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|            Rockman ZX: Advent Walkthrough By : LilNova                      |

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1)                    Table of Contents   [ToC]
Use search to find what you're looking for, Ex) [Vh] would take you to
Version History.
1)           Table of Contents       [ToC]
2)           Version History         [Vh]
3)           Introduction            [Intr]
4)           Walkthrough             [Wlk]
       4.01) Mystery Research Lab    [MRL]
       4.02) Hunter Camp             [Hc]
       4.03) Train Area              [Trn]
       4.04) Tower Area              [Twr]
       4.05) Ice Sea                 [ISe]
       4.06) Oil Field Area          [OfA]
       4.07) Legion HeadQuarters     [LHQ]
       4.08) Floating Ruins          [FR]
       4.09) Old Highway             [Ohw]
       4.10) Junkyard                [Jy]
5)           Power ups               [Pu]
       5.01) Life Ups                [Lu]
       5.02) Live Metal Ups          [LmU]
       5.03) SubTanks                [Sts]
6)           FAQ                     [FaQ]
7)           Contact Information     [CI]

2)                    Version History    [Vh]

0.2 Started writing , posted on gameFAQS , finished with the basic layout
22/07/2007 3:38 AM

0.4 Fixed a few mistakes , added more walkthrough , fixed up the faq
added more to credit 23/07/2007 4:16 AM

0.5 Rejected 0.2 hopeuflly 0.5 will get the Faq accepted , added alot more
content, fixed some stuff. 25/07/2007 4:34 AM (WoW I have no life do I?)

0.55 Accepted :), posted on Neoseekers , and fixed permissions, also added
some walkthrough 30/07/2007 12:29 AM

0.6 Fixed attack names a bit, added more content, more permissions.
31/07/2007 3:17 AM

3)                    Introduction  [Intr]
I'll keep it short here, I decided to make this FAQ so that players who
can't read japanese,
but still want to be able to enjoy the awesome gameplay could.
I will explain how to get every power up (Life-up , Live metal-up and
SubTanks). But I won't bore you with explaining how to get EVERY little thing
(items that don't matter , data disks ect.)
Sorry if its badly built its my first FAQ.

See that was short, so how about we get to it.

4)                    Walkthrough  [Wlk]

Okay so obviously start by choosing a difficulty 
(Top is Easy and Bottom is Expert)
And than choosing between the guy 
(Grey) and the girl (Ashe)

Note: This guide will be based that you are playing Easy 
(Time is short and bosses take longer on Expert) 
and useing Grey. 
(Although gameplay really dosent change that much if your playing on Expert
or useing Ashe.)

4.01)               Mystery Research Lab [MRL]

Yeh anime scenes, watch the Intro and once you gain control of Grey proceed 
right and enter the door. OMG a huge block,  break it and continue right,
destroy the next one watch out for a driller enemy that drops from the ceiling, 
go through the door.

Climb the ladder destroy the galleon and the block get the life filler 
if you must, continue right and down the ladder 
destroy the two "fly" like enemies
continue you'll see a driller enemy as well continue through the door. 

proceed through and crawl (Hold down) under the gas leak,
continue doing this until you reach a door 
(you'll encounter a few enemys along the way).

You're outside proceed right and pre.... 
actually you probablly won't even get hit by this boss just proceed right.

                   Boss : Giant Mechaniroid

Difficulty: Easy / Easy / Easy
Weakness: Non

Strategy : Not much to say here stand ontop of his hand and keep blasting his 
if you see him raise a hand (out of view) than get off of his other hand
you should beat him in a minute or less.
You shouldn't see his other attacks but incase you do the fire attack can be
avoided by jumping over the flames.
And avoid the eye lasers by standing under his nose.

See that was easy now all you gotta do is... Fall down.

4.02)               Hunter Camp  [Hc]

Okay you wake up in a room and a hunter tells you to get over to
the trans server (Building 4) so leave this room and go right enter
building 4, jump on the trans server and get you'r Hunters License
Congrats, go over to woman with green hair and she explains about
transport darts (I call them that >.>, I think their called Transport
Here is the list of how much you pay to activate each.
Easy , Expert , Maniac
0      100      200?
Okay now that we got that out of the way proceed out and right until
you meet a big guy with blue hair, past him is a door, enter it.

4.03)               Train Area  [Trn]

Go foward and don't bother with the doors (you can't do anything there
right now). Talk to the hunter (automatic) after a while of talking
you get attacked (oo look our old friends Pandora and Prometheus).
Anime Scene, R.O.C.K On (This music sounds like something from the
japanese digimon.) Congrats you just got model A.

(Grey and Ashe have diffrent blasters Grey's charged shot comes out like any
rockman charge shot , but Ashe's actually bounces off of walls and sometimes

After regaining control of Grey continue right
TIP: I suggest pressing start and switch the Homing laser 
for the normal blaster I find it easier to keep blaster on the R button.
continue right and use you'r Homing laser on them when all of them open up
let em have it.

