure about that growing wings business, but there's no way
I'm losing! All right! Let's make for Galmia P.R.!
Luso - Ah... It's over.

Head Editor - Ah ha! Splendid! The early bird catches the scoop, I always say.
And you -were- early! This will be the greatest interview of all time! I spent
literally hours at my desk thinking of questions, you know! Well then, here
goes... Eh? Where's it gone!? I... seem to have misplaced my question sheet.
I...I can't think of anything!

Luso - Um, well, you do this for a living - I'm sure you'll figure something
out! Looking forward to reading the article!

Head Editor - Th...thank you... On b-behalf... of the Bonga Bugle... I hope...
you'll cetera.

Bonga Bugle - Mistleaf

"Greetings! Bonga Bugle Head Editor here! This month's special feature:
Unlimited Power! What power? Power in battle! What battles? Clan battles! We'll
be measuring clan power, comparing the clans, and posting our results! Looking
for clans to participate in this event!"
-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

Head Editor - Hello, hello! Bonga Bugle Head Editor here! This month we're
looking at power, and lots of it! So, I'll be having you fight some monsters,
to see what happens! Sound good? Just how powerful are our clans? I plan to
find out!

Werewolf - Gwooorrrr...

Adelle - All right, let's go!

Head Editor - Be sure to slay those monsters as speedily as you can - it makes
for a better photo! Ah ha ha ha! ...Incidentally, I could polish them off in
one round. Why? Because I'm -that- powerful, that's why!!! Now get chopping!

Werewolf - Gwaaaarrrh!

Adelle - You... just go on thinking that, Head Editor! Okay, it's time to show
what Clan Gully can do!
Adelle - That did it!

Head Editor - Oh ho! Most mighty! Clan Gully possesses unparalleled power! Heh
heh... A little more and you might even give me a run for my gil! I'll have to
keep in shape! Now, off to my office to record the gallantry of the day!

Adelle - As long as you're happy! Looking forward to reading the article!

Head Editor - Thank you, thank you. On behalf of the Bonga Bugle, I hope you'll
all read more.

Bonga Bugle - Plumfrost

"Greetings from the Bonga Bugle!
This month, we'll be getting up close and personal with the man himself, the
Bugle Owner! All who wish to see just what our great Owner is made of had
better not miss this unique oppurtunity!"
-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

*There will be interviews. The secret phrase is: "You'll be owner next!"
(Transportation costs reimbursed.)

Head Editor - Greetings, greetings! Bonga Bugle Head Editor here! We've got
something special for you this month: that's right, our Owner!!! Now it's time
for a simple interview. All right, here goes!


There's a rumor making the rounds about yours truly, Head Editor! What is it!?

Luso - ... You'll be owner next!

Head Editor - ... What's that? I'll be Owner next!? Oh ho ho! How long I've
waited to hear those words! Like sweet nectar! A toast to my future! You get
the job!

Luso - Sometimes it's hard to say it like you mean it.

Head Editor - ...Ahem! Right! ...What was I saying? Ah yes! We'll be conducting
our reportage in Fluorgis! I'll be heading out now! See you there! And don't go
Head Editor - Why, hello there! It's me, the Bonga Bugle Head Editor! This
month we're doing a special on the man himself, our very own Owner of the Bonga
Bugle! Watch in amazement as our Owner strews the field of battle with the
broken remains of his foes! And I'll be recording every minute of the action,
with you as witness!

Grenade - Gwoooooorrr...!

Luso - You sure the Owner is up to this?

Head Editor - Such... insolent fools! Apologize to the Owner at once! The Owner
possesses power of which the likes of you can only dream! Just watch his level
when combat begins... therein lies the truth! Well, Owner! Are you prepared!?

Owner - :O

Head Editor - All right, let's see everyone giving it their all out there! I
want -epic- violence, people!

Grenade - Bograaaaa!

Luso - You're... serious? ...Okay then. Guess it's fighting time. Oh, and we
protect the Owner... and the Head Editor, while we're at it.
Luso - Okay! That should be all of them!

Head Editor - Ho ho! Gorgeous! I was able to get a splendid shot of our
esteemed Owner in action! Hmm!? I believe the Owner wants to say something!

Owner - Not half bad, you guys. Bwa ha ha!

Head Editor - Owner, I will carry those words with me to my grave! Poetry! Pure
poetry! And now, it's back to the office to write, write, write!

Luso - Ah, right. Well, glad you're happy.

Head Editor - Thank you, thank you. On behalf of the Bonga Bugle, I hope you'll
all read more in the new year! Oh, and by the way, Happy New Year to you!

Bonga Bugle - Blackfrost

"Happy New Year from the Bonga Bugle!

We're doing a special on New Year's resolutions, and what better place to
conduct a survey than where all the people are: Moorabella!

Calling all those willing to assist this noblest of causes."
-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

Head Editor - Ah, greetings there! You know me, eh? Bonga Bugle, hmm? Ring any
bells? Anyway, it's that time of year again when folks feels strangely
compelled to set themselves unrealistic goals! I refer, of course, to New
Year's resolutions. Yes, people can't get enough of them! Which means...? Which
means -you'll- soon be busy asking around to find out just what resolutions are
being made this year!

Luso - Um... How do I do that again?

Head Editor - Why, it's easy as pie! Talk to people on the street, or knock on
doors and talk to the residents of the city! Don't worry about bother anyone,
you're a -reporter0 remember? Oh ho ho, people just love attention. When you're
done, just come to me and let me know what the most popular resolutions were,

Luso - I think I can do that... but isn't that your job as head editor? What
are you going to do?

Head Editor - Ah, good question! Well, as it happens, I'm currently researching
an article about... pastimes which involve snow? Yes! Pastimes of the snowy
variety! As such, I'll be over here making a snowseeq until you return.

Luso - Er... right. Well, I suppose there's nothing to do but get this done

Head Editor - "Snowseeq, snowseeq, I made you out of snow..." What? It's a
family tradition! Now get reporting!
Time Mage - *munch* *munch* My resolutions for the year? It's time I headed out
and made a living for myself! Work, that's what I need! At least once a week.

Lanista - Resolutions, you say? Well now... Well, I'll need my health if I'm
going to keep going to as many Prima Donna shows as I do...

Soldier - Yes? My resolutions? Well, I want to be rich... Which means I'll need
a promotion.

Door1 - Eh? What's that now? Ehh? Come again? I'm always going on walks - it's
my hobby, see - and darnit if I don't get lost ten times outta five... Eh? Not
what you needed? Bah.

Door2 - Oh? My New Year's Resolution? Why, I've not thought of them... Tee hee!
Mayhap I'd best practice knitting clothes. I'm starting a new family, you know!

Door3 - What's your problem? Can't you see I'm- Eh? My resolutions? Why, making
money, of course! Satisfied? Then leave! wait. What was that my
daughter said before she left? She got married, you know. Ah yes. "Be healthy,"
she said. Not a bad resolution, really.

Time Mage - Resolutions, kupo? Kupo-po-po... I just want to keep going to Prima
Donna shows, kupo...

Door4 - Hello there! Oh, I'll tell you my resolutions! I'll stay fit, I will...
Lift weights... Exercise...

Door5 - Eh? My New Year's resolutions, is it? Hmm... I always say, health comes
first! As for how to go about being healthy, well, that's another matter.

Door6 - This year's resolutions? Hrm... My back's been aching o' late. I'd say
livin' healthy'd be a good resolution, wouldn't you?

Defender - Hrrm? Wuzzat? Eh he he... I wouldn't mind gettin' a bit more gil
than last year. Eh? Got a problem wid dat!?

Door7 - Resolutions...? Oh, you mean stuff I want to do? Well, there's lots of
toys I want. So I guess I need lots of gil, huh.

Assassin - My... New Year's resolutions? Let's see... Training. I need to stay
fit if I'm to carry out my... If I'm to do my job.

Luso - Okay, that has to be all of them. Better go make my report to the Head
Head Editor - Oh ho? Questioning all finished, is it? Well then, tell me!
What's the most popular resolution this year? Oh, and get it right... You'll
only get once chance. This isn't a game, you know. So tell me! What was the
most popular resolution for the new year?

Luso - Keeping healthy.

Head Editor - Ah... Staying healthy, was it? Yes, yes, well, you know what they
say: if you don't have your health, you don't have anything! I myself have been
a little short on sleep lately... All the work, you know. Why, I've only been
getting twelve hours a day! ...Ahem. *snort* Where was I? Oh yes... Thanks to
you, we have a report to grace our front page this month! I'll head back to the
office and with a twirl of my quill, make these notes into a story!

Luso - Hey, that's great. I'll be sure to check it out.

Head Editor - Thank you, thank you. I hope you make the Bonga Bugle part of
your daily routine in the coming year!

Bonga Bugle - Coppersun

"Greetings from the Bonga Bugle!
This month we're taking a very long, very close look at Prima Donna! Is there
anyone who doesn't know the incredibly popular and talented ladies of this
singing group? There won't be after this month's issue of the Bonga Bugle!
Assistants wanted."
-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

*Selection by interview. P.D. fanatics preferred

Head Editor - Greetings, greetings! Bonga Bugle Head Editor, here! And we're
looking at... That's right, Prima Donna! Ahem! But before we get started... I'd
like to conduct a simple interview, if you would? All right, here goes! ...
Everyone loves Prima Donna! Everyone!!! They're as bright as the sun! As big as
hope itself! Aaaaaah, nirvana!!!

Luso - ... Yes, Prima Donna!!!

Head Editor - ... Yes! You're shameless in your adoration! This is good. No,
this is great! You've passed! Huzzah!

Luso - Hey, I did it!

Head Editor - So, if I may begin... We'll be reporting out of Fluorgis this
time. I'll be heading out now! See you there! And don't go forgetting!
Head Editor - Greetings, faithful readers, Bonga Bugle here! This month we're
turning our all-seeing, all-knowing, all-telling eye on... the four ladies of
Prima Donna! It's safe to say you've got it all: looks, talent, and the
charisma to bring in the crowds! You're amazing! Simply amazing! Incidentally,
I'm a big fan myself! Maybe I could get an autograph, hrm...?

Jytras Pirata - Hrrm? Could that be...? It is! Prima Donna! Eh heh heh, my luck
has turned! I'll wager those pretties would fetch a pretty ransom!

Frimelda - ...I'm not so sure I like the looks of that bunch.

Head Editor - Eh...? Someone's here? No, it can't be! Rogues intending harm on
Prima Donna!? Have no fear, Prima Donna! I, Head Editor at the Bugle shall
defend your honor with my life! ...Ahem. Assistants! Get out there! What's
this...? Prima Donna wishes to fight too? And...and you'll protect me because I
seem more in need of protecting than anyone else? R-Really! Well, I couldn't
pass up a chance like this. What a photo op! Well, what are you waiting for?
Let's get on with the scoop!

Pirata - Hrrm? They're protecting that fat coot with them... Ha ha! He must be
more important than all of them combined! Change of plans, boys! We're taking
down that fat old seeq!

Frimelda - Is it just me, or are they going after the Head Editor now? Well, I
don't know why, but I guess we'll just have to make sure they don't get him!
Frimelda - Whew! That's it for them!

Head Editor - Oh, exquisite! Marvelous! You were like balm for sore eyes, Prima
Donna! And thanks to you, I've taken the picture of my career! Time to head
back to the office and weave a story from the threads of the day! I'm grateful
to my assistants too, of course.

Frimelda - If you're happy, we're happy. Looking forward to the article!

Head Editor - Thank you, thank you. On behalf of the Bonga Bugle, I hope you'll
all read more.

Popocho's Chocobos

"Kupo! My precious chocobos have all run off! Every last one of them! It looks
like they've headed for the mountains in the Aldanna Range. I need someone to
find them before the mosnters do, kupo!"
-Popocho, Chocobo Knight

Zaghnal - Garroooo!

Yellow Chocobo - *choco call*

Luso - Look! One of Popocho's chocobos!

Zaghnal - Gra! Gra! Garroooo!

Luso - Those monsters are closing in. We'd better move!
Luso - *sigh* That's the last of them.

Yellow Chocobo - *choco squeal*

Luso - That's one chocobo down. Now to find the rest.
Wendigo - Ngh... Ngghhh!

Green Chocobos - *choco call*

Luso - Two chocobos this time.

Wendigo - Ngh, nghhh... Ngghhh!!!

Luso - We have to reach them before the monsters do!
Luso - That takes care of the monsters.

Green Chocobos - *choco cheers*

Luso - At least these chocobos are safe. Now to find the last of them.
Popocho - I'm telling you, kupo, my chocobos aren't tasty at all!

Zahak - ...

Cid - Looks like we've found the last of the chocobos. But what's that Popocho
doing out here?

Popocho - You got here just in time, kupo! Help me save my chocopos! ...Kupo? I
mean my chopopos! Kupo-po!? Save my chobopos! Kupo!!! Kupo! There's no time for
this! Oh, feathers and foozles, kupo! Just save my bocochos!

Zahak - Grrr...

Cid - So long as we can tell our Popochos from our chocobos, we should be fine.
Let's keep them both safe while we deal with these monsters, eh?
Cid - We did it! Popocho and his chocobos are safe!

Popocho - All my chocobos are safe again, kupo! Thank you for your help!

Black and White Chocobo - *choco thanks*

Popocho - The chocobos say thank you, too! Kupo!

Cid - Try not to let them run away again, okay?

Popocho - Don't worry! I'll keep an eye and a pom-pom on them, kupo! After all,
what good is a chocobo knight who can't keep track of his chocobos, kupo?
Kupo! Why didn't I think of this sooner? I should teach you how to be a chocobo
knight, too, kupo! You should make a fine chopocho knight just like me! I mean,
pochobo knight! ...Kupo? Chopobo knight! Kupo!? Oh, feathers and foozles, kupo!
Not again!

The Eastwatch

"Clan Gully!

The might of your clan is renowned thoughout Jylland. We have traveled from a
land beyond where the sun rises in hopes of testing that might against our own.
Will you face us in battle?"
-Zengen, The Eastwatch

Zengen - Clan Gully. You are come. Then you accept the challenge of the

Luso - Warriors from the east, huh? Would be a shame for you to come all this
way for nothing. Let the games begin!

Zengen - We are in your debt. And now for that which we both are come... On
your guard!

Luso - I never let my guard down!
Zengen - It is done. You are a worthy opponent. Parivir is the name given
warriors in my land. I will teach you their art of the blade. As with all arts,
it is a living thing. May it flourish in your hands.

Luso - Uh, thanks! You can count on us!


"The Tri-Bangaa Temple welcomes novices seeking guidance in the martial arts.

Handed down over many hundred years, the martial arts are considered by many
the pinnacle of melee combat. Temper body and mind as we share with you the
secret of these arts."
-Monks of the Tri-Bangaa Temple

Monk - Welcome, novices! I will be your guide for this study of the martial
arts. And what lies at the heart of all martial arts? Respect. Those who do not
show respect on the battlefield rarely show it elsewhere. And how do we show
our respect for a worthy foe? We salute him!

Jerrog - That would do it, yes. But I'm not certain that will impress most

Monk - Ah, but it is not only your foe you address. It is yourself. This
exercise will take the form of a sparring match. I want to see you move-break a
sweat! The battle will begin when I give our order's sacred battle cry...

Jerrog - Er... right! Banbanga!!!
Monk - Well done! Your skill surprises even me! You embraced our battle cry as
though it were your own! Worthy you are to learn the ways of the master monk!
Ah... I am proud to be the one to pass this knowledge on to you!

Jerrog - Thank you!

Bug Hunt

Sun-ripened Mayhem

The Show's Not Over...

Cake: The Recipe

Stuck in the Muck

One Red Phial
Great Land Festival
The Towns of Loar

"-Annual Wayfarer's Expedition!-
Visit all the below areas within 7 days and receive a stamp in your wayfarer's
log to win valuable prizes!"
-Marsa Wayfarer's Association

List of Destinations:
- Camoa
- Graszton
- Moorabella

*at Moorabella*

Luso - That takes care of the stamp for this area!

*at Camoa*

There's supposed to be a stamp around here somewhere... Ah, there it is!

*at Graszton*

There's supposed to be a stamp around here somewhere... Ah, there it is! Phew!
Finally! I was starting to think we'd never finish!

Watch Your Step
Wanted: Barmaid!
Shaved Ice
Wanted: Artillery
Cleaning to Loar
Wanted: Florah

"- WANTED! -

Wanted: Florah, for various injuries inflicted on loggers, and for escaping

A young girl, Florah exhibits a strange talent for controlling vegetative
-Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Florah - Come for me, have you? ...Why? *shakes head* I... I have done no
wrong. I only sought to defend the sanctity of the green life here on Baptiste
Hill. It is the ones who harmed my leafy friends who should be punished, not I!

Adelle - If you were innocent, why'd you break out of jail? Come back with me
now, without any trouble, and they'll go easy on you.

Florah - That...I cannot do. While I await my freedom, the plants here will
surely be destroyed. I will not go back! I will defend this place, my the end!

Adelle - I don't suppose I can convince you otherwise...?
Florah - No... sorry, my friends. I could not...protect you. Run...
Grow... Live...!

Adelle - Sorry, Florah...

Rancher's Request - Yellow
The Next Step

"I seek someone to deliver medicine to a small village in Targ Wood. I would go
myself, but there are those who would steal my secrets - as one who crafts
potent potables - and it is deemed dangerous for me to go out and about.
Please, this one favor I beg of you."
-Mack, Salve-maker

Mack - You are from Clan Gully, yes? Do you remember me? I am Mack - you once
gave me a medicinal ingredient in Targ Wood.

Luso - Of course I remember! Oh, thanks for the letter, too. So this medicine
you'd like us to deliver - did you make this one too, Mack?

Mack - Not I alone, but with the aid of my research fellows. It is a great
advancement in curatives - twice as effective with only half the amount. There
is a patient in a village in Targ Wood who eagerly awaits this medicine.
Please, see that it gets there swiftly.

*hands over Clear Sap*

There is... one thing I should mention. Of late, competitors have taken
interest in our medicines. One may very well attempt to intercept this
shipment. Please, be careful on your way to the village.
Illusionist - You are the one Mack told us of, yes? Welcome, welcome! I heard
you might face trouble along the way. I hope you fared well?

Luso - I think Mack did the right thing asking us to carry the medicine. We
didn't have any trouble.

Illusionist - That is good. Mack was worried so... He has come a long way since
his days treating the ill here in Targ Wood.

*removed from inventory - Clear Sap*

I must be leaving now. Thank you for this medicine! It is much appreciated.

A Step Further

"I seek someone to escort me to Targ Wood, providing protection as necessay. I
am off to work for the Imperial League of Physicians in Rozarria, and I would
like to visit the places dear to my heart one last time before I leave.
Thank you."
-Mack, Scholar at large

Mack - You are... from the laboratory in Moorabella, are you not? What are you
doing out here, and dressed for battle? Is something wrong?

Ridlee, Seer - You're too good-hearted to smell the truth rotting 'neath your
We're the ones who whispered about the new medicine... and earned a few fair
gil doing it, too. Now our clients are asking for something special... you! And
they're offering us ten times as much!

Adelle - Mack, you should stand back. They're after you, not us.

Mack - You... You were the traitors? Why? How...? But you worked by my side! We
shared defeats, and triumphs! Together!

