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Where are the best spots for species exp?

What locations are best for gaining each of the species exp?

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catmann84 answered:

If you've made it as far as TransField, I would go there. It has 4 areas to it.

Area 1 has Holy/Dragon digimon
Area 2 has InsectPlant/Beast digimon
Area 3 has Aqua/Bird digimon
Area 4 has Dark/Machine digimon.

Possibly the best place to level up/ raise attributes in my opinion. If you have any lv. 1 digimon on your relief team, you can easily get them lv. 10+ after one battle.
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WoGG_b0i answered:

What species exp are you looking for?
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zmilleniumon answered:

species exp if you beat the game go to the end of thriller ruins to fight lvl 80 anubismon or go to limit valley to fight imperialdramonFM in the end but first you should have a lot!!!!! of items and i meen a lot!!!!!! cause your digimon will be dieing also if your training you should already have strong digimon in your fighting party and put the digimon your training in the relief digimon placement. to fight the imperialdramonFM you need digimon with all stats over about 700-800, or the anubis mon your digimon need to be able to withstand death and all stats should be at least 500 or 600-700 dam i think.
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Hookmon answered:

Best over all ImperialdramonFM
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Flervus answered:

if you have 500 average stats DArkdramon in Acsess Glacier gives about 4000XP a peice and is fairly easy
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Flervus answered:

If you want to save time go to the foolowing places
1. Acces Glacier - fight Darkdramon
2.Thriller Ruins - go really far in and fight Anubismon
3. Task Canyon go to the back of thge canyon and fight ImperialdramonFM (stats should be at least an average of 750)

If you like being cautios but slow go to Transfeild catmann has labeled them correctly

IF you have more than 6 Digimon you want to level buy 4 farm islands go to Shine area N to buy the best items TGM and theme music (levels slower than alll the above but if you have over 6 digimon it's worth the expence
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sonicfan2323 answered:

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