Continue right destroy the four mini generator things and jump + wall climb up
the box continue right until you'r stopped (automaticly) charge up a shot
and jump + dash + release it high enough to hit all three bomb dropping
Continue right through the door get the life up if needed.
You know the drill keep going right and jump ontop of the train

                   Boss : Diaburn - Fire gazelle

Difficulty: Easy / Easy / Medium
Weakness : Ice , Back area

1: Burning arrows : He fires out 1 arrow or 3 (expert = 3) in the direction hes

2: Fire Strike : He charges energy and than does an upcut (straight)
into the air.

3: Meteor Kick : While in the air he charges down to a direction.

Strategy: Pretty simple when he uses his Burning arrows just Dash under them,
His Fire Strike is even easier just don't go near him when hes chargeing.
If he has time to use his Meteor Kick just dash to the side hes not
facing quickly.
Charge shots and fire them at his back (Yes its a good thing
to hit weaknesses now) Dodge, Continue until hes dead, done.

Now you get to enjoy you'r prize, and no its not a live metal this time
It's the bosses DNA, Press X (or use the touch screen) and transform
Hold R and up and release R when you'r attack is charged and you'll do
an Fire strike now do the same but instead of holding up jump and release
you'll do a Meteor Kick.

Finish destroying the ceiling and do a Meteor Kick than transform back
into Model A go back to the Hunter Camp and save, Hmm who are these 3 old...
guys... well the red guy is Thomas , the blue haired guy is Albert and
the weird yellow guy is Mikhail.

Once the chat is over with you get a new Card key.

Now lets get going to our next boss fight remember that stair case ontop
of the door we couldnt reach? well try dash jumping + wall climbing
(Right of the hunter camp by the way).

Continue right, climb the ladder, enter the red door keep going right
climb the ladder, go right and enter the door >.> not that complicated

!!!!!!!!(NOTE: If you want things to go by ALOT quicker grab the teleport dart
in the first door before climbing the ladder)!!!!!!!!

4.04)               Tower Area  [Twr]

Grab the Teleport Dart and continue thru the door, go right but carful
flower enemys pop out of the background every now and than so don't dash like
crazy just to get to the end, Enter the door at the end.

Okay if you'r sure you are ready to go than move foward and ontop of the censor
in the background!!! Oh noez the door is locked !!! Guess we'll just have to go
through the stage. Continue right and a small vine will stretch down so you
can get up, Keep going up dodge those small balls on the platform and DO NOT
try to grab those purple life ups they are fakes just keep going up dodgeing
everything along the way.

Near the top another flower enemy will pop out so be carful once you'r all the
way up grab the Teleport Dart (and a life-up if you'r playing Easy) and prepare
for a mini boss fight

                   Mini Boss : Spidrill

Difficulty: Easy / Medium / Hard

Strategy: Not much point in explaining his attacks heres how it goes,
you can hit him on his head and/or legs after a while he'll position himself
and spin his legs to dodge this keep jumping over them (stay on one of the
sides) after a while he might summon a few spiders or break a block
(If he raises his red leg he is going to break the red block ect.) keep at him
until hes destroyed and if he uses his Electric lob attack just keep dodgeing
the sparks that come out.

Assuming you killed him before you dropped go through the door, here you'll meet
a new enemy a blocker enemy (or pusher) just attack him when he turns around
to kill it. Go foward destroying any enemy along the way
Now Kill the enemy on the ledge but DO NOT continue stand on the ledge and
Dash + Jump + turn around and quickly wall climb on the big brown/gray pillar
if you make it up there the life up is near the left end.
Now that we got that out of the way lets continue.

Jump left and keep going left (you can get the data disk by breaking the red nod
under the trap door if you want.) wall climb up and be carful not to get hit
by these disk enemys they can get annoying.

once you'r near the top climb the ladder and prepare for a boss fight.

Enter the door grab the teleport dart and continue on.

                Boss : Rosespark - Electric flower

Difficulty: Easy / Easy / Easy
Weakness: Ice

1: Needle Throw: Rosespark will throw three small needles at you.

2: Large Needle Throw: Throws three large needles with electricity around them.

3: Spark Wire: Whips his arm at you electrifying it.

4: Electric Triangle: Forms at triangle between attack 2, if you touch it you
will take damage.

5: Electric Laser (Hmm....): Rosespark recovers some health than gos to the end
of one of the ropes and drops to the floor, he begins chargeing and shoots
a laser covering the entire area infront of him.

Strategy: Pretty simple fight to avoid the needle throw and large needle throw
just keep dashing to the side hes on, to dodge the electric whip just dash
out of reach. The electric triangle will form with the large needle throw
so if you managed to escape that you escaped this as well, the electric laser
however is a bit harder, if you'r lucky you'll have dashed behind him before he
started chargeing but if thats not the case than Dash+Jump behind him QUICKLY.
(Note:Using Model L charged attack will make him fall and transform in 
bulb form not that it matters.)
Always keep a charged shot, dash to the side hes not faceing wall climb, shoot
when hes turned around, pretty simple if you ask me.

