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Guitar Hero: On Tour FAQ by isaac180296

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| (___) || (__    | (____)|| |   | |
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| (   ) || (      | (\ (   | |   | |
| )   ( || (____/\| ) \ \__| (___) |
|/     \|(_______/|/   \__/(_______) 

   ___         _                   
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[1] Contents
[2] Contacting me
[3] Version History
[4] Legal Details
[5] Introduction
[6] European Songlist
[7] Guitar Hero Terminology
[8] Career Mode
[8.1] Song List
[8.2] The Characters
[8.3] The Guitars
[8.4] Earning Cash & The Store
[9] Guitar Battles
[10] Still to Come...
[11] The End

**[2]Contacting Me**

You may send suggestions, questions and so on to me using the following
e-mail address: isaac180296@hotmail.co.uk

Please do not send spam or non-sensical messages, and put 'Guitar Hero: On
Tour', or something similar as its title.

**[3]Version History**

Version 1.00 - First version

**[4]Legal Details**

This file may only be reproduced for personal, private use. It may not be used
on any web site other then GameFAQs without my written permission.

Copyright (c) 2009 Isaac Brown

Currently, only GameFAQS may use this FAQ.


Hello, and welcome to my FAQ for Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS. 
This is my first FAQ, so I hope it is informative and useful.

Although it may seem that a handheld version of the massively popular Guitar
Hero games wouldn't be very good, it actually is. You use the Guitar Grip 
(which is slotted into the DS' GBA game slot), to press the buttons that
appear on screen, while at the same time strumming on the representation of
a guitar on the touch screen. Although the Orange button has been taken out,
the difficulty has been adjusted accordingly.

You should note that that the DS is held sideways, and you hand is slid into 
thestrap on the back of the Guitar Grip with can be tightened and loosened to
fit the size of your hand.

You also get a piece which will let you attach the guitar grip with the game.

Although this FAQ is fairly short, you may want to use the Ctrl+F keys to
make it easier to find the section you want to look at.

So, without further ado, I will begin.

**[6]European Songlist**

This game has two separate songlists. One for English speaking countries like
England and North America, and one for none-English speaking European 

Here are the songs that have been added in the European game, and also those 
that have been taken away.


Rock the Knight
Héroes de Silencio - Avalancha
Mademoiselle K - Ça Me Vexe
Beatsteaks - Monster
Tokio Hotel - Monsoon

This version loses the songs by Los Lonely Boys, Doobie Brothers, 
Daughtry and Rick Springfield.

**[7]Guitar Hero Terminology**

In this section I will list various terms you may be wondering about and what
they mean.

Lefty Flip - This flips both screens upside-down, so that left-handed players
may press the buttons with their right hand and strum on the touch screen with
their right.

Color Flip - Flips the gem colours to match 'Lefty Flip' from previous Guitar
Hero games.

Strumming - This is moving the stylus from left to right or vice-versa on the
touch screen. You must strum on every note, except hammer-ons and pull-offs,
which will be explained later in this section.

Chords - Chords are where two or more notes have to be played at the exact
same time. Just hold both of the buttons and strum once.

Multiplier - When you play ten notes in order the amount of points you get
for each note is doubled, then tripled for another undisturbed streak of
ten notes, and finally quadrupled. If you strum where there is no note, or
miss a note, your streak will be broken and your multiplier will dissapear.

Star Power - You may have noticed some star shaped notes on the screen. These
are called 'Star Power Sequences'. If you miss one in the sequence, all the
rest will turn into regular, circular notes. However, if you hit them all,
there will be a bolt of blue lightning, and the 'Star Power Meter' on the
right of the touch screen will get partly filled with blue. When you have
hit enough of these star-shaped notes, the text 'Star Power Ready' will appear
on the top screen. If you fill up the meter completely, the text 'Star Power
Full' will appear. To activate it you can do any of the following things:
Shout into the mic,
Blow into the mic,
Press the Select Button,
Touch the Star Power Meter with the stylus.
Once Star Power is activated, the blue will slowly drain from the meter. In
that time, any multiplier you have will be doubled. So that way you can get a
maximum of 8 times the points you would normally get.

Hammer-ons - You may have noticed some notes that you think look a bit
different to the normal ones. The tops of normal notes are white with a black
outline. The tops of these notes are just white. These are called hammer-ons.
For these notes, you have to strum for the regular note before it, and then
simply press the correct-coloured button for the hammmer-on. Hammer-ons go
up the Guitar Grip, meaning they get higher.