Seer - Oh, I'll admit it was entertaining... but this is far more profitable.
Don't get me wrong. We're grateful. And we'll be even more so when we've
collected the price on your head.

Adelle - Not if we have anything to say! We fight, and protect Mack!
Adelle - What a bunch of jerks. You okay, Mack?

Mack - I am fine, thanks to you. But... I still cannot understand how they
could do such a thing. We are supposed to aid others! Was I wrong in my
assumptions? Did I lead them astray?

Adelle - No way. There are lots of people who are grateful to you - who owe you
their lives! The ones who were trying to use you were wrong.

Mack - ...Thank you.

The Last Step

"-Trade Requested-
I will trade my magickal earrings for the Ocktor Tome of Medicine in your
possession. We will do the deal in Targ Wood."
-Mack, White Mage

Mack - Ah, it is you. We have been here, doing this, before.

Luso - I brought what you were asking for. I know this book was important to
you, Mack. Never thought I'd be bringing it back to you, though!

Mack - Fate works in mysterious ways! Truth be told, I feared none would accept
my proposal. Though its contents are a part of me... I felt the book was more
than words. It is my origin, perhaps. I wanted to have it by my hand as I began
here as this village's salve-maker.

Luso - Well, it sounds like you're back to doing what you do best. Mack the
researcher has a certain ring to it, sure, but I think this suits you much

*hands over Tome*

Mack - Thank you. Your words give me much joy. I think it is the faces - I need
to see the faces of the ones I treat in order to help them... But my patients
are waiting, I must return. Be well!

For My Love

"The most charming man visits my shop each morning. I think he's interested in
me, and I want to bake him a special cookie to show him how I feel. Please
bring me a bat tail so I can bake him a treat he'll never forget!"
-Mille, Love-struck Maiden

Mille - The bat tail! You've brought it for me!

Luso - Yeah, I have it right here. Are you really going to bake it into a
cookie, though?

Mille - I most certainly am. No cookie to bind our souls would be complete
without one!

*Luso hands over bat tail*

You don't look convinced, but trust me, I've done this countless times before.
I'm sure we'll live happily ever after!

My Secret Shame

"That Killan has done it again! He's thrown my final exam papers out the
window. If anyone learns the mark I received, I'll never be able to show my
face in the Akademy again.

I think the papers are still in the forest behind the school. Gather them and
return them with all haste!"
-Udite, Second Year Akademy Student

Hoppy Bunny - Chon.

Montblanc - Those papers should be around here somewhere, kupo. It looks like
the monsters got a hold of them - they're scattered everywhere.

Hoppy Bunny - Choron. Choron.

Montblanc - Let's gather the papers and have as little to do with these
monsters as possible, kupo.
Joff - It looks like that's all of the pages, kupo.

Unfamiliar Folk
Chita on Weapons - Novices

The youths these days can't wield a weapon to save their lives!

...Feh! Nothing for it but to teach 'em myself."
-Chita, Chita's Weaponers

Chita - Ngah...! We got some young 'uns here today! Oooh boy. Take care you
don't cut yourselves with them shiny blades. Ga ha ha! Well, ready or not,
we'll beat the proper use of them weapons into ya! Y'see, some think wielding a
weapon's about swinging it. Wrong. It's about -thinking- it.

Deathscythe - Nyoorrrrh!

Frimelda - Maybe you could give me the digest version? I don't think that
monster's waiting forever.

Chita - Erm... Ah... Well... Ngah! Look, I'll make it simple. It's all about
focus! Without the right focus, you'll as soon cut yerself as yer foe. Got it?
Focus! F-O-C-U-S! *spinaroonie* All right? Now show us what you've learned...
in a speed battle!

Deathscythe - Ngorrrrrgh!

Frimelda - Why do I get the feeling this whole lecture was a setup... Never
mind. Victory to the swiftest!
Frimelda - We won!

Chita - Not bad, not bad. Looks like you took the lecture to heart! Ga ha ha!
You do youngsters credit with that.

Frimelda - I'm not sure that I learned anything...though, I agree focus is

Chita - *jump for joy* Ngah...! So be it, so be it. Gah ha ha! We had fun
today. See you around... Fare thee well!

Chita on Weapons - Adepts

I teach the youths one thing, they forget ten others! Teach 'em to focus, and
they can't focus on anything else!

Nothing for it but to keep teaching 'em what I can. If it means breaking every
bad habit they have one by one, so be it!"
-Chita, Chita's Weaponers

Chita - Ngah...! You're the young 'uns from last time! Oooh boy. Still haven't
wrapped your heads around the proper way to wield a weapon, eh? Ngah! Young
'uns these days... Don't know nothin'! I'll just have to teach you m'self! Now
then, what's the one thing to remember when you're fighting? I'll give you a
hint: determination!

Golem - ...

Cid - ... Is that the hint, or the answer?

Chita - Kaaaaah! Slipped and gave it away, did I? Ah, but you saw right through
me. Not bad, young 'uns! Ga ha ha! Right, so what you've got to remember is
determination! If you don't practice with determination, may as well leave your
weapons to rust! *spinaroonie* All right? Now show us what you've
a speed battle!

Golem - Ngarrrrrgh!

Cid - So it's not enough to just slay these monsters. We have to do it with
determination... Bah! Victory to the swiftest!
Cid - Hrah, defeated! Well? We won!

Chita - Took my determination lecture straight to heart you did. You young un's
have some grit to you! Ga ha!

Cid - I don't know about taking anything to heart. But determination is
important, I'll give you that.

Chita - *jump for joy* Ngah...! I thought you'd say as much. Gah ha ha! We had
a fun day of it, didn't we! Maybe I'll see you around... Fare thee well!

Wanted: Big Eyes

"- WANTED! -

Wanted: Big Eyes, for 3 counts of the disruption of business and 25 counts of
inducing shock.

Big Eyes possess a single large eyeball and generally travel in packs."
-Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Big Eye - Gwork... Gwork...

Adelle - Well, I guess that Big Eyes are... big eyes. Let's see how their bite
compares to their sight.

Big Eye - Ghrreeeeeg!

Adelle - Eek! That gaze! No... Now's no time to look away.
Adelle - Ha! The eyes had it! Hopefully that kid'll get some rest finally.

Survey No. 258
Wanted: Woodworker

"My roof's about to collapse under the weight of all this snow. If I don't
shore it up soon, that'll be the end of the whole thing! But the job is bigger
than I can manage on my own, so I'm gonna need a second pair of hands to finish
it up. I figure she'll take about five days to get squared away."
-Bique, Retired Woodworker

Bique - Thanks fer takin' on my quest. I quit the woodworkin' trade a while
back, but seein' as it's my house, I want to fix her up m'self.

Luso - I don't think anyone in the clan has done this kind of thing before.
That a problem?

Bique - If they can use a hammer and follow instructions, they'll do just fine.
Shouldn't take but five days or so to finish.

*sends Belissana, Green Mage*

I've rented out a room in one of the local inns for you to stay in until the
work is done.

Belissana - I am unsure what help I may be, but I shall do my best in the
coming days.

Wanted: Marksman

"We've begun development of a new gun, kupo! But developing and testing are two
very different things. We need an experienced marksman to evaluate the gun for
us. We think five days of testing should be enough, kupo."
-Goug Consortium, Department of Ranged Mutilation

Gougmoog - Kupo! You've brought someone to help us with our tests?

Luso - Yeah. So they're really going to get to put this new gun through its

Gougmoog - Absolutely, kupo! They'll be the very first to handle the weapon.
Which is why we want someone with experience. These are important tests.

*sends Joff, Fusiler*

The Consortium is counting on you, kupo. Don't let us down!

Joff - I'm ready, kupo! This is something I've been itching to have a go at!
Ooh, maybe we can use the fee to buy me some of the other things I've always
wanted to try! Kupo?

Wanted: Tonberrion

"- WANTED! -

Wanted: Tonberrion, for possession of a deadly weapon (carving knife) and
rampant hatred.

Must be dealt with in four rounds of battle if further losses are to be
-Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Tonberrion - Hate... All our hate... *stab*

Cid - Something tells me action will speak louder than words with this one...

Tonberrion - Yours... The hatred of the slain... All my comrades... All their
hatred... is yours!

Cid - I don't like this, but we must do what must be done! Move fast. We have 4
rounds at most!
Cid - I'm right glad that's done with.

Treasured Tomes

To Be a Spellblade

"Magick and steel: two paths seemingly at odds. Yet both heed the spellblade
and her will. One may not undertake the trial to become a spellblade alone, and
I would have you fight at my side."
-Hana, Red Mage

Hana - I am the red mage Hana. I have come to take the trial of the spellblade.

Fencer - Hmm. Very well. The rules of the trial are simple. Ten foes you face.
With magick and steel they will fight. Defeat them, and pass.

Luso - Sounds like we're in for a long fight. Better pace ourselves!

Hana - Fight well, Clan Gully.

Fencer - Defeat the ten and pass. Let the trial begin!

Luso - Right! Can't let anything happen to Hana.
*enter Spellblade*

Spellblade - Might and magick you have faced, and won. Now you face a
spellblade... I shall not fall so easily!
Luso - Whew! I think that's all of 'em!

Hana - *huff* *puff* It is done! Thank you.

Luso - Hey, learning a new job is thanks enough!

Hana - Hah! I suppose you have. May we both flourish in its study, Clan

Under the Weather

"I'm... not feeling well of late. A bit under the weather, you might say. Could
someone bring a potion... and a hi-potion to Tramdine Fens for me? Many
-Lotice, Friend to no physician

*enter Zombie*

Zombie - Oh... Ah... You are here after my request? Ahh... I am Lotice. Haa...
Have you brought the medicines?

*Luso hands over potions*

Thaaa... Thank you.

Luso - H-Hey! What're you doing? That's a potion! You don't drop it on your

*Lotice drinks the potion, but it damages her*

Ohh... Ouch.

*Lotice is about to try the second potion*

Luso - H-Hey! That's a hi-potion! What're you -

*She puts it down*

Lotice - Maa... Might I ask a question? I do not wish to startle... Ahh... Am I

Luso - No, you're alive! I mean, you wouldn't be standing here talking to us if
you weren't! It's just that you don't look so... alive, y'know? Not that you
look dead, or anything! ... More... kind of... UN-dead?

Lotice - Yeee... It's as I feared. Yaaaai... I thought it strange. I tried to
stay at an inn, but they drove me off with stones... and clans attacked me by
the roadside... Aahh... Um, thank you! Thank you so much! Yee... Here. I give
this to you, as thanks. Guu... Good-bye.

*Lotice limps off*

A Chill in the Night

"Night after night monsters plague the lands surrounding our home. Something
must be done, but I'm too frightened to do anything myself. Please, find the
source of these monsters and drive them from our lands!"
-Tod Hapwell

Adelle - What do you think we'll find out here, Luso?

Luso - You're really enjoying this, aren't you, Adelle. Me, I can't stand
waiting around for something to happen. I'm ready for some action! *punches

Cid - Keep prattling on like this and you're sure to keep the mosnters in-

*enter pink zombie*

Luso - Yipe! I-I-It's here! Huh? That zombie reminds me of-

Lotice - Yeee... It's you! Haaa... How long has it been? Hooo... Who would have
thought we would chance to meet like this? It is a small world indeed! Buuu...
But what brings you to such a place in the small hours of the night?

Luso - We're on a quest to take care of some monsters causing trouble around

Lotice - Muuu... Monsters, you say? Luuu... Let me think... No, I've seen

*awkward silence*

Thuuu... Then again... Perhaps I am the monster you seek.

*Adelle looks away, Cid scratches head, Luso reluctantly nods*

Thuuu... This place is so pleasant and cool when the sun has fallen. Buuu...
But perhaps I have sojourned overlong. Fuuu... Forgive me. I will soon take my
leave. Buuu... But there is one thing. Naaa... Not even a favor, in truth. I
only wish for you to sit and listen to me.

Luso - That's it? Sure!

Lotice - Yeee... I find myself forgetting a great many things. Buuu... But I
cannot forget the one thing I wish I could... A man there was, whom I loved. A
great knight named Luc Sardarc. If you should... should meet him on your
travels... tell him I tried to find him.

Luso - Okay. If we seem him, we'll let him know.

*Lotice bows, and exits*

Cid - Luc Sardarc... I'm surprised to hear that name. The zombie Lotice must be
the famed blademaster Frimelda Lotice. Blademaster Lotice and Sir Sardarc were
an incomparable team on the battlefield. They were famed throughout Jylland for
defending the weak and challenging the tyranny of the strong. They've not been
seen in a year or more. They were said to have left on a pilgrimage of some

Show of Strength

"Help! My chocobo corral's been taken over by a ruffian calling himself the
Swordking and his band of cohorts! Problem is, they're good. Quite good. They
claim they've never been bested! I cannot protect my beloved chocobos...
Someone help me, please!"
-Yew, Chocobo Rancher

Luso - He must be pretty strong if he goes around calling himself the
Swordking. Huh? Looks like someone beat me here.

Elura, Templar - And who might you be, with your swagger, your imperious gaze,
your smirking expression!?

Alura, Defender - Do you know who it is you face, hrmm!?

Templar - He who has mastered the way of the sword! He who has never once been

Alura - Luoredd zom Gamexias, the Swordking!!!

Luoredd - Muah ha ha ha ha ha! That's right, I'm the Swordking! What's the
matter, lost your nerve!?

Ghi, Parivir - Ahem. I came here because I heard you were a master of the
sword... I see I may have been mistaken. But I'll ask anyway: Do you know of
the woman Frimelda, once called the "Blademaster"?

Luoredd - Muah ha ha ha ha! Indeed, it is I - the Swordking - to whom you
speak! And you were wise to think that I, a master of the blade, would know
another such blademaster! Wise... but also wrong! For I, legendary Swordking,
have never heard of her!

Elura - Alura! The great master, the Swordking himself, does not know this
woman! I submit she is no blademaster, but a simple country lass! And this man
nothing more than a love-struck peasant boy, chasing a dream.

Ghi - I feel sullied just having spoken with your lot. I should mention that I
seek this blademaster not for love... but for combat. As a blademaster
myself... I've changed my mind. You claim to have never lost, is this so? Them
come, allow me to serve you your first taste of defeat!

Luoredd - Muah ha ha ha ha! Elura! Alura! Did you hear that? This bold fellow
wishes to ride upon the flapping coattails of our legendary undefeated record!

Alura - There are many who would take your title for themselves, Swordking! And
all who try leave with a better appreciation of their powerlessness and

Ghi - I'll even let you draw first. Hurry it up!

Elura - Then, shall we? Great earth, supported of life, grant us your boon...
Immobilize him! *casts immobilize*

Alura - Lost soul, betrayer of the heavens... show us your unwavering will!
Disable him! *casts disable*

Luoredd - Muah ha ha ha ha! Can't move, can you? Can't do anything, can you!? I
am undefeated! Now to finish you off with my stonesword!

Luso - Oh, so that's how he's gone undefeated... Time to help!

Luoredd - Muah ha ha ha ha! Elura! Alura! A child come to play! Boy! You'll
stay out of this until my stonesword has time to work its magick... or else!

Elura - None there are who can stop the Swordking's stonesword!!!

Alura - The Swordking's stonesword never fails to turn immobilized foes to

Luso - You cowards!

Ghi - This is ridiculous! Grraaaaah! *dispell*

Luoredd - Urrk!? I-I don't believe it!
Luoredd - I cannot lose! My legend cannot be undone! Serpentine dragon queen
who sleeps in darkness... open your cursed eyes! Turn me to stone forever!!!
*casts stone on himself*

Ghi - What? This is how you "never lose"? I don't believe it... What do you
know of strength...?

Luso - Um... If you're looking for Frimelda... I think you've got the wrong

Ghi - *nods, exits*


"A fiend hunts my. Each time I think I've slain it, I turn to find it stalking
me once more. I fear I am lost. I seek help in ending my nightmare once and for
all. I never want to look on this creature again."
-Scared Sleepless

Scared - So you are the ones who accepted my quest? The fiend should show its
face at any moment. Be on your guard!

*enter Lotice*

There! Do you see its rotting flesh? I have slain it countless times, but
always it rises again. I beg you. Deal it such a blow that it will never rise
to haunt me again!

Lotice - Luuu... Luc...

Scared - Why do you wait? Attack!

Lotice -  It... it is you... How long... has it been?

Scared - You know this creature!? Who are you, that consort with the undead?

Cid - -She- is Frimelda Lotice. She was a great blademaster, once. But then,
you should know. You fought at her side, Sir Luc Sardarc.

Luc - This... creature... is Frimelda!? But how... Then the drug... It didn't
kill you.

Lotice - Drug... Kill me...? We were... inseperable. Together we traveled...
did battle... You told me... that you loved me...

Luc - In the beginning, I did. But before I knew it, they came to call you
blademaster. And me? What was I? After you'd fall asleep, I would practice late
into the night, but I could never match your skill. I couldn't bear it! So when
I came upon the drug, I-

Lotice - My sword... I want it back...

Luc - The Fallen Angel... Do you recall when first you held this blade? We were
happy, then. This blade... This blade is all that remains of what you were.
You're dead!


Once accepted, it is unbecoming to change the conditions of a quest, but
you leave me little choice. I will send you and this creature both to your

Luso - Who do you think you are!?

Adelle - Sorry, but an agreement is an agreement. You wanted to be sure you
never looked on this creature again, didn't you? If we slay you, then we will
have fulfilled the conditions of the quest, yes?
Luc - Even in death... I am no match for you. For what it's worth, each day
without you... I have grown more empty. What have I done...? Go on... do it.

Lotice - ... Leave me.

Luc - ... *exit*

Lotice - Thank you... I want you... to have my sword. Farewell... *exit*

Memories Forged

"To Clan Gully:

A great master of the sword lies upon death's door. I would have you deliver
something to them. I await in Nazan Mines."

Luso - I guess our client isn't here yet. So, do you think this sword-master
who's on the brink of death is... her? Frimelda, I mean. Or... the zombie
Frimelda, maybe?

Cid - Aye, it's likely.

Luso - Cid... I'm a little confused. Is it possible for the dead to come back
to life?

Cid - If certain conditions are met then, yes, it's possible. This isn't like
your world, Luso. Here, we have magick. Between phoenix down, raise magicks and
the Judge contract, it can seem a wonder any find death. As long as there is a
will toward life, and a sound body, the magick will work.

Luso - A sound body... So, um, does a zombie count as, er... sound?

Cid - Hrah... I doubt there's any spell or ensorcelment that can mend her...

Luso - ...Oh. So much for this request then, huh.

Adelle - Look, over there. What's that shining on the ground? Let's check it
out - and quickly, with those monsters about.
Cid - Well would you believe it? It's a curative... The Witch of the Fens made
this. I was sure Frimelda was lost, but with this, she may just have a chance.

Adelle - Not without cost... A very high cost! Yet... why was it left here,
unattended? I cannot believe she'd treat something of such value so carelessly.

Luso - All I know is, if we use this, we might be able to save her! We can save

Cid - Perhaps... And "perhaps" is better than nothing. I'd rather try and fail
than sit around here getting older. I don't know what became of her after that
affair with Luc Sardarc... Yet, with her looking as she did, I'll wager she's
somewhere... dry.

