Question from robolove

Why won't the game save?

My career mode is not saving. Is there something in particular that I need to be doing to get it to save?


robolove provided additional details:

Not too sure, I just dont get the option to save at any point in the game nor can I see a save option in any of the menus :-/

flopypau asked for clarification:

My game doesn't save either......Each time I have to start all over again.....


Link959 answered:

It works for me. I never had this problem. Is there anything wrong with the DS or game pak? I never had problems with my DS.
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a_fartn_Spartan answered:

It should auto-save after you fiinish a song and press continue. To be safe, just don't turn off your system until you can choose another song at the menu.
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kerribooth answered:

If it's not autosaving after you finished the song then there must be something wrong with your DS or the game. Mine hasnt ever had that problem.
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Macnarrac answered:

Maybe you are playing quick play.
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cody1234567890 answered:

What i found out is that you blow it out before use it saves or the ds is broken.
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Doomdome answered:

There isn't a save option because... drumroll please...
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