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Where can I find Salmon for mana's request?

I know where to find it but I cant fish it you have to fish it during a certain time?

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Keakealani answered:

Just keep fishing along the northern few sections of Messhina Valley (the fall valley) and you should find one eventually. Salmon are kind of on the rare-r side so it's not going to be immediate. You might have better luck if you charge your fishing pole, though, I've found that to help.
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Canaarie answered:

When I was doing Mana's quest, she told me to fish for it in Messhina Valley - Path to Mountain. I wasn't getting any bites, so I tried fishing for it in Messhina Valley - Riverbank, and I got one on my first try.
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nutribread answered:

Try fishing in Messhina Valley- Bridge to Shrine. You can get salmons in there by charging your fishing pole by one (that means the blue charge). Sooner or later you can get it.
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cassy_629 answered:

I got one in near buffamoos. they dont disturb u unless u accidentally fish them. hehehehehehehe....
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brunette55 answered:

After you tell Mana that you'll do her quest, and head off to Messhina Valley, when you come to the BRIDGE TO SHRINE, she'll (Mana) appear and a whole event will trigger and you're going to end up telling her to go home (in a nice way) because it's too dangerous in the valley. I found the Salmon by fishing as close as possible to the bridge, without entering the next place. Stand right near the bridge, but make sure your character is facing you, then fish. It's not necessary to charge your fishing pole to purple or blue, since I did it and it worked even when I didn't charge it.

Also, dont be frustrated if it doesn't come right takes "several" tries ( as I was told).

Hope this helps!
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lyner92 answered:

I found some Salmon in Messhina Valley - Path to Mountain
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falling_moon12 answered:

I found it in Meshina Valley, it took me awhile, but I found it
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johnboyRX8 answered:

I found a salmon at MESSHINA VALLY PATH TO MOUNTIAN just where the glowing thing (that monsters come out of....just beat the monster and the glowing thing and face north....charge your pole to the max (purple) and try then charging it to blue then try normal (no charge) and do that over and over again....if it doesnt work and you are standing there the whole day go to the other side of the bump(where the glowing thing is but destroy it and the monster) and face the same thing stated above in my answer and if that doesnt work....hmmm....maybe try at night....all i know is that it worked the first 3 tries for me!!!! (charging purple 3 times blue 3 times and no charge 3 times)Anyway GOOD LUCK!!!!
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Pipluppals answered:

Just go to where Mana says so... you'll get it eventually.
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