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What is the strongest digimon in the game?

In general.

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I want to be able to get this digimon to help me become a platinum trainer.

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I mean platinum tamer.

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JDavidC answered:

Although I wish Imperialdramon Paladin Mode was the most powerful digimon in this game, he lacks key traits that the strongest digimon have, which are Status Barrier and All Elements. You can get any moveset on any digimon through DNA sliding, so the moves a certain digimon learns are kind of moot for arguing which digimon is the strongest. Like I said before, Chronomon Holy Mode is one of the strongest digimon in this game, arguably the strongest holy digimon. I have one with Glory Thunder, Power of Love, Absolute Healing and Royal Slash. Other holy digimon like Seraphimon and Pharaohmon can be used if you try a Health Ring Beta to help them resist status attacks, and use their other traits/signature attacks to help. If darkness is your thing, Apocalymon also has the two uber defensive traits, and a devastating signature nuke technique with a high chance of causing confusion.
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JDavidC answered:

Digimon that have both the Status Barrier and All Element traits, due to how hard it is to take them down. The last boss of the hidden last quest is a prime example of this (the digimon in question being Chronomon Holy Mode (most likely with resistance training on it), its damage resistance is so high it's not funny). The final boss of the main story line looks like a level 1 weakling by comparison.
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EmperorJed answered:

From my experience the best digimon is IPDramonPM because his moves are the best I've seen.

You can get through the following-

-DNA digivolve stingmon and Ex-veemon to make Paildramon

-DNA digivolve metal guroromon and war greymon to make omnimon

-Digivolve Paildramon into IPDramonDM, degenerate it back then digivolve into the now available IPDramonFM

-Finally DNA digivolve Omnimon and IPDramonFM and you get IPDramonPM

-From here just use your farm island to upgrade his stats

You just know that something this hard to make has to be powerful :) Hope I helped.
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