I wouldn't take to long to enjoy this DNA it's not that good :/ just finish
up practicing with it and move along to the right.

Continue until you'r back to the main room (remember where you got locked in?)
Proceed right and passed the newly opened area, beyond this is a...OMG Trans
server, Save and Transport to the Ice Sea Area.

4.05)                    Ice Sea  [ISe]

Brrrr! It's cold here! But don't worry we won't be here long, proceed right
and be carful, you slip on the ice blocks you'll meet a sled like enemy that
stands in place just kill him before he pushes you off the platform.
After you cross the green platform be carful and look under the iceblocks,
notice a small turret enemy? Well when you get near that block he is going to
rise up so go slowly and don't dash into him like crazy.

Continue right until you get to an icy platform, you won't be able to wall climb
so fall into the water and watch out for a small spiked enemy behind you.
This new enemy can hookshot the floor and pull itself towards you, watch out for
this, it also takes 2 shots to destroy this enemy and after you destroy his
outer armor he will shoot his four spikes at you pretty simple to dodge

Contine right and destroy any enemys along the way as soon as you get to the
dead end, Trans into Diaburn and use his charged + Up attack to break the ice
and jump ontop of the platform, continue right and through the door.

Grab the teleport dart and continue.

Continue right and use Diaburns (Down) strike attack to break the ice (Lol).

                   Mini Boss : Sucker Armz
(Thank you xXGogetaXx for providing me with the mini boss name.)

Difficulty: Easy / Easy / Easy
Weakness: Fire (Wtf?)

Strategy: EASY seriously you won't even try....
Transform into Diaburn and as soon as his arms pop up fire 3 fire arrows into
his first arm and 3 into his other arm, an eye will pop out start jumping
and shooting into it, If done right he'll be left at half life.
Now he'll pop up below and with 4 arms BE QUICK and shoot the first 2 on one
side BEFORE they are fully out, hit the other two and do the same thing as
above but use half jumps instead, and you're done.
(Half-jumps: Slightly tap the jump button {Not with enough force to do a
complete jump} and you should only go half way.)

Now head right, don't bother with the spiked path you won't be able to cross.
Jump up and wall-climb to the top (Being carful because this area is full of
annoying spike enemys.)
Don't bother jumping out of the water just go all the way right and use diaburns
(Up) Strike to destroy the ice blocks Trans and wall climb past the blocks.

Continue right and be carful with the ice blocks 2 of them are enemys,
You can also find a new enemy here, a kind of bomber enemy, they won't cause you
any harm tho.

Transform into RoseSpark AS SOON as you're past the ice blocks (near the cables)
Now use you'r rope climbing ability to climb the cable all the way
right until you find the subtank.

Now drop and continue down through the water, destroying the small annoying
spiked enemys, Enter the door.

Now prepare for an annoying puzzle it might get a bit confusing so
if you need help just check my map here on gamefaqs.

This is in SIMPLE words so don't get lost

1: Go foward and use Diaburn to break the ice (Lol) and go left, destroy the
generator in this door.

2: Run right and avoid the enemys break the ice (Lol) and go right just a bit
more, enter the door destroy the generator.

3: Exit the door, go right, fall down break the ice (You'll get it soon) and in
the ice is a door, enter it and destroy the generator.

4: Break the ice under you and than go right break the ice (*Sigh* getting
Tired of this) and enter the door inside the ice, destroy the generator.

5: Go right break the ice but continue going right, enter the door and destroy
the generator.

Now that were finished with that, go back to where you broke the ice (before
door 5) and use Diaburns Fire strike to continue up, go right and through
the door.

Grab the teleport dart and continue through the door.

Continue through and up to the next door, This is one chat I'll actually
Note here due to the (lols) the blue model L user is called Thetis and
the red model F user is called Atlas at the end of the conversation atlas
"Breaks the Ice" Get it?
... I guess it was just me..

Note:Why can't we have R.O.C.K on animations like that :/ I'd love to burst
into flames everytime I turn into Model F.

                Boss : Chronoforce - Ice Horseshoe crab

Difficulty: Easy / Easy / Easy
Weakness: Fire

1: Dash: Chronoforce dashes at you, leaving a tornado behind him.

2: Ice Needle: Chronoforce launches ice spikes at you.

3: Tag Ice Needles: Chronoforce Charges and ice spike and than launches
Ice spikes Down he than dashes towards you along with the
Ice spikes.

4: Baby Chronoforces: He sits on the bottom of a corner and creates
Mini versions of him, than dashes at you.

