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Secend generation?

In the secend generation the player is a girl and she got married to orland will he live with her when she is older and will she have a baby?

kajdan asked for clarification:

so after that he/she(for me she) is your GF?

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Alceriniel answered:

You can "play marry" all three of the characters of the opposite sex in the future generation but after the "ceremony" everything goes on as if nothing happened at all.

The following things are different with the second generation wives/husbands than the first:

* You do not need a special item to "marry" your significant other.
* Your "husband/wife" does not move in with you after your wedding.
* You cannot not have a child with your "husband/wife"
* After your Wedding you get no special dialogue with your partner after the wedding.

After your ceremony, the person your character "marries" continues to live with their parents.
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Iminate213 answered:

You know she's only 9 years old right? You can't marry in second gen, but you can have a boyfriend or girlfriend. You can do a pretend marriage, but you won't be really married, so you can't have a child.
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animallover624 answered:

You will never get older then you already are. So no, when you marry Orland you will not get to see them actually get married, move in and have another child. The marriage they have isn't even a real marriage-they are kids, and just fooling around.
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Keakealani answered:

Yes, although since you can have the fake friendship/"marriage" ceremony with all the available characters it's not like you're really life partners or something. So it really depends on how you want to interpret it - either they're just friends fooling around, or they "like" each other and treat it like a bf/gf relationship.
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jyms101 answered:

Well technicaly no but the next one your supposed to really marry them hope i answered yuo r question.

P.S. I spend time researching this stuff but yes I still have a real life after all I'm still a kid......
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Neo_the_Kid answered:

There's no marriage in the second generation. The game doesn't permit it; so that means no 3rd generation offspring. Ultimately, you and your friend do play a pretend marriage but is like making a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship than a husband and wife itself. Unfortunately, nothing really changes after that so you're back to your mission of bringing your father back home.
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