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Asked: 6 years ago

Leveling up quickly?

What do you suggest doing to level up your character quickly? Nya~?

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From: jyms101 6 years ago

Get your medicine makeing lvl up and make a bunch of levleizers. You could also befriend a strong monster and take out dark slimes at padova mountains. p.s. the monsters a befriended monster takes out will be added to your xp points and will lvl you up...
Hope i could help!!

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destroy the generator at the padova mountain. But be careful, the monsters there are strong. Just lure them away from the generator and smash the generator to pieces. Exit the map and come back again if you think that is the easiest one to destroy.

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Take a sword a high level monster to padova mountains (get a monster from there and later the 5th dungeon) then just thrash monsters thats what I did and it works!!!!

P.S. I did this in all 4 times and I beat the game easily each time.....

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Do something harder than your level. Do it when you have crop plant.

P.S. I did this when I in 2nd generetion.

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Keep battling in padova mts! Just kill the ghost-like monsters but you'll need to find out the way to defeat it...

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