5: Time bomb: :/ He stops time, appears in the middle and changes

6: Chrono Ice Needles: He goes into the background and lanuches Ice spikes
which appear from top left / right and go 4 from one side and 4 from
the other (Hard to explain they go in the shape :) )
First Here OR -->    |     | <-- First here
                     |     |
Come out to here --> |_____| <-- Come out to here
             One comes out diagonally from each spot here

Strategy: Okay Dash not much to say here, just dash under it :P
Ice spikes , Find a spot between them and stand there.
Tag Ice spikes depending on where he places his ice spike,
High Dash Jump or Low Dash Jump Between it.
Baby Chronoforces wait for them to charge at you and take all four out at once.
Time change no way to avoid it just deal with it.
Chrono Ice spikes Check out the complicated chart up there if it comes from the
left than stand left up to the Third ice spike, than dash right than dash left
really quick and at the LAST ice spike dash right to avoid it Complicated Huh?
Works Vice-Versa as well.
Just Charge Shoot + Half Jump him every chance you get and he'll be finished
in no time.

Done, Now enjoy you'r large new form, While you can. Out of the water
this guy is totally useless like... A fish out of water (Yes I know...)

In the next room you'll notice that he has an impenetrable shell (at least to 

Continue through the door, save but DON'T leave, instead head through the door
Go past the top door (it takes you back to Tower Area) and enter the next door
Now you have to destroy three orbs each is an element so I'll note them in the
order I got them.

Blue: Trans into Diaburn and Meteor Kick the blocks near the blue orb,
once those are out of the way shoot the orb down.

Red: Use Diaburns Fire strike to destroy the blocks , blocking (Go figure
Blocks blocking?) you'r path than Trans into RoseSpark to climb the rope,
Rope-climb all the way right and charge you'r main attack (Whip) and release
Spark wire.

Green: After the Blue orb destroy the floor with the Meteor Kick
and Trans into Chronoforce, Dash past the spikes and blast the orb.

Okay now return to where you came from and notice that the red door is no
longer blocking you'r path, procced there and enter the door

4.06)                Oil Field Area  [OfA]

Grab the teleport dart and continue, you'll meet a hunter after the chat
proceed right, THIS IS THE MOST ANNOYING ENEMY EVER (2nd actually)
Homing laser him or just dash under him and past him.

Contineu right kill the galleons and continue, be caful not to hit those
annoying little bomber enemys keep going till you reach the door.

Go right up and get the teleport dart Left , up , right  exit.
(you must be getting tired of that :/)

Go right and be carful a galleon will pop out on a bike after you pass the
broken floor just dash under him.
Once you pass him you'll encount a new walker turret enemy (Think Starwars)
pretty easy just charge shot him.

Prepare a charged shot and the homing laser, you'll see 4 turrets spinning
around use the homing laser to take out all four at once and than jump up
and destroy the next walker turret enemy.

Go right and ignore the "Purple" life container, keep going right, at the end
destroy the turrets and the walker Trans into RoseSpark and rope climb up
shoot needles at any enemy near the rope and keep going right, at the last rope
just drop down go right and prepare for an "easy" fight

                   Mini Boss : Old snake
(Name is wrong but hey this guys a veteran to the ZX games :P.)

Difficulty: Easy / Easy / Easy
Weakness: Ice (Pretty sure)

Strategy: Not much to say here shoot him on his head, use the copy laser
when hes up top and when he lowers his head use the charged blaster,
To avoid his fire breathe just dash over it.
If you have to much trouble with this boss try a diffrent difficulty.

Once thats out of the way continue right and jump on the "Familliar" Ship
Continue all the way right until you meet a hunter, he tells you the powers off
so OBVIOUSLY we have to go to the room labled room and not the one with the
powre sign, enter the door with a little bolt of thunder over it.

Use rosespark to charge up the generators and get this ship "semi-active" again.
Once thats done with go into the next two doors and rescue the hunters, once
you get that over with go to the room labeled "Data" and save.
Go up one floor and enter the first room.

After you saved that hunter go back down and into the next room, Prepare for a
Tricky boss fight

                Boss : Atlas - Live Metal F

Difficulty: Easy / Tricky / Tricky
Weakness: Ice

1: Aimed Buster: He'll shoot his buster down and it will change direction.

2: Knuckle Buster shot: Atlas will shoot at you.

3: Megaton Crush: Atlas will punch you.

4: Spread Buster: Atlas will charge a shot, shoot it at a wall and it will
split into a bunch of shots.

5: Dash: Atlas will dash at you.

6: Charged Buster: Atlas will shoot a charged shot at you.

7: Bomb drop:(note: this is only for ashe) Atlas will drop a bomb.

Strategy: First off, DO NOT TO USE ROSESPARK, he sucks no matter what.
Now for his aimed buster all you have to do is stay away from the red line
that appears, Fire buster is easier, just wall climb.
When he uses his punch all you have to do is stay away from him, spread buster
is a bit harder, try and dodge the shots by jumping through the middle.
Not much to say about dash just don't touch him.
Charged buster is the same thing as his Fire buster but bigger and less shots.
Bomb drop is the same thing as his punch, just stay away from the bomb >.>.
Same as always, Charge you'r shot and wall climb if hes on the floor, when
he jumps up to get you shoot at him and quickly drop (Vice-Versa as well)
down continue with this (you may want to switch sides a bit) until hes dead.

You now have... WAH DNA of a model :O what a rip off.
But its still a model, If you want play around with Model F and test his attacks
once you'r done with that go left and destroy the blocks with Model F's charged
shot (punch).

