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How to get a veemon?

I tried dna digivolving but thats just not it HELP


Latios0713 answered:

Its dawn exclusive only unless you match for it.
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HewhoservesKuro answered:

Veemon isn't Dawn-exclusive, only its In-Training form, Chibomon is.
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tonythewolf answered:

HewhoservesKuro is right, I saw some veemon when I was playing, they are at Log-in Mountain
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lightfang answered:

You can find veemon at login mountain
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Mi10tic_Fan answered:

Are you thinking that Veemon is a DNA Digivolved Digimon? ._.

Go to Login Mountain to get enough scan Data for one or go Digimatching for a Chibomon if you want an ImperialDramon then digivolve it. (I got 3 Chibomon through the Digimatching method)
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