Luso - Well, let's find her and bring her this curative!
Cid - The desert is chill after dark. I would not be surprised to be visited by
a certain soul on such a night.

Luso - Cid, over there!

*Luc fending off other zombies from Frimelda*

Adelle - What's this? I don't believe it! Luc Sardarc, the man who betrayed

Luc - No, you have me wrong! Since that day I have fought to protect her! I am
no enemy of yours!

Luso - I wonder...
Luc - Hear me! I am not your foe! Frimelda deserves better than to go on like
this, an outcast even among undead! I seek only to end her suffering...
Frimelda - How... long...

Luso - If we can get this curative to Frimelda, there may still be time.

Luc - Curative? The witch's curative!?

Cid - What do you know of it? I know only that we were contracted by someone to
give it to Frimelda. We've come at this person's request.

Luc - I-I don't know who sent you!

Adelle - We don't really care who it is, do we. Shall we use the curative,

*uses curative; Frimelda changes back to a human*

Frimelda - Thank you. I always believed this day would come. I would not have
thought this path I would walk to reach it...

Luc - You haven't changed. I bear the blame for what has happened. Do with me
as you will.

Frimelda - I am myself again... This is enough.

Luc - Why? I don't understand! Where do you find such strength? No matter how I
struggle, ever do I fall short of the perfection you reach with ease.

Frimelda - Perfection? What perfection I have or have not, I am not to judge.
Yet, however others see me, pariah or paragon, I am but myself. I walk the road
I walk because it is mine to walk. I do no more or less than this.

Luc - You make it sound so simple... As though I need only walk on as I must.
You need not worry yourself over me. I will haunt you no more... No more.

*exit Luc*

Frimelda - No words can express my thanks. Let me join your clan, and by
fighting at your side, repay this debt that cannot be repaid.

Luso - Did you hear that!?

Cid - Aye. And I can see no reason to deny the lady.

*Luso jumps for joy*

Rude Awakening

"I'm not what you would call a morning person. I'm always oversleeping and
missing my classes. I've heard that malboro draugh might help me wake up on
time. It's made from malboro vine and foul liquid, and the With of the Fens is
said to know how to prepare it. Once you have the draught, bring it to me in
-Geldran the Drowsy


Meeting the Quota
Plea for Help

"We were digging a shaft in the Nazan Mines when it collapsed, trapping me and
my friends in the darkness. Up until a few days ago I could hear my friends'
voices, but now I hear only the cry of spirits. I'm placing this note in a
bottle and casting it in one of the underground rivers that runs through the
mine in the slim hope it will be found in time."
Rasgow, Nazan Miner

*the mine is filled with ghosts*

Cid - It's alive with ghosts down here. Let's take care of them and find Rasgow
as soon as we can!

Wraith - ... suffering... help...

Cid - Did it just ask for help?
Cid - It dropped something... It's a note from Rasgow!


The spirit we slew... It was Rasgow, wasn't it. I wonder if we gave him the
peace he asked for...

Gripped by Fear
A Charm for Luck

"Lyze, my beloved, has left to travel the world seeking riches. He says he'll
return when he's wealthy enough for us to be married. But it's not wealth I
want, it's him! My only wish is that he return safely. I seek someone to bring
him a charm to keep him safe."
-Remie, Waiting anxiously

Remie - Please, take this charm to my beloved. I think you'll find him in
Gorday Citadel near the Nazan Mines.

Luso - Sure, no problem.

Remie - He's been gone so long... I can't help thinking something terrible
might have happened. Please, you must take this to him at once!

*hands over Rat Tail*
Lyze - You wouldn't believe the battle I just had with these dreamhares! If I
hadn't dodged that last hip attack, they'd have done me in for sure. Thankfully
it was my signature punch that decided it. Landed it just in time.

Luso - Um, are you... Lyze? Remie sent us to bring you this char - what!? You
already have one?

Lyze - Remie sent this to me after I left.

Luso - Why would she ask us to bring you another one?

Lyze - Another? That's the twelfth she's sent me so far - one each day since I
left. I set out to earn money for us to get married, but I fear she's spending
more on these charms. Well, that settles it. I'll call it quits and return
home. Maybe I can set up a stall selling charms!

Picnic Pleasure
Wanted: Gaitsnipe

"- WANTED! -

Wanted: Gaitsnipe, for poaching offenses, and the assassination of notable

These cold-blooded killers are highly skilled in the use of ranged-weaponry."
-Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Hunter - ...

Luso - Looks like we found our mark... Gaitsnipe.

Hunter - Ah... I see a stray flock crosses our path. *Clan Gaitsnipe battle
stance* Fly away, fat fowl... lest you sprout a few new feathers.

Luso - Remember, they're ranged-attack specialists. Let's keep close, and watch
our backs!
Luso - All right!

Something's Dropped!
Cleaning to Ordalia

"Looking for helpers to swab an airship. We haven't had the crew to properly
clean her for some time now. It would be a shame to put her out of service, so
we'll have you cleaning her mid-flight. Oh, and watch out for the rats."
-Jylland Airship Inspection Board

Attendant - Welcome to the Moorabella Aerodrome! You've come to clean the
airship, yes? You can head through that gate to the left to the airship docks.
Once you're finished, be aware that you'll be dropped off not here, but at the
Fluorgis Aerodrome.

Loar Airships Grounded
Gimme That!
The Cat's Meow

"I saw it with me own eyes! A white cat as big as a man if it was a foot, it
was. Leastwise, I think it were a cat. Prowling about the Rupie Mountains plain
as day. Well, strutting about in a place with monsters like that will get it
eaten alive in no time flat. Will you go and save it?"
-Maerwynn, Cat Lover

Roye the Seer - More mosnters... I can't catch a break. Well, at least they'll
make for good sparring partners.

Zaghnal - Nrah! Tasty morsel, this one.

Karie - White, with cat ears... I think we've found the "cat" from the quest.

*more monsters appear*

Roye - Now I'm surrounded. This just isn't my day.

Zaghnal - Feeding time!

Karie - Cat or not cat, we have to help him!
Roye - Time to get zapping!

*spinaroonie dance*
Joff - We're rid of the monsters. Are you all right, kupo?

Roye - Thanks for the help! Took care of them in half the time. I can't go a
hundred paces on this blasted mountain without being attacked.

Joff - They're probably confused by the hood, kupo.

Roye - I'll not have you speak ill of my hood. This is the mark of the seer.
It's the hood that enables seers to command such powerful magicks. Zap! That
it's soft and comfortable doesn't hurt, either. I'll tell you what. Since you
helped me out of a tight spot, I'll give you my spare hood! That hood was
christened with the sweat of my brow and the salt of my tears. Wear it with

Seeding the Harvest

"*****Help Wanted!*****

It's seeding time again, and each year we lose crops to raiding monsters. We
seek hardened adventurers to stand between our livelihood and their fiendish
-T. K. Corral

Lamia - SSSweet... FFFlowers...

Adelle - If these creatures ruin the flowers, this season's crop will be

Lamia - SSSweet nectar... MMMore...

Adelle - Right, we've work to do. Keep an eye out for other monsters drawn to
the flowers.
Adelle - That's all of them! This year's harvest should be a good one.

The Show's Not Over...
A Treasured Heirloom
Wanted: Icicle Ark

"- WANTED! -

Wanted: Icicle Ark, for encasing both manor and its lord in solid ice.

These masters of ice manipulation are currently confined to the Kthili Sands
-Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Gladiator (IA) - How foolish of us... This hot, dry land is anathema to our
skils. How did we permit ourselves to be driven this far?

Cid - We've found our mark: Icicle Ark.

Summoner (IA) - O, that ice does not cover all this accursed world, that we
might rule it.

Scholar (IA) - A pity, but we are not defenseless. You agree?

Gladiator (IA) - Hardly defenseless. And besides, 'twould be an unfair
advantage were we able to wield our true power. We fight!

Cid - They're masters of ice... and we're in a desert. But watch 'em close all
the same!
Cid - Hrah! Take that!

Our Playground

"Some old creeps moved in on our playground! The place with the cool old well!
Now my old woman's sayin' it's a good oppurtunity for me to study and stuff.
Can you believe it!? Someone drive those creeps away!"
-Obuta, Camoa Kids Leader

Berserker - Nya ha ha! Is good, is very good! The water here is very dirty,
foul... is perfect!

Frimelda - Hey you! This place doesn't belong to you! Find your own playground
to foul!

Berserker - Who are-wait, wait... We are Zedlei Consortium! The water here, it
is perfect for our crops, yes. A farming consortium, we. Oh, they grow so well!
So very, very strong!

Grenade, Flan, Malboro - *roar*

Berserker - Bomb pepper, yes...? And flan fronds! Ooh, and the malboro gourd...
very nice. What? What!? You look at me as though you suspect me of - Feh! If
you do not like us, we are happy to fight you!

Frimelda - They're less farmers than breeders, if you ask me... Time to win the
children's playground back for them!
Frimelda - That should keep them out of here!

Sleight of Hand

"Tricksters by name and trade are we - masters of sleight of hand. Beat us at
our own tricks and the tricks of the trickster are yours for the trick... er,
-Glackta, Trickster Extraordinaire

Glackta - What's this, what's this? Challengers come to try their luck?

Luso - So these are tricksters... Do you really fight with sleight of hand?

Glackta - It's true, it's true! Don't get taken in, and you might not get taken

Luso - I'll try and stay on my toes!
Glackta - Not bad, not bad. You've outshone even us, and that's saying
something! Well, a promise is a promise! The trickster's tricks are yours! Few
make the cut, so few. You're in rare company!

Luso - I like the sound of that!

Lord Grayrl!

"You be wanting that rare gem of gems, the noble pearl, eh? Perhaps I might
part with it for 10 million... no, 30 million - wait, 50 million! A good price,
no? Bwa ha ha!

Come to the wharf in Grazston. Bring yer money and nothing else... 'cept maybe
a few wheelbarrows to carry it in! Bwah ha!"
-Lord Grayrl, Gentleman Trader

Grayrl - Bwa ha ha! *snort* Ye brought my gil, did ye? Let's see it! All 100
million! Show me the money! Bwa ha ha!

Cid - But that's not the price you asked for... Feh! I'm not here to haggle!
You've been passing off glass baubles as gemstones, haven't you!

Grayrl - Hrah! So yer in on our little secret. Bwah ha ha! *snort* Here's
another one for ye: we're no merchants! *spinaroonie dance* We be the Veluga
Pirates and we've a mind to make some gil! If ye value yer skin, ye'll be
leavin' that 150 million... and I'll be counting every last gil!

Cid - Eh? Didn't you just say it was... Never mind. Sorry to break it to you,
but we can't have your kind running loose. Time to pay your dues!
Grayrl - Gworrrrgh! U-Uncle! You win! Look, I'll be good from now on, pirate's
promise... Hrm? Don't believe me? Fine! Then you no longer owe me that 300
million! We're even! Done! ...Heh heh. Don't believe that one either, eh? Fine!
I'll throw in a pouch of me mum's own pirate spices! There! Do we have a deal!?

Cid - Pirate spices...? What in the name of the gods are... Never mind. You
seem repentant enough. Promise you'll behave and maybe I'll let you live.

The Bangaa of the Rupies

"This rivalry has gone on for many long years... high time we finished it once
and for all! Those cowards in the Nu Mou Nobles have had it coming, and with a
little extra muscle from you, we'll see they get it! The battlefield will be
the Rupie Mountains. Come prepared!"
-Mocedad, Bangaa Brotherhood

Mocedad - There's that Nu Mou Noble lot now. Bunch of self-righteous head
scratchers! Let's settle this once and for all! Hrah!

Madreth - Oh, we'll settle this all right, you muscle-brained barbarian! The
Bangaa Brotherhood will rue the day it presumed to confront us in open battle!

Karie - They're both itching for a fight.

Mocedad - 101 times we've met on the field of battle! Only this time, we've
brought powerful allies to aid us! Don't think for a moment this will go as it
has in the past!

Madreth - Bwah ha ha! Perhaps your precious allies can lend some brain to that
brawn of yours! We don't need a list of your accomplishments - you can show us
what you're made of in battle!

Karie - I think we're going to witness the Rivalry of the Rupies first hand...
Karie - Woo hoo! We won!

Mocedad - You fought well, friends! I only hope those nu mou know-it-alls have
learned their lesson! ...But I rather doubt they have. As soon as their wounds
mend, they'll be back.

Karie - Why the rivalry? Wouldn't it be better for everyone if you all just got

Mocedad - Hrah! Cooperate with them!? You'd get more cooperation out of a rock,
so ya would! We've been at it like this so long, y'know, I can't even remember
how it all got started. Ha! However it started, we'll put an end to it! With
you by our side!

The Nu Mou of the Rupies

"Our rivalry has gone on many long years...long enough. I want it to end. We
must vanquish into shame those musclebound Bangaa Brotherhood goons once and
for all!

Seeking warriors with faith in their mental acuity to aid our cause in battle.
The battlefield will be the Rupie Mountains."
-Madreth, Nu Mou Nobles

Madreth - Here they come, those over-brawned, under-brained Bangaa Brotherhood
blockheads! The time has come to put an end to these years of stuggle... with
one final victory!

Mocedad - Hrah ha! Dream on, Nu Mou Nobles! Seems like all those big heads of
yours are good for! What say we crack a few open and see if there's aught else
in there but dreams and hot air?

Frimelda - Ah... Something tells me that a parlay isn't going to happen.

Madreth - 102 times have we met on the field of battle! Yet this time, we have
brought powerful allies to aid us! Don't you dare think this will go as it has
in the past!

Mocedad - Bwa ha ha! Perhaps your precious allies can help prop up that big
head of yours! We don't need a list of your accomplishments...accomplishments-
you can show us!

Frimelda - The battle's beginning... Look sharp!
Frimelda - Woo hoo! We won!

Madreth - Many thanks to you, noble allies! I only hope those bangaa meatheads
have learned their lesson! ...Yet I know they have not. As soon as their wounds
mend, they will return.

Frimelda - Why the rivalry? I mean, you both live here in the Rupie Mountains,
so wouldn't it be better if you all just got along?

Madreth - Us, cooperate with those bone-headed barbarians? Preposterous!
Though...I do not recall what exactly began our rivalry. Not that it matters!
We will put an end to this! With you by our side!

House Bowen's Challenge

"Clan Gully,

You've kept yourselves busy since our last meeting. Care to test your sword arm
against us in a speed battle? Or have you lost your edge?"
-Bowen of House Bowen

Bowen - Clan Gully. Good of you to finally show yourselves. This is our quarry.

Giant Plant - Thlurp, thlurp.

Luso - Quite a monster. You don't mess around, do you.

Bowen - It's no fun if it's easy. Well, what are we waiting for? You know the
rules of the game.


Luso - We do. Whoever lands the killing blow wins!

On the Rampage
Geomancer's Way - Sun

"Geomancers bend nature to their will. Our society has established a series of
trials for prospective geomancers to determine whether they are worthy to share
in our knowledge.

The Trial of the Sun is the first of four trials. When you are ready to be
tested, come."
-Naturalist Society

Geomancer - Welcome to the trials of the Geomancer's Way. The Trial of the
Shining Sun awaits.

Luso - The Trial of the Shining Sun... Our first test.

Geomancer - Ours is the domain of the sun that hangs shining in the sky. Defeat
us, challengers, and prove your strength.

Luso - Let's do this!
Geomancer - The Way of the Sun is open to you. An invitation to attempt the
next trial should reach you soon, if you would walk further down our path.

Luso - We'll be waiting. Until then, we'll make sure we're ready for the rest
of the trials.

Geomancer's Way - Rain

"Geomancers bend nature to their will. Our society has established a series of
trials for prospective geomancers to determine whether they are worthy to share
in our knowledge.

The Trial of Venomed Rain is the second trial. When you are ready to continue
your journey down the path, come."
-Naturalist Society

Geomancer - Welcome to the next trial of the Geomancer's Way. The Trial of
Venomed Rain awaits.

Luso - The Trial of Venomed Rain... Our second test.

Geomancer - Ours is the domain of the rain that pours forth from on high.
Defeat us, challengers, and prove your strength.

Luso - Better watch out!
Geomancer - The Way of Rain is open to you. An invitation to attempt the next
trial should reach you soon, if you would walk further down our path.

Luso - We'll be waiting. Until then, we'll make sure we're ready for the rest
of the trials.

Geomancer's Way - Snow

"Geomancers bend nature to their will. Our society has established a series of
trials for prospective geomancers to determine whether they are worthy to share
in our knowledge.

The Trial of Rivening Snow is the third trial. You have traveled far, but your
journey is not yet complete. Come when you are prepared."
-Naturalist Society

Geomancer - Welcome to the next trial of the Geomancer's Way. The Trial of
Rivening Snow awaits.

Luso - The Trial of Rivening Snow... Our third test.

Geomancer - Ours is the domain of the blinding snow that drives down from on
high. Defeat us, challengers, and prove your strength.

Luso - We made it this far. No turning back now!
Geomancer - The Way of Snow is open to you. Only the final trial awaits. An
invitation to attempt it should reach you soon, if you would walk further down
our path.

Luso - We'll be waiting. Until then, we'll make sure we're ready for the last

Geomancer's Way - Mist

"Geomancers bend nature to their will. Our society has established a series of
trials for prospective geomancers to determine whether they are worthy to share
in our knowledge.

The Trial of Seething Mist is the fourth and final trial. Pass, and our wisdom
will be yours."
-Naturalist Society

Geomancer - Welcome to the final trial of the Geomancer's Way. The Trial of
Seething Mist awaits.

Luso - The Trial of Seething Mist... The final test!

Geomancer - Ours is the domain of the mist that shrouds all beneath the
heavens. Defeat us, challengers, and prove your strength.

Luso - This is it. Time to give it all we got!
Geomancer - The Way of Mist is open to you. You have passed the last of our
trials. Today another geomancer is born. Congratulations! I will follow your
progress with great interest.

Luso - Thanks! We really did it!

The Honorable Thing

"Ah, the sweet lips of my love. My one pleasure in this life. But the vile
Balfonne has stolen a kiss from my darling Preme, and with it, her love. I
could not let such a slight go unanswered!

I immediately challenged Balfonne to a duel to settle this point of honor, but
sadly, urgent matters prevent me from dealing with the scoundrel myself. I seek
someone to do battle in my place."
-Hseaunon, Preme's True Love

Parivir - Good, you're finally here. You've kept us waiting!

Cid - You Balfonne? We've come to fight in Hseaunon's place.

Parivir - What's this? We've been hired by Balfonne to fight in -his- place. I
care little whether we fight you or Hseaunon himself. The pay's the same.

Cid - I'm not sure whose honor would be upheld in such a battle. But if they're
determined to fight, why disappoint them?
Cid - The battle is done. But what can be resolved by such a fight?

The Seas of Ordalia
Oh No, Kupo!

"I don't know when or how these bombs got in here, but they made a real mess of
the town, kupo! Our machines got blown to smithereens! Kupo-po! I'd pick up the
pieces, but I can't see for the tears! Could someone collect what's left?"
-Sheni, Machinist

Luso - Gathering machinery parts isn't easy when the entire town is filled with
the things. I gotta admit, they all look the same to me.

Worgen - Gra...gra...graaaaaaargg. Grrrrr...