Now go back to the Data room, Save

Teleport to OilField area 2, Near the start you can break the floor, 
do so, now use model F to break the wall near the right,
Continue right until you reach a small space you can't get thru, transform
into you'r normal form and crawl under now jump up the pipes and you'r 
Live Metal Up is just up the ledge.

now Teleport to Train area 1

Go right until you meet a hunter, talk to him.

You are now on the other side of Area 2, Go on to area 3 and grab the teleport
dart, keep going right and destroy the bomber enemy.

After a while you'll get to an automatic floor where a bunch of fly enemys
will attack you, this is a great place to fill up you'r Subtank.

Continue right and down on the elevator, go right and through the door.

4.07)                Legion HeadQuarters  [LHQ]

Go right and destroy all the galleons.

Go right and up the stairs, be careful theres alot of galleons on bikes here
so always keep a charged shot when you'r going up, go all the way up and enter
the door.

Go right being carful because these base defense things are annoying, if you
want you can kill them before going foward.

You know the drill, go up all the way and don't bother with the door left not
much there.

Go down the stairs and prepare for a boss fight.

                Boss : Siarnaq - Live Metal P

Difficulty: Easy / Tricky / Trick-Medium
Weakness: Non

1: Kunai: Siarnaq will throw shurikens at you

2: Teleport Dash: Siarnaq will dash and appear somewhere else.

3: Ledge Kunai: Siarnaq will jump up grab a ledge and throw shurikens.

4: Screw Kunai (I think): Siarnaq will throw a large shuriken at you it will
bounce from side to side. (Grey only{Thanks for the tip xXGogetaXx})

5: Shadow form: Siarnaq will create copys of himself and stay in the air.

6: Wall Kunai: (Ashe only) Siarnaq creates shurikens around him.

Strategy: To dodge Shurikens all you have to do is jump over them or dash under
them, Not much to say about teleport dash.
Ledge shurikens is also easy to dodge just wall-climb ontop of the ledge.
Large shurikens is the SAME thing just wall climb up ontop of the ledge.
Just destroy his copys when he uses Shadow form.
He can get tricky if you don't know how to dodge his attacks, but use the same
strategys as always charge shot, wall climb , drop down and repeat and you
should beat him.

Ooo this is my favorite model so far. practice a bit with him and than continue
on, he can grab ledges by pressing Up when you'r over a ledge (try it.)
Use this to continue right and grab the Teleport dart.

Exit.. wow.. be carful not to fall and ledge grab all the way right.
Wall climb grab the life up (on Easy only I think) and continue through for
an Easy fight.

                   Mini Boss : Large Old Fly
(Also a veteran and hes been in plenty of capcom RM (MM) games.)

Difficulty: Easy / Easy / Easy
Weakness: Fire. (Not really but it does more damage so thats a weakness)

Strategy: Transform into Diaburn, stand in place and fire. done dead.

As soon as you beat him.. OMG ANOTHER TRAP!!! nah you fall on ground now :)
(Like always.)

Go right and wall climb up, Don't bother grabbing on just dash jump over to the
other side.

Now take the hover board over to the left side break the glass and FALL DOWN
(wall climbing on the left side.) Jump on the hoverboard.

As soon as you hit the glass wait a bit and than break it, Jump off at the other
end its in clear sight.

Now continue right and jump Up to the top section, go all the way right break
the glass and fall down, Jump over to the right side wall climb and start right
If you take the hover platform all you'll get is a data disk :/ not much point
in going on it, Instead go right and take the hoverboard, You'll crash take
this next one, you'll crash again, take the next one and you'll slip off but
break the glass allowing you to pass.
Take the hover platform up and go right, Jump on this... one wheel thingy..
Let it take you all the way down up to the glass windows, at the last one
jump off and take the hover platform up and the hover board all the way right.

Take the elevator up.

After the cut scene (pretty self explanatory Blue guy is evil has fragments of
Model V RAWR..) Take the elevator to the right down. Yeh! a Trans server!


Now you have four areas you can teleport too

Area 1: Floating Ruins
Area 2: Old Highway
Area 3: Junkyard
Area 4: Command Center

In that order.

How about we do them in order?

4.08)                 Floating Ruins  [FR]

I HATE HATE HATE HATE (some time in the near future) HATE THIS AREA!!11Shift+1!
Now that we got that out of our systems lets continue through this...... thing

Go right (Nice music tho) OMG YOUR IN THE SKY (name says it all tho...)
Keep going right and destroy the galleon. let the torture begin.

Charge shot and destroy the tower enemy on the right side (Don't trans into
rosespark its tempting but no much to do here useing him.)

Jump right and destroy the galleon, keep going right and be carful a flying
enemy will come at you (:O think rockman Battle network, remind you of anyone?)
Climb the tree and go right, Oh yes Did I forget to mention if you jump too high
a very annyoing laser will shoot at you and stun you from jumping for a small
period of time.

