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Open Questions

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A code please? Open 4
Anyone wanna play? Open 1
Anyone want to battle or digimon match? Open 5
AR codes? Open 1
Battle Online Please? Open 2
Can anybody give me a tutorial or a summary of the game? Open 1
Chibomon??? Open 1
Compatibility with Digimon World DS? Open 1
Dark Area? Open 2
Digifarm? Open 1
Digimatching requirements? Open 1
Digimon battle anyone? Open 4
Digimon World Dusk (U) AR code ? Open 1
DNA Digivolve - Status Change? Open 2
Does trading digimon make them stronger/better in any way? Open 1
Friend Code.......???? Open 4
Help dna digivolving skullgreymon? Open 1
How do i degenerate my Beelzemon BM back in to Beelzemon? Open 2
How do I expand my farm when it says its maxed out? Open 1
How do i get egg #57? Open 2
How do i get more speed? Open 1
How do i get s.exp? Open 1
How do you get black wargreymon?? Open 2
How do you place a Digimon in your farm? Open 3
how i get CGalantmonC and SeraphimonC ? Open 3
How to befriend with gabumon? Open 1
How to get Gigaseadramon?? Open 1
How to get max all resistance very fast ? Open 1
How to get spirit up ??? Open 2
How to use Wi-Fi if we play in PC? Open 1
i have DE of courage and love?what must i do? Open 1
Is it possible to use the Wireless Connection if I play the game in computer??? Open 1
Love DE? Open 1
Super Starmon question? Open 2
To fight or not to fight? Open 2
Trying to get a Pandamon...? Open 1
Two Questions? Open 2
Unexpected Baby Egg?! Open 1
Want to battle or do digimatching? Open 2
What are the digimon exclusives for each game? Open 1
What are the maps? Open 1
What does effect do? Open 1
where can I find a Impmon? Open 2
Where can i find? Open 1
Where do i see my friend code name ? Open 1
Where I Can Find Kimeramon? Open 4
Where is vikemon after you get all 3 stones? Open 1
Which would be better? Open 2

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