Luso - Oh great, there's monsters, too. Something tells me this isn't one of
those easy quests. Guess we'll start with the most obvious pieces.
Luso - That all the parts? Better get him to check these. I'm not sure that was
all there was to get.

I've Been Had, Kupo!

"Kupo!!! I've been had, kupo, had!!!

'Super special hammer', my pom-pom! This is just an ungainly lump of iron! That
alchemist pulled a fast one on me!

Someone get that ne'er-do-well and take back my 20,000 gil, kupo! His name's
-Craftsmoogles' League Foreman

Nezzel - All right, where'd that scum slink off to?

Luso - You Nezzel, the alchemist? The foreman at the Craftsmoogles' League is
saying you ripped him off!

Nezzel - Meh. This is hardly the time... Ripped off? I'll not have you besmirch
my name, stranger. I did the work I was paid to do.

Luso - Well, why don't you come and tell that to the foreman? I, for on, would
love to hear how a 20,000 gil hammer -isn't- a rip-off. We'll escort you back
to town.

Nezzel - So that's how it's going to be! Boys, we'll find that scum after we
deal with this lot!
Nezzel - Nnggh... I'm telling you, there's bigger fish to fry than me.
Cid - Come now, pick your snout up. Walk straight.

*exit Nezzel's clan with Cid*

Luso - Sooner or later, you get what's comin' to you.

??? - Truer words have ne'er been spoke!

*notices nu mou right beside him*

Luso - Yikes! Wh-Who're you!? One of that alchemist's cronies!?

??? - No, no, quite the opposite. They were after me, you see. I saw you
capture them, and thought I might speak with you. Ezel Berbier's the name.
You've done my a great service.

Luso - I'm Luso. Of Clan Gully.

Ezel - Yes, erm...perhaps I've ought with which I kin repay you.

Luso - Huh? Hey, no, don't worry about it.

Ezel - Ah, yer clan is adjudged, eh? In that case, I've just the thing 'ere!
Please, take it.

Luso - A card...?

Ezel - It is a protection... a ward for yer judge. There are those of less
reputable natures who'd filch away a clan's judge.

Luso - I can have this? You're sure?

Ezel - Of course. I did craft it fer a client, but seeing as you've just
appre'ended him...

Luso - What, that alchemist!?

Ezel - He could hardly hope to make it himself. So he hires me...then doesn't
pay. So I asks him for 80,000, straight up.

Luso - 80,000 gil!? For one card!?

Ezel - That card right there's the only thing in this world'll stop anything
comin' at a judge. Physical or magickal. It's one-of-a-kind. My price was a

Luso - Wait... so you're giving me this card? ...For free?

Ezel - Ah, worried there might be a catch, eh? If ye don't need it, I won't
force ye...

Luso - Wait, no, I'll take it!

Ezel - Ah ha ha! Well, I'd best be on me way. Would love to chat, but time's a
scarce commodity these days. Aye, it's tough when you've genius of my caliber.
Every lord in the land wants ye. Fare well, Luso.

Luso - Oh, um, goodbye.

*exit Ezel*

A 20,000 gil hammer, or a 80,000 gil card... I can't decide which is the bigger

A Lanista's Pride

"Something horrible has happened: a great affront to my family I cannot let
stand! Though it's only a few days before the next Prima Donna concert - I've
never missed one yet - I find myself contemplating selling my tickets and going
to face those responsible for said affront!

In short, I have resolved to confront them, and I need someone to stand
-Viva Prima Donna! -Devotee

Devotee - Ah! Y-You're from the Bonga Bugle, aren't you! Recall every one of
those infernal leaflets you handed out in Moorabella this instant! Everything
in them is a bare-faced lie! Fantasy and poppycock from start to finish!

Head Editor - You... idiot!!! The pen is mightier than the sword, but the fist
is mightier than the pen! If you've got a complaint with our editorial
direction, show us what you've got... then we'll talk! But know this! I, the
Bonga Bugle Head Editor, and the Bugle Owner standing beside me are mightier
than you might imagine! Erm, of course, the Owner's the more mightier of the
two... of us. More than me, I mean...

Owner - *yawn*

Cid - "The fist is mightier than the pen"? Never heard that one. I wonder what
this Prima Donna devotee is talking about?

Devotee - I... I am a swordsman. A lanista by trade! My father and my
grandfather before him were lanistas, too, and they won in the ring many times!
They were great, great men... but now the Bonga Bugle spits on their memory!
How can you say that the lanista is the weakest of all jobs!? I will show you
the true power of the lanista! In defeat, you will see who is weakest... and
who is strongest! Clan Gully... I beg you stand witness!

Head Editor - What drivel are you spouting? The strongest, clearly, is the
berserker, with ranger a close second! ...And I'm sure I'm forgetting one or
two. Anyway, lanista is obviously weakest! And we'll show you! However, as
fortune would have it, I am not in best health today, and cannot summon my full
strength. Though it pain me, I'll fight at a tenth of my full might!

Owner - (-_-)

Head Editor - ...Eh? What's this? ...The Owner, too, isn't feeling well, and
will be fighting at a tenth of his normal strength also! ...However, he
predicted this, and thought to hire a bodyguard in advance. Such prescience!
Oh, bodyguard! Bodyguard!

*enter Parivir, Assassin, and Ninja*

So, don't let your understandable concern for our health hold you back!

Owner - :O

Cid - Standing witness when those two are bringing in strong-arms doesn't sit
well with me. We're getting a piece of this!
Cid - Heh! Witness that!

Devotee - I won! I won! I knew a lanista could beat that rabble! And with your
help! Thanks!

Cid - There's more to you than your choice of a pastime, it seems.

Devotee - No, no... I'll go back to running after Prima Donna tomorrow! Still,
I'm glad you got to see what a real lanista is like! I hope that you make use
of our skills... They are not to be taken lightly!


"To Clan Gully,

Think you're all that? Prove it! I'm waiting in the Galerria Deep!"
-Tigrina, Ravager

Tigrina - So, you've come at last, Clan Gully! Ready to take me on?

Luso - Just hold on a second... What exactly is going on here again?

Tigrina - That's right, pretend you don't know... With all your questing and
being famous... And all without me, I might add! It's quite an insult.
*spinaroonie* -That's- what this is about! Do I have to spell it out for you?
You. Me. Speed battle. We'll see who's got what it takes here, once and for
all! Well, Clan Gully... aren't you going to thank me? After all, it isn't
every day you get to witness moves as elegant as the ones I'll show you. Why,
you'll be kneeling before me, begging me for just one more taste when this is

Luso - ...Do you always talk so much? Right, well, since you're here, I suppose
there's no harm in having a go at it.
Luso - And we win! Though, I'll admit, you got some moves there.

Tigrina - *sniff* I lost! What good will moves do me? No one likes a loser...

Luso - I dunno, I liked what... I mean, I don't think you're a loser. You've
really got something I don't see every day.

Tigrina - ...Really? Really and truly!? *jumps for joy* Hoo hoo! See? Even when
I lose, I look -great-! So, now you've seen what a real Ravager can do.
Remember it well! It might just come in handy some day.

Inspiration or Perspiration?
Vim, Vigor, and Go
Hors D'oeurvre of the Hour
Watching the Watchers
I Must Have It!
'Cross the Sea
The Camoa Nightwatch

"A plague of robberies has fallen upon the land! All occur at night and follow
a similar pattern, indicating that a single group may be responsible. For the
swift resolution of this case, and the safety of our citizens, we are currently
accepting applications to join the Camoa Nightwatch."
-Jylland Sovereignty Society

*Luchorpan and Baknamys are startled*

Luchorpan - Hnnn!?

Frimelda - Over there! That's about as suspicious-looking as you get.

*enter Camoa Braves*

Warrior - Hrah! There are the footpads! You made a dire mistake when you
presumed to thieve in Camoa Braves territory! ...Clan Gully! We're not here to
match blades with you today. We come on another matter. We're rather fond of
this here Camoa, you see... and anyone who messes with our town answers to us!
This...isn't our usual style, but certain problems require what you might
call..."extreme" solutions, savvy? What I mean to say is...the Camoa Braves are
at your service, Clan Gully!

Frimelda - Right... Okay, then! Let's drive these bandits off with the aid of
the Braves!
Frimelda - That's all of them!

Warrior - Learned your lesson, catspaws!? Set a foot in Camoa again and we'll
cut it off! Nyeh heh... Thanks are in order, Clan Gully! We're the only ones
with a claim to causing trouble in this town! Hrah!

Frimelda - No, thank you for your help. Hey! It looks like the thieves dropped
something when they ran off.

Scrap of paper - "-To Be Gathered- First- .... Do..a arm...."

Frimelda - "Do a arm"...? "Arm" could mean arms! What if they're selling
weapons? This could be bigger... and more sinister than simple burglary.

Graszton Nightwatch

"A plague of robberies has fallen upon the land! All occur at night and follow
a similar pattern, indicating that a single group may be responsible. For the
swift resolution of this case, and the safety of our citizens, we are currently
accepting applications to join the Graszton Nightwatch."
-Jylland Sovereignty Society

*Luchorpan and Baknamys are startled*

Luchorpan - Hnnn!?

Frimelda - Huh? Now they look suspicious. I'll be we've found our burglars!

*enter Chita's Weaponers*

Chita - Whaaaat!? Come back here! We poured our lifeblood into them weapons, so
we did! You can't just take 'em! The heavens may forgive you someday, but I can
promise the Chita's Weaponers won't! Hey you! Young 'un! Yes, you! If you've
time to stand there twiddling your thumbs, you've time enough to help us fight!

Frimelda - Okay, let's help Chita's Weaponers drive off these bandits!
Frimelda - That's all of them!

Chita - Yarrr! Greenhorns like you would as soon chop off your arm with our
blades as use 'em! Thanks, there. Our stolen weapons are all 'counted for.
You're young, but you do good work. Eh heh heh... What say you come and work at
our forge, eh?

Frimelda - Ah, er, thanks, but no thanks. Hey! It looks like the thieves
dropped something when they ran off.

Scrap of paper - "-To Be Gathered- Second- ......on.a photograph"

Frimelda - "On a photograph"? Could they have been recording something?

Moorabella Nightwatch

"A plague of robberies has fallen upon the land! All occur at night and follow
a similar pattern, indicating that a single group may be responsible. For the
swift resolution of this case, and the safety of our citizens, we are currently
accepting applications to join the Moorabella Nightwatch."
-Jylland Sovereignty Society

*Luchorpan and Baknamys are startled*

Luchorpan - Hnnn!?

Frimelda - Over there! That's about as suspicious-looking as you get.

*enter Head Editor and the Owner*

Head Editor - Ahoy, purloiners of undergarments! Caught up with you at last!
Fear not, dear Owner! I'll get your -special- undies back! I,
Bonga Bugle Head Editor - and future owner - swear it! Oh, what's this? Is that
a clan I spy? You, clan! Retrieve the Owner's undergarments, for his sake, and
my career!

Owner - :O

Frimelda - A-All right. Let's get those bandits!
Frimelda - That's all of them!

Head Editor - Well done, well done! The Owner's proprietary parts are once
again his and his alo- What's this? Egads! They're quite ripped! I-I mean
improved! Yes, yes. Very airy now. They're your undies, Mr. Owner, but better!
Yes, I've always thought your undies possessed a certain... adventurousness of
spirit! Returning as you last saw them just wouldn't be good enough for undies
such as these! Ha ha... Thank you! Thank you all for your invaluable
assistance! They're rather torn to... excellence! But they're back, and that's
what matters. Ah ha. Ha. Ha ha... Please don't tell the Owner, hmm?

Frimelda - Oh... Uh, whatever you say. Hey! It looks like the thieves dropped
something when they ran off.

Scrap of paper - "-To Be Gathered- Third- Prim........towel"

Frimelda - Huh? A "prim towel"...? Is that some kind of rare and valuable...

Fluorgis Nightwatch

"A plague of robberies has fallen upon the land! All occur at night and follow
a similar pattern, indicating that a single group may be responsible. For the
swift resolution of this case, and the safety of our citizens, we are currently
accepting applications to join the Fluorgis Nightwatch."
-Jylland Sovereignty Society

*Luchorpan and Baknamys are startled*

Luchorpan - Harrumph?

Cid - That lot over there... I believe we've found our burglars!

*enter Bowen*

Bowen - We've found our quarry, men! Tweigel! Loa! Veis!

*enter House Bowen*

Time to go to work! Let not one of the curs escape!

Cid - Hrah! The headhunters, House Bowen!

Bowen - Hmm? Clan Gully, isn't it? You pick this up at the pub, or did the
Sovereignty Society contact you as they did us? ...Either way, I expect you to
pull your own weight or get our of our way! And don't come whining to me about
friendly fire if you're standing where you shouldn't.
Cid - That's all of them!

Bowen - Our work is done. Time to collect our reward, eh? Thanks for the help,
Clan Gully! Couldn't have done it so quick without you.

Cid - Thanks to you as well. Good allies are few and far between. Hnn? Those
thieves seem to have dropped something when they fled...

Scrap of Paper - "-To Be Gathered- Fourth-"

Cid - "Pim nna klac"!? That rings of magick! Or...utter nonsense.

Goug Nightwatch

"A plague of robberies has fallen upon the land! All occur at night and follow
a similar pattern, indicating that a single group may be responsible. For the
swift resolution of this case, and the safety of our citizens, we are currently
accepting applications to join the Goug Nightwatch."
-Jylland Sovereignty Society

*Luchorpan and Baknamys are startled*

Luchorpan - Hnnh!?

Luso - Ah, right on cue! There are our bandits!

*enter Time Mage*

Time Mage - Kupo!!!

*enter the Eastwatch*

Kupo-po! They're the ones we want you to get, kupo! I'll be going home now,
kupo! Good luck, kupo! *exit*

Luso - Hmm? Looks like the town has hired a guard...sort of. Right. Let's help
them drive off these bandits!
Luso - That's all of them!

Zengen - Ah. My work is done. Thank you. It went much swifter with your aid.

Luso - Thanks to you too! Huh? It looks like the thieves dropped something when
they ran off.

Scrap of Paper - "-To Be Gathered- Fifth- Prima hairpin"

Luso - Well, let's look at what we got and see if there's any pattern here.
"..... Do..a arm..."
"........on.a photograph"
And the last one?
"Prima hairpin" Huh.
I think I get what they were up to... Sinister indeed. *sigh*

Escort Wanted
Wanted: Assistant
Beneath the Sans
Fluffy Flier?
The Search

"If she wishes it, I will tell her of the other Gifted Ones..."

*enter Adelle*

Adelle - Halloo! I'm here!

Lezaford - Ah, welcome! ...You seem much more at ease, my child.

Adelle - What, do they teach mind reading in wizard school? You're right
though. I've decided to accept that I'm, well, one of the Gifted. See how it
fits me.

Lezaford - I approve.

Adelle - You would. But I'm not doing this for you. I want to be stronger.
Strong enough to look after myself... But not just myself. I want to be strong
enough to look after the people around me too. Huh! I sound like a real
goodie-goodie, don't I?

Lezaford - As you wish it, so shall it be.

Adelle - I hope you're right.

Lezaford - There is a power that only the Gifted may claim.

Adelle - Go on.

Lezaford - What little I know was told me by another of your kind, long ago. A

Adelle - You have surprising friends. Suppose it comes with being a wizard, eh?
This man... Where is he now?

Lezaford - Who knows? He chose a different path than yours. He may well have
passed on by now.

Adelle - ...

Lezaford - You.. could seek him out though, if you wished it. Were you to find
him, he could aid you greatly.

Adelle - That's putting a lot of faith in someone you don't even think's
alive... His name?

Lezaford - Lennart.

Adelle - Thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll go look up this Lennart fellow...


"A friend of the great mage, huh... So where is he?"

Luso - Just look at all the stars! Whaddaya say we take a little break?

Adelle - *sigh*

Luso - What's got into you? Can't a guy relax for a couple minutes?

Adelle - Looking at all these stars just makes me think... It's not easy
tracking down one person out of all the people out there. I'd been hoping we'd
chance upon him in the course of a quest, but what are the odds?

Luso - You mean Lennart? The one who's supposed to know the power of the Gifted
Ones? He's an old friend of Lezaford's, isn't he?

Adelle - Supposedly. I'm not really certain. All I know is that they met long

Luso - I wonder what he's like... Lezaford's nice enough, but ya never know.

Adelle - Something tells me he's not like Lezaford at all.

??? - Lezaford... That name certainly brings back memories. He still lives
after all these years?

*enter Hunter*

Adelle - Are you... Lennart?

Luso - Him!? Look how young he is! An old friend of Lezaford's would have to be
-really- old.

Adelle - He's... different from ordinary people. Isn't that right?

Lennart - And this does not surprise you?

Adelle - I'm rather different myself.

Lennart - I see. You wish to discover your "instincts", yes?

Adelle - Is this what you call the power of the Gifted Ones? I don't really
know any more than that... but I'd like to learn.

Lennart - And you shall. Come with me. You have no Gift. Your place is not with

Adelle - Thanks for coming with me, but I'll be okay. Head back without me.

Luso - Are you crazy? You think you can just say "run along" and I'll go
marching off? If you won't let me come with you, I'm going to wait right here
till you get back!

Adelle - Then I'll see you back here. Don't worry, I'll try not to be too long.

Lennart - We go.

*exit Lennart and Adelle... via teleportation!*
Adelle - What now?

Lennart - Now I will test your power. I must know whether you are worthy of
your latent instincts.

Adelle - Give me a chance... I'll prove my worth.
Lennart - Enough. The test is ended.

Adelle - Over already? If there's another test, let's get on with it. Wouldn't
do to keep my friend waiting now, would it?

Lennart - You think he still waits? It's nearly dawn.

Adelle - He'll be there, I know it. I know -him-.

Lennart - I see.

Adelle - Tell me one thing: why have you chosen a life of solitude? There are
people who care for you who whould take you in.

Lennart - It is -because- there are people who care for me that I walk alone.

Adelle - I don't understand.

Lennart - I could not bear to lose someone close to me. Look at me. I am not
like others. Time's fire leaves no mark on me. There are some who cannot accept
me for what I am. They leave, and all is well. It is far worse with those who
stay. I must watch as they grow old... and die.

Adelle - ...

Lennart - Oh, I might meet new friends to replace the old. But I no longer have
the courage to face what must always come again. And so I choose to remain

Adelle - Not an easy decision. And not the one I mean to make.

Lennart - You are an intriguing young woman.

Adelle - Thank you. I am.

Lennart - Very well. I will impart you these "instincts". *imparts*

Adelle - I feel... strange. Like someone's writing something inside my head.

Lennart - Then it has worked. The very fact we are different creates a wall
between us and the rest. So long as you choose discourse with them, that
difference will bring you only suffering. Yet if this is your choice, embrace
it. Do not regret that choice. Walk with pride.

Adelle - Thank you. I will.

Lennart - You should go now. Return where you belong.

*teleports Adelle*
Adelle - I'm exhausted.

Luso - -You're- exhausted!? Do you know how long I've been waiting for you?

Adelle - I've been fighting for my life, and that's all you've got to say? I
didn't even ask you to wait for me.

Luso - What, I was supposed to walk away and leave you? Not likely. I couldn't
let you down. You were counting on me!

