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Asked: 3 years ago

Digimon Sliding Please?

Please soemone help me at this slide!! I dont know how to slide well so please I need help wiht this team b4 I start battling:

Lilithmon: with Demon Claw, Starlight EX, Demon Blast, Absolute Healing.

Ravemon Burst Mode: Water of Life, 01 crusher, Any attack that reduce all attributes like damage square or any thing else like damage square, and beast whack

Apocalymon: Royal Cannon, Royal Blizzard, Royal Slash, any attack that raises attributes like koromuon prayer that calumon have for 5 spaces or if nothing that is like koromuon prayer for 5 spaces, make it pyramid Power.


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Hey lets battle i have dawn version check my friendcode in dawn question friendcodes?

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I don't know much about sliding but I can tell you what digimon have some of the moves you are looking for:
Phoenixmon: Starlight EX
Dianamon: 01 Crusher, DMag Square
Omnimon: Royal Cannon, Not sure on this one, but it think it has royal blizzard too, and Royal Slash
Mummymon: Pyramid Power

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