Question from rolee26

Asked: 4 years ago

Beelzemon's Maximum?


I've passed the Gaia Origin challenge and acquired BeelzemonBM's scan data and used it.
I'm currently trying to find a way to max out all of his stats, to 999, but the fact he has nothing to be degenerated into kind of gets in the way and he gets to a lower score.

Please help me find a way other than farm training.

Accepted Answer

From: Shadow_Master_J 4 years ago

This is kinda hard. You'll need to DNA Degenerate him into Beelzemon or Bantyo Leomon. Then DNA Degenerate again into Mummymon or Matadormon (if you chose Beelzemon) or into Pandamon or Grapleomon (If you chose BantyoLeomon).

After his stats are high enough DNA digivolve him again to Beelzemon BM.

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