Adelle - Did you hear what we were talking about?

Luso - Huh?

Adelle - Ah, never mind. Forget it. Come on, let's get going. I'm starved. I
could go for something really rich. Maybe some kelb kebabs.

Luso - Now that you mention it, I am kinda hungry too.

Adelle - You certainly seem smug, Luso.

Luso - Me? Smug? I'm just glad to be heading back is all.

Adelle - You -did- hear us, didn't you!

Luso - Yeah, I could hear you. Must've been something Lennart did.

Adelle - Wha-!? That meddling, no good- What was he thinking!?

Luso - No matter what you say, the clan really means something to you, huh!

Adelle - Luso! I'd choose my next words carefully if I were you. They may be
your last!

Luso - Hehe!

*exit Luso chased by Adelle; Lennart watches on*

A Lost Companion

"My friend Shoofa is gone... gone upon the snowy plain. I must find him. I

Luso - Your name isn't Shoofa, is it?

Shoofa - Kupo! It can't be!

Adelle - Can't be...what?

Shoofa - Oh, nothing, kupo. My mistake! Who might you be?

Adelle - We're Clan Gully. We got a letter from someone named Gade. It sounded
like he was looking for you.

Shoofa - Gade, you say, kupo?

??? - At last... I have found you...

*enter ghost*

Luso - Yeeeargh! A ghost!

Ghost - Your power, Shoofa. Lend me your...power...

Shoofa - Enough of this, kupo! Is this what Viola would have wanted, Gade?

Luso - -That's- Gade!?

Adelle - We got a letter from a...ghost!?

Gade - Your power... I must have it...!

Shoofa - Gade wants something of mine. But I can't part with it, kupo! It's a
memento of a dear friend.

Luso - You don't have to convince us. I can see who the bad guy is here.

Adelle - Stand back, we'll take care of this!

*exit Shoofa*

Gade - You... Are you... Viola?
??? - Gade... There is so much more than power... Do not let it control you...

Adelle - Let it go, Gade. It's time to rest.

Gade - My dear... Viola...
Shoofa - Viola, Gade and I were traveling together, kupo. Viola wasn't like
other people. She had strange powers, kupo.

Adelle - Strange powers?

Shoofa - Strange and powerful powers, kupo! I can't count how many times she
used them to save us! You wouldn't believe the things she could do... Gade was
fascinated. He wanted to be powerful too. So he struck out on his own in search
of a way to get what he craved. Viola passed away a few years later. Kupo...
Her power was too great for her. It tore her apart from within.

Adelle - ...

Shoofa - I set off looking for Gade to tell him what had happened to Viola.
Before she died, she had begun to worry about him. She understood what it meant
to have true power, kupo. But it was too late...

Luso - His search for power had already consumed him.

Shoofa - Kupo... Somehow he got the idea that this keepsake contained her
power, and he's been trying to take it ever since. At least now he can finally
rest, kupo.

Luso - You really think so?

Shoofa - Didn't you hear what Viola said, kupo?

Luso - I didn't hear a thing. What about you, Adelle?

Adelle - I'm...I'm not sure.

Shoofa - This was Viola's. I want you to have it, kupo.

Adelle - Me? But...shouldn't you keep it?

Shoofa - I don't need a memento to remember her, kupo. She's in my heart. I
think Viola would be happier knowing it was being put to use, kupo. And there's
something about you that reminds me of her... No, this is for the best, kupo.

Adelle - I'll treasure it always. Thank you.

Shoofa - No, thank you, kupo! You've me a great service!


"Somebody bring me a potion or something, quick! And if you could send a pretty
lass to do it..."

Adelle - Are you the one who sent for the potion?

Wermut - Well, you -are- a right pretty thing, aren't ya? Hoo ahh! Even better
than I'd hoped!

Adelle - You certainly are frisky for someone mortally wounded.

Wermut - Oh, don't you worry, that twisted ankle of mine still smarts good and

Adelle - ...

Wermut - It hurts like the living blazes! Oh, the pain!

Adelle - All right, all right. Here's your potion. Drink this and get a good
night's sleep. Go ahead and rub this on your ankle. It's a special remedy of my
own. Don't worry, it's on me. Free of charge.

Wermut - That's mighty generous of ya.

Adelle - Don't mention it. Well, I think I'll be going. Try to stay still until
your ankle's better. Take care.

Wermut - Ah, before you go...

Adelle - What is it?

Wermut - A little present for you. Something I've had since I was quite young.
Perhaps you'll find a use for it.

Adelle - How thoughtful. Thanks. And stay off that ankle! *exit*

Wermut - Ljda, can you hear me?

??? - Wermut... What is it?

Wermut - I met the child. She has a kind heart. Quite beautiful, too, if I do
say so.

Ljda - That is well.

Wermut - I gave her my power. She'll use it right if I'm any judge. I'm glad I
got to see her before it was too late.

Ljda - Wermut...

Wermut - If I'd only known how beautiful she was... Sick or no, I'd have made
myself a touch more presentable.

Ljda - Is that all you can think to say at such a time?

Wermut - Thank you for this wonderful life. Even being a Gifted One, it hasn't
been all bad. Farewell, Ljda. I'll be waiting for you.

*disappears; but not by teleportation*

Woman of the Wood

"Monsters surround a lady in the woods. Is she still alright?"

Luso - Over there!

*notices elementalist with a few drakes*

Adelle - She doesn't look hurt. We made it just in time!

Elementalist - It's you. I had often thought to visit you. Never did I think it
would be you who would come to me.

Luso - If you don't look out, those monsters are gonna have you for dinner!

*the drakes relax*

Elementalist - There is no need to worry. These creatures hear my words, and
heed them.

Adelle - But that's impossible... isn't it?

Elementalist - It is my power. My Gift.

Adelle - !?

Luso - She's one of the Gifted Ones!

Elementalist - And now I shall test you. Wermut saw something in you. Was he

Adelle - W-Wait!

*enter several monsters*

Elementalist - I come!
Ljda - You are indeed powerful.

I give you this. With it, you should be able to make some small part of my
power your own.

Adelle - Your power? You mean...talking to beasts?

Ljda - Not only beasts. All the beings of this world, both great and small. It
is this way for me, at least. You lack some of my natural charms, so who can

Adelle - Hmph. I'll just have to get by on my youth and good looks, then.

Luso - If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were jealous.

Ljda - Ah, you are so young. But worry not. What you lack in experience and
ability, you make up for in spirit. Wermut and I have met many of the Gifted.
Not all tame their powers. Many are crushed by them.

Adelle - Wermut... Hew as a Gifted One, too, wasn't he. I felt a great power in
the weapon he gave me, but I couldn't be sure.

Ljda - You have learned to wield the power he gave you. Learn now to do the
same with mine. I have seen what is to be seen, and said what is to be said. I
go. Good-bye.

Adelle - Thank you.

Ljda - And who knows? With luck, you may one day possess half my charm.

Adelle - Twice your charm. At least.

Luso - That's gonna take an awful lot of luck.

The Beast of Aisenfield

"It became that which they had dreamt for it: a beast, heartless killer of

Adelle - Do you really think the story might be true?

Luso - Never say never.

*ground rumbles; enter zahak and drakes*

I bet that big one is your Beast of Aisenfield right there!

Adelle - That...creature was once a man? It's hard to believe.

Nesiaam, Zahak - Unggrrrr...

Adelle - A power no man has ever known... Could it be?
??? - Long did I await your coming... Gifted One.

Adelle - I...I hear its voice inside my head. Then it really was a hume...once.

Nesiaam - Do as I bid. Kill me while there is yet time. So little of me
I can control myself no longer. I have wrought enough misery. Free me... my

Adelle - *nods* You were a Gifted One too, weren't you. I'll do as you ask. I
will end this.
Nesiaam - Then, at last, dawn will break this nightmare. Had my mind been but
stronger than my flesh... I might have used my strength to protect, rather than

Adelle - Your strength does not die with you.

Protectors' Walk

"Tramdine Fens teems with monsters. Has something befallen the shrine?"

Luso - They sure weren't wrong about those monsters.

Adelle - I suppose this is a bit much even for the Paling Gods.

Luso - Hey, Adelle. What are all these pillars for?

Adelle - Monuments honoring the Paling Gods, I'd imagine.

*one of the stones glow*

??? - Waken the power sleeping in the stones, and the beasts will plague this
land no more.

Adelle - Did you hear that?

Luso - Hear what?

Adelle - The stone glowed, and there was a voice. You didn't hear it?

Luso - Um, no.

Adelle - ... Anyway, we need to do something about these monsters.
*all stones glow; bright light flashes, all monsters disappear*

??? - Overrun, my power had faltered. Now it is restored once more. Go with my

Adelle - The voice of a Paling God...?

Bringer of Doom

"A great calamity comes for the city of Goug. We must act before it is too

??? - Ah. It is good to see my warning has not fallen on deaf ears.

Luso - So you're the Prophet Hilo?

Hilo - *nod*

Adelle - Have you been waiting here all this time? Why?

Hilo - I will fight alongside you. I have no intention of fiddling while Goug

*enter giant lava monsters*

Luso - What in blazes is that?

Adelle - Whatever it is, it's standing in a pool of lava. We'll never be able
to reach it there.

Hilo - This blade is called Chirijiraden in the Eastern Kingdoms where it was
forged. The power it holds will enable you to strike even distant foes. Take

Luso - Hey, how come -she- gets the cool sword?

Hilo - I have looked on the face of the one meant to wield this blade.

Luso - What's that supposed to mean?

Adelle - Then... you saw the outcome of this battle?

Hilo - Do you truly want to know?

Luso - *shakes head* What, and ruin the surprise? No thanks!

Hilo - Hrmph.

Adelle - That's just like you, isn't it? Well, enough talk. We've got a monster
to stop.
Adelle - We've won. The prophecy is complete.

Hilo - The vision of Goug in flames fades from me.

Adelle - What a relief.

Hilo - For us all.

Adelle - So, your gift is to see into the future... I never knew the Gifted
Ones had so many different powers.

Hilo - I sense a great power sleeping within you. A power that will soon
awaken. The time draws near.

Adelle - ...

Hilo - What this power is, you must see for yourself.

Adelle - I will. Well, I should be going. What should I do with the sword?

Hilo - Keep it. It's yours.

Adelle - Good-bye.

Hilo - Thank you for your help.

*exit Adelle*

The deeds of men ever shape and change the future. It is time I left as well.
Too long have I dwelt in this borrowed flesh. *teleports away*

Death March

"- The Game Is On! -
Wanted: Participants for the greatest game in Ivalice! This time, it's the
Death March. To the victor go the spoils.

- Rules of the Game -
* Uphold the law"
-Bronkrise Gamer's Guild

Dragoon - Welcome to the most famous of games that, officially, no one has ever
heard about. Hee hee. The rules are simple: uphold the law while clearing the
battlefield of your foes. The burden of upholding the law will fall upon none
other than Clan Gully. Now, let the games begin!

Soldier - Victory - and, more importantly, the spoils - will be ours!

Luso - They sound determined. Let's make them fight for it!

Soldier - On with it!

Luso - Let's make it a good, clean match!
Luso - We won! That wasn't as hard as I expected.

Death March, II

"- The Game Is On! -
Wanted: Participants for the greatest game in Ivalice! This time, it's the
second Death March. To the victor go the spoils.

- Rules of the Game -
* Uphold the law"
-Bronkrise Gamer's Guild

Dragoon - Welcome to the most famous of games that, officially, no one has ever
heard about. Hee hee. The rules are simple: uphold the law while clearing the
battlefield of your foes. The burden of upholding the law will fall upon none
other than Clan Gully. Now, let the games begin!

Parivir - Easy enough. We'll have those spoils in no time.

Luso - I wouldn't count on it. You'll be eating those words pretty soon.

Parivir - And you're going to feed them to us? I think not!

Luso - We'll let the game decide!
Luso - We've come out on top again!

Death March, III

"- The Game Is On! -
Wanted: Participants for the greatest game in Ivalice! This time, it's the
final Death March. To the victor go the spoils.

- Rules of the Game -
* Uphold the law"
-Bronkrise Gamer's Guild

Dragoon - Welcome to the most famous of games that, officially, no one has ever
heard about. Hee hee. The rules are simple: uphold the law while clearing the
battlefield of your foes. The burden of upholding the law will fall upon none
other than Clan Gully. Now, let the games begin!

Ninja - You have no hope against us. Leave while you have the chance.

Luso - We won't know until we try. I'm not quitting now!

Ninja - Have it your way, then. Sure you're ready?

Luso - We'll see how smug you are when you've taken a beating.
Luso - This game gets easier every time.

The Ultimate Book

"I've been reading some old theses of late, and was intrigued by mention of the
Ultimate Book of Magick. I know its very existence may only be a legend, still,
if you have any information I would be most eager to hear it."
-Terad, Magickal Historian

Lezaford - Welcome, welcome, Luso. How may I assist you?

Luso - Actually, I came to ask about a grimoire called "The Ultimate Book of
Magick"... I've heard it might not even exist... that it might be a legend...

Lezaford - Ah yes... the Gran Grimoire. Not many know of its existence, and few
if any of those who do have actually set eyes upon it. I myself have never seen
it - and I have seen a great many things! Ha ha! I will prepare a paper
describing what I know... which is not a great deal, I'm sorry to say!

*"Ultimate Book of Magick" received*

Feel free to share it with anyone at all. Only... oblige a shy old man and keep
its author's identity a secret, there's a good lad!

A Dashing Duel

"I had been courting the Lady Bcja for some time, and had finally arranged for
a proper... rendezvous, shall we say. When the day arrived, however, she told
me she'd made other plans with another suitor! I seek a champion to fight this
philanderer on my behalf and uphold my honor. I must have satisfaction!"
-Marnot, Pride of Fluorgis

Al-Cid - What have we here? Yours is a face I've seen before.

Luso - Al-Cid? You're the "philanderer" we're supposed to duel?

Al-Cid - Such a vulgar word from one so young. I would ask you: what is a
flower that has never basked in the sun? I could not leave such beauty to
wither and die.

Luso - Well, I don't know about basking and withering, but if you're who we're
after, that's all I need to know.

Al-Cid - As you say. If it a duel you've come for, I would not want you to
leave... unsatisfied.

Luso - Whoa, not so fast! There must be some other way to settle this!

Al-Cid - What man would not gladly lay down his life for the woman he loved? No
man of House Margrace, I can assure you. En garde!

*enter a group of vieras*

Adelle - Just how many women does he plan to lay down his life for?
Bcja - Al-Cid... You've suffered enough for me already. I will entreat Marnot
to reconsider. I'll tell him I took his invitation to dinner as that, and no
more. Had I thought he meant more, I would never have accepted. I shall return

*exit Bcja*

Adelle - She's an odd one. One chocobo short of a flock, if you ask me.

Al-Cid - A flower is at its most beautiful growing in the wild. Pick it, and
its beauty soon fades.

*exit Al-Cid*

Luso - I've just about had it with flowers.

Wanted: Combatants

"We have an unexpected opening in the roster of our forthcoming tourney. We do
not often invite outsiders, but if the tourney is to go ahead, we must.
Combatant with experience in a clan tourney preferred."
-Shadow Tourney Overseer

Assassin - Clan Gully. What an unexpected honor. Your exploits in the
sanctioned tourneys are known to us. You are welcome here.

Luso - "Sanctioned" tourneys? Uh, this isn't illegal, is it?

Assassin - No, of course not. Our rules are not so very different from any
other tourney. Combatants face each other in single combat, without use of
weapon or magick. This tourney will take place over the next three nights.

*sends Rodanuu, Berserker*

Assassin - Many of our members find themselves...unable to attend. You have
saved us from a great embarrassment. Oh, only invited guests may watch the
tourney, I'm afraid. You understand.

Berserker - No magick, no weapons... A fella could get used to this.

Maintaining the Balance

"The creatures of Tramdine Fens are on the brink of catastrophe! A swell in the
number of antlions has driven the native cockatrices into decline. If something
isn't done, they'll disappear from the fens altogether. Please travel to
Tramdine Fens and thin the antlion population."
-Baran, Society for the Protection of Monsters

Antlion - Shka!

Cid - Even more antlions than I expected.

Antlion - Crrrt...

Cid - If we don't stop them now, they'll just keep multiplying.
Cid - That should solve the antlion problem for now.

Wanted: Moogle Rangers

"- WANTED! -
Wanted: The Moogle Rangers, for 245 counts of disrupting the peace, and 1 count
of trespassing.

Do not be taken in by the adorable appearance of these five moogles - they are
to be considered rude and riotus."
-Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Moogle Knight - Ahoy, kupo! Kupo-po...? I'll bet you're wondering just who we
are, kupo! *jump for joy* Moogle Mark I, kupo!

Black Mage - *jump for joy* Moogle Mark II, kupoooo!

Juggler - *jump for joy* Moogler Mark III, kupo-po!

Chocobo Rider - *jump for joy* Moogle Mark IV, kuuupo!

Flintlock - Kupo, Moogle Mark III...

*rest of moogles stare at him*

! *jump for joy* Moogle Mark V... kupo-po!!!

Moogle Knight - Together, we form the Moogle Rangers! Pom-pom-power!!! So...
what's your story, kupo?

Cid - ...

Moogle Knight - Kupo-po! I see, kupo! You want to join the Moogle Rangers,
kupo? Kupo-po! Kupo-po-po... Kupo-po. Sorry, but no way! You're just not cute
enough! Kupo-po!!!

Cid - ... Let's rid ourselves of them, shall we?
*Moogle Rangers are lined up in a row*

Cid - Hrah! Tougher than I thought...

Moogle Knight - Kupo-po-po... We lost! We lost! The Moogle Rangers are
finished, kupo! *nods to teammates* Kupo!!!

*the Rangers fly off*

Don't... forget us, kupo.

Cid - ...

Wanted: Musician!

"A member of our troupe has been injured and won't be able to perform at the
music competition in Fluorgis. We've been preparing so long for this, it would
be a shame to miss out now, kupo!

Please, help us find a replacement in time. We'll need them for no less than
six days if we're to have enough time to rehearse!"
-Pompo, Troupe Leader

Pompo - You have someone to help our troupe, kupo?

Luso - Yup, sure do! I just hope whoever they're replacing is gonna be okay.

Pompo - Oh, he'll be alright, kupo. He hurt his playing arm, but he's well
enough to help with the rehearsals. Speaking of which, I don't think we'll be
getting much sleep between now and the concert, kupo!

*Luso sends Jerrog, Beastmaster*

Pompo - Pleased to meet you, kupo! We'll make sure you're ready in time!

Jerrog - I wonder how many people will come to see us perform. I'm getting
rather nervous...


"There are murmurings among our passengers that there are ghosts aboard the
airships. Though understandably concerned, we are yet mindful that rumor is not
fact. We need someone trustworthy to investigate, and, in the event that there
is a ghostly infestation, remedy the problem with all haste."
-Jylland Airship Inspection Board

Aerodome Attendant - Welcome to the Fluorgis aerodome. You've come to look into
the matter of the ghosts? The dock for the ship you'll be boarding is just
through the gate there on the left. If you -do- find any ghosts, dispose of
them at once.

Luso - *nods*
Deathscythe - It is you... murderer...

Adelle - So the rumors were true.