Go right destroy the towers and the galleon, WOOT we got shot by it AGAIN.
Guess what if you jumped right to avoid it, youll get shot AGAIN.

Go right and be carful not to fall.

This areas a bit fun depending on what you call fun. Keep moving or the wind
will blow you off the platforms / trees. Keep going right and jumping destory
the green enemys BEFORE they turn invisible.

Jump on the platform and ride it all the way to the next one, take that one 
down D-E-S-T-R-O-Y THESE GREEN THINGS I can't tell you how many times I was
knocked off while riding a platform...

Jump up at the hurricanes and ride them all the way to the top, go right
while still at the highest point and jump into the hurricane :O you float!

go right being carful to fall only into hurricanes and not between them,
If the wind is going towards the right you can jump off after you see the
platform if not right the platform down and go right.

Same thing as Area 1, when you get to the first tower enemy GO UP, destroy
the galleons and take the platform.

UGH I hate this part.... take the tornado going up and QUICKLY take the one
going down (so you land ontop of the platform, If you fall you will die).
Go right and don't bother with the hurricane just move on.

At the falling platform (Dirt) quickly jump up onto the blue platform before
it falls, and let it take you up.
Go right and if needed. take the hurricane UP, go right and enter the door.

Grab the teleport dart.

                Boss : Helios - Live Metal H

Difficulty: Easy / Medium / Tricky-Hard
Weakness: Ice

1: Plasma cyclone V: (grey only) He'll "Slash" two whirlwinds at you
that move diagonally.

2: Plasma cyclone H: (ashe only) Helios will "Slash" two whirlwinds at you
that move horizontally.

3: Sonic boom: He will unleash a short combo of Slice + Slash + Slice (or vice-
versa I don't remember.) and a short sonic boom will come out of it.

4: Air dash Slash: He will jump dash and slash at you.

5: Slice: Helios will Slice at you followed by a combo.

6: Slash: Helios will Slash at you followed by a combo.

7: Dash Slash: Helios will dash at you and slice / slash you.

Strategy: Tricky, if you're useing Grey just dash through his Plasma cyclones,
Now if you'r useing ashe you will have to try and go under them (mhmm...)
or dash + jump over them.
His sonic boom is easy, stay away from him and when it comes at you just jump it
or dash jump if you'r really worried :/.
Air dash slash = Dash under
Dash slash = Dash over
Slice + Slash = same thing you did to dodge sonic boom :O.
You know the drill charge shot him to death and dodge all of his attacks.

Try out you'r AWESOME new model (am going to use him from now on so try and
keep up.)

Go right save and Teleport to the next area (Old Highway :O)

NOTE: Before I continue with the walkthrough I'd like to note that updates may
take a bit longer because I have school now any I can't dedicate as much time
as before. (This will be deleted on update 1.0)


4.09)                 Old Highway  [Ohw]

This stage is actually pretty straight foward, not much to do but go straight

I Like to use model H for this area, if you've ever played with zero in any
of the rockman games you won't have ANY problems here.

Go right and slash away the galleons , security robots and the walker.
don't bother dropping down when you see the door, theres nothing special there.

After a while you will go down a ramp jump right but don't wall climb ontop
of the road instead take the path under it

Destroy the walls (useing model F) and continue right, when you see the switch
DO NOT HIT IT, Use chronoforces charged attack (Time change.) and than hit it,
quickly dash back up ontop of the platform and to the other side (fall down
and go through the door.) you'r live metal up is there.

Now that we got that out of the way, go right and destroy the walker, (don't
drop here just go right.)

You know what to do >.>, go through the door, grab the life up (Easy)

                   Mini Boss : Rayfly MKII
(Thanks to xXGogeta for this name as well.)

Difficulty: Easy

Strategy: If someone can prove to me , that this boss can actually HIT you
than I'll add a strategy to dodge his attacks.
Model F + Up shots / Rosespark + Up shots whichever one works best for you.

After that easy fight continue right.

Pretty much the same thing as Area 1, kill the galleons , security bots and
these sled like enemys and continue right.

:O Again??

                   Mini Boss : Cycrash
(Thanks to google for this one.)

Difficulty: Easy

Strategy: Again prove to me you can be hit by this guy and I'll add how to
dodge his attacks
Use model H, use his combo attack Slice / Slash / Slice (or vice versa I still
don't remember.) when his eye is out, making sure to move backwards every time
he gets closer, when hes about to stop jump up and air dash towards his eye 
and combo it when its open (2 of these on Easy , 3 on Expert and am pretty sure
4-5 on Maniac.)

How about 3 mini bosses?

Just kidding, continue right, destroy the enemys and go through the door.

                Boss : Thetis - Live Metal L

Difficulty: Easy / Medium / Medium
Weakness: Fire

1: Ice Dragons: (Grey Only) Thetis will fire two ice dragons at you.

2: Large Ice arrow: Thetis will create a large ice arrow and launch it
at you.

3: Lance Spin: Thetis will dash at you and spin his lance.