Pull-offs - These are very similar to hammer-ons, except the regular note
that you have the strum will be higher, and you will have to have to go down
the Guitar Grip for the white topped notes, making them go lower.

100%-ing - This is hitting every single note in a given song.

FC-ing - This is similar to "100%-ing", except there is less room for error.
When getting 100%, you can still strum out of place to break your streak,
and bring down your multiplier. If you FC a song, you cannot do this.
It's basically the better, more perfect version of getting a 100% on a song.

Whammy Bar & Whammying - You may have noticed a stick-like thing sticking out
of the guitar to the right of the strings. This is called the whammy bar.
On long notes, you can shake it to get extra points and raise star power.
To do this, you can either move the stylus left and right quickly on the touch
screen, or simply strum the note, and then keep the stylus on the side of the
screen you end up on for a second, and then move it to the other side and
hold it there.

**[8]Career Mode**

For the career mode, you will be asked to name a band. You will then get
offers for gigs, where you will play five songs to a crowd. In between each 
gig, you will receive letters from you manager, and recieve various 
sponsorships. You will also be able to view criticism on your albums.

This section is split into different sub-sections.

Before I start, I will tell you about the different difficult settings.

Easy mode- Only makes use of the first three buttons, and has a slow pace.

Medium mode- Makes use of mainly the first three buttons, but occasionally 
the blue one.

Hard mode- It gets a bit faster here, with quite a few more notes appearing 
on screen.

Expert mode- Get ready for some fast strumming, this has a fast pace and 
sometimes more than 1000 notes in a song. Not recommended for beginners.

**[8.1]Song List**

In this section, I will list all the songs that you can play in this game.
There are 26 songs, including one bonus song.

I will list all the songs, which section of the Career Mode they appear in,
and various other details.


Name: Do What You Want 
Performed by: OK Go 
Year: 2005
Length: 3:11
Number of Notes -
Easy: 206
Medium: 308
Hard: 411
Expert: 554

Name: All The Small Things
Performed by: Blink-182
Year: 1999
Length: 2:54
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 173
Medium: 330
Hard: 630
Expert: 656

Name: Spiderwebs
Performed by: No Doubt
Year: 1995
Length: 5:21
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 331
Medium: 501
Hard: 919
Expert: 1011

Name: Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Performed by: Jet
Year: 2003
Length: 3:39
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 264
Medium: 333
Hard: 559
Expert: 603

-Encore Song-

Name: We're Not Gonna Take It
Performed by: Twisted Sister
Year: 1984
Length: 4:31
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 262
Medium: 404
Hard: 619
Expert: 704


Name: All Star
Performed by: Smash Mouth
Year: 1999
Length: 3:27
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 190
Medium: 336
Hard: 539
Expert: 680

Name: Breed 
Performed by: Nirvana
Year: 1991
Length: 3:11
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 293
Medium: 478
Hard: 824
Expert: 903

Name: Jessie's Girl
Performed by: Rick Springfield
Year: 1981
Length: 3:20
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 191
Medium: 312
Hard: 558
Expert: 562

Name: Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Performed by: Pat Benatar
Year: 1980
Length: 2:58
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 169
Medium: 311
Hard: 465
Expert: 494

-Encore Song-

Name: This Love
Performed by: Maroon 5
Year: 2002
Length: 3:45
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 149
Medium: 244
Hard: 407
Expert: 704


Name: Heaven
Performed by: Los Lonely Boys
Year: 2004
Length: 4:14
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 326
Medium: 434
Hard: 639
Expert: 896

Name: Helicopter
Performed by: Bloc Party
Year: 2005
Length: 3:45
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 336
Medium: 471
Hard: 677
Expert: 870

Name: China Grove
Performed by: The Doobie Brothers
Year: 1973
Length: 3:23
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 255
Medium: 385
Hard: 571
Expert: 654

Name: Rock and Roll All Nite
Performed by: Kiss
Covered by: Line 6
Year: 1975
Length: 3:42
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 197
Medium: 277
Hard: 383
Expert: 455

-Encore Song-

Name: What I Want
Performed by: Daughtry
Year: 2006
Length: 2:53
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 245
Medium: 312
Hard: 590
Expert: 613

--*Greek Arena*--

Name: Jet Airliner
Performed by: Steve Miller Band
Covered by: Wavegroup
Year: 1977
Length: 3:38
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 335
Medium: 419
Hard: 859
Expert: 909

Name: Black Magic Women
Performed by: Santana
Covered by: Line 6
Year: 1970
Length: 5:24
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 354
Medium: 446
Hard: 567
Expert: 698