Deathscythe - Retribution, there must be! Your soul will be consumed in

Adelle - Their search for revenge keeps them here. We have to put them to rest.
Adelle - I wonder if they're free now...
Aerodome Attendant - Welcome back. Word of your swift action to deal with the
ghosts has already reached me. Thank you for your discreet and timely help.
Should we encounter similar trouble in the future, I hope we can count on you.

Luso - *nods*

Brightmoon Tor

"This tower appears only on moonlit nights. A great treasure is said to wait at
its top."

Luso - That light in the distance... Could that be the tower from the stories?
*level one*

Nu mou, unknown class - Ah, unannounced visitors. Welcome to Brightmoon Tor, a
place of testing and - for those who excel - reward. There are but two ways to
leave the tower: reach its top, or die in the attempt. The moonstones will
guide you. Touch them and your way shall open. Now if you'll excuse me...

Luso - Huh? Wait! What do we do now!?

*exit Nu Mou*
??? - Make for the tower's egress, of course. Oh, and do mind the tower's
guardians. They can be most... unwelcoming.

Drawn Bridge

"I'm in charge of Dow Bridge, a drawbridge linking Goug with Kthili Sands. The
bridge mechanism is one of the great feats of mooglecraft! The thing is, I've
run into a little problem... I lost the key required to operate it! I dropped
it in one of the mine shafts, and no one's been able to use the bridge since!
My pom-pom's akimbo over the whole mess, kupo!"
-Tchipo, Dow Bridge Operator

Mimic - *snap* *snap*

Luso - As if a dark, wet mine weren't bad enough, there have to be monsters,
don't there. Why is it things never seem to get lost somewhere more brightly

Mimic - *crack*

Luso - Let's find that key and get out of here.
Penelo - We found the key! I wonder if we'll be able to pass between Goug and
Kthili Sands now.

A Refined Recruit

"Let me just say this: it is good to have friends!"

*enter Luso, Vaan, and Penelo; they look around in the pub*

Al-Cid (surrounded by ladies) - Ah! He shows himself at last!

Vaan - Al-Cid!

Luso - Whoa! Him again!

Al-Cid - Ladies, there are many stories I would share with you... and more.
Next time.

*head towards Penelo*

You are... a goddess, sent down to this world. How is it that, even left
untended for months, you grow into such an enchanting bloom?

Penelo - Al-Cid. Your tongue is as skilled as ever, I see.

Al-Cid - It does not require skill to speak the truth.

Vaan - So, what's up? You've come a long way just to chat up my partner.

Al-Cid - Truth be told, I desired respite from my affairs. A diversion, shall
we say. Work has been most demanding of late. Normally, I sleep like a babe,
but they barely give me time to close my eyes! And then came this sky pirate,
demanding I do some "research" for him.

Vaan - Oh...

Al-Cid - So I do it. But when I go to the appointed place, at the appointed
time... he is nowhere to be found! So, we do not meet. Having no recourse, I
ask another to carry my report to him.

Penelo - I'm sorry we weren't able to send word... Vaan, say something!

Vaan -  Sorry we're a little late in thanking you. But... thanks. You really
came through for us, Al-Cid.

Al-Cid - Ah, then I was of some use after all. This is good to hear.

Vaan - So, we've been spending our free time with these Clan Gully folks. It's
been good, hasn't it, Penelo. We've learned a lot from them.

Al-Cid - You don't say.

Luso - Hey, we're glad to have the company. Huh, Cid?

Cid - Hmph.

Al-Cid - I believe we have not yet met. Al-Cid Margrace, at your service.

Cid - I'm Cid. Just Cid. Luso has told me much about you.

Al-Cid - I am pleased to see you getting along so famously with my pirate
friends. My struggles to bring you together were not in vain, it seems.

Vaan - ...Struggles?

Al-Cid - No, no thanks, please. I merely performed that which was required of

Luso - Um... wait, what?

Al-Cid - Please! Not another word! Yet, if you find that you cannot rest until
you have repaid me in some small way, I will understand. Perhaps you would even
take the time to listen to my trifling little problem.

Luso - ...

Al-Cid - Though it shames me to say so, my affairs have not all been in order,
of late. In fact, should present trends continue, things could get quite...
ugly. I thought to make myself scarce a while and allow the world to order
itself anew. But I could not find a suitable place to do so.

Vaan - *backs up* Wait... You aren't-

Al-Cid - Perhaps, if it was not too much of a burden, I could...join your clan?

Luso - Join our... What!? You want to... You mean... Um, Cid?

Cid - Sorry, but our clan isn't exactly set up to receive gentlemen of leisure.

Al-Cid - Again, no cause for concern! I have no intention of being a powdered
guest in your halls, sir. If there is need, I would be happy to lend my
considerable talents at marksmanship.

Cid - I won't have you injuring yourself on my watch.

Al-Cid - Death...this would be a problem. But I am no stranger to cuts and
bruises. And you do have a judge amongst your ranks, yes?

Cid - ...Fine. I don't care what "disorder" you're running from, we'll take you

Luso - Cid!?

Vaan - You're letting him join? Are you sure? This is Al-Cid we're talking

Penelo - I think Cid knows exactly who he's dealing with, somehow.

Al-Cid - Ahh... This is a relief. My quest for sanctuary was longer than I

Penelo - What about your...escort?

Al-Cid - A little too conspicuous, wouldn't you agree?

*bows to escort; escort bows to Al-Cid, and exits*

True, it has been many years since I traveled alone. Yet, I think I shall find
the experience...refreshing.

Cid - Never thought I'd be rubbing shoulders with a Margrace, that's for sure.

Luso - Margrace... Adelle mentioned them too. Who are they?

Cid - House Margrace, rulers of a mighty land off east called Rozarria.
Royalty, kid, to put it plainly.

Luso - Royalty? Really? What, so he's some kind of prince!? Him? No way!

Al-Cid - Only one among many, I assure you.

Luso - Well, at least that explains the attitude. Huh. How come now I know
you're a prince, you don't seem so annoying?

Al-Cid - That, my friend, is a mystery. Yet the more of me you see, I think,
the more highly you will regard this diamond in the rough. And we will be
seeing much of each other!

Luso - ...

Al-Cid - We are brothers now, after all, yes?

Wanted: Friends, Kupo!

"I am an itinerant black mage, kupo.

I've come all this way alone, but now I feel it's time to take on some
traveling companions.

Meet me on Baptiste Hill if you think you're right for the job, kupo!"

??? - ...Kupo?

Hurdy - Kupo? Montblanc!? Hey, Luso! It's my brother!

Montblanc - Kupo...Hurdy!?

Luso - Wait a second, you're that moogle from before!

Montblanc - Kupo kupo! You two know each other!?

Hurdy - Sure do, kupo. I'm in Luso here's clan these days, kupo! Wait... how do
you know Luso!?

Luso - He cleared up a little misunderstanding I had with some bangaa in
Fluorgis. I had no idea he was your brother, Hurdy! Right, well, my name's
Luso... Which I guess you know.

Montblanc - And I'm Montblanc. Small world, kupo-po! I certainly didn't expect
my own brother to come when I posted that bill in the pub.

Hurdy - I was surprised myself, kupo! The bill did say you were traveling
alone, but it didn't have your name... Say, what -are- you doing all the way
out here alone, kupo? My brother's the leader of a clan in this place called
Dalmasca, way to the east.

Montblanc - I'm on personal business as a matter of fact... a bit of a treasure
hunt, kupo.

Hurdy - A treasure hunt, kupo?

Montblanc - Have you ever heard of something called the "Gigas's Pendant,"
kupo? It's shaped like a gigas of antiquity, and possesses power most
wonderous, kupo!

Luso - Wait... *takes out pendant* You don't mean this, do you?

Montblanc - *spinaroonie* Kupo-po!!! I do, I do, kupo! Kupo... I didn't know it
had an owner. Oh well.

Luso - I could give it to you...

Montblanc - Oh no, kupo! I'm sure there's another treasure out there for me to
hunt... somewhere. Actually, there're some earrings called the Reaper's Rings
that go with that pendant.

Luso - Wait... *takes out rings* You don't mean these, do you?

Montblanc - *double spinaroonie* Kupo-po!!! The very same, kupo! (-_-)

Luso - Look...

Montblanc - No, no! Don't concern yourself with me, kupo! There's still one
treasure left... The Bringer's Pin, kupo! It's a hairpin. Goes quite nicely
with the other two. That is... you don't have the pin too, right, kupo? Ah ha
ha! Kupo! Of course you don't! That'd be ridiculous!

Luso - *takes out hairpin* Um...this?

Montblanc - *spinaroonie* Kupo-po!!! That's it! What are you, kupo? Some sort
of repository of wrested relics!?

Luso - No, nothing like that. I just happened to come across these.

Montblanc - This, this, this is most unexpected. Kupo! I...I'm beside myself,
kupo. Truth be told, I bought that pendant once myself, a long long time ago,

Hurdy - Kupo!?

Montblanc - Well, it was a replica, but it looked just like the real thing,
kupo! I was fond of adorning myself with glittering trinkets back in those
days, kupo. It was my favorite accessory - I wore it always. That is, until I
lost it, kupo. A shock, to be sure, but I've since recovered, kupo. I thought
to myself, "better to replace it than mope about it! I'll go find the real
one!" Which brings me to my current quest for the Gigas's Pendant.

Luso - Gee...I'm sorry. If I'd known it was so important to you...

Montblanc - Please, kupo, let's be realistic here. My life is more than

Hurdy - So... what are you going to do now, Montblanc? Are you going back to
your clan, kupo?

Montblanc - Not after crossing a whole continent to be here! No, I'll linger a

Luso - Well, why don't you join -our- clan? You were looking for companions,
weren't you? Hurdy's with us, and there's never a lack of places to go or
things to do!

Montblanc - Are you sure, kupo?

Luso - *nod* Hey, you're Hurdy's brother. That practically makes you family!
Right, Hurdy?

Hurdy - *jump for joy* Kupo!

Montblanc - Well then, thanks, kupo! I accept your invitation!

Luso - Good to have you with us!

Hurdy - Kupo...but Montblanc, is it okay to leave your own clan leaderless,

Montblanc - Oh, Clan Centurio does fine without me. Bensat keeps an eye on
things, kupo. Besides, it's been a while since I've done any real questing
myself, kupo. Kupo-po! Look out, Ivalice! Here I come!

A Bride for Montblanc

"My dear Montblanc,

I have long admired you from afar, and now I wish to see you and profess my
feelings in person.

Cois, Maiden of the Wood"

Montblanc - Fras? It's me, Montblanc. I'm here, kupo!

Fras - Ah, Montblanc! I have waited for you. At last you are come. And now
sweet vengeance will be mine!

Montblanc - Kupo!?

Fras - You are the moogle from Clan Centurio, are you not? The clan which won
the clan tourney? You stole victory from us that day. We had secretly drugged
the other challengers with an elixir to turn their bowels to water. All was in
place for our victory... when your clan arrived unannounced and claimed the
victor's mantle!

Montblanc - Kupo...

Fras - Even now, I shudder to think how you have shamed us! We will crush you
and your clan, and only then will this weight be lifted from my heart!

Montblanc - You try to cheat your way to victory, and when you fail, you blame
your opponent, kupo?

Fras - Silence! You know our secret. You cannot leave this place alive. Make
ready for death...

Montblanc - There's no talking sense with her, kupo.
Montblanc - Hopefully this lesson will be one she won't soon forget, kupo.

= NOTICES                                                                (n4) =

"I think there are some new postings up on the board." - Barman

Fluffy and Pink

Heard about those fluffy pink flowers? Seems like everyone wants one these
days, eh?

I believe it was called the prima petal, or the like.

Looks pretty, and makes all sorts of other things right pretty too. Quite
popular with the lasses, I hear. Oh, they used to grow all over the place but
now you'd be lucky to find one in a season, if that.

That said, I hear they've been spotted up Targ Wood way. Haven't seen 'em
myself, though, so go at yer own risk.

Crying Wolf

Wolf-like creatures of a kind never seen before are running rampant in the
hills around Camoa! A mark has been posted in hopes that there is someone who
can deal with this menace before more lives are lost. Those who have faith in
their sword arm, come to our aid!

-Camoa Bureau of Safety

Klesta Comes

The crushatrice is known for its especially violent temperament, but one in
particular makes all the rest look like docile hens.

Adventurers in the know call it Klesta, and its name evokes fear deep in the
cockles of their hearts.

Klesta is mean, real mean. It attacks people, animals, anything that gets in
its way.

Surely, someone would have dealt with this scourge a long time ago, were it not
so nefariously resilient.

Many are the hunters who claim to have taken the beast to death's door only to
have it escape at the last moment, only to return a day or two later fully
restored to health!

And those hunters were the best of the best. The rest that tried to take on
this fell beast, well... it's still alive, isn't it.

House Bowen

What other elite group of headhunters would do anything - provided there's gil
on the table - but House Bowen?

What other clan has brought in more than four hundred marks? That alone would
qualify them as one of Ivalice's top-tier teams - and that's not even taking
into account the high demand for their services as escorts for important
personages, sellswords for padding out forces during regional conflicts, and
gods-know-what goings-on taking place behind drawn curtains.

Thier leader, Bowen, is not only a fearsome combatant, but a cool-headed
thinker as well, who takes on even the smallest request with the utmost care
and caution.

Yet Bowen is also known as someone who would lay down his life to save a
comrade. The fervent loyalty this inspires is one of the secrets to House
Bowen's success.

Headhunter Friese

It's been several years now since the lady headhunter Friese made her name
known among the clans.

Slayer of countless marks, the beauty with which she worked her sword-edge
earned her the title of Blademaiden Friese - and a position of honor next to
Blademaster Frimelda as one of Jylland's most celebrated women warriors.

While little is known about Friese the woman, it is true she often traveled
with several companions, making it likely she was a member of a clan.

In her heyday, new tales of her derring-do sprang up in the taverns with every
new moon, but of late, the bards sing little of her conquests. Even the
streetears have stopped whispering her name.

One wonders what she is doing now, and where.

The Bonga Bugle

When people want their monthly dose of the goods on places to go, people to
know, and goings-on in society both high and low, they turn to the Bonga Bugle.

Though their coverage is unparalleled in its breadth and depth, rumors persist
that the Head Editor of the Bugle has been passing on his own work by posting
bills at the local pub...


Know you the mage clan Cinquleur?

Oh, they're a rare lot: arrogant, heavy-handed, wanting nothing more than to
find the strong... and fight them.

That said, they bite with as much ferocity as they bark.

Quite a few clans snapped and took their challenge, only to be reduced to
sobbing, defeated losers on the tourney field...

You ask me, I'd steer well clear of them. Unless, of course, you're sure you
can win.

-Domis Streetears

The Ocktor Tome of Medicine

House Ocktor has produced physicians for generations now, and their
accomplishments in the realm of the curing arts are innumerable.

A collection of their techniques, "The Ocktor Tome of Medicine", has been
called the godsbook of the profession, and there have been no lack of aspirants
to glory, both principled and unprincipled, who have sought to claim it.

Sadly, those who envied House Ocktor were legion. In time, they drove the
family out of the medical profession with tarnished name, and so was the book
of arts lost to the knowledge of man.

That is, until Mack Ocktor, twelfth in the House Ocktor line, discovered the
book in a hidden passageway beneath the ruins of the Ocktor Manse. The book is
currently in his possession, its secrets once again the property of the family
that first committed them to paper.

Medicinal Marvel (Letter)

Thanks so much for the cactus fruit the other day.

The medicine worked, and the boy was brought back from death's doorstep and
restored to full health.

Much to my surprise, the boy hailed from a wealthy family, and they were quite
generous in showing me their gratitude. Though this was truly unexpected, I've
resolved to make the most of it by traveling to Moorabella, there to refine my
skills in magickal medicine.

-Mack Ocktor

Lang Means Trouble

The four Lang Brothers, members of the Moorabella region guild, the Arbiters of
Death, fled after seriously wounding an astounding twenty-eight of their

"Those Lang Brothers were trouble from the start, everyone knew it. Just one
look in thos cold, cruel eyes and you'd know it too," one surviving clan member
told us on condition of anonymity.

The Defenders of the Peace have posted a mark for the capture of these four
dangerous criminals.

Those aspiring to the challenge should note that the Artbiters of Death are a
battle-hardened clan. That four could wound so many is a testament to just how
adept these Lang Brothers are at the business of battle.


Carm Mercantile: Who We Are

-Carm Mercantile House Report-

We're a youthful house, in operation for what some might consider a scant
twenty years since our beginnings wrighting ships in the port town of Graszton.

Yet, our youthfulness has been our strength. We have honed our techniques,
built up an impressive list of clients and successes, and since our entry into
the comestible freight business ten years past, our support has grown among all
the people of the regions we serve, making us one of the largest mercantile
houses in all Jylland.

We look forward to continuiong to support the growth and prosperity of Jylland
as we expand our operations to accommodate future demand.


To commemorate our first twenty years, we have started a new branch of House
operations dedicated to a recently growing concern: the protection and
preservation of endangered monsters.*

We will be releasing a report on our progress shortly.

*Endangered mosnter: Any mosnter that, due to its being a source of valuable or
otherwise efficacious materials, has been hunted to the brink of extinction.

While monsters were previously considered to exist for the sole purpose of
felling, it has become clear that the removal of certain monsters from their
habitat has caused irreversible damage to the food chain, resulting in
considerably weakened ecological systems. Hence, the need for their

The Hills Are Alive

It was all dark outside, and ma says I'm supposed to be in bed, but I'm not,
and I look out at the Aldanna Range, yeah? And there's all these eyes and
they're looking at me.

But I told ma, and she says they posted a bill for a mark, so I shouldn't

I'm not worried.
But who're Bill and Mark?

-Little Obu, Age 5

The Rivalry of the Rupies

Nestled in the Rupie Mountains lie two villages, at odds with each other for
many years. One is inhabited by the scaled bangaa, the other by the shaggy
mountain nu mou. The villages are rivals in all things.

Nowhere is their rivalry more raw than in the battle between the villages'
elite clans: the Bangaa Brotherhood, and the Nu Mou Nobles.

This battle, fought in fits and starts over years, has come to be known as the
Rivalry of the Rupies, and many visitors to Jylland travel to the mountains
just to witness it.

Prima Donna

The four-woman clan Prima Donna have been garnering much attention in Jylland
of late, and they've got the looks, incredible singing talent, and enchanting
coordinated dance moves to hold it.

They count admirers among men, women, young, and old alike - some so fervent in
their enthusiastic support, they will travel wherever Prima Donna go, showing
up in the crowds at every event. Yet Prima Donna seem to welcome this, and the
attention they lavish upon their most devoted fans has won them still more

What one must not forget is, while Prima Donna have seen such success on the
stage, and clearly take their performances very seriously, they also operate as
a fully fledged clan, and boast accomplishments in this theatre which are no
less impressive.

But this tribute to their enchanting qualities falls short of the real thing.
How can cold words on a page compare to the majesty that is Prima Donna? I can
only hope I have given my readers enough cause to investigate this phenomenon
themselves, perhaps at a local stage near you.

-The Jylland Free Press-Arts Section

Wielders of the Cannon

A whisper on the streets: more information is sought about a headhunting clan
said to use strange weapons called "mage cannons", to do their violent work.
Rumors abound, yet none have seen this clan or their armanents, leaving us with
naught but conjecture.