4: Ice Float: (Ashe Only) Thetis creates an ice block and breaks it launching
spikes in you'r direction.

Strategy: This boss can get annoying, to dodge Ice dragons just dash to the
next pillar or the pillar behind you (depending on which direction he
launches them at you.)
His Large Ice arrow is pretty simple as well, if hes facing left he will
(Obivously) throw it left and vice versa, just jump under him or to the next
Lance spin is VERY annoying, if you'r quick enough you can tell hes going
to use it and dash away.
Ice float is the same as chronoforces ice needle attacks, just stand between
the shards.
This one will actually change a bit because of the limited area,
When he uses Ice dragons use air dash + slash (or a charged shot model A)
when he uses large ice arrow dash up slash and dash to the next pillar.
If he starts useing Lance spin dash away when hes done quickly Dash+Slice
him before he goes back up.
If you are about to fall press X and switch to chronoforce.

:O this models weapon is actually fun to use but its not very useful >.>.

Trans into Model L and go right, wall climb go down ect. just follow the
path until you'r at you'r next trans server.

Save and warp to the Junkyard.

4.10)                 Junkyard [Jy]

This area can get a bit confusing so am going to seperate each sentence by

Go right and into the door.

(Note if you have Lightweight equip it, it helps ALOT.)

Go right destroy the enemys and fall down, go left destroy the junk blocks
(and the enemys) drop down again and go right, enter the door.

Use model H to air dash to the right and air dash up onto the platform, slash
the bomb dropping enemys, go right and enter the door.

Go up and enter the door.

Switch to model p and ledge grab the lever thingy, destroy the enemy and go

Fall down go right and into the door.

Grab the lever and go right.

Go right destroy the enemys and when you see garbage dropping stop until it
ends and quickly dash jump right, keep going and enter the door.

Same thing here, when you pass the dropping garbage enter the last door.

Go right grab the containers and enter the door.

Fall down and grab the lever ledge thing, go right and through the door.

Use model P's Grab here and go right, dodge the garbage and enter the door.

Grab the ledge lever thing and quickly move right.

Grab the containers and enter the door.

Destroy the pusher enemys and go right

Grab the teleport dart (target) and continue right.

Go right (past the first block) and hit the switch quickly jump
on the second block.

Go right hit the switch and go past the block, wall climb up hit the switch
and QUICKLY fall down and go between the blocks, drop down and enter the door.

Go right don't climb the ladder and enter the door on the far right,
Use model F's attack to hit the switch (4 blocks down and 1 to the right)
go left up the ladder continue up and left until you get to a door, enter it
Go up hit the switch go back out, go down one floor and go left enter the area
hit the switch and go in the door.

Jump on the blocks and use model P to hit the switch, jump onto the other block
hit the switch and jump up on the ledge lever thing, turn around and hit the
switch again, go right and enter the door.

Go up, right and enter the door.

                Boss : Condorock - Vulture

Difficulty: Easy / Medium / Tricky
Weakness: Non

1: Sound Vibration: He plays his guitar createing sound vibrations.

2: Sound Waves: Condorock will shoot three sound waves at you.

3: Wake the Dead: Condorock will summon Junk enemys (three) This attack
will happen after the sound waves hit the ground.

4: Guitar hammer: Condorock will swing his guitar at you.

5: Sound Pull: Condorock will create sound waves and pull you towards him.

Strategy: Sound Vibration is pretty easy to dodge, just stay away from him.
Sound waves is the same as all split attacks (stay between them.)
Wake the dead, destroy the three junk enemys he summons.
Guitar hammer same as sound vibration, stay away from him.
To avoid Sound pull dash away from him.
If you know how to dodge all his attacks the only thing you gotta worry
about is how long to charge you'r attacks >.>..

One more DNA for you'r collection, go all the way right and test you'r
new dna out, trans into condorock and "Attach" to the left weight.

Go right enter the door and save.


5)                       Power Ups  [Pu]

Here I'll cover every power up and what you need to get them
Organized like so
Power up   |    How to get    |   Models/DNA

5.01)                    Life Ups  [Lu]
Life up 1) Tower Area 1: Before fighting rosespark you'll see a grey/brown
pillar (after the spider boss) while going up (not the rope) now destroy
the small plant enemy on the floor and position yourself on the edge
now do a Dash + jump + turn around and quickly grab onto the pillar
start wall climbing so you don't fall with the pillar.
If you fail you can always reenter this area and try again :). ANY MODEL/DNA

Life up 2) Junkyard Area 2: 
near the end of the orange / blue corridor you'll see three doors
1 takes you to the beggining the other past this to the boss and the last
takes you to the life up we want the last door than, take it now use
condorrock's hover ability to get over to the other side of the spikes
and go grab the life up. Just watch you'r energy. CONDORROCK

Life up 3) Command Center Area 1: After a while you'll see a small cable
near a door use it to get up and go through the door grab onto the
elevator cable and continue up until you reach a life up, jump ontop of
the small fire blowing machine and transform into any model that can jump
up to the Life up and grab it. ROSESPARK