Name: Stray Cat Strut
Performed by: Stray Cats
Year: 1981
Length: 3:21
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 259
Medium: 285
Hard: 442
Expert: 489

Name: La Grange
Performed by: ZZ Top
Covered by: Line 6
Year: 1973
Length: 3:45
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 301
Medium: 482
Hard: 647
Expert: 799

-Encore Song-

Name: Youth Gone Wild
Performed by: Skid Row
Covered by: Wavegroup
Year: 1989
Length: 3:26
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 277
Medium: 393
Hard: 477
Expert: 579


Name: I Don't Wanna Stop
Performed by: Ozzy Osbourne
Year: 2007
Length: 4:08
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 467
Medium: 587
Hard: 748
Expert: 884

Name: Anna Molly
Performed by: Incubus
Year: 2006
Length: 3:53
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 436
Medium: 513
Hard: 777
Expert: 1123

Name: Knock Me Down
Performed by: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Year: 1989
Length: 3:53
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 353
Medium: 515
Hard: 884
Expert: 1165

Name: Pride and Joy
Performed by: Steve Ray Vaughan
Year: 1983
Length: 3:43
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 422
Medium: 513
Hard: 767
Expert: 889

-Encore Song-

Name: I Know a Little
Performed by: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Year: 1977
Length: 3:39
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 402
Medium: 441
Hard: 651
Expert: 764

--*Bonus Song*--

Name: I Am Not Your Gameboy
Performed by: Freezepop
Year: Unknown
Length: Unknown
Number of Notes - 
Easy: 278
Medium: 411
Hard: 546
Expert: 594

Please note: This song is not actually part of the career mode, and cannot be
played on said mode. It must be unlocked to play on Guitar Battle, Quickplay
and Practice.

How to unlock: Win every song, on any difficulty, on Guitar Battle.

**[8.2]The Characters**

You must choose a character to play your gigs with. You can change this
character at any time, so don't worry if it turns out you don't like the one
that you picked.

Here is a list of the available characters and some information about them:

--*Gunner Jaxon*--


A man of few words, he lets his guitar do the talking for him. Formerly
"Augustus Edward Jaxon", Gunner never fitted into the mould his parents had
picked out for him. Given the choice to be an athlete or a lawyer, he chose
option C... rock stardom. Not caring what other people think, the only
feedback Gunner likes comes from his amp. For a quiet guy, he sure keeps the
volume high. His band members say that he needs blaring music in order to
sleep at night.

Available outfits:-

-Random Junk-

In-game description:

"Gunner Jaxons 'Random Junk' outfit... you got a problem with that?"

Appearance description:

He wears blue jeans with two green patches and two red patches. Attached to
them is a metal chain. His shoes are navy blue and white. He wears a blue
jacket and a greeny-grey t-shirt with a white logo of some sort on the front.


In-game description:


Appearance description:

He wears dark blue jeans with a metal chain. His shoes are very dark grey,
with black laces. He wears a brown t-shirt and a dark green jacket.

-Flannel Hero-

[Default outfit]

Appearance description:

He wears jeans with a metal chain. His shoes are grey and white. His 
t-shirt is light grey with a orange circle on the front. His jacket is black
with horizontal red stripes on it.



Pandora is the princess of goth. When she was a kid, she told a ghost story so
scary, she was kicked out of the girl scouts and earned a merit badge for
creeping people out. Her path to the dark side was complete when she got her
first guitar, which she named "Ms. Screams" Pandora lures in large crouds and
then opens up a storm of dark guitar wailing, sick chords, and pestilence.

Available outfits:-

-Bad Apple-

In-game description:

"Pandora rebels against the norm in her 'Bad Apple' outfit."

Appearance  description:

She wears a grey miniskirt with a sleeveless dark red jacket. Under that she
wears a white shirt, the sleeves ending at her elbows. She appears to be
wearing a black tie. Her socks go up to her knees and are white with two red
stripes. Her shoes are plain and black. She has black hair, black eyeliner,
mascara, and black lipstick.

-Midnight Lace-

In-game description:

"Dress to impress with Pandora's 'Midnight Lace' outfit."

Appearance  description:

She wears black, knee-high boots and purple tights. She wears a blue, purple
and white lace skirt and elbow-high fishnet gloves. Her make-up is the same as
in the previous outfit.


[Default outfit]

Appearance  description:

Her black boots stop a few centimetres from her knees, ad do her black gloves
from her elbows. She wears light grey or white leather dress with gold buttons
running up the front of it. The bottom of it stops at the same length of a
mini-skirt and has black trim. The back of it forks out into with a split down
it. Her hair and lip-stick are both dark blue, and her eye-liner black.