Perhaps they lurk in the shadows, or perhaps they are nothing but a rumor.
Either way, if you hear something, you will let us know?

-Domis Streetears

Trouble in Jylland

Heard what everyone in Jylland is whispering? A burglar of exceptional skill
has been hitting shop after shop across the realm.

Restaurants, armories, clotheries, no place is safe...

This is nothing new to me... but when I heard that the burglar is a monster...!

Oh, worry not. A bill will be posted soon enough.

-Domis Streetears

The Bonga Bugle: Bloodfire Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Workers! I Feel Your Pain!
Special one-day report from the frontline of the retail industry: The Scoop
From The Shop! What I learned: Work isn't all fun and games!

Other Headlines:
-Clerk Reveals Customer Care Secrets
"The envy of all the other clerks."
"I just wanted to see the customers smile."
-How To Shop, Head Editor Style
-That Cute Girl Who Came Into The Shop

A Word From Our Editor:
Shops. Be they ye olde shoppes, or just plain old shops, you gotta love 'em! No
purchase necessary, either, you can just enjoy window shopping. I certainly do!
Now and then I'll try a piece of gear on that doesn't fit, and something will
snap, and I'll have to fork over my gil. Maybe that's why those shopkeepers are
always yelling at me when I drop in.

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Rosefire Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Master Craftsman Goes To Pot!
Goes to make pots, that is! And I was with the miracle-maker himself, Master
LePot the 3rd! Enjoy this tale of earth and effot in harmony with some very
pretty pots.

Other Headlines:
-Competitive Pot Breaking Catches On With Youth
-Head Editor Celebrates Youth Culture, Breaks Pots
-Head Editor's Words To The Wise: "I juts kicked it as hard as I could!"

A Word From Our Editor:
I tried making some pottery the other day - whoo boy! It was just me and the
clay for twenty-four hours straight and in the end, I did it! I made a
lovely... lump of clay. Straightaway, I titled my work "The Lump: A Study" and
quickly discarded - er, displayed it in my office.

Folks, art is hard.

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

Bonga Bugle: Skyfrost Edition

The Month in the Bugle:
The Most Beautiful Spot In The World!
Beauty without compare, faitful readers! I'd print the photographs I took, but
to do so would be a disservice to the stunning beauty of the place! You must go
there and see it for yourself! All of you! Now!

Other Headlines:
-Head Editor Takes 1,000 Photographs On Assignment
-Head Editor Contemplating Career As Photographer?
-Head Editor Leaves Lens Cap On
-"Night: A Study In 1,000 Images" Rocks Art World

A Word From Our Editor:
Why are famous places so popular? Maybe they became famous -because- there were
popular? But what about places where there isn't anything to do, or anything
good to eat. Just a lot of scenery sitting around?

Who'd want to go there!?

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Greenfire Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Obey The Law!
Laws are made to be obeyed!
"Obey? Like a dog? Never!" you say?
"Woof" I say!

Other Headlines:
-Secret Group More Than Rumor?
-Secret Group Members Disguised Among Us?
-Head Editor Member of Secret Group?
-Clan Gully Seen In Secret Group?

A Word From Our Editor:
I recently polled our readers concerning their favorite law, and was rather
surprised to hear that the most popular law with the young ladies was that
prohibiting standing still!

Apparently, following this law has the side benefit of giving one an excellent
workout, thereby killing two fat birds with one legally laudable stone!

Incidentally, my favorite law is the one prohibiting all harm to seeq...
naturally! *snort*

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Goldsun Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Field of Hidden Treasures!
That's what they call it, but no matter how much I dig, I get nothing!
Diddly-squat! Why!?

That's the real mystery here.

Other Headlines:
-Dig Like You Mean It! Man Digs Hole After Hole, Finds Nothing
-Rescue Operation! Man Falls In Hole, Can't Get Out
-Hole-Digger Sent To Infirmary With Serious Injuries
-Head Editor's Words To The Wise: "Hole-Digging - Just Say No."

A Word From Our Editor:
Why do treasures come spilling from the depths of the earth? Did some
mysterious mage cast magicks to put them there? Did some kindly soul sneak out
and bury them in the dark of night for our amusement?

Some say it's just some rich house slinging its rubbish. And you know what they
say about one man's rubbish!

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle, from the infirmary.

The Bonga Bugle: Silversun Edition

This Month in the Bonga Bugle:
Hunting The Haunts!
A fierce battle to the undeath ensues between our heroic Head Editor and the
forces of ghostliness. We've got the scoop here!

Other Headlines:
-I Ain't Afeared Of No Poltergeists! Now Taking Orders For "Auntie's Anti-Haunt
-Debate: Is Our Head Editor Afraid of Ghosts?
-Special Column: Our Head Editor Weighs In: "Me And Auntie - The Meaning Of
After Life"

A Word From Our Editor:
My auntie's an awfully gentle soul. When I was but a boy, I'd come home crying,
and she'd sing me a song, or give me a treat, and I'd feel all right. I'll
never forget your kindness, auntie! Just stop haunting me!

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Ashleaf Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Galmia Pepe!!!
An exclusive interview with a Pepe employee!

Q: Tell us, what's your favorite direction?
A: You mean, like... a compass direction? Um, North, I guess?

Q: In your opinion, which eye would you say you blink more, the left or the
A: Um...don't think blink at the same time?

Q: Are you the kind who can't sleep without a light on in the room?
A: When you are going to ask me real questions?

Q: Why have you answered all my questions with questions?
A: Right. Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day.

Other Headlines:
-Mystery! The Case Of The Missing Memo Pad
-Hit Song: "Making It Up Is Hard To Do."
-Head Editor's Words To The Wise: "Unprepared? Be prepared to deal with angry

A Word From Our Editor:
Did you know that spiffy hat I'm always wearing is a bona fide Galmia Pepe?

I got a discount, of course.

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Mistleaf Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Power Beyond Reckoning, Reckoned!
Clan Gully Results:
"Strong To The Extreme"
I remember, he ran up to me and said:
"Hey Head Editor, you okay? You just leave that big guy to me! You've got your
back problems to think of!"
(Want to read more? Look inside)

Other Headlines:
-Required Reading: The Way To Win Battles
-Winning With Points For Style
-A Cheer For Strong-arm Headhunters, House Bowen!
"Not bad, you guys!"

A Word From Our Editor:
Little did you know it, but this tourney is one way to become truly famous as a

No, -the- way!

Win big here, and you join an exclusive circle of past winners that include
such luminaries as the 100 Geniuses, Violene, the Arbiters of Death, and many,
many more!

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Plumfrost Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
All Hail Our Owner!!!
Master of sword in field and quill at desk! Superb on the attack, superfluous
on defense! Quick to dine, and quicker to nap! What's the secret to his
miraculous powers!?

Other Headlines:
-What Do Bugle Employees Think Of Our Owner?
"Those pink neckties are... amazing."
"His feet stin- smell incredible!"
"His airship loan is second to none!"
"I'm not sure how we're still in business"

A Word From Our Editor:
I did a little peeking into Our Owner's history for this special feature and
found a curious connection between Our Owner, a member of the Clan Mates
Adventurer's Guild, and the Seeker of Slaughter!

That's right, these three individuals were once in a clan together! Not only
that, their clan was a real go-getter, much like today's House Bowen.

I was sadly unable to discover why they disbanded, or why Our Owner is such a
wim- er, so reserved these days.

Then again, with clan members like that, I suppose it had to fall apart sooner
or later!

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Blackfrost Edition

Happy New Year!

This Month in the Bugle:
Our New Year's Resolutions!
1) Early to rise. *yawn*
2) Don't be so forgetful...was it?
3) Eat less. *belch*

Other Headlines:
-Head Editor Catches Cold On Assignment
-Head Editor Blows Nose On Assignment
-Head Editor Blows Nose Again
-Head Editor Makes Mess of Notes

A Word From Our Editor:
How many of us make New Year's resolutions but never follow through with them?
And why?

Beacuse we forget what they were. That's why I never make resolutions.

At least, I don't -remember- making any!

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Coppersun Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
O, Prima Donna!!!
...Let me just state here for the record: it was all worth it.

Other Headlines:
-Shocking! Man Sneaks Close To Prima Donna!
-Prima Donna Administers Painful Cheek Slap
-Prima Donna Throws Grown Man Like Rag Doll
-Prima Donna Unleashes Flurry Of Fists
-Mysterious Man In Infirmary With Serious Injuries

A Word From Our Editor:
Got any Prima Donna memorabilia?
I ran some ads for armbands, necklaces, badges, towels and the like with the
members' names on them, and they've been selling like hot cakes!

But I'm not selling my ultra-rare Prima Donna Pillow. That one's mine!

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle, from the infirmary.

Chita's Weaponsmiths

-Workshop Report: Chita's Weaponers-

A workshop located in the Aldanna Range, where Mastersmith Chita and his
apprentices toil daily to produce new weapons to arm our stalwart knights.

In the workshop, the air rings with the sound of metal on metal, and
occaisionally Mastersmith Chita's booming voice. When asked, one apprentice
said of his master: "He is more fiery than the forge, has lungs bigger than the
bellows, and is sharper than our finest blade".

Yet, in contrast to his own heroic proportions, Chita's blades are delicate,
refined works of art. Even their superlative beauty, however, cannot outshine
their terrifying effectiveness on the battlefield - the latter quality being
the one which has won them so many admirers.

Truly, the arms of Chita's Weaponers shine across all of Ivalice.

Tired of Your Title?

An Important Notice from the Wizard D'Tidle:

I'm sure there are some of you out there with titles won through clan trials
that you frankly just don't need.

Well, you've come to the right place - that is, you will have come to the right
place when you come to see me. I can get rid of those titles so fast, you'll
never know you had them!

Of course, you lose the benefits of said titles as well, so give it some
thought beforehand.

Our Hate

So many years, I have hated.

Hated them, hated you, hated until I grew weary of hating.

How many of my comrades have fallen? Gone to a place whence they shall never

Their hatred is mine.
Once more, I pick up my knife.
I'm coming for you.

-(Poster Unknown)

The Kthili Surveyors

Did you know they're still finding old ruins and hardened bones from ancient
times out in Kthili Sands?

There are several groups working out there, excavating and doing surveys,
including the Akademy, but the team with the most dig sites and the most
unearthed artifacts is without a doubt the Kthili Sands Surveyors.

House on Ice

The perpetrators in the malicious encasement in ice of of a Fluorgis merchant
manse and said manse's inhabitants have been located and contained.

Due to the remarkable durability of the ice - ten days from the date of the
incident, and it remains entirely unmelted - we were able to closely examine
the scene, leading us to conclude that the perpetrators were indeed several in
number, and possessing of an incredible capacity for creating and manipulating
large quantities of ice.

Knowing that to lose them in the cold, western reaches of Jylland would be to
lose them forever, the Defenders came out in force to stop them in the east. We
were successful in containing them within the Kthili Sands.

Though their motives are still unclear, what is clear is that this oppurtunity
to bring them to justice must not be missed.

-Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Open Rivalry

Word is that the Bangaa Brotherhood and the Nu Mou Nobles are at it again up in
the Rupie Mountains!

Perhaps rumors of a growing desire to end the conflict once and for all are
true, for both sides have been openly recruiting mercenaries in the pubs of

Rasgow's Letter

I was wrong. That was no spirit whispering from beyond the grave, but my
friends, calling to me. I... will not be saved. This I know.

All I wish now is that no one else should hear this sad voice. Please, rid the
mine of its spirits. Let its rock walls and vaulted halls sleep in peace.

Give the spirits their freedom, for I will be joining their number soon.

Bad Clan Rising

A band of lowlifes has taken to advertising false gemstones to attract gem
dealers and other people of means, then forcibly divesting them of their

Why, they're even using the pubs to spread this misinformation! The nerve!

Spirits in the Sky

Mebbe you've heard this one alread, but they say there's ghosts  a-floatin' in
the sky... right around where them airships by flyin'.
People're sayin' that, long time ago, back when we had all them airships up 'n'
disappearin', why them's what disappeared've come back now as ghosts.
Well, soon's I heard that story, I got meself a ticket and took a ride on one
o' them ships. Had me nose pressed up against the window the whole time, I
reckon, and guess what? I saw one! A gen-u-wine bone fide haunt!!!
Oh, it was a specter o' death, lemme tell you. Went away in the blink of an
eye, but as sure as I love my drink, that was a ghost. And if there's one thing
I know, it's spirits.

-Gonra the Drinker

Mr. Ocktor Recognized

Mr. Ocktor, having developed countless new medicines and applications, has been
recognized by the Ivalice Herbalists Association for his contributions.

Mr. Ocktor has developed tinctures for treating the most intricate ailments,
worked in several areas of medicine, and through his innovations, saved many

Rumors have now surfaced that the Rozarrian Imperial League of Physicians,
located in the capital, have shown interest in working with Mr. Ocktor in the

The Luck-Stick Seller

It's that time of year again! Yes, the old luck-stick seller is making his
rounds once more.

He shows up every year in Fluorgis, right around Blackfrost, and then just
seems to wander off...

If you catch sight of him, be sure to buy yourself a luck-stick! Never know
when you might get another chance!

Concerning Luck-Sticks

Did you know that the luck-stick seller who comes in Blackfrost and the
luck-stick trader who comes in Goldsun are two different people?

It's true! The one in Blackfrost's an old man, and the one in Goldsun's an old

You'd never know it to look at 'em, though! ...Makes a fella wonder how exactly
they're related. Not that it's any of my business, mind you.

-Domis Streetears

What's Really Important

I thank you for your watchful eyes and strong arms in Targ Wood. I owe my life
to your dutiful protection!

Still, the whole affair came as quite a shock.

I've given this a great deal of thought, and I've decided to put off going to
Rozarria, and quit my research laboratory in Moorabella. It's really the only

-Mack Ocktor

The Moogle Rangers (1)

So what if they're cute? They're squatting on my land! They've made a mess of
the garden, and there's no way in the Overworld I'll ever get those pumpkins
growing again...


The Moogle Rangers (2)

Strange things are afoot! When I heard a sieable number of Fluorgis's fairer
residents were off to Sant D'alsa Bluff en masse, well, I thought that the end
had come at last.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that they were not abandoning our fine
city, but instead flocking to a particular house in the Bluff where the five
moogles known as the Moogle Rangers have taken up residence... in the garden.

While the Moogle Rangers have not been known to partake in violent acts,
reports have shown that they do nothing to discourage the considerable
donations of gil, jewelry, and consumables given them by their smitten fans.

Some Moogle Ranger enthusiasts have raided family fortunes, and even sunk to
theivery to fund their worship of these diminutive giants.

Others have been attacked by monsters en route to see the rangers, causing
problems of a different sort.

Meanwhile, the fab five are heedless to calls of "enough", or, indeed, the
three eviction notices already served them.

With the situation coming to a head, we can only conclude that the Moogle
Rangers' intent is malicious, and a mark request has already been issued for
their precious pom-poms.

-Dolowat, Chief Director, Fluorgis Assembly

The Mother-Lord

Honor to the brave adventurer who vanquished the monster known as the Lord of
the Flowsand that long plagued the Galerria Deep.

That came to pass but recently, yet now we hear whisperings that the beast has
returned... How can this be?

The reports say that the beast is bigger this time, no less. What if, they say,
what if it is the lord's mother?

The Legend of the Dragons

Listen now to this tale of a time long past.

It so happened that once upon a time, a great horde of creatures descended upon
the peaceful people of Jylland.

The creatures sought to make a land for themselves and so they leveled forests,
dirtied waters, and took the lives of countless men and animals.

Then, one day, a piercing sound rolled across the land, and a blinding light
came down from the heavens above.

The light burned the creatures where they stood, leaving naught but ash behind.

When the sound and light had faded, three great dragons were seen wheeling high
in the sky overhead, surveying the land below.

When they saw that none of the creatures remained, off they flew to the Aldanna
Range, never to be seen in the skies again.

The people gave thanks to these three dragons, worshipping them as protector
spirits sent by the gods themselves.

The Seeker of Slaughter

You know the Seeker of Slaughter?
He's a trader in... things. Thing is, nobody knows what those "things" are.

What's more, you don't have to trade him anything for 'em. Just information.
Information about battles fought, battles won, battles lost...

He shows up in some ruins somewhere, every year around Plumfrost.

Not very specific, I know...but hey, you get what you pay for.

-Domis Streetears

The Mutadragons

Whispers 'neath the eaves! Three dragons have reared their fearsome heads in
the vicinity of the Aldanna Range, and they're attacking town and traveler
alike! Such lack of subtlety is sure to earn them mark status shortly.

Mention of three dragons in the Aldannas might recall stories of the protector
dragons of old, yet the only similarity here is their numbers.

These are base, feral creatures with naught but menace on their minds.

Perhaps the thick Mist of the region is what drove these typically reclusive
wyrms to violence??

-Domis Streetears

A Lost Friend

My friend Shoofa is gone... gone upon the snowy plain. I must find him. I must.


Send Help!

I done got myself hurt in the swamp! I tell you, I thought I knew what pain was
when my old chocbo gave up the ghost, but this is something else!

Somebody bring me a potion or something, quick! I hear you Clan Gully folks do
good work, so how's about helping an old feller out? Now, if you could send a
pretty lass to do the job, well, that'd put the frost on my pumpkin.

Many thanks,

Screaming Beauty

Dark times are these that such a beautiful lady could find herself surrounded
by such horrible monsters in the woods near Moorabella.

I thought to rush to her rescue, of course, but... well, what I came to, I
looked around to find myself quite alone.

I do hope nothing has befallen her.
Did I mention these are dark times?

The Beast of Aisenfield

A man it was, but with a power no man has ever known. Thus was it despised and

Losing hope in both foolish men and its own cursed self, it became that which
they had dreamt for it: a beast, heartless killer of men, its doom to walk
under welkin in Aisenfield for eternity.

-From "Dielson's Lay"

The Shrine of the Paling Gods

Is it just me, or are there more monsters in Tramdine Fens now than ever

The shrine to the Paling Gods there should keep those things at bay, at least
during the daylight hours...unless something has befallen the shrine!?

Savior of the Fens

In Tramdine Fens sits a shrine to the Paling Gods, yet in fact it honors not
those protector spirits of myth, but a small girl who once lived in a village
near the fens. The girl's name was Elpe. Elpe was said to possess wondrous
powers with which she mended the ill, and drove off all manner of fell

Once, a great horde of demons most foul descended upon her village, and so Elpe
bestowed her own strength upon three standing pillars of stone, sacrificing
herself to keep the demons at bay.

Since that day, the stones have been known as the Shrine of the Paling Gods,
and not a day goes by that the descendents of those villagers do not bring
fresh flowers there in rememberance of their saviour.

-Excerpt from "The Traditions of Ivalice"

Calamity Cometh

A great calamity comes for the city of Goug.

A terrible creature born here lon ago has risen from the flames once again.

If it is not stopped, all of Goug will surely be lost beneath a sea of molten

-The Prophet Hilo

The Mysterious Tower

My grandma told me once that, somewhere near Graszton, there was this
mysterious tower that only appeared when the moon is shining.

Oh, the stories she told of the tower!