Life up 4) Waterfall Ruins Area 2: Go left for a bit you'll see a fish
generating a yellow ball destory it and use model L to swim up the small
waterfall enter the door and grab the life up. MODEL L

5.02)                    Live Metal Ups  [LmU]

Live Metal Up 1) Oil Field Area 2: At the start of this area you can
break the floor , do so, now use model F to break the wall near the right,
Continue right until you reach a small space you can't get thru, transform
into you'r normal form and crawl under now jump up the pipes and you'r 
Live Metal Up is just up the ledge. DIABURN , MODEL F

Live Metal Up 2) Old Highway Area 1: Near the end you'll see a small opening
under the highway and a red switch at the end, use chronoforce's time stop
and hit the switch dash up and ontop of the highway now, quickly get to the
other side and down thru the opened door. You'r Live Metal Up awaits you there
Get it and if needed hit the switch to get out. CHRONOFORCE

Live Metal Up 3) Quarry Area 3: Okay I'll just give you the easy way, once the
Spike dozer starts chasing you dash into him and get behind him, transform
into model ZX and Up + Sword him until he blows up (hopefully in time)
If you did it in time all you have to do is go right until you see the power
up break the blocks with model F and use model H to get up to the Live Metal Up
Congrats you'r third LmU. MODEL ZX , MODEL F , MODEL H

Live Metal Up 4) Biolab 2: Near the start theres a moveable container, use
Kaizemine to grab it and move it up, now transform into any model and push it
back down , go right until you see another container, do the same thing but
leave this one up, go back to where you were and the path is open now go under
the floating path to get the Live Metal Up. KAIZEMINE

5.03)                    SubTanks  [Sts]

SubTank 1) Ice Floe Area 2: You'll reach an area with some cable, use
Rosespark to climb it, climb right until you see it and jump off, hopefully
you'll land on the SubTank. ROSESPARK

SubTank 2) Legion HeadQuarters 3: Around the second building if you'r riding
the lower hoverboard you should see it over some spikes, jump off and get it.

SubTank 3) Floating Ruins Area 3: Okay start by going into the small cave after
the start of this area talk to the girl twice as model A or normal form.
She'll ask you to get a few things heres where each one is.
           L Can) Floating Ruins Area 1: At the start of this area you'll see
a ledge use model H to jump up there and keep going left until you see a tree
the L can is on the tree. MODEL H
           PinWheel) Floating Ruins Area 2: After a while you'll see three
tornados that won't let you get the pinwheel use Model H's hover to get it
(the tornados won't blow you up.) MODEL H
           Energy Balancer) Floating Ruins Area 3: At the start dash up useing
Helios and you'll see a few energy containers Use Bifrost to break them,
climb up useing you'r normal form enter the small cave now crawl under the
small opening in the cave and use any model to get up after now go right fall
down and tranform into you'r normal form AGAIN and crawl under the space.
           Lightbulb) Floating Ruins Area 4: On the right side of the boss area
theres a small opening, use model H to air dash + hover left until you see the
small opening the lightbulb is there. MODEL H

Okay now return to Floating Ruins Area 3 and go talk to the girl once more
Leave the cave reenter and get you'r subtank (Along with 300EC) MODEL H , 

SubTank 4) Mysterious Lab Area 3: Near the end of the stage (where you have to
put the batteries in the small generators to open the doors) You'll see a
ladder climb it and go right , enter the door and go ALL the way right
OMG A SUBTANK I CAN"T REACH NOEZ! well don't worry, use
Urgoyle and Argoyles Double Technique to get it. URGOYLE AND ARGOYLE

6)               Frequently Asked Questions   [FaQ]

Non yet, Send me an email asking some and I'll include them here.

7)                    Contact Information  [CI]

Okay before even sending me an email make sure it dosent have any of this

-Bad Grammer
-Asking for something that is already in the FAQ
-NO I don't want to know you got this without doing that UNLESS It can be done
Eariler in the game than suppose to.
-Hate Mail

I will allow fanmail but please don't spam me with fanmail, I will also allow
Tips / Hints / Stuff I missed , If you would like to provide a
Data disk list I will provide full credit.

(Important note: If you wish to email me about anything I could do to better my
guide {make it more understandable :X} go ahead and do so.)

Add "RockmanZX:A FAQ" in the subject line. (You can state you'r name on
Gamefaqs if you must.)

Heres my email:

LFP3000 (at) gmail (DOT) com

8)                         Credits [Cred]
xXGogetaXx Thanks again for the boss names / mini boss names :)
Kudaku for posting some very useful attack names on the board.
Thank you TPA3000br again for finding some grammer errors in Floating Ruins.

Special thanks:
-xXGogetaXx for making his FAQ which helped me pass the first areas when I
first got the game
-My Cousin TPA3000br and his brother Lucca for first getting me hooked on 
-Various people on the rockman boards for providing area/boss names
-Capcom, For making this game and all the other rockman games
-Me For makeing the FAQ
-And we can't forget about CJayC :) Thank you.