Question from robomon123

13 royal Knights?

Can i get all the royal knights? And if i can how?


garfieldtsui answered:

You can't for Dawn/Dusk.. I think only like 7(?) are avalible.
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darklikex answered:

No,you cant get all 13 royal knights,there are only 2 in dawn/dusk.
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giratina1995 answered:

there are more than two royal knights in This game. Alphamon Omnimon Duftmon Gallantmon/Dukemon Magnamon Sleipmon and thats all i could find
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Flervus answered:

The Royal knights are from a Japanesse movie about a Dorumon and a virus that controls the royal Wargreymon and MetalGururumon are also royal knights
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blackace_337 answered:

OK these are the ones which I know you can get:
Omnimon, Gallantmon, Magnamon, Sleipmon, Alphamon, Duftmon
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Starforce7491 answered:

Ummm correct me if im wrong, but isnt susanoomon one of em too? its been a while and i cant remember
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