There were creatures strange and fantastic, and a great treasure at the top!

She told me a story of a famous knight who ventured in there once, too, but I
forget how that one went.

-Luma, Town Gossip

The Mysterious Tower, Part 2

My grandma told me about another tower that only appeared on moonlit nights,
but that one was in Aisenfield.

Actually, it's the same tower as the one in Graszton, but this is a different
entrance, so it opens in a different place... Does that make sense? I guess
that famous knight went up that other way too.

-Luma, Town Gossip

A Theft From the Manor

Several items of jewelry and art were stolen the other day from the residence
of Baron Popple, the so-called "wheat king" of Camoa. Blame for the theft has
been placed on the band known as the Yellow Wings, currently fugitives from the

Baron Popple has allegedly hired an elite headhunter to find them and retrieve
his stolen goods.

A Giant Metallic Kupo

Thanks for gathering those machina scraps for me, kupo!

Finally, my years of research in lost technologies are going to pay off, kupo!

Bringing the metal giants back, that's what I'm about, kupo. And thanks to you
gathering those scraps, I've finished my repairs!

Yes, my metal giant... though don't get me wrong, he's not really all that big.
He's about, well, about my height, kupo.

He's not completely finished. I've got him walking a bit, and carrying light
loads though, kupo!

Yes, everything so far's gone with nary a hitch... so far.

Kupo-po... I made some modifications, and thought I had it all figured out, but
when I hit the switch... nothing. To be honest, I'm at wit's end, kupo!

Maybe it's the manufacted magicite, I'm thinking. Yes, I'm sure the natural
variety's the way to go, kupo! Either that or something involving
quickenings...? What to do! Kupo-po...


An Elegant Letter

I must apologize for this missive. It is not my custom to entrust to quill and
ink that which might better be left to lip and tongue.

I have heard your recent troubles have been resolved, and so I beg you come and
meet me. I wait in Targ Wood.

Eternally yours,

Don't Get Lost!

In the dark and distant past, the winding reaches of the Neslowe Passage were
once used as a shipping lane for goods going to and from the Clockwork City of

Countless shafts crisscross the passage depths, yet no map exists that captures
their intricacies, and several unknown ways are said to exist.

There are rumors of a great treasure sleeping in one of those darkened
corridors, yet many who have gone in search of it have never been seen again.
Gallant gold-seekers be warned!

Thanks from Obuta

Hey, thanks for getting our well back for us! It sure sucked not having a place
to play.

Course now, our moms have taken over the place, and they're always telling us
to stop horsing around and study our lessons. Bah!

Now we need someone to drive off our moms!

= RUMORS                                                                 (r5) =

"Trouble with rumours is tellin' the true from the false." - Barman

Loot Wanted!

Attention Hunters!

Traders at the bazaar seek loot both common and rare. In exchange: unique arms
and armor, to be made available for purchase through your local shopkeeper.

Interested parties should visit their nearest shop without delay. Don't let the
spoils of war go to waste!

-Shopkeepers' Guild

New to the Hunt

There's a lot for a new hunter to wrap his head around, but at the end of the
day, you won't quest long before you find yourself in battle.

Luckily, the more you fight, the more experience you gain and the more
abilities you learn, so you go into each new battle a little better prepared
than the last. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, eh?

-Barman's Tip

The Sights of Jylland

Soaring mountains and desolate tracts of desert - you'll find all this and more
in Jylland, the vast region that spans the continents of Loar and Ordalia.

When planning a trip, it's important to ntoe that the Jylland calender uses
unique names for the months that make up the typical 240-day year.

Greenfire, Bloodfire, and Rosefire are the spring months. The eastern skies
glow bright in their predawn light.

Coppersun, Goldsun, and Silversun, the summer months, are renowned for their
brilliant skies.

Ashleaf, Mistleaf, and Emberleaf are the months of Autumn. The turning leaves
burn amber and gold in the dying light.

Plumfrost, Blackfrost, and Skyfrost are the winter months, when fields of snow
shine brilliantly beneath the clear morning sun.

-The Sights of Jylland, Excerpt

Two Gil to Rub Together

Gil may make the world go roun, but I ain't seen much come round my way.
Questing and adventuring are all well and good if you're in a clan, but where
does that leave me?

Thought I'd try my hand at these clan trials, since I heard they don't cost a
bloke gil. Turns out you need bleedin' clan points for 'em!

Aye, it's a clan's world and don't let no one tell you different. Time I found
one to join, eh?

-Layabout Seeq

Go Prepared

You need every advantage to succeed on the battlefield. Your equipment could
spell the difference between victory and defeat.

To be sure, the strength of your weapons and armor is important. But their true
power lies in the abilities they possess. Simply readying a piece imbued with
an ability allows you to use that ability. Why, wear it long enough and you'll
even master the ability.

For the adventurer seeking ever more obscure abilities, having a variety of
equipment at the ready is essential. Will your equipment lead -you- to victory?

-Your Local Shopkeeper


I hadn't set foot on a battlefield since I don't know when. There was so much
going through my mind I'd completely forgotten that items were forbidden and I
drank an ether. Well, there went our judge in one gulp!

That's when things went from bad to worse. My mates were dropping left and
right, and I couldn't even use a phoenix down or magick to raise them.

At that point, there wasn't much the rest of us could do but turn and run. We
took the quest again and it went well enough to second time, but my clanmates
still haven't forgiven me.

-Rusty Hunter


Our clan leader likes everything to go by the book. We check the enemies'
weaknesses, what magicks they're using, and then launch a coordinated attack.
It's all about efficiency with her.

Which is fine, except that she's an assassin, and assassins move fast.
Sometimes I think she forgets not all of us -can- dash about the battlefield. I
have to keep a close eye on her just to keep up. Maybe it's time I got a new
job to put some spring back in my step.

-Disgruntled Clan Member

Itinerant Black Mage

I prefer traveling alone, kupo. I can go where I want, when I want. But that's
not always east for a black mage.

Preparing for battle takes tremendous concentration. That means starting out
each battle with no Mist to use for magick. Having to wait before casting my
first spell can be scary, kupo!

And that's not the worst part. It's much easier to end up surrounded when
you're on your own. Fending off attacks from the front is hard enough, but
what's to keep some footpad from sneaking up behind me and clubbing me on the
pom-pom? That hurts, kupo!

At least you can rest after a battle. I was in a tournament just the other day
that involved a series of back-to-back melees. I had to drink an elixir just to
stay on my feet, kupo! Lucky I had one handy - elixirs don't grow on trees!

-Lonely Black Mage

Introductory Magick Studies

It is not enough to know the eight elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water,
Earth, Wind, Holy, and Dark. One must also know the subject's resistence, or
lack thereof, to these elements.

Some beasts have weaknesses to specific elements, taking greater damage from
attacks of certain nature. Others show resistance but are not wholly immune,
these taking half the damage one might usually expect. Still others demonstrate
perfect immunity, shrugging off even the mightiest of magicks. Finally there
are those so in tune with a given element that they feed on its power, using
that power to restore themselves.

-Notes of a First Year Akademy Student

The Voice of Experience

We learn by doing. Experience is the key to growing more powerful. Everyone you
bring with you onto the battlefield will gain experience for their
contribution. The greater the contribution, the greater the experience gained.

-Barman's Tip

Master of the Trade

Unlike experience, everyone in your clan gains ability points whether they
participate in battle or not.

Ability points enable you to master the abilities imbued in equipment. Once
mastered, you'll be able to use these abilities even if you switch equipment.

If you've mastered all the abilities conveyed by a piece of equipment, best
equip something new so those points don't go to waste.

-Barman's Tip


You can't use any abilities until you've readied them - even using items in the
heat of battle requires preparation. Now, most abilities fall into one of three
flavours: action, reaction, and passive.

Action abilities let you act in battle. You can attack without readying any
action abilities, but not much else.

On the other hand, reaction abilities trigger automatically when someone else
does something to you.

Finally, passive abilities are always around, helping you out. Some might let
you use equipment you normally wouldn't be able to, or boost the damage you

Choose your abilities well, and even the toughest tussle's as easy as wyrdhare

-Barman's Tip

Was that a... chocobo?

You know the old chocobo pasture out in Muskmallow Field? Well, the other day I
saw me a chocobo thereabouts what had a pom-pom on its head! I ain't see the
like of that before.

I suppose there might've been a moogle a-ridin' on its back, but who's to say?

-Word About Town

New Recruits

You can't travel far without bumping into someone looking to join a clan.

But did you know that it's not just -where- you go but -when- that determines
which race you're most likely bump into?

-Seek out humes walking Targ Wood at the turn of the new year.

-As spring approaches, you'll find many a bangaa wandering Baptiste Hill.

-Nu mou seeking to join the ranks of a clan show up near Grazston between
spring and early summer.

-The soft chirping chatter of moogles comes to the Bisga Greenlands at the
height of summer.

-The viera gather quietly in the woods near Camoa as the leaves turn in autumn.

Now you know where to go when you're looking to fill out that clan roster.

-Pub Patron

Trials and Tribute

I've heard some say that earnin' a prestigious title through them clan trials
brings out people looking to join up.

Can't say as I'm surpised. A choice between joinin' a famous clan and one you
never heard of ain't no choice at all.

-Barman's Tip

Trials and Privilege

Looking to make a name for your clan? You might try the clan trials.

Yeah, it'll cost you a few clan points, but what do you have to lose? Pass the
trial, and you'll improve your clan talents. What's more, you can earn new clan

There's no other way to get new privileges. Ask me, that alone's worth the
price of entry.

-Pub patron

Word to the Wise

So you've done a quest or two and think you know what you're about, eh? Well,
you may not know everything just yet. Let me give you a few pointers to see you
stay in one piece.

First is mimics. Who isn't taken in by the promise of untold riches that
magicked urn or chest might hold? Well, mimics take advantage of that desire
for all things golden, springing out to take eager adventurers unawares. So
don't go pokin' around unless you're ready for a fight.

Second is traps. Without a keen eye and the proper skill, you won't know where
they are until it's too late. But with the right preparation you can avoid
traps, and even use them to your advantage by luring enemies into them.

Third, if you have trouble remember the first two and worst comes to worst, you
can always use a phoenix down to bring someone back to their feet.

Take care in choosing the spot to revive them, though, or you'll be right back
where you started.

-Barman's Tip

This is the way!

Once you've got a clan with more than few members you can rely on, you can
dispatch them to take care of quests while you tend to other more pressing

You can dispatch them straight from the pub, or accept the quest and dispatch
them later. Makes no difference.

If you're sending people off on a quest they're likely to see battle in, make
sure they're equippred good and proper first. They'll only get experience for
completing the quest, not for the battle. But they'll get ability points, same
as always.

-Barman's Tip

Intermediate Magick Studies

Afflictions and Ailments

There are a great number of debilitating magicks at the mage's disposal.
Learning their various effects is the first step toward mastering them.

The victim is unconscious and can neither move no act

The victim has been turned to solid stone and can neither move nor act.

The victim has been turned into a toad and can only move.

The victim loses all control and mindlessly strikes out at his foes.

The victim mistakes friend for foe, attacking his allies.

The victim acts erratically, attacking friend and foe alike.

Poison courses through the victim's body, slowly depleting his health.

The victim cannot see and has difficulty landing physical attacks.

The victim cannot speak, preventing the use of magick.

The victim is in a magicked sleep and can neither move nor act.

The victim cannot move.

The victim cannot act.

The victim forgets all knowledge of abilities.

The flow of time is slowed for the victim, preventing him from moving or

The flow of time is stopped for the victim, preventing him from moving or

A flammable oil covers the victim, rendering him vulnerable to fire-based

-The Forgetful Mage, Excerpt.

Clan Talents

Talents are one measure of a clan's success. It's important to know what each

Negotiation - how well you work with people.

Aptitude - how handy you are with machinery.

Teamwork - how well you work with your fellow clan members.

Adaptability - how well you deal with changing situations.

The higher your clan is rated, the better. Some petitioners won't even let you
accept their quests if they don't think you're talented enough to get the job

-Lemme, Swordsman


When you're hurrying from one place to the next, the last thing you need is to
come across a road that's been blocked off. But sooner or later it happens, and
there's no sense in getting in a huff over it.

Times like that, I pass a few days walking back and forth, taking in the
scenery - what else can you do? The road's usually open by the time I come

-Patient Traveler

The Road Less Traveled

There are as many ways to travel as there are travelers. Even so, there are two
broad groups into which most would fit: those who think getting there is half
the fun, and those who only think about getting there.

To be sure, there are many joys to be had by traveling from one location to the
next, stopping to smell the proverbial roses. But when time is of the essence,
it can be best to dispense with the details and travel by area. Which you
choose is up to you.

-Traveler's Almanac

Trinkets of Summoning

Trinkets and baubles that can summon mighty scions to do their possessor's

I have heard such as these exist. Yes, powerful artifacts that can claim
victory for their bearer when all hope seems lost.

The power to call on creatures of myth and legend is no trivial one. One must
be worthy of such power, or one will succumb to it.

-Traveler from the East

Advanced Magick Studies

The Lesser Undead

The dark hills and woods of the land abound with all manner of undead fiend.
Zombies and ghosts are two of the more common, if not more deadly, variety.

Both zombie and ghost are possessed of the ability to rise after being stuck
down, but only ghosts can teleport where they will, attacking their quarry from
all sides.

Cunning and luck are needed in equal measure to defeat a group of the
creatures, as they must all be defeated at the same time in order that rites
might be performed to prevent their rising again.

Those with knowledge of burial might inter a corpse during battle, and placing
a phoenix down on the remains will likewise release the spirit to eternal rest.

All would be wise to employ curative magicks and the holy healing powers of
potions and the like when facing these minions of the dark.

-Bestiary of Creatures Fantastic and Rare

The Highest Bidder

Everyone knows that, these days, clans use the auction house to stake out their
turf. But few remember how it came to be so.

Back in the day, clans would battle one another to settle their claims. Well,
you don't need much of an imagination to know how that tune went. It was
bleedin' chaos.

Walking wounded everywhere - bad for the peace. So the auction houses were set
up to put an end to all that. Gave the clans a way to flew their muscle without
lettin' blood.

The authority of the auction house is recognized across Jylland, so clans that
earn champion status over an area have tremendous influence.

Manage to claim all the areas in a region, and a clan becomes the region
master. Not every day that happens, though. Been years since the last time.
Always a big deal when it does!

-Pub Patron


Watch enough auctions, and you start to learn how to read people's "tells":
movements that give away what they're planning to do.

When they're going to play a 5-coin token, they let out a cry.

When they're going to play a 3-coin token, they strike a defensive posture.

When they're going to play a 2-coin token, they walk back and forth.

When they're going to play a 1-coin token, they get very pushy.

When they're going to pass, they shake their heads.

If you can learn to read your opponents, you'll be sitting with the high
rollers in no time. Not everyone has a tell, though, so don't rely on it too
much. That's what keeps things interesting. Am I right?

-Auction Aficionado

Speed Battles

Heard of speed battles, I wager. Don't know who thought 'em up, but it's not
every battle you can win without laying a finger on your opponent.

The rules are simple enough: the side that lands the killing blow on the mark
wins. But just 'cause the rules are simple don't mean the battles are.

More like than not, the mark in question's a beast foul enough to curdle the
blood of even a seasoned hunter. Take on one of their ilk, and you take your
life in your hands.

-Domis Streetears' Guild

Passive Aggression

Don't let their name fool you. Passive abilities can play a very active role in
battle. Here are some of my personal favourites:

Dual Wield
A powerful ability that enables you to equip two one-handed weapons. Just
remember that you can't dual wield polearms, claws, rapiers, or spears.

Monkey Grip
Enables you to equip a two-handed weapon with only one hand, freeing the other
hand to hold a shield. Won't work with bows, crossbows, or hand-cannons,

Holding a one-handed weapon in both hands will let you put more power behind
the swing. Not much point when it comes to gloves or guns, though.

-Barman's Tip

Hate Yellow

Racing chocobos being and end with the yellow. Why? They're the easiest to look
after, that's why!

Must be that Choco Cure of theirs. Practically take care of themselves!

I go out at least once a year to wrangle some wild yellows. Where? Where they
always is!

Targ Wood during Greenfire. Goug during Ashleaf and Skyfrost. You wouldn't
believe the size of the herds around Goug during autumn!

-Musings of a Chocobo Wrangler

Chocobo Chivalry

The job of a chocobo knight is like no other. They're able to mount weakened
chocobos and use the chocobo's inborn abilities.

Pretty useful, eh? Only catch is, they have to concentrate so hard on
controlling the chocobo, they can't use any abilities of their own.

'Course, once they dismount, they can use abilities same as anyone else. But
wild chocobos will bolt the first chance they get, and what's a chocobo knight
without a chocobo?

Unless you're switching to a better mount, you had better think twice before
letting your current one get away.

-Job Connoisseur

Slipping Time

There are places in Jylland that aren't... right. Not fully connected to our
world, you might say. Step in, and in the span of a breath, a month has passed.
A frightful thought, that.

Still, you could put a place like that to use, if you had a mind to.

-Pub Patron

More New Recruits

Remember what I said about finding recruits from different races in different
seasons? Well, I've figured out a few more things to go along with it.

'Round year end, the more rotund adventurers come out in the Aldanna Range. And
if it's winged companions you're after, make for Fluorgis.

If that doesn't help you find the right person for your clan, I don't know what

-Pub Patron

Fiery Reds

Once you've ridden a red chocobo, there's no going back. With fire in their
eyes, fire in their hearts, and fire in their Choco Meteor, there's no need to
ask why!

But mounts this fine don't come cheap. You'll need deep pockets to count even
one red in your stable. That is, unless you know where to look!

Head over to Kthili Sands during the month of Ashleaf. You won't have any
trouble catching a wild red of your own!

-Musings of a Chocobo Rider

Incomparable Blacks

If you ask me, nothing compares to a black chocobo. Nothing! Soaring through
the air, raining Choco Flame down from above... what more can you ask for?

My dearest and I each have one - both caught in the wild, of course. He caught
his two years past, during Plumfrost in the Rupie Mountains. I caught mine just
this year, in Greenfire near the Galerria Deep.

-Musings of a Chocobo Rider

Old Greens

I'm a chocobo knight, newly knighted, kupo! I haven't been riding long. But I
have the most wonderful green chocobo!

Hey Choco Esuna saved an ailing friend just the other day. She is starting to
look a little patchy on the plumage front, though. Kupo...

I -could- try to find a perkier one in Zedlei Forest - they like it there in

But let's be honest, I wouldn't part with this one for the world!

-Musings of a Chocobo Knight

Plucky Browns

1st of Greenfire

Set out for Aldanna Range today. Brown chocobo is in season. Must make best use
of opportunity to study this most aggressive variety of the bird in its natural

Of particular interest is so-called Choco Guard ability used to defend against
predators. Also said to possess a truly singular scent.

-Chocobo Scholar's Journal, Excerpt

Shining Whites

Have you ever seen a white chocobo? They're quite rare, kupo. I once saw one in
the snows of northern Kerwon, but I've heard they live in the Rupie Mountains
of Jylland, too. There's a flurry of sightings each year in the month of

They say the breed in Jylland can draw Mist form the air to restore magickal
energy... What I wouldn't give to see one just once, kupo!

-Chocobo Aficionado

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