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Dinosaur Checklist?

Does anyone know what dinosaurs are available on which contients? Rarity?

Accepted Answer

Master_roxas answered:

D01 Tyrannosaurus: North America East,Fossil From Note
D02 Carcharodontosaurs: Africa
D03 Torvosaurus: North America
D04 Acrocanthosaurus: North America
D05 Giganotosaurus: Antarctica
D06 Tarbosaurus: Asia
D07 Gorgosaurus: North America
D08 Mapusaurus: Antarctica(?), Mystery Fossil From Dinoman
D09 Daspletosaurus: North America(?), Mystery Fossil from Asian Quest Metasequia
D10 Rajasaurus: Asia,Mystery Fossil From Asian Quest fix the well
D11 Alioramus: Asia
D12 Siamotyrannus: Asia
D13 Spinosaurus: Africa,Fossil from Torn Note
D14 Amargasaurus: Antarctica,Africa
D15 Baryonyx: Europe
D16 Saltasaurus: Antarctica
D17 Suchomimus: Africa
D18 Camarasaurus: North America
D19 Irritator: First Fossil, Antarctica
D20 Ampelosaurus: Europe South
D21 Shunosaurus: Asia
D22 Patagosaurus: Antarctica
D23 Opsithocoelicaudia: Asia
D24 Isisaurus: Giant Fossil
D25 Jobaria: Africa
D26 Styracosaurus: North America West
D27 Pachyrhinosaurus: North America South, Fossil from Soiled note
D28 Torosaurus: North America
D29 Triceratops:Starter(If you started with Carnotaurus you need to trade)
D30 Chasmosaurus:North America
D31 Eucentrosaurus:North America
D32 Einiosaurus: North America
D33 Pentaceratops:North America East Secret Base
D34 Anchiceratops: North America East
D35 Arrhinoceratops: North America East
D36 Brachyceratops: North America
D37 Centrosaurus: North America(?)
D38 Monoclonius: North America(?)
D39 Sachania: Asia East
D40 Stegosaurus: North America South
D41 Edmontonia: North America(?), Mystery Fossil From Dinoman
D42 Ankylosaurus: North America East/South
D43 Kentrosaurus: Africa
D44 Sauropelta: North America East
D45 Wuerhosaurus: Asia
D46 Euoplocephalus: North America South, Mystery Fossil From Dinoman
D47 Nodosaurus: North America West
D48 Dacentrurus: Europe
D49 Talarurus: Asia
D50 Parasaurolophus: North America(?), Mystery Fossil in Dr.Z's Lab
D51 Lambeosaurus: North America Ursula's Base, Mystery Fossil in Africa From Father Quest
D52 Shantungosaurus: Asia
D53 Maiasaura: North America(?)
D54 Iguanadon: Europe Asia, Mystery Fossil from Dinoman
D55 Tsintaosaurus: Asia
D56 Ouranosaurus: Africa
D57 Saurolophus: Asia
D58 Altirhinus: Asia(?)
D59 Corythosaurus: North America
D60 Muttaburrasaurus: Antarctica, Mystery Fossil from Glasses Quest in Norh America
D61 Carnotaurus: Starter(Trade if you started with triceratops)
D62 Utahraptor: North America
D63 Ceratosaurus: North America(?), Africa(?)
D64 Allosaurus: Europe,North America,Africa
D65 Neovenator: Europe
D66 Monolophosaurus: Asia
D67 Dilophosaurus: Asia,North America
D68 Megaraptor: 50 wi-fi connections
D69 Deltadromeus: Africa
D70 Eustreptospondylus: Europe
D71 Liliensternus: Europe
D72: Gojirasaurus: North America

Ex Eoraptor: Collect All 72 dinosaurs
Ex Megalosaurus:(?)
Ex Therizinosaurus:(?)
EX Pachycephalosaurus: (?)
Ex Deinonychus: (?)
Ex Chomp: Secret Password
Ex Ace: Secret Password
Ex Paris: Secret Password
Ex Terry: Secret Password
Ex Spiny: Secret Password
Ex Tank: Secret Password
Ex Saurophaganax:Secret Password
Ex Mini-King: Secret Password
Ex Fkuisaurus: (?)
Ex Fkuiraptor: (?)
Ex Charanosaurus: (?)
Ex Gastonia: (?)

H01 Tapejara: Chaser Attack, Counterattack
H02 Velociraptor: Critical Block
H03 Cryolophosaurus: Light Recovery, Special Recovery
H04 Segnosaurus: Claws of Revelation, Claws of Obscuration, Segnosaurus Chop, Segnosaurus Slap
H06 Piatnitzkysaurus: Venom Fang
H07 Oviraptor: Egg Revolver, Egg Machine gun(grass move)
H08 Seismosaurus:Titan foot Assault(Grass Move)
H09 Pteranodon: Metal Wing,Diamond wing (grass move)
H10 Leallynasaura: Paper/Scissors/Rock Remedy
H11 Troodon: MP Block, MP Charge, Endless MP
H12 Stegoceras: Jumping Headbutt
H13 Questzalcoatlus: Skydive
H14 Futabasaurus: Futabasaurus Cannon
H15 Supersaurus: (?)
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FRESHNER answered:

Hey um alioramus is on asia so is tarbosaurus
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