--*Johnny Napalm*--


"Johnny Napalm is the most angry, disrespectful, intense, and controversial
guitarist today. Once the music starts, all his aggression suppressed by
society's laws comes out on his strings. He has been labelled a lost cause, a
menace to society, and anarchist, and a guitar legend. Johnny can incite a
riot (and often does) with his mind-blowing solos and aggressive chords.
His chaotic guitar playing excites audiences and keeps people screaming for

Available outfits:


In-game description:

"See Johnny's excessive use of tats in this 'Ink' outfit"

Appearance  description:

Johnny is shirtless and his torso is covered in tattoos, black and blue in
colour. His spiky mohican is blue and green. He wears blue jeans with a black
belt with a silver buckle and a metal chain. His jeans have some patches on
them. His shoes are grey and black. His eye and ear are pierced.


In-game description:

"The 'Anarchy' outfit says everything you need to know about Johnny Napalm."

Appearance  description:

He wears slightly reddish jeans with a black belt and metal chain. His shoes
are plain black and he has a black vest with a white logo on (most probably a
skull). His mohican is blue.

-Formal Wear-

[Default outfit]

Appearance  description:

Johnny is shirtless and has a black tattoo on his chest. He has a white and
red wristband on one wrist, and a plain black one on the other. His blue jeans
have an orange patch on one knee, a metal chain, and a black belt. His shoes
are grey and black, and his mohican is brown.

--*Memphis Rose*--


"Memphis is a blonde bandit known for stealing shows and stealing hearts. She
goes where the music is hot and makes it even hotter. Her parents tried to
raise a southern belle, but Memphis' rebel spirit and rip-roaring passion for
southern rock keep her out at night playing 'til the cows come home. Her fast
strumming, fierce plucking and occasional wink drive audiences wild! Memphis
is known as the only rock star to blow kisses while playing a guitar solo."

Available Outfits:


[Default outfit]

Appearance description:

Memphis has a sleeveless white top with an armband on her left arm. She has a
brown belt with a gold buckle and her light blue jeans have a tear on the 
right knee and a rose on the left thigh. Her shoes are brown.


In-game description:

"Memphis Rose's "Recruit" outfit for a day of paintballing to some hardcore

Appearance description:

Memphis has a grey and black sleeveless shirt with a necklace and a red 
armband on her right arm. She has a black hat on and camoflauge trousers.

-Biker Gal-

In-game description:

"Memphis Rose's black leather "Biker Gal" outfit"

Appearance description:

Memphis wears a black leather sleeveless jacket, black leather trousers, a
black leather belt and her black hat.

--*Judy Nails*--


"Judy's first real love was rock, and ever since then she's only dated 
fellow musicians and geologists. she's got more attitude and raw talent 
than any other girl in alternative rock. Wherever Judy goes, loud noise and
screaming crowds follow - sometimes from obsessive fans that just got her 
signature, and sometimes from nosy reporters that just got their fist in 
their face."

Available outfits:


[Default outfit]

Appearance description:

Judy is wearing a short red top with what looks like a skull in the spades 
sign on. She has a pink bra *cough*, a punk necklace and grey jeans. 
Her boots are dotted with red, and one of her arms has a fishnet sleeve on it.
Her hair is pink.


In-game description:

"Judy's "Flashback" outfit from the first concert where she smashed her 

Appearance description:

She wears a short grey top with a skull on, scarlet hair and denim shorts. 
She also has purple tights with tears on the knees and white socks.


In-game description:

"Aarrrmed with the "Pirette" outfit, Judy is the definitive female pirate"

Appearance description:

Her short top is pink this time, with elbow length fishnet sleeves. 
Her hair is a sort of hot pink, she has translucent tights which are cut off 
at her thighs, and black boots with pink laces.

--*Axel Steel*--

In-game bio:

"Axel Steel is one of the legendary monsters of rock. He shreds his guitar 
like it's cheese. Driven by heavy metal, metal-core, thrash metal, 
power metal and of course good old fashioned metal, some say Axel is so metal 
that he's bullet proof. When Axel isn't rocking out, he likes to watch zombie
movies and ride his motorcycle."

Available outfits:


[Default outfit]

Appearance description:

Axel has a sleeveless denim jacket, with what seems to be a leather jacket 
underneath. His has denim jeans, and big grey boots.

-Other shirt-

In-game description:

"Axel's "Other Shirt""

Appearance description:

Axel wears a black denim/leather jacket with a red shirt on underneath. 
His jeans are a slightly darker shade and his shoes are darker too.

-No Shirt-

In-game description:

"When Axel can't decide between his shirt or his other shirt, he just goes 
with "No Shirt""

Appearance description:

He wears the same jacket, but this time has no shirt. He also has a skull neck
-lace and his jeans are a darker colour.

**[8.3]The Guitars**

Here is a list of all the guitars in the game, as well as their colour schemes.

--*Les Paul*--

Cherry Sunburst Classic

Violet Burst


Cherry Standard

Daytona Blue

--*Flying V*--

Classic White

Worn Cherry



Custom Rising Sun


Natural Sunburst




Pale Yellow


Birdseye Maple

Custom Cherry

--*Les Paul Dbl. Cutaway*--









[8.4] Earning Cash & The Store

Every time you do a gig, you get money for it. Money can be spent in the 

The store has lots of new items for you to purchase. The option to buy these 
items is unlocked by achieving various things in the career mode. 
Here are the items available and how to unlock them.


ES-335 - Earn 5 stars on a CD in medium mode.
Les Paul Dbl. Cutaway - Complete every song on hard mode.
Moderne - Earn 5 stars on every song on a cd in easy mode.
Synapse - Earn 5 stars on every song on a cd in Expert mode.
Vanguard - Earn 5 stars on a song on expert mode.

--*Guitar Colour Schemes*--

Blue (synapse) - Earn 5 stars on every song on expert mode.
Custom Cherry (ES-335) - Earn 5 stars on every song on medium mode.
Custom Rising Sun (X-plorer) - Earn 5 stars on a song on easy mode.
Ebony (Firebird) - Earn 5-stars on a song on medium mode.
Orange (Vanguard) - Complete every song on expert mode.
Pale Yellow (Moderne) - Earn 5 stars on every song on easy mode.
Rootbeer (Les Paul Dbl. Cutaway) - Earn 5 stars on every song on hard mode.

--*Alternate Outfits*--

No Shirt (Axel) - Complete every song on a cd on expert mode.
Other shirt (Axel) - Complete every song on medium mode.
Random Junk (Gunner Jaxon) - Complete a song on easy mode.
Whatever (Gunner Jaxon) - Complete a song on hard mode.
Anarchy (Johnny) - Earn 5 stars on every song on a cd on hard mode.
Ink (Johnny) - Complete every song on easy mode.
Flashback (Judy) - Complete every song on a cd on medium mode.
Pirette (Judy) - Complete a song on expert mode.
Biker Gal (Memphis) - Complete every song on a cd on hard mode.
Recruit (Memphis) - Complete a song on medium mode.
Bad Apple (Pandora) - Complete every song on a cd on easy mode.
Lace (Pandora) - Earn 5 stars on a song on hard mode.

**[9]Guitar Battles**

This is the two-player (although you can play it one-player, using a 
character from the game as your opponent) bit of the game. 
You face your opponent (who must have a separate ds and guitar grip), 
and you both play the same song, trying to hit as many notes as possible. 
The winner is decided by who has the most points at the end of the song.

However, as well as this there are items that can be collected and used by 
your opponent and yourself. 

To get these, you have to hit a series of "power gems", a bit like star power
notes. When you hit all the notes in this sequence, you will be rewarded 
with an item that you can use to distract your opponent (or protect yourself).

Here are the items you can get in this mode:

- Broken String
     A random string will snap, and the opponent must drag the broken ends
     together before that note can be played again.

- Signature
An excited fan shoves an item in front of the opponent's view until
they sign it.

- Pyrotechnics
Fireworks go wrong and light the opponent's touch screen on fire until 
he blows it out with the microphone. (Note: This includes when
the microphone is set to "off".)

- Hyperspeed
The speed at which the notes travel doubles for the opponent.

- Camera Flash
Multiple fans take flash photos, temporarily blinding the opponent.

- Screen Flip
The opponent's DS screens temporarily switch places.

- Amp Overload
The opponent's music will temporarily be muted.

- Steal Item
The player can choose one of the opponent's powers to steal.

- Difficulty Up
The opponent's difficulty level is temporarily raised one level.

- Difficulty Down
The player's difficulty level is temporarily lowered one level.

- Bomb Notes
Randomly selected notes appear as bombs that should NOT be played.

- Shield
Temporarily blocks the opponent from attacking you.

**[10]Still to come**

Some things that I may include in the next version are a section with the 
lyrics to the songs and Frequently asked questions.

**[11]The End**

Thank you for reading my FAQ, and I hope it was of some use to you. 
Hopefully I can fix any errors in the future, and format it a bit.

Isaac Brown