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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you find the rainbow dinosaurs?

I need help finding the rainbow dinosaurs pachychephalosaurus therizinosaurus megalosaurus and deinoychus how do you find them?

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Dinoman will give you the Euraptor Luensis (rainbow dinosaur). I don't know when. I can only assume when you get a certain number of dinosaurs caught.

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Dude u get Euraptor Luensis wen u get all 72 regular dinos (helpers im not sure of) Other ex not sure of either srry
got off of others

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U can use AR to get other rainbow dinos

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I think there is only one rainbow dinosaur and that is Eoraptor Lunensis and you can get it by getting all 72 normal dinosaurs not including helper and ex dinosaurs

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Oh yeah i forgot to say this the dinosaurs you mentioned are not rainbow but mystery type dinosaur